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Unit 2, Graphing Design, Project 5, YIS Diary Cover Klemens Koestler 9M, IGCSE Design Brief:

Design Process: 1. As soon as we got the task of the diary cover, I thought of ways to incorporate a dragon, since that’s the school ‘mascot’. I stumbled across a website that shows you how to do various text effect, and of them was a fire text. My idea was that I should have a fire text with a dragon above it cause dragons are often related to fire.I followed the basic steps and improvised some of my own. I started in making a nice background

simple background

 added a gradient and crumpled paper  added another layer and

darkened some of the features. 2. I created several text layers and added different effect, colors and pacity to it to create a darker shade at the bottom and a light shade at the top. I also added Gaussian blur to make it look more distorted than it was before.

3. I added YIS shadows to make the normal text stand out more. I did this in changing the text black and putting it on a low fill. I duplicated the layer text and distorted the second text.

4. I took a common user picture of fire and put it in Photoshop. I duplicated the layer and edited all the black parts out of the picture. I dragged it over the text and transformed it so it matched the text. I erased some of flames that were out of place and did this to all the letters. I put the fire effect in a group layer and duplicated it and then gave the new group layer a Gaussian blur to make it seem more realistic. The fire text is also to symbolize the passion and the ‘livelyness’ of YIS.

5. To symbolize Japan my idea was that I take a map of Japan and set it to overlay above background layers so it matches.

6. I created my dragon. I took a dragon book I had at home and took different parts of a dragon and made it into one dragon. I started to fill the dragon in different color of red to show shading. I wanted to make the dragon look more western to show that YIS is very international. Then I copied the dragon into a new layer and flipped it horizontally and changed the hue saturation to blue, and then I had to dragons.


I put the dragons above the fire facing each other to friendship and understandment. At the very end I put the year for the diary design cover matching with the background and the text.

diary design cover