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Project #4 (Food/Drink Packaging) – Design Brief Brendan Delany

Create a gum pack called “Evercold”. The gum is a sugar-free gum, with mint, peppermint, spearmint, “freezemint”, and “cinnamint” flavors – mint flavors are often associated with being “cold” (I will choose one of these flavors to use in the design). The main color will be blue, as this is the color most associated with cold. For the logo, I will use a simple font; it should be one that has cusps, for example “Georgia” or “Baskerville” (try not to use “Times New Roman” because it is too common), or a round one, such as “Marker Felt” or “Hobo Std”. If possible, I will make the text of the logo look frozen. The gum pack “net” should be simple (something like a pack of “Dentyne” gum); I will use a real gum package to make my net. I think the design on the front should be a scene of Antarctica are some other place where the ground is icy. I may choose to include an animal that lives in icy environments, such as a polar bear or a penguin. The price of this gum would be the same as most other sugarless gums, which is around $1.00. The target customer is anyone who likes sugarless gum (these people would buy products such as “5” gum, “Dentyne” gum, “Orbit” gum, etc.) – since I assume the age range is quite large, I will need to make the design suitable for many ages (the people would be, maybe, 10-60 years old, or even older or younger).

Project #4 (Food/Drink Packaging) Design Process Brendan Delany

Ideas Foreground (Logo) - ice text effect for logo Middleground - landscape similar to Antarctica - white ice (use the “Color Replacement Tool” if needed) - blue ice (use the “Color Replacement Tool” if needed) - black ice (use the “Color Replacement Tool” if needed) Background - black - white - dark blue - light blue Process 1. I decided to wait until I finished the logo design to choose what to put in the background. I knew that making the logo would probably take a long time, so I wanted to get it over with. I looked for an ice text effect by searching “ice text effect photoshop” in Google and found How to Create and Ice Text Effect with Photoshop | Psdtuts+ ( text-effects-tutorials/how-to-create-an-ice-text-effect-with-photoshop/). The minute I saw it, I knewI had to use the tutorial. Despite several missing or incorrect things (not a direct link to the font used and the wrong font [it should be Berlin Sans FB Demi in bold, not Berlin Sans FB in bold], a missing link to one set of brushes, step 8 isn’t explained well enough, and several other things), the tutorial was really good and so was the final outcome. I skipped step 15 because I didn’t want the gradient (it didn’t look good to me when I tried it) and steps 22 to the end because I only wanted the ice text part, not everything else. Thanks so much to Gianluca Giacoppo (Giallo []), the creator of the tutorial, and to VELAVAN ( and to LadyVictoire-Brushes ( for the brushes. Here are the the links for the brushes and the font:, (“Tree Brushes” and “More Tree Brushes”), and Below are some screen shots of the making the logo, and the final logo (they start on the next page):

2. Now that I was finished making the logo, I made the net for the package of gum. I based it on a pack of Dentyne gum. So, this meant that the side panels were each 0.6cm tall, the front panel and back panel were each 6.2cm tall, and the are the panels were each 9.25cm long (this is most likely slightly off because it was probably made with inch-measurements and because the ruler I used only had 0.1cm increments [therefore, I don’t really know if it was 9.25cm, but it looked to be about that). I decided to quadruple all of the measurements so that I have a large document to work with (I could decrease the size later). Here is the net:

3. After this, I began to work on the entire design. I first put the logo onto the front panel and resized. Here it is (on the next page) – the reason that it looks transparent is that the logo changes color based on what color the background is:

4. After this, I looked at several different background colors – white, dark blue, light blue, and black. Here are the pictures of the backgrounds (for the white one, I made control-clicked the icon of the logo layer and filled it with full black):

5. I choose black because it stood out the most to me. 6. Next, I worked on the middleground. I chose to take a picture of ice rather than make an icy landscape similar to Antarctica simply because it was easier and I also thought that it would look better. I took several pictures of ice cubes, and this was the one I used for my design:

7. I next worked on the ice to put it into the design. First, I deleted the black part by going to Select > Color Range… > Shadows > OK then pressing delete. Because this deleted part of the ice, I used the history brush to get it back. Next, I cropped out everything that I didn’t want to use. After that, I went to Select > Refine Edge… and and got rid of the small bit of black still on the edge of the ice. I then used the “Color Replacement Tool” to make the ice look white. I didn’t like it because it made the ice look gray, and not white. So, I next tried blue, and it looked good. (I didn’t try black because the background is black.) I then put a “Photo Filter…” adjustment layer with a cooling filter to make the ice look “colder”. Here is the result:

8. I then put the ice onto the main file and resized it. Here is the outcome:

9. Next, I made the side panel logos and placed them. Here is the outcome:

10. After this, I made a gradient on the front panel to make it look like there is light coming out of the ice. Here is the result:

11. Next, I made the hole for the assistance of opening and deleted the black from the side panel that would be glued to another side panel. I then put a layer under the black background layer and filled it with a gray color so that nothing would be transparent. Below is what it looked like at this point:

12. After this, I made the slogan, “CHEW THE LASTING CHILL™”. I used the “Eyedropper Tool” to select a color in the ice. I used “Helvetica Neue” in bold, 34.75 pt, with a “tracking” value of 600 (so that the slogan is stretched out across the main logo). Here is the result (on the next page):

13. Next, I added the “12 PIECES SUGARLESS GUM” and the “FREEZEMINT®” (the flavor) parts. For the “12 PIECES…” part, I used “Helvetica Neue” in bold and for the flavor, I used “DS-Digital” ( in bold italic – both in white. I used “DS-Digital” because this gum is about time as well as temperature: it supposedly lasts forever, so a font of digital clocks would relate to this. Here is what it looked like:

14. Next, I was ready to make the back panel. Because this was a lengthy process, I will simplify it a lot. The back panel was based on the same packet of Dentyne gum. All of the text is in some sort of “Helvetica”. I used nutritionFactsLabel.html to make the Nutrition Facts label. I used “National First Font Dotted” ( for the “bestbefore-date” part. All of the numbers are based on the Dentyme gum package: they are all the same number of digits with different numerals (even though it is possible some would need to stay the same). The “DGA” is not a real company – I would have used the ADA (the American Dental Association), but I couldn’t find a “creative commons” label. I replaced the barcode with a “NOT FOR SALE” label. The “Dispose of Properly” label was made by me

(I edited a version of the man throwing trash into the trash can and added the text and the box around it). The “Evercold” logo on the back was made by duplicating the main logo layer, resizing it, duplicating it four more times, positioning each logo underneath each other, and then lowering the opacity by 20% for the second one, 40% for the third one, etc. Here is what it looked like at this point:

15. Even though I based the back panel on the pack of Dentyne, there was extra space under the “DIST: DELANY…” part. So, I decided to add “5% of profits to Japan” labels on the front and the back, because I assume some companies would do this. Here is the result:

16. After this, I was completely finished. Here is the final result (on the next page):

Project #4 (Food/Drink Packaging)  
Project #4 (Food/Drink Packaging)  

Project #4