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The nation’s newest learning destination—immersion workshops for integrated living.

Summer 2017 Santa Cruz County, California


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ear Friends,

With great excitement and anticipation, we bring you the inaugural 1440 Multiversity catalog, accompanied by a heartfelt invitation to join us on our new campus in the redwoods. What started as a dream has become a reality. After four years of hard work, we open our doors Memorial Day weekend 2017, ready to welcome guests with a desire to find more connection and more meaning in both personal and professional life. We believe that the foundation for more integrated living rests in one’s ability to cultivate strong and authentic relationships—with ourselves, with each other, and with the world around us. 1440 Multiversity is a place to do just that. There is great power in immersion learning—setting aside daily urgencies and dedicating uninterrupted time and energy to focus on your more important but often more elusive priorities, supported by healthy and nutritious fare throughout your day and a deep night’s sleep. When coupled with trusted faculty and a proven curriculum, it all adds up to the shortest path to practical learning that can actually make a difference in your life. There are hundreds of topics to choose from, and we invite you to find just the right option for you, because there is no one path for everyone. That’s why we call it a multiversity. And there is no time better than now.

We teach valuable life skills through experiential immersion. We know that an integrated lifestyle matters. We believe in the power of authentic connections. We want to catalyze empowered change in the world.

We are grateful to so many people who have contributed their love, support, and hard work to make all of this possible: the many caring and experienced teachers who have placed their trust in us and now present such a rich array of wonderful offerings; and the amazing teams who have each been a part of the magic and adventure of bringing this learning destination to life. Every day, we welcome new friends and supporters to the 1440 Multiversity community. Now we’d like to welcome you. Enjoy browsing the many workshops and experiences in these catalog pages to find exactly the right one for you. We look forward to greeting you and making your stay with us as rewarding and enriching as possible. All our very best,

Get away for a weekend or five days of immersion learning. Get skillful in a new area of life or work.

Scott and Joanie Kriens, and the Multiversity Team

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You know that feeling when you’re in the right place at the right time? That’s the 1440 experience.

Discover a wide selection of high-caliber experiential programs on interesting topics.

Fall into winter with us. Take a sneak peek at who’s coming next.

The 1440 Experience


Healing Arts

Massage, energy work, and other healing modalities to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit.


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R&R in the Redwoods

Recharge, reset, refresh. Get away for some quality personal time.


Summer 2017 Programs

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Lead Now

Leadership programs for activating your full potential.

Engaging Reads


At the Cutting Edge of Health, Human Potential, and Individual Happiness: An Interview with Richard J. Davidson

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Creative Beginnings: An Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert Authentic Leadership, by Bill George

Welcome to

1440 Multiversity

An extraordinary learning destination for life skills that work.

Why 1440?

What’s a Multiversity?

Named for the 1440 minutes in a day, we champion the proposition that every day presents 1440 opportunities to be fully alive and connected, within ourselves and with everyone and everything around us.

We are founded on the idea that the best learning happens when we engage the multiple facets of ourselves—relational, emotional, somatic, intellectual, and spiritual—our whole, multidimensional selves. Because there is no one-size-fits-all life curriculum, we offer programs and trainings on a diversity of topics and approaches.

Location 1440 Multiversity is situated on 75 acres amidst a forest of ancient redwoods in the mountains of Silicon Valley, just outside of Santa Cruz and easily accessible from San Francisco.

Campus We are creating a state-of-the-art education center using purpose-built design that integrates beauty, function, choice, and connection. The campus embodies a new model for fostering lifelong learning.

Areas of Study We welcome renowned teachers in fields at the leading edge of cultural renewal, such as mindfulness, applied neuroscience, authentic leadership, integrated medicine, social-emotional intelligence, contemplative studies, and the creative and healing arts. 844.544.1440 |



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The 1440 experience. You know that feeling when you’re in the right place at the right time? That’s the 1440 experience. 844.544.1440 |


The 1440 Multiversity is dedicated to inner transformation and societal well-being; every facet of the environmentally sensitive buildings, beautiful grounds, and rich, varied programming is designed to further this mission. I’m delighted to be teaching at this new campus. — Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

The Daily Schedule Each day includes program sessions, meals, daily classes, and evening events, with free time to explore and enjoy. Tune In: Morning Meditation or Yoga Breakfast Morning Program Session Revitalize: Noon Movement Lunch Afternoon Program Session Tune Up: Afternoon Yoga or Tai Chi Dinner Evening Events 6

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While you are here… Learn and grow Weekend and 5-day programs with expert teachers invite you to expand your knowledge and develop new skills. Outside of your program, the immersive environment encourages ongoing access to new discoveries through conversations, moments of reflection, and impromptu opportunities. Browse upcoming programs pages 18–91.

Make yourself at home Stylish accommodations range from modern Asian-style pods to tasteful private suites as well as classic rooms, all thoughtfully designed to support your stay with a comfortable place to settle in and rest at the end of the day. Explore accommodation choices on page 110.

Nourish yourself An abundance of inspired culinary creations prepared with fresh, nourishing ingredients await you. Featuring options and variety, meals are served with heart and shared in community—dine indoors or al fresco, overlooking the forest canopy.

Practice and revitalize Daily meditation, yoga, movement, and other classes provide practices to calm the mind, tone the body, and realign with your authentic self. Discover the pleasure of taking time to refresh and recharge on a regular basis.

Make new connections Opportunities to meet up with others are intentionally woven into the campus design. At the center of campus you’ll find the Commons, a lively hub for gathering and conversation as you move between the activities of your day.

Harmonize mind and body Massage, energy work, and other healing modalities offer a blissful array of options for integrating your experience and transforming body, mind, and spirit. Renew from head to toe and access your natural vitality while letting go of stress and tension. Discover the Healing Arts center on page 12.

Enjoy the outdoors Majestic redwoods surround the campus, with miles of trails that invite you to wander and wonder. Beautiful facilities have been thoughtfully placed to seamlessly blend with their natural surroundings, encouraging you to spend as much time outdoors as inside.

Find your path.


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Learning for Better Living There are so many ways to access better connectivity. What’s yours? Learn new skills with world-renowned faculty through an array of experiential programs in an inspiring environment for learning and growth.

Personal Growth

Health & Wellness

• Creative expression • Growth psychology • Mindfulness • Relationships • Self-discovery • Spiritual practice

• Exercise and fitness • Embodied practices • Energy-based practices • Food and nutrition • Holistic medical interventions • Yoga

Spend some time exploring your inner motivations and gifts. Engage in opportunities for growth. Connect within and with others. Learn skills for ongoing development and success.

Focus on physical well-being. Gain skills for creating health, energy, focus, and clarity, and enjoy more ease and flow. Attune your body and mind. Get empowered and energized.

Get continuing education here.

Professional Development • Leadership • Career development • Communication • Mindfulness trainings • Yoga trainings • Continuing education credits Deepen your connection to the work you do. Learn skills and gain experience. Enhance your communication and collaboration capacities to advance on your career path with confidence. Lead now. Find out about our leadership initiatives and courses; page 96.

CE credits available for many of our programs.

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Your time, your way.


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R&R. Recharge, reset, refresh in the redwoods. An alternative way to taking a program, our R&R option invites you to get away for quality personal time and engaging new experiences.

With all your basic needs taken care of, it won’t take long to feel like yourself again. R&R at 1440 Multiversity offers a blend of activity and free time—get as scheduled or unscheduled as you like. We provide the opportunities; you choose what’s right for you.

Customize your time— • Daily classes, including meditation, yoga, movement, qigong • Workshops in a range of personal growth, health & wellness, and professional development topics • Massage and more at the Healing Arts center, providing every opportunity you need to tend to body, mind, and spirit • Miles of walking trails for getting out into the quiet beauty of the redwood forest • A fitness center, cafés, lifestyle shops, and more.

Get away together. R&R in the redwoods invites you to get away together for some quality personal time and engaging new experiences. A great opportunity for couples, mothers and daughters, friends, and others.

Get nourished and inspired for what’s next in your life. Just a few days away can make all the difference.

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Healing Arts Massage, energy work, and other healing modalities to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit.

Let us care for you. Treat yourself to nurturing and renewal under the care of a team of skilled practitioners offering a menu of integrative bodywork treatments. The Healing Arts center features 22 treatment rooms and men’s and women’s changing rooms with lockers, steam rooms, and private showers. A quiet room and outside deck welcome you before and after treatments. A spacious patio hosts a 400-square-foot outdoor infinity-edge whirlpool perched over the forest and creek below.

Invite your body’s innate intelligence to guide you toward wholeness.

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At the Cutting Edge of Health, Human Potential, and Individual Happiness An Interview with Richard J. Davidson


uch like we practice an instrument, foreign language, or sport to continually improve our skills, psychologist and pioneering researcher Richard J. Davidson, PhD, explains proven practices we can engage in to actively cultivate greater presence and a happier, more connected life.

intentionality, with the recognition of awareness. You’re paying attention to what you’re doing, but also at the same time you have a background recognition of the quality of your mind and the nature of awareness. That kind of practice, over time, will lead to increased resilience.

It’s the science of well-being.

1440: Are you saying that if you bring attention to anything—like running or hiking or kayaking—it can act like meditation?

Dr. Davidson’s groundbreaking research has changed the focus from what creates disease to what generates health and has brought the contemporary neurosciences to the fore. A friend and confidante of the Dalai Lama, he is a highly sought after expert and speaker, leading conversations on well-being on international stages such as the World Economic Forum, where he serves on the Global Council on Mental Health. Time magazine named Dr. Davidson one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2006.

1440 Multiversity: What are the best ways to build resilience— the ability to bounce back after difficult times? Richard J. Davidson: Simple mindfulness practices that cultivate the recognition of our basic awareness are helpful, especially when they can be seamlessly integrated with everyday life instead of practiced just on a meditation cushion. Things like commuting, doing the dishes, taking a walk, or cleaning the house are opportunities for piggybacking—doing them with more

Richard: Doing activities with attention shares some characteristics with meditation, but it differs in important respects. When we engage in intentional, contemplative acts, like meditation, we invoke the intention that we’re doing the practice not primarily for ourselves, but for the benefit of others. Cultivating a calm mind and a warm heart is not just good for us—it’s good for everyone we touch. When we run or play tennis, we don’t normally invoke the explicit intention that we’re doing it primarily for the benefit of others. But we could, and that may change the nature of those kinds of activities in important ways. As a practitioner as well as a scientist, there is a lot of reason to believe that when we do things with an altruistic intention it produces different kinds of effects, including biological effects. I invite people to try it—engage in your activities of leisure with altruistic intention—and see what happens. 1440: Seeing the positive in the world, which seems so full of bad news, takes effort. Why is it important to do it?

844.544.1440 |


The Four Practices of Well-Being Richard J. Davidson’s research at the Center for Healthy Minds suggests we can actively cultivate happiness and well-being through specific practices in four key areas.

1. Resilience The speed at which we recover from adversity, how we bounce back, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

2. Positive Outlook Looking for and savoring the positive in others and in life’s ever-changing circumstances

3. Attention Awareness of the activities of the mind and the ability to harness one’s mind; science shows that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind

4. Generosity Expanding our capacity for inclusiveness, caring, and compassion, and engaging in altruistic behavior and engagement with what matters Scientific inquiry at places like the Center for Healthy Minds, founded by Dr. Davidson, inform deeper understandings of how we work and what optimizes well-being. His pioneering studies form an important part of the contributions being made by neuroscience to our understanding of what it means to be human and how to optimize that potential.


If we bring our awareness to the common, simple, kind acts of gratitude and appreciation that fill our everyday lives…they can help us see there is really this fundamental, innate, basic goodness. Richard: First of all, the way you asked the question is predicated on the assumption that the world is really filled with all these bad things. The data suggests that isn’t the case. For example, incidents of violence have dramatically declined over the last 200 years—even if you include all the wars, gun violence, and terrorism, there’s actually less violence today than there was a hundred years ago. The reason it seems so bad is the media amplifies it. Unlike 100 years ago, we have the capacity for viral amplification. But when you actually reflect on your daily life, most people—not everyone, but most people—would say that the incidents of positive action are far greater every day than the incidents of really bad stuff. If we bring our awareness to the common, simple, kind acts of gratitude and appreciation that fill our everyday lives, we become more aware of these kinds of activities and they can help us see there is really this fundamental, innate, basic goodness. We really do exhibit these positive qualities, and departures from them are rare. These departures hijack our attention because the brain is built to detect discrepancy and contrast. The invitation in this work is to pay more attention and to be more aware of the granularity of kindness in everyday life. 1440: How is the ability to control where we put our attention an important skill for our well-being? Are things like brain-training apps helpful in learning to control our attention? Richard: Studies show that brain-training apps make you better at the specific task you’re being trained on, but they don’t make you better in general. There are many different things that we can do to train our attention, and they all involve a quality of what I would call meditative awareness. As you read these words right now, you can pay attention to them and notice them on the page or the screen, but you can also monitor the quality of your awareness. How attentive are you? Are thoughts popping up in your

844.544.1440 |

mind? How does your body feel? You can learn to monitor these background qualities of awareness without sacrificing the focus on the primary object. This is referred to as meta awareness. Any practice that involves this intentional cultivation of meta awareness can lead to a generalization of skills where, unlike with the brain-training apps, the training sticks beyond the specific context. You could bring this quality of meditative awareness to anything—reading the newspaper, eating, or having a conversation—but it’s really hard to do it in the real world. You’re likely to get lost in what you’re doing. That’s why we practice on the cushion, in order to make it more spontaneously available in real life. 1440: Research shows that the good feelings we get from being kind and generous last longer than the good feelings we get from other pleasurable things. Why do you think this is so and what does it say about us? Richard: We don’t really know at this point, but there are evolutionary theorists who argue that altruism and cooperation are very important mechanisms in evolution. It may well be that the lingering positive effect that is experienced when one engages in acts of generosity is part of an evolutionary program that helps to maintain this kind of altruism and pro-social behavior, which may be a key ingredient to successful evolutionary development. n This interview was conducted on behalf of 1440 Multiversity by Jenn Brown, a freelance writer, editor, content creator, and educator.

Don’t Miss Calming the Mind and Opening the Heart, with Richard J. Davidson and Myoshin Kelley, September 15–17; see page 83

Explore May— September Immersion Workshops Get online!


Opening weekend

MAY 26–28 Imagine if fear were no longer a factor in your life. What would you do? What would

Unlock, Unleash, and Embrace Your Unlimited Potential Keith Mitchell

you change, give, be, and accomplish? Those who create an extraordinary life and achieve their highest vision share one fundamental power: the capacity to turn their fears and limitations into positive, focused action.

Join former NFL linebacker Keith Mitchell as he shares the transformational practices Tuition $345 of yoga, meditation, and positive thinking that he relied on to recover from a plus 2 nights paralyzing spinal contusion that abruptly ended his high-profile football career. You will leave prepared to step out into the world in a newly empowered way. Keith Mitchell, a former linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars, is a respected master-certified yoga instructor with more than a decade of experience. He is committed to inspiring self-empowerment transformations, and his passionate philosophy encourages students to become liberated from the inside out—beginning with the mind.

Sharon Salzberg MAY 26–28

LovingKindness Retreat Tuition $360 plus 2 nights

Although frequently denigrated in our culture as simplistic and weak, the quality of kindness has an inherent power to transform our worldview from one of fear and isolation to one rooted in clarity, courage, compassion, and genuine happiness. This weekend with renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg, you will experience: • The practice of loving-kindness with classical techniques in modern idiom • The applications and effects of consistent practice • The relevance of right intention, right speech, and right action.

Sharon Salzberg, one of America’s most well-known Buddhist meditation teachers, cofounded the Insight Meditation Society, the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, and the Forest Refuge, a long-term retreat center. A New York Times best-selling author, she focuses her teachings on vipassana and the profound practice of metta (loving-kindness) meditation.

Loving-kindness helps us develop greater concentration, access fearlessness, and deepen our capacity to love—in meditation practice and throughout our daily lives.

MAY 26–28

Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples Michelle Gannon and Sam Jinich Tuition $320 plus 2 nights

Your relationship can be a source of comfort and joy— and also a cause of stress and pain. Many of us are doing the best that we can to be close to each other, even in the midst of conflict and disconnection. Unfortunately, the habitual strategies that we use may cause more distance, conflict, and distress. This weekend, you and your partner will learn and practice new ways to strengthen the positive, life-affirming aspects of being in relationship with each other. Rediscover the pleasure of being a couple, enhance your closeness, and reconnect with the love that brought you together.


844.544.1440 |

Michelle Gannon, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, individual and couples therapist, and workshop leader who helps people explore their feelings, increase understanding, heal from painful experiences, increase empathy, and create meaningful lives. With more than 20 years of experience, she supervises and teaches therapists at the San Francisco Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy. Sam Jinich, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, individual and couples therapist, and workshop leader with more than 20 years of clinical experience. He is director of the San Francisco Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy. His specialty is helping clients improve in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, commitment, relationship building, and parenting.

Richard Blanco MAY 26–28

The Poem as a Mirror Tuition $340 plus 2 nights

In 2013, Richard Blanco became the youngest and first Hispanic and gay person to serve as the United States presidential inaugural poet at the swearing-in of President Obama. “I think of the poem as a mirror,” Richard says. “We stand in front of it to see our truest selves—but in the background is also reflected the rest of the world around us, so omnipresent we often do not see it.”

Richard Blanco, MFA, is the fifth inaugural poet in US history, and the youngest, first Latino, immigrant, and gay person to serve in that role. He is author of two memoirs and three poetry collections. The recipient of numerous awards, his work possesses a quality that illuminates the human spirit.

Whether you are a lover of poetry or simply curious, join Richard to discover what a poem can do for our hearts, souls, and the world.

MAY 26–28

Internet to the Inner-Net: Practices and Perspectives for Life and Work

Mirabai Bush and Gopi Kallayil Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

MAY 26–28

Mothers and Daughters: Keep Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years (Ages 13–15) Sil Reynolds and Eliza Reynolds Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

MAY 26–28

Finally Get Fit: A Successful Formula for Busy People Brien Shamp Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

The internet connects us—and sometimes overwhelms us. Most of us have forgotten that the most important technology is within. We can have active lives while staying connected to our natural inner intelligence. This weekend, you will learn: • Contemplative practices for increasing clarity, focus, and compassion • Emotional intelligence and mindfulness skills to enhance mental fitness, reduce stress, and improve communication • How top companies bring mindfulness, yoga, and emotional intelligence into the workplace and the formula for you to do the same.

Cultivating the mother-daughter relationship is important at all stages of life; during the teen years, it is critical. Get away together and do something that will result in greater ease and joy in your relationship as you learn to: • Reinforce your already strong relationship or reconnect if it’s been hard to find common ground lately • Use tools that build bridges and keep them strong • Cultivate authentic expression and deeper trust. Mothers and daughters both take home new ways of being together in mutual respect and love.

Are you over-committed, over-worked, stressed, and sleep deprived? Have you had to put health and fitness on the back burner? Here’s the good news: in just one weekend with Brien Shamp, you can learn successful strategies for coming back to your best self, including: • How to start the day for success • New dietary strategies • Meditation, affirmations, and chakra-balancing exercises. From the best ideas for quick workouts to innovative meal preparation when time is tight, you will take home practical tools as well as a renewed belief in your potential to thrive.

Mirabai Bush is cofounder of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society. She has designed mindfulness trainings for corporations such as Google and developed programs in contemplative practice for journalists, lawyers, judges, professors, environmental leaders, social-justice activists, and the army. Mirabai is coauthor of Compassion in Action. Gopi Kallayil, MBA, is chief evangelist for Brand Marketing at Google, helping grow customer brands through digital marketing. He hosts Change Makers, a public-access TV show in which he interviews people who are engaged in creating change and making an impact. He is the author of The Internet to the Inner-net. Sil Reynolds, RN, is a nurse practitioner, therapist, and coauthor, with her daughter, of Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years. For more than 30 years, she has worked with mothers and daughters of all ages, helping them create balanced and meaningful lives. Eliza Reynolds is a 25-year-old speaker, blogger, and “professional big sister” who leads mothering and daughtering workshops throughout the United States with her mother. Together they are coauthors of Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years.

Brien Shamp, BS, CSCS, has 24 years’ experience as a body transformation expert, boot camp coach, personal trainer, and nutrition and lifestyle coach. He teaches how to achieve balance in the crazy world of Silicon Valley, training clients to get fit and address the six primal needs: breath, hydration, sleep, nutrition, love, and movement.

844.544.1440 |


JUNE 2–4

Speak Your Truth: Conscious Communication on the Path of Personal Transformation Alejandra Siroka Tuition $285 plus 2 nights

JUNE 2–4

Transform Stress Into Vitality: Eastern Secrets to Health, Energy, and Mindfulness Lee Holden Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

JUNE 2–4

Mothers and Daughters: Keep Your Bond Strong Through the Preteen years (Ages 10–12) Sil Reynolds and Eliza Reynolds Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

How do we show up for ourselves and others fully and authentically? How do we stand up for our needs? How do we set healthy boundaries? How do we approach conflict without losing ourselves? These questions are not only useful, they are crucial on a path of sustainable, integrated, and real personal transformation. Come find the power of your voice through the clarity of your communication. Explore the transformational power of language to connect to your true nature. Become aware of the influence of your internal dialogue in your day-to-day life. Claim your truth and learn the skills for expressing it. Dealing with stress and quieting the mind can be as challenging as catching the wind in a net. The mind is a stream of energy, and the key to stabilizing that energy is bringing awareness to the body. Join internationally renowned teacher Lee Holden to practice qigong and moving meditation. As you pay attention to the body and the mind enters the present moment, you will experience aliveness and a newfound presence of mind. You can easily continue to use the practices in your daily routines for ongoing access to a richer, more natural experience of life.

Experience a unique opportunity to spend time together in fun new ways. In addition to experiences such as ritual, storytelling, art, and exercises in communication, mothers and daughters will also have time with Sil and Eliza separately for compassionate coaching. Mothers will share the joys and challenges of mothering a preteen, including finding the balance of holding on and letting go. Daughters will have space to express their feelings and visions as daughters, emerging teens, and young women. You will take home special memories and a renewed appreciation for each other as well as practices for deepening your journey together.

JUNE 2–4 A good performance—whether on stage, at work, or in

Performing as a Path to Presence Sandra Joseph Tuition $285 plus 2 nights

life—is about saying “yes” to whatever is happening in the moment. In this workshop, Broadway star Sandra Joseph, who has performed for millions as the leading lady in The Phantom of the Opera, creates a safe and supportive environment where you can face the obstacles to presence and transform your life. Tame your inner critic, calm your nerves, and increase your confidence in this workshop as you move through fear, tap into your unique brilliance, and move forward with more authenticity, spontaneity, and boldness—on stage, at work, and in life.


844.544.1440 |

Alejandra Siroka is founder of Language Alchemy, through which she facilitates interactive workshops on connected communication to raise awareness about communication patterns and the impact of these patterns on how we live our lives. Alejandra, a student of hatha yoga for 14 years, has also studied tantric Buddhism, tantric Shaivism, and non-dualism.

Lee Holden is an internationally known instructor in meditation, tai chi, and qigong, as well as a licensed acupuncturist and stress-management consultant to top corporations. In collaboration with Mantak Chia, one of the foremost qigong experts in the world, he has been instrumental in bringing the ancient Taoist teachings to Western culture.

JUNE 4–9

[CranioSacral Therapy: Working Sil Reynolds, RN, is a nurse practitioner, therapist, and coauthor, with her daughter, of Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years. For more than 30 years, she has worked with mothers and daughters of all ages, helping them create balanced and meaningful lives. Eliza Reynolds is a 25-year-old speaker, blogger, and “professional big sister” who leads mothering and daughtering workshops throughout the United States with her mother. Together they are coauthors of Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years. Sandra Joseph, is a singer, actress, author, and speaker. For 10 years, she starred as the female lead in The Phantom of the Opera. Sandra’s longtime battle with stage fright and self-doubt ignited her passion to help others move through the fears that hold them back from sharing their gifts.

JUNE 2–4

The Yoga of Awakening Seane Corn Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

Reconnect with your body, mind, heart, and purpose through a sacred practice of vinyasa flow yoga with internationally celebrated teacher and activist Seane Corn. In her signature inspirational style that incorporates the physical and mystical aspects of yoga, Seane will teach you how the tools of yoga provide an anchor for healing limited beliefs, destructive patterns, and self-sabotaging addictions. You will experience yoga, meditation, reflection, discussion, prayer, and emotional processing. With Seane’s guidance you will turn the struggles of mind and body into wisdom and understanding and return home connected to clarity and insight, with renewed reverence for your life. Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching. Featured throughout the media, Seane utilizes her national platform to bring awareness to global humanitarian issues and trains leaders of activism through her cofounded organization, Off the Mat, Into the World®.

844.544.1440 |


JUNE 4–9

Craniosacral Therapy for Chronic Depletion: A Specialized Training for Therapists Eric Moya Tuition $450 plus 5 nights

JUNE 4–9

Yoga for Scoliosis: Better Posture, Less Pain Elise Browning Miller Tuition $525 plus 5 nights

When people have been under long-term stressors, their bodies, minds, and spirits can become profoundly depleted. The result can be challenging and unpredictable for even the most experienced Craniosacral practitioners. Clients who are chronically depleted can have unpredictable treatment reactions, little apparent gain from therapy, and extremely complex presenting problems. In this training with Eric Moya, you will learn skills you can take home for working with the complex and chronically depleted client. You will experience a variety of ways to tailor your sessions to meet the needs of your patients, leading to greater fulfillment for you and well-being for them.

It is absolutely possible to find relief from the challenges that come with scoliosis. Through yoga, one can find the balance point that activates the body’s natural plumb line, becoming more symmetrical and balanced. A longtime student of B.K.S. Iyengar and his daughter Geeta, Elise provides a therapeutic experience of precise attention to alignment and anatomical detail. As a result, you will learn: • The anatomical background of scoliosis • Optimal yoga postures and adaptations • The cause-and-effect pattern of each movement.

Eric Moya, CST-D, MS/MFCT, is a marriage, family, and child therapist and massage therapist. Eric was director of education for Esalen Institute and has been project lead on design and implementation of a global clinical mentorship program for the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators as well as a new Craniosacral therapy course for working with chronic depletion.

Elise Browning Miller, MA, is a certified senior Iyengar Yoga teacher who has been teaching internationally for more than 30 years. She has studied on numerous occasions with the Iyengars in India, has successfully used yoga to minimize the effects of her own scoliosis, and is author of Yoga for Scoliosis.

You will leave with all you need to continue to use yoga in overcoming the challenges of scoliosis and create a new blueprint for your life.

JUNE 4–9

East Meets West: Chinese Watercolor Painting Lian Quan Zhen Tuition $435 plus 5 nights

Have you always wanted to paint? Do you paint already but want to expand your repertoire and learn from a master? This workshop is a rare opportunity to study and play with acclaimed artist and teacher Lian Quan Zhen in a hands-on, fun, and supportive experience that includes: • Theories and practice of Asian art • How to use Chinese brushes, ink, and colors • Basic techniques as well as unique methods developed by Lian. Throughout the workshop Lian supports your learning process by leading demos and offering touch-ups. You will create paintings you can take home and leave with the confidence to express yourself through watercolor.


844.544.1440 |

Lian Quan Zhen, MA, is a sought-after watercolor and Chinese-painting artist and teacher. His work has been featured in magazines and books, and his paintings hang in numerous institutional and private collections, including the MIT Museum, which has collected 14 of his paintings. His books include Chinese Landscape Techniques for Watercolor.

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JUNE 4–9

The Radiance Sutras: A Meditation Immersion and Teacher Training Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine Tuition $675 plus 5 nights

JUNE 4–9

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness: A 5-Day Professional Training Jean Kristeller and Andrea Lieberstein Tuition $670 plus 5 nights

Come dwell in the luminous world of the Radiance Sutras, a poetic, sensuous version of an ancient meditation text for touching the sacred in the midst of daily life. These sutras offer 112 gateways into meditation, including cherishing the flow of breath, gazing at the beauty of nature, listening to music, dancing, embracing emotion, making love, and many more.  Immerse yourself in this liberating, life-affirming approach to meditation. In alignment with the tradition of Tantra Yoga, meditation will be guided as a release into wonder and freedom with emphasis on naturalness and being at home in your body and the world. 

Growing numbers of people struggle with their weight—and dieting is an outdated approach that does not address the underlying causes of weight gain. Clinical psychologist Jean Kristeller has developed Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT), an intervention program that focuses on the mind-body connection for losing weight and gaining health. MB-EAT addresses mindless eating, stress-related eating, disordered eating patterns, and obesity through the application of mindfulness meditation. This workshop for health-care professionals provides intensive training in the application of MB-EAT in a range of clinical settings, giving you thorough grounding in an evidence-based approach to helping your clients address weight issues in an effective, self-reliant way.

Lorin Roche, PhD, began teaching meditation in 1970 and earned his doctorate from UC Irvine for his work on the subjective experience of meditation. He trains meditation teachers worldwide and is author of several books, including Meditation Made Easy, The Radiance Sutras, and, with his wife Camille Maurine,  Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace. Camille Maurine is an internationally renowned meditation and movement mentor with a keen passion for female spiritual empowerment and embodiment. Her healthy, liberating approach is expressed in the groundbreaking books Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace and Meditation 24/7, both written with her husband, Dr. Lorin Roche.

Jean Kristeller, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and internationally recognized expert on mindful eating. She is creator of the Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) program, which was supported by research funding from the National Institutes of Health. She is author of The Joy of Half a Cookie. Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, is a mindful eating expert, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor, registered dietitian-nutritionist, mindfulness-based coach, and registered yoga instructor. She has been teaching mindfulness meditation since 1993 and trains health professionals in Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT). Andrea is a contributing author of the forthcoming, Resources for Teaching Mindfulness.

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JUNE 4–9

Imbalances and dis-ease in the body are often a result of outdated emotional beliefs and behavioral patterns that no longer support your current dreams and aspirations. Bring balance back into your body and rejuvenate your life with a unique blend of medical qigong, yoga, and Ayurveda.

Life Qi Renewal Training James Leary and Wah! Tuition $395 plus 5 nights

JUNE 9–11

Secrets of Great Relationships Linda Bloom and Charlie Bloom Tuition $310 plus 2 nights

This highly experiential workshop is designed to help you feel full of life, change emotional belief systems, raise the body’s vibration, and restore deeply at a cellular level. Wah! will guide movement and self-healing practices, and you will learn and practice healing modalities with Dr. James Leary.

The biggest mistake that many people make is not that they expect too much from their relationships but rather they desire too little. Having a great relationship means more than just staying together. A true partnership is a means through which our deepest longings are awakened and ultimately realized. And unless we enjoy trust, intimacy, caring, and love with our partner, we are sharing an arrangement, not a true partnership. Join Linda Bloom and Charlie Bloom—esteemed authors and therapists—to transform your relationship and take home tools for enduring love and intimacy.

JUNE 9–11

Up-Level Your Relationships Kerena Saltzman Tuition $295 plus 2 nights


The quality of presence you bring to your relationships affects every aspect of your life. It affects your ability to connect with those you love, collaborate with colleagues, reach out to those you admire and want as mentors and customers, and build a bigger network of authentic connections. In this weekend with therapist and relationship expert Kerena Saltzman, you will learn lessons from the current research on leadership and the latest studies on the neurobiology of relationships, participate in experiential exercises, and: • Explore important questions about your relationships • Recognize your relationship patterns • Become more aware of your relational blind spots • Discover how to collaborate with ease.

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James Leary, DOM, PhD, has worked in the healing arts for more than three decades and is a doctor of medical qigong and Oriental medicine. He has lived throughout the world, learning many languages and cultural and healing traditions. His protocol for life activation, Life Qi Renewal, draws from many teachers and healing arts systems as well as medical qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Wah! teaches women’s leadership trainings, sound healing workshops, and yoga teacher trainings and performs healing concerts throughout the United States, including in planetariums.

Linda Bloom, LCSW, and Charlie Bloom, MSW, have been married since 1972 and working with groups, individuals, couples, and organizations to enhance the quality of their relationships and communication skills for more than 40 years. With master’s degrees in clinical social work, they have lectured, led seminars, and provided consultation at universities and learning institutes throughout the world. Their best-selling book, 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married: Simple Lessons to Make Love Last, has sold more than 100,000 copies and has been translated into numerous languages.

Kerena Saltzman, LCSW, is a sought-after presenter, trainer, Gestalt therapist, and leadership coach. Her expertise in coaching and facilitation has led her to work with clients at Google, LinkedIn, Women’s Business Leadership Forum, and NASA Space Center. She has taught emotional intelligence skills to teams of therapists, physicians, coaches, and directors of learning and development.

Susan Hauser JUNE 9–11

Power Vinyasa Yoga Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

Susan Hauser’s athletic yoga classes are addictive, with dynamic music and inspiring cues for modifying the poses to make them accessible to all levels. The rapid flow of postures is grounding and works muscles in the arms, shoulders, back, legs, feet, and abdomen so the body grows stronger and healthier and the joints, tendons, and muscles develop wider range of motion and greater flexibility. After practicing with Susan, you will feel happier and enjoy a more positive outlook and increased self-confidence to pursue the changes, goals, and life that your heart desires.

JUNE 9–11

Your New Money Story®: Use Brain Sciences to Rewire Beliefs and Behaviors for Wealth, Health, and Happiness David Krueger

Shatter your glass ceiling of money limitation. Overcome money mistakes. Develop successful strategies for financial empowerment. Learn how to apply mind and brain sciences to inform choices and map new possibilities so you can realize your potential to make significant money. Money isn’t complicated; it’s what we do with it that is. Your New Money Story draws on psychology, neuroscience, and neuroeconomics combined with strategic coaching principles. Once you become conscious of your money story and see how it informs your behavior, you will be free to revise it—and find that balance of wealth, health, and joy we all seek.

Susan Hauser is founder and owner of New Om World (NOW), the Bay Area’s most diverse multi-modality studio. She has amassed a large and devoted following in her fast-paced, dynamic classes, which focus on toning, strengthening, and stretching and bring greater clarity, control, and peace to one’s emotional state of mind.

David Krueger, MD, is an executive mentor coach and the CEO of MentorPath®, where he develops internal mentor programs for corporations and works with executives worldwide in high-risk, high-reward situations, guiding them in the development of sustainable success strategies. He is the author of more than 15 books, including The Secret Language of Money.

Tuition $475 plus 2 nights

Lead now. Engage at the cutting edge of skillfullness in the emergent leadership paradigm of our time.

JUNE 9–11

JUNE 9–11

Mindfulness and Leadership Under Pressure Amishi Jha, Jannell MacAulay, and Scott Rogers

One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness Jacqueline Carter and Rasmus Hougaard

Leaders must be effective, adaptive, and agile. We will examine cutting-edge brain science on the topics of attention, mindfulness, resilience, and how to prevent the negative effects of stress. See full description on page 98.

Are you a leader who wants to increase productivity and positivity in the workplace? See full description on page 99.

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Richard Miller JUNE 11–16

iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation Level 1 Training Tuition $1495 plus 5 nights

JUNE 11–16

Embodied Shamanism: Shapeshifting into a New Narrative for Living a Life You Love Michael Stone Tuition $365 plus 5 nights

JUNE 11–16

How to Hear Yourself: A Proprioceptive Writing Immersion Linda Trichter Metcalf and Anne Bright Tuition $360 plus 5 nights


Experience the deep peace of mind and profound rest of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation as you train in this integrative healing practice that gently encourages the body’s natural healing response. Accessible and effective, iRest has been proven to support the healing process across a range of populations, including those with PTSD, chronic pain, sleep issues, high stress, depression, and anxiety. Overcome unresolved issues and traumas by tapping into the underlying source of equilibrium and comfort that is always present. You will leave this training with a restorative practice to enhance your own well-being and the ability to lead others.

What if you could bridge shamanic practices with modern coaching methodologies to experience more love, wisdom, and clarity of purpose? In this groundbreaking workshop with Michael Stone—a leader in the emerging field of embodied shamanic coaching—you will experience the fusion of these two approaches and learn: • The practice of embodied shamanic journeying • How to align insights from your shamanic journeys with practical approaches utilized by top life coaches • To rescript the narrative of your life and fully express your gifts.

Richard Miller, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, yogic scholar, author, and contemporary spiritual teacher. He is founding president of the Integrative Restoration Institute, cofounder of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and senior advisor to the Baumann Institute. The creator of Integrative Restoration, or iRest, he leads retreats worldwide.

Michael Stone, MSOD, spent his career as a corporate organizational development consultant, communications specialist, and leadership trainer and has been teaching and leading transformational workshops for more than 40 years. He combines his training in communications, Gestalt, gender reconciliation, meditation, movement, shamanism, and philosophy for a unique approach to in-depth personal, relational, and organizational coaching and teaching.

Walk with a foot in both worlds of ancient and modern practices to experience the life-enhancing powers of this unique synergy.

Underneath the surface of our minds, there is a rich, wise, blissful, and creative world. This workshop teaches you how to unlock the power of this part of your mind through a unique practice of writing. You will enter a world where you come to know yourself differently than you did before. Following certain rules as you write, you will open the gate to a new realm of self-discovery. If you feel cut off from creative expression, or if you have trouble knowing and expressing how you really feel, proprioceptive writing can help you hear and share your authentic voice.

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Linda Trichter Metcalf, PhD, is a renowned teacher, author, and pioneer in mind exploration. While a professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, she created the practice known as Proprioceptive Writing® to help students express their deepest thoughts and feelings. With Tobin Simon, Linda left academia and cofounded the Proprioceptive Writing Center and published Writing the Mind Alive. Anne Bright, MFA, is director of the Proprioceptive Writing Center, Southeast, and has brought Proprioceptive Writing (PW) to hundreds of students over the past 20 years. A faculty member of the PW Center in Oakland, California, Anne works closely with PW’s founders, Linda Metcalf and Tobin Simon.

JUNE 11–16

Maya Yoga Summer Intensive: The Fusion of Mind and Body Nicki Doane Tuition $595 plus 5 nights

JUNE 16–18

Cultivating Authentic Happiness: Tools for a Happy Life Ira Israel and Geeta Novotny Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

JUNE 16–18

The Embodied Life: Meditation, Deep Inquiry, and the Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais Russell Delman Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

Integrate the practice of yoga with the timeless philosophy of the Yoga Sutras as you dive into a deeper experience of all that yoga has to offer. Studying standing poses, backbends, inversions, twisting postures, chanting, and Sanskrit mantras, you will learn: • Structural alignment cues for safety and maximum benefit • The effects of restorative postures on the nervous system

Most of the time, our minds are chattering on in our heads without us even knowing it—the bad news is that a lot of it is negative. It’s time to disidentify with the drone of inner negativity and start cultivating the intentional presence of mind that leads to happiness. Come experience: • Specific practices that bode well for keeping you at the high end of your happiness spectrum • All-levels vinyasa flow yoga and restorative yoga classes • A variety of mindfulness meditations. You will return home with a toolbox of new insights and practices to build a life founded in true happiness.

Step into the fullness of your potential. All methods devoted to human development emphasize the importance of awakening to the present moment. All that we long for—love, joy, peace, harmony, truth— requires this fundamental capacity. Successful, inspiring leaders radiate this quality of presence. Not surprisingly, being grounded in our bodies is a reliable and skillful way to become present. Put simply, this means: • Sitting quietly with your thoughts • Mindfully welcoming your feelings and emotions • Finding comfort, groundedness, and centeredness in your body. The result is transformational, and you will leave with practices for embodying your best potential in life and work.

• The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as a catalyst for personal growth and self-understanding. The integrity and inquiry that you bring to each pose can be carried off the mat into daily life as you expand your capacity for growth, fulfillment, and joy. Nicki Doane has been studying and teaching yoga for the past 30 years. Deeply influenced by the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois— with whom she studied in India for several years— Nicki’s teaching goes beyond the traditional. She teaches throughout the world and is featured in DVDs from Gaiam.

Ira Israel is a licensed psychotherapist, licensed professional counselor, certified yoga therapist, and yoga teacher. He holds graduate degrees in psychology, philosophy, and religious studies and created the Meditation Made Easy app and the DVDs A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness, A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness for Anxiety, and Mindfulness for Depression. Geeta Novotny is an awardwinning artist and innovative singer, teacher, and performer. Geeta’s work, Revolution Voice, is built on her philosophy that the voice is one of our greatest sources of therapeutic healing. As an acclaimed classical singer, Geeta has performed in a wide range of principal roles internationally with esteemed opera companies and symphony orchestras.

Russell Delman, the founder of the Embodied Life School, began his study of body-mind perspectives and human potential in 1969. A Zen practitioner for more than 40 years, Russell has studied somatic psychology and is indebted in his work to his training and deep personal relationship with Moshe Feldenkrais. Russell maintains a private practice and teaches throughout the world.

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JUNE 16-18

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Retreat Jean Kristeller and Andrea Lieberstein Tuition $330 plus 2 nights

How would it feel to finally relax around food, especially when thinking about weight loss? Take a compassionate, mindful, and scientifically proven route to losing weight and enjoying food and life. Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) is a powerful and effective approach, supported by research funded by the National Institutes of Health. It addresses the mindless eating that is prevalent in our culture and can lead to weight gain, obesity, disordered eating patterns, and stress-related eating. In this highly participatory weekend, you will tap into your inner wisdom and create a new relationship to nourishing yourself through a variety of mindful eating practices and guided meditations.

JUNE 16–18

Unleash Your Calling: Create the Work You Love Tama Kieves Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

JUNE 16–18

Yoga for Athletes: Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Focus Sage Rountree Tuition $290 plus 2 nights


Do you sense another life calling you? Do you crave meaningful work or ache to express your creativity or contribution—and pay your bills? Your wildest dreams are not frivolous. You have a calling, and in uncertain economic times, true passion is your greatest security. Join success coach Tama Kieves, best-selling author of This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love to uncover and flourish in the work you are meant to do. A former Harvard-trained attorney, Tama has walked her talk. Learn joyous and practical strategies to discover, trust, and soar in the life and business of your dreams.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Yoga’s emphasis on form, focus, and breath will make you a better, well-rounded athlete. Learn how yoga complements mental and physical training, translating into increased balance and enjoyment in your sport and your life. Join Sage Rountree—author, coach, endurance athlete, triathlete, and yoga teacher—for this program designed specifically for athletes of all sports and levels of yoga experience (including none). Learn to use yoga as a complement to sports training so you can move fluidly and powerfully, focus and recover better, and achieve peak performance in sports and beyond.

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Jean Kristeller, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and internationally recognized expert on mindful eating. She is creator of Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) program, which was supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health. She is author of The Joy of Half a Cookie. Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, is a mindful eating expert, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor, registered dietitian-nutritionist, mindfulness-based coach, and registered yoga instructor. She has been teaching mindfulness meditation since 1993 and trains health professionals in Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT). Andrea is a contributing author of the forthcoming, Resources for Teaching Mindfulness.

Tama Kieves, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her corporate law practice to write and help others discover their life’s work. A best-selling author, featured in USA TODAY and Success magazine as well as on ABC News and Oprah Radio, Tama is a visionary career coach known for the believable and sweeping possibilities she ignites in others.

Sage Rountree, PhD, E-RYT 500, is an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach certified by USA Triathlon and RRCA. She is author of several books, including The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga, and she competes in running races, triathlons, and the Ironman. Sage's students include casual athletes and Olympians, and she contributes to numerous publications, including Runner’s World and Yoga Journal.

JUNE 16–18

Cultivating Emotional Balance

The Philosophy, Science, and Practices B. Alan Wallace, Paul Ekman, Eve Ekman, Ryan Redman, and Shauna Shapiro Tuition $425 plus 2 nights

Paul Ekman and B. Alan Wallace developed the Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) program as the result of a dialogue between biobehavioral scientists, the Dalai Lama, and Buddhist monks and scholars. Explore this evidence-based integration of Western scientific and Buddhist psychological understandings of how we can improve our relationship to our emotions and learn: • Attention training, heart meditation, and mindfulness practices • The practical tools of the CEB training • How mindfulness-based interventions are being integrated in a variety of institutions and what the research shows. In these challenging times, cultivating emotional balance and compassion is a tremendously important scientific and humanitarian goal. B. Alan Wallace, PhD, is a dynamic lecturer, progressive scholar, and one of the most prolific writers and translators of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. He trained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk ordained by the Dalai Lama and has edited, translated, authored, and contributed to more than 40 books, including Mind in the Balance: Meditation in Science, Buddhism, and Christianity. Paul Ekman, PhD, is the world’s foremost expert on facial expressions and was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time. Dr. Ekman has authored more than 100 published articles and holds several honorary doctoral degrees. He is author of 15 books, including Emotional Awareness, a conversation between himself and the Dalai Lama. Eve Ekman, MS, PhD, is a postdoctoral fellow at the Osher Center of Integrative Medicine. The daughter of Paul Ekman, a pioneering founder of the field of emotion research, Eve is an international trainer of emotion regulation and mindfulness skills. Her research is inspired by her experience as a medical social worker and training in Cultivating Emotional Balance. Ryan Redman, MA, is cofounder and executive director of the Flourish Foundation, a social nonprofit dedicated to promoting contemplative practices in communities. He is a certified instructor of Cultivating Emotional Balance and serves as a core faculty member of the Inner Kids Program. Ryan has been teaching contemplative-based practices in Sun Valley, Idaho, for the past 15 years. Shauna Shapiro, PhD, a professor at Santa Clara University, is a clinical psychologist and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness. She leads programs internationally, serves on the advisory board of Axialent, a leader in conscious business, and has brought mindfulness to pioneering companies, including Google. Her work has been featured in Wired, USA Today, Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, and American Psychologist.

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Nourish yourself.

Enjoy an abundance of fresh, nourishing culinary creations served with care.

The 1440 experience. 30

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B. Alan Wallace JUNE 18–23

The Attention Revolution: Getting Mindfulness Right Tuition $450 plus 5 nights

Spend this week with B. Alan Wallace—who was ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk by the Dalai Lama—and experience a multifaceted workshop deeply rooted in Buddhist theory and practice. You will gain powerful perspectives and skills for creating meaningful aspirations; develop an inner sense of ease, stillness, and clarity; and enhance your emotional intelligence, maturity, and resilience.

B. Alan Wallace, PhD, is a dynamic lecturer, progressive scholar, and one of the most prolific writers and translators of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. Alan is founder and president of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies and has edited, translated, authored, and contributed to more than 40 books.

Through a combination of enlightening lectures and teachings, a variety of meditation practices, reflection, and group discussions, you will take home a conceptual understanding of timeless wisdom as well as your own new, experiential insight.

JUNE 18–23

CARE for Teachers Tish Jennings and Christa Turksma Tuition $525 plus 5 nights

As a teacher, you give so much. Now is the time to take care of you. Join this unique program that helps you handle the stresses and rediscover the joys of teaching. Developed to meet the needs of K–12 teachers, this Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) workshop provides 30 contact hours and you will learn: • Emotion skills instruction • Mindfulness and stress-reduction practices to renew inner strength and balance the demands of work and personal life • Listening and compassion exercises to promote greater life satisfaction. Come get the support you deserve and take home skills that will enhance your classroom experience and all areas of your life.

JUNE 18–23

Teaching Yoga to Athletes: An Intensive for Teachers, Trainers, and Coaches Sage Rountree Tuition $405 plus 5 nights

The field of yoga for athletes is growing. Specializing in yoga for athletes allows you to share yoga’s benefits with a new, receptive population. Join Sage Rountree—a pioneer in the field with multifaceted experience as a coach, athlete, and teacher working with endurance-sports athletes and collegiate teams—for this intensive workshop designed for yoga teachers interested in working with athletes of all sports. It will also be useful for coaches, physical education teachers, and personal trainers. You will leave empowered with skills to teach athletes in studio, gym, team, or one-on-one settings.

Tish Jennings, PhD, an associate professor of elementary education, is an international leader in the field of social and emotional learning. As senior director of the Initiative on Contemplative Teaching and Learning at the Garrison Institute, Tish led the faculty team that developed Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE). Christa Turksma, DRS, is a clinical child psychologist. Coauthor and codeveloper of the Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) program, she has worked on numerous research and intervention projects that improve the lives of teachers and children. Christa dedicates her time to facilitating CARE workshops and training facilitators throughout the country and abroad.

Sage Rountree, PhD, E-RYT 500, is an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach certified by USA Triathlon and RRCA. She is author of several books, including The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga, and she competes in running races, triathlons, and the Ironman. Sage's students include casual athletes and Olympians, and she contributes to numerous publications, including Runner’s World and Yoga Journal.

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JUNE 18–23

Cell-Level Healing: Where Science and Spirit Meet Joyce Hawkes and Helen Folsom Tuition $445 plus 5 nights

Discover the mystery and majesty of the human body and your innate ability to heal and be healed. This transformative journey with Joyce Hawkes and Helen Folsom is an invitation to explore the depths of your mental and physical healing nature. With Cell-Level Healing, you will observe the miraculous nature of the body through mircrographic images of cells—many taken by Joyce, a cell biologist and biophysicist— and witness the power of the mind through time-honored spiritual practices. In a rich 5-day program of experiential learning and enlightening lectures, you will open up to greater healing potential. photo left: maginification of a plant cell.

JUNE 18–23

Manifest Your Dreams: Practices to Turn Your Purpose into Reality Suzanne Bryant Tuition $375 plus 5 nights

We each have a purpose. Move beyond fear and self-doubt to actualize the expression of yours. Drawing on a combination of cutting-edge psychological tools and ancient yogic techniques that reprogram your mind and redirect your energy, you will learn that you can create and live the life you envision. By engaging in a few subtle practices that shift energy and create an opening for you to overcome blocks and limitations, you step fully into your power.

Joyce Hawkes, PhD, an internationally respected researcher and healing facilitator, is the author of Cell-Level Healing. Joyce’s career includes decades of scientific research in cellular biology as well as in-depth experience with indigenous healing practices. Her work in cell-level healing emerged after a near-death experience and sits at the intersection of science and spirit. Helen Folsom, MA, is a certified hypnotherapist, interfaith minister, author, musician, and healing facilitator. She has studied many time-honored spiritual traditions and has been a practicing altered-states therapist for more than 15 years. Throughout the world, in Cell-Level Healing workshops with Joyce Hawkes, Helen provides music from sacred traditions.

Suzanne Bryant, MA, a certified yoga and meditation teacher, is the filmmaker of the internationally acclaimed documentary Yoga Is. The film includes interviews with today’s most sought-after yoga teachers and details Suzanne’s journey to India after losing her mother to cancer.

We each have the power within ourselves to transform any area of our lives. Come connect with yours—and turn your dreams into reality.

JUNE 23–25

The Face, Emotion, and Compassionate Connection Erika Rosenberg Tuition $295 plus 2 nights


The human face reveals our deepest feelings. Yet often we are so involved in our own emotional reactions that we overlook signs from others that could lead to more compassionate connection. This groundbreaking workshop teaches the sciencebased skill of reading emotion in facial expressions. During this fascinating weekend with expert Erika Rosenberg, you will experience lecture, small group discussion, interaction in pairs, meditation, and role-playing to learn not only what other people’s faces send out, but also how your own reactions might be received in turn.

844.544.1440 |

Erika Rosenberg, PhD, is a scientist, author, and meditation teacher. At the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain, she is senior investigator on the Shamatha Project, a multidisciplinary study of how meditation affects cognition, emotion, and neurophysiology. Dr. Rosenberg is a world-renowned expert in the Facial Action Coding System and consults with academic, corporate, and entertainment industry clients worldwide.

JUNE 23–25

Perfectly Imperfect: Finding Healing and Love Through the Beautiful Mess of Being Human Chris Grosso and Sera Beak Tuition $355 plus 2 nights

What does it mean to accept yourself fully, with all of your perfect imperfections? To take an honest, fearless look at your naked self and stay there, acknowledging both the frailty and the glory in the same glance? In this workshop, two young leaders of the new spiritual revolution, Chris Grosso and Sera Beak, will address these questions, guiding us to use our difficult life experiences as catalysts toward spiritual awakening. Make friends with your past, create space for healing, connect within to discover the truth about who you are and what you want, and step into your divine radiance to create the life you are made for.

JUNE 23–25

Reconnecting with Nature Through the Art of Survival Cliff Hodges Tuition $395 plus 2 nights

Longing for adventure? What would it be like to completely unplug and thrive off the grid? This weekend, join Cliff Hodges, cohost of Remote Survival on the National Geographic Channel, for an experience of the art of survival in the wilderness. In this exciting, hands-on, experiential program, you will face challenges, build new skills, and learn how to: • Construct earthen shelters • Start fire by friction • Collect and use wild, edible plants • Slow down and experience your connection to the natural world.

Chris Grosso is a public speaker and writer, the spiritual director of the recovery organization Toivo, and a teacher with Worldwide Insight. He is author of Indie Spiritualist; writes for ORIGIN, Huffington Post, and Mantra Yoga + Health; and hosts the Indie Spiritualist podcast on the MindPod Network. Sera Beak is a Harvard-trained scholar of comparative world religions and the author of three books, including The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark. Sera’s work has been published in numerous magazines, and the New York Times called her one of the new role models of her generation.

Cliff Hodges is a wilderness survival instructor, adventure guide, and environmental advocate working with groups from school children to executives in Fortune 500 companies. He is founder and CEO of Adventure Out, California’s largest outdoor school and guide service, and cohost of the hit show Remote Survival on the National Geographic Channel.

You will take home the experience of natural happiness, decreased stress, greater capacity for critical thought, and increased fitness and vitality.

JUNE 23–25

Soulful Vinyasa Flow Lesley Desaulniers Tuition $285 plus 2 nights

Elevate your practice, deepen your experience of the subtleties of yoga, and experience a unique fusion of soulful, vigorous vinyasa, and eclectic music. Through inspired vinyasa flow, chanting, and guided stillness, you will sink into serenity and self-awareness as you learn to: • Move, sweat, and renew your body through special Jivamukti-based vinyasa and heart-opening music • Release old habits, fears, conditioning, and other obstacles to joy • Practice seated and walking meditation for health, happiness, and peace.

Lesley Desaulniers, featured in Orion magazine’s “Leaders Who Inspire” and named one of San Francisco’s top yoga teachers by Mantra magazine, is known for her energizing, soulful, and inspiring classes. Her workshops and retreats at premier yoga destinations throughout the year are imbued with a rare blend of sweaty vinyasa, scholarly study, spiritual awareness, and good humor. Voted Best of Marin, Lesley was also featured in Vogue.

This workshop—enlivened by Lesley’s choice of music, spirited chanting, deep meditation, and empowering vinyasa sequences—is a complete immersion of body, mind, and spirit into the experience of yoga.

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JUNE 23–25

Sustainable Compassion: Deepen Your Capacity to Care for Yourself and Others John Makransky and Brooke D. Lavelle

It is in our nature to want to offer care and compassionate support to those we care about, yet oftentimes it can deplete us. How do we ensure our own self-care while being able to care for and nurture others in our lives? Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) is designed to support everyone who cares for others. Whether you support people in your life with special needs, such as children or aging parents, or clients and patients, you can tap into the power of unconditional care within to give strong care to others while enhancing your well-being rather than moving toward burnout.

Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

JUNE 23–30

Yoga for Healthy Aging: Tools for a Lifetime of Vitality and Well-Being Baxter Bell and Melina Meza Tuition $760 plus 7 nights

You can enjoy the process of getting older—and wiser—by learning what the mind and body need for optimal health. Join medical doctor Baxter Bell and Melina Meza, author of the Art of Sequencing book series, for an enlightening workshop focusing on strategies for a lifetime of vitality. You will experience a combination of expert information and therapeutic yoga postures for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Set yourself up for a lifetime of feeling your best! And, if you are a yoga teacher, sign up for this as training and expand the expertise you offer to your students.

Lead now. Engage at the cutting edge of skillfullness in the emergent leadership paradigm of our time.

John Makransky, PhD, is associate professor of Buddhism and comparative theology at Boston College, senior advisor for Kathmandu University’s Centre for Buddhist Studies in Nepal, and president of the Society of Buddhist-Christian studies. He is the developer of the Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) model and cofounder of the Courage of Care Coalition. Brooke D. Lavelle, PhD, is the cofounder and president of the Courage of Care Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) programs and support to individuals and communities in education, health care, and other areas of social service. She has taught yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs for a variety of clinical populations.

Baxter Bell, MD, RYT 500, is a physician, medical acupuncturist, and certified yoga teacher. Baxter lectures to health-care professionals throughout the country on integrating the therapeutic applications of yoga with Western medicine. He is cofounder and writer for the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog and is quoted as an expert in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Melina Meza has been sharing her knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, and whole-foods nutrition throughout the world for more than 20 years. She is the author of the Art of Sequencing and creator of the Yoga for the Seasons: Fall Vinyasa DVD. Melina’s offerings can be found on the sites Yoga Anytime, YogaUOnline, and Gaiam TV.

JUNE 23–25

15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: Radically Enhance Your Coaching Diana Chapman and Jim Dethmer Coaches are discovering that in order to change unwanted patterns in business and leadership, they must address context—the reality within which a conversation, decision, or challenge is occuring. See full description on page 99.


844.544.1440 |

Laurel Parnell JUNE 23–30

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic method for healing trauma-based problems.

Transforming Trauma with EMDR Parts 1 and 2: A 7-Day Professional Training

Informed by research in contemporary neuroscience, EMDR is part of a holistic approach to healing trauma by integrating body, mind, and spirit. In this professional training with Laurel Parnell—an EMDR pioneer and developer of Attachment-Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR) and Resource Tapping™—you will gain skills to work more effectively with complex cases using EMDR tools. Upon completion of this program you will understand how to use standard and modified EMDR protocols and procedures in your practice.

Tuition $1100 plus 7 nights

JUNE 25–30

Invincible Living Technologies: Upgrade Your Body, Brain, and Life Guru Jagat Tuition $380 plus 5 nights

JUNE 25–30

Gay Men’s LifeQuest Intensive Devarshi Steven Hartman Tuition $395 plus 5 nights

Laurel Parnell, PhD, is a leading expert on the trauma therapy, Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and developer of Attachment-Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR) and Resource Tapping™. Founder and executive director of the Parnell Institute, she has taught at universities and now teaches internationally based on her latest book, AttachmentFocused EMDR: Healing Relational Trauma.

Kundalini Yoga and meditation technologies reprogram, recalibrate, and initiate massive lifelong changes. Join Guru Jagat—author, teacher, and the modern face of Kundalini Yoga—to receive the high-caliber benefits of these practices, whether or not you have prior yoga experience or flexibility. In this immersion, Guru Jagat details a new program for victorious, healthy living that will give you the energy, courage, and clarity to traverse the topography of your life with grace. Through practice, discussion, and sound healing sessions, you will take home practical suggestions for a daily practice that fills your life with more joy and prosperity.

Are you living the life you desire? What new venture is calling you? What is your deepest longing? In a safe and compassionate environment, take time to reflect and reevaluate so you can envision the next phase of your life and begin to claim what is just beyond your reach. Join Devarshi Steven Hartman, who brings more than 30 years of teaching experience and his journey as a gay man to create a fun, deeply meaningful gathering with kindred spirits. You will take home tools of transformation to support your emergence into the extraordinary life you’ve always dreamed of.

Guru Jagat is an author and senior teacher who studied under Bhajan, the Kundalini Yoga master who brought the practice of Kundalini Yoga to the United States. Guru Jagat’s fresh perspectives have earned her devout fans amongst Hollywood and Los Angeles tastemakers. She is founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology and she launched RA MA TV.

Devarshi Steven Hartman, E-RYT, is cofounder of the Pranotthan School of Yoga, founder of LifeQuest Intensive, cofounder of the Acharya Intensive, faculty member of Nosara Yoga Institute’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training curriculum, and former dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga. He leads trainings and workshops throughout the country and is creator of the best-selling audio production The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita.


JUNE 25–30


Charles J. Orlando Tuition $365 plus 5 nights

Based on Charles Orlando’s extensive research with thousands of men and women throughout the world, this 5-day program is an interactive immersive experience that walks you through the issues that are blocking you from attaining the life and love you want—issues within your control to change. This is your opportunity to focus on what stops you, causes you to repeat damaging patterns, and drives you into relationships that are unfulfilling. This week, you will learn: • Techniques to release your past • Methodologies for letting go of your negative self-image and raising your self-confidence • Tools to transform your experience in life and love.

JUNE 25–30 Do you ever wish you could mitigate the interpersonal

Seven Skills for Mindful Relationships: Integrating the Science of Mind, Body, and Brain B Grace Bullock

struggles in your life, both personal and professional? The truth is that human existence depends on relationships. Our brains and our physical and psychological development are contingent on social bonds.

In this highly experiential workshop, you will discover how to cultivate resilient social bonds and increase your personal and professional impact and success. Join B Grace Bullock and learn the evidence-based BREATHE model, which integrates neuroscience, psychology, and more. You will gain practical skills and fresh insights on why you undermine your connections and reenact the Tuition $385 plus 5 nights same patterns of behavior. Not anymore!


844.544.1440 |

Charles J. Orlando is a relationship expert and best-selling author of The Problem with Women... is Men® book series, the breakout best seller The Pact: Goodbye, Past. Hello, Love! Charles has more than one million followers on Facebook, where he offers free street-smart love advice to men and women throughout the world.

B Grace Bullock, PhD, E-RYT 500, is a visionary psychologist, scientist, organizational innovator, educator, yoga and mindfulness expert, and author of Mindful Relationships. Her work integrates principles of applied neuroscience, psychophysiology, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and the science of mindfulness. She is founding director of a consultancy firm that provides innovative strategic visioning and leadership development throughout North America.

JUNE 25–30 Welcome to anxiety-free, present-tense, full frontal

Anxiety-Free Me: Move Past Your Past and Master Happiness in Your Life Jodi Aman

Jodi Aman has been a psychotherapist for more than 20 years. She shares her own story of transformation along with the stories of many clients in her best-selling book You 1 Anxiety 0. Through her popular radio show as the “female Frasier” and her YouTube channel, she shares her message with thousands of followers throughout the world.

happiness with Jodi Aman. Jodi breaks it all down and creates the perfect environment for freeing up from whatever is confining you. Expertly guided through activities, guided meditations, and rituals, you will learn how to heal and move into more empowered living. Participate in a rich array of participatory and reflective experiences that allow you to open up and enjoy yourself more, while taking the necessary steps to learn from where you’ve been.

Tuition $365 plus 5 nights This workshop is focused on practices—and you will learn and experience a lot of them so you can find what will work to sustain you every day.

JUNE 25–30

Delight of Existence: Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda Rejuvenation Retreat for Women Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian and Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur Tuition $420 plus 5 nights

The ancient practices and teachings of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda hold special value for our modern lifestyle. Powerful antidotes to the stress of our busy lives, their contemplative exercises and principles offer deep restoration and a gateway to the wisdom of our essential, unchanging nature. In this nurturing and highly experiential program, you will learn: • The benefits of incorporating health-evoking lifestyle elements in sync with solar and lunar rhythms • Ayurvedic superfoods and garden herbs to rejuvenate the body and mind • A step-by-step method for daily rejuvenating meditation • Guidance for discovering the heart of meditation in the midst of daily activity.

JUNE 30–JULY 2 So many in the helping professions are looking for

Yoga Nursing: A New Movement in Health Care Annette Tersigni

additional natural, compassionate, and proven methods for bringing relief to patients as a complement to what their doctors are prescribing.

Yoga Nursing is a revolutionary model of care that unites the ancient wisdom of yoga with the science of modern nursing. A nursing adjunct therapy that is different from traditional yoga, the program is Tuition $330 plus 2 nights practiced seated or standing, allowing those who cannot get onto the floor to participate.

Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian is a Western woman who teaches the riches of Indian philosophy in a fully accessible and inspiring way for newcomers and longtime practitioners alike. Ordained by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, she has been leading meditation retreats for more than three decades nationally and internationally. Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, lineage holder, authority, and scholar in Ayurveda, yoga, and Vedanta. She is president of California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine and adviser to the Government of India on International Ayurveda affairs.

Annette Tersigni, RN, E-RYT, known as the "Yoga Nurse," is a medical yoga expert, visionary, and founder of YogaNurse®, a new movement, theory, and care plan uniting the ancient wisdom of yoga with the science of modern nursing. A former Hollywood actor turned nurse, Annette is devoted to expanding consciousness in health care. Her programs are featured at the Mayo Clinic.

This program was recently endorsed by Jean Watson’s Caring Science Institute and provides information and experience that you can integrate immediately into your working life.

844.544.1440 |


Joan Borysenko and Karen Drucker JUNE 30–JULY 2

A Women’s Spiritual Retreat: Learning How to Love Ourselves Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

Step into the radiance of your best self! Truly loving oneself is a psychological and spiritual journey—one most women need to experience. Join mind-body expert Joan Borysenko and singersongwriter Karen Drucker for a unique women’s retreat and learn: • To overcome mental blocks keeping you from living your potential • How to work with negative emotions and limiting beliefs on a spiritual level • Body-based inquiry to become more integrated in mind, body, and spirit. Reconnect with yourself, feel refreshed amidst nature’s beauty, engage with music that reprograms emotional DNA, enjoy nourishing food, sing, laugh, and return home with a “faith-lift!”


Mandala Making Jennifer Mazzucco Tuition $320 plus 2 nights


Mindful U: A Timely Course in Awareness Skills for Life and Work Cassie Schindler Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

Karen Drucker, a singer, songwriter, and producer, speaks and leads workshops at women’s retreats, mind-body and health conferences, and various Unity and New Thought churches throughout the country. Called “a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music,” Karen has recorded 15 CDs of original inspirational songs and been awarded an honorary doctorate of music.

Mandalas are sacred artistic expressions that speak to the wholeness of the universe. In making them ourselves, we invite our inner wholeness forward. Come create your own personalized mandala guided by artist Jennifer Mazzucco. We begin with the less tangible parts of the creative process, including guided meditation, personal reflection, and exercises for slowing down and tapping into the creative flow. Then you will: • Learn the technical approaches to drawing a mandala, including the principles of symmetry, balance, space, and composition • Reflect on your experience through group discussion and journaling.

Jennifer Mazzucco is a devotional artist who deeply respects and is inspired by the cultural arts of India and Tibet. After nine years of facilitating middle school children to follow their creative hearts, showing her work in galleries, and taking trips to India, she now has a home studio in California, where she creates large canvas personalized mandalas.

Welcome to the education we all should have received earlier in life! Join Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction educator Cassie Schindler for this interactive and powerful fusion of ancient mindfulness principles and the most salient aspects of current stress-reduction and awareness-training programs.

Cassie Schindler is a mindfulness educator trained in MindfulnessBased Stress Reduction. A former Fortune 500 executive and healthy survivor of multiple sclerosis, Cassie, who has been a meditation practitioner for 40 years, has made it her life’s work to deliver wellness and stress-reduction programs to individuals and groups, empowering thousands of individuals.

You will emerge from Mindful U able to: • Notice and disarm the stress response • Understand the brain’s basic functions, capabilities, and potential • Gain insight into limiting lifestyle patterns and behaviors • Sharpen interpersonal and intra-personal communication skills. In her signature down-to-earth style, Cassie will guide you through a variety of mindfulness techniques, and you will take home tools for a lifetime.


Joan Borysenko, PhD, is a pioneer in integrative medicine and expert in the mind-body connection. She has a doctorate from Harvard Medical School, is a licensed clinical psychologist, and is cofounder and former director of the mind-body programs at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. A New York Times best-selling author, she hosts an Internet radio show for Hay House.

844.544.1440 |

Daniel J. Siegel and Caroline S. Welch JUNE 30–JULY 2

Launching Your Adolescent into Adulthood: Parenting Your Adult Child Tuition $375 plus 2 nights


The Rhythm Way: Coming Home to the Earth, Coming Home to Life Shakti Sunfire Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if only we could understand what’s going on in the adolescent mind? Believe it or not, now we can. This workshop draws on an interdisciplinary developmental approach in the field of interpersonal neurobiology to dive deeply into the parenting experience of supporting the growth of adolescents into young adulthood and beyond. Through talks and exercises you learn what adolescents are going through and what needs to change in the relationship between adolescents and the adults in their lives— including parents—during this important period of transition. You will return home inspired, with a new understanding of the essence of adolescence.

Are you ready to free your most natural and authentic self? To dance, have fun, commune with nature, and let down the walls that keep you from experiencing a more meaningful connection to life? For thousands of years, human beings have joined together in ceremony, dance, and play to unveil life’s deeper meaning. These initiatory experiences call on the wisdom of the whole human being through body wisdom, emotional intelligence, raw imagination, and deep mind.

Daniel J. Siegel, MD, received his medical degree from Harvard University and is an internationally acclaimed author, educator, and child psychiatrist. The executive director of Mindsight Institute, known for his unique ability to make complicated scientific concepts accessible, Dr. Siegel has addressed diverse audiences, including Google University and the Dalai Lama. Caroline S. Welch, MA, is a sought-after international speaker known for her expertise in law, mediation, and mindfulness. A meditator for more than 30 years, she is CEO of Mind Your Brain, Inc. in Santa Monica, California, and cofounder, with Daniel J. Siegel, of the Mindsight Institute.

Shakti Sunfire (aka Laura Larriva Page) is a movement guide, yoga teacher, and advocate of the earth, blending her deep love of somatic movement, mythology, and ecology into powerful, embodied explorations of soul. She has spent the last 10 years as a traveling movement educator, teaching hoop dance, yoga, and somatic movement therapies throughout the world.

Come ready for total renewal and prepared to move, connect, laugh, enjoy, and come home to yourself in a way that is whole, meaningful, and wildly resourceful.

Travis Eliot with special guest Bryan Kest JUNE 30–JULY 2

A Power Yoga Weekend: Transformation for Total Health Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

Dive into the transformative experience of Power Yoga. Join Travis Eliot and Bryan Kest, internationally acclaimed leaders in the field of yoga and holistic health, and explore the key components that lead to a life of health and vitality—the yogic way. The weekend includes well-rounded power vinyasa yoga flows, gentle yoga with twists to purify the body, and important yoga teachings on diet, detoxification, and nutrition to help you live a life full of vitality. On Sunday, the weekend will end with a bang, as Travis leads you through an absolutely epic yoga flow.

Travis Eliot is an international yoga instructor, kirtan musician, and author. Known for a teaching style that is dynamic, transforming, and full of heart, he offers his signature Holistic Yoga Flow classes in Los Angeles, California, directs Holistic Yoga Flow teacher trainings, and leads workshops and retreats throughout the world. Bryan Kest has been practicing yoga since he was 15 years old. He is creator of Original Power Yoga, a unique workout for the body, mind, and spirit. In addition to being featured in many DVD series, Bryan’s most recent endeavor is PowerYoga Online, where students from throughout the world can stream his classes live.

844.544.1440 |


Enjoy July 4th week in the redwoods. JULY 2–7

Storytelling for Leaders: Creating Unforgettable Presentations, Communications, and Brands Jay Golden Tuition $395 plus 5 nights

Before dinner tonight, you will see hundreds and hundreds of emails, ads, tweets, and posts. Yet by tomorrow, so much will be forgotten—except for the stories. The ability to find, shape, and share your own most essential stories is one of your greatest assets as a leader. This week, you will learn: • What a story is and how it works • How to share your most essential stories • The impact of your stories on your life, relationships, and work in the world. Master the framework and means to create your own collection of origin, impact, and vision stories.

Step into your own as an enlightened woman.

JULY 2–7

Enlightened Women Lifestyle Retreat Hemalayaa Behl

Jay Golden is an author, entrepreneur, and storytelling coach. Since founding Wakingstar in 2009, Jay has crafted stories, led trainings, and coached leaders for clients such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the Rainforest Action Network. His forthcoming book is Retellable.

Hemalayaa Behl developed the Enlightened Women Lifestyle program to bring you more authentically into the world doing what your heart wants, having a deep connection to your self and others, and living your full expression with a positive impact. You will learn: • Ancient secrets to unleashing your inner queen and sharing your unique gifts with the world

Hemalayaa Behl teaches a unique combination of yoga and Indian dance and is known as the “Bollywood Queen” for her fitness DVDs. Hemalayaa has empowered thousands of people internationally with her blend of traditional and modern wisdom for health and joy. Featured throughout the media, she hosts her own television show, BollyBlast.

• Techniques to usher in your era of wisdom, freedom, and personal power

Tuition $375 plus 5 nights

• Breathing, dance, and other movement techniques to transform negativity into powerful intentions. You are worthy of living up to your highest potential.

JULY 2-7

Happiness: Gratitude, Gumption, Grace, and Generosity Frederic Luskin and Carole Pertofsky Tuition $450 plus 5 nights

Most of us want to experience deep happiness and fulfillment. Buttressed by expert knowledge in the fields of psychology, basic neuroscience, and contemplative traditions, in workshop with Fred Luskin and Carole Pertovsky—sought-after for their inspirational work on wellness and happiness—you will learn: • Powerful, research-based practices to boost your sense of well-being, contentment, wonder, joy, and fulfillment • Skills that are best attuned to your own disposition and lifestyle to cultivate happiness • Methods for tapping into your natural gifts such as courage, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself and others. You will leave with a newfound, solid foundation for creating a meaningful, happy, and healthy life.


844.544.1440 |

Frederic Luskin, PhD, is director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects and a senior consultant in wellness at Stanford University. He is author of the best seller Forgive for Good and has been teaching happiness classes at Stanford since 2009. Carole Pertofsky, MEd, is director of Stanford’s Wellness and Health Promotion Services. Her areas of expertise are positive psychology, happiness, gratitude, and resilience. She cofounded and teaches Stanford’s first Psychology of Happiness course.

JULY 2–7

Yin and Yang: The I Ching and Chinese Face Reading Chris Shelton Tuition $460 plus 5 nights

JULY 2–7

Hiking Yoga: Connecting Your Practice with Nature Eric Kipp Tuition $495 plus 5 nights

JULY 2–7

ChiRunning® Intensive Kathy Griest Tuition $395 plus 5 nights

JULY 2–7

Women’s Wisdom Visioning Retreat: Weaving the Sacred into Your World Gitanjali Hemp Tuition $375 plus 5 nights

In this enjoyable, interactive, 5-day course, you will learn how the complementary yin and yang energies show up in your life—and on your face. Chinese face reading is an ancient art that helps reveal who you are and deepens your understanding of other people’s behaviors and attitudes. And through the wisdom and benevolent guidance of the I Ching, or Book of Changes, you learn how to achieve greater emotional harmony with yourself and with others. Discover how to use the I Ching as a tool to help offset unnecessary hardship, which would otherwise affect your emotional state and show up on the face.

We live in a world where technology and modern life alienate us from our natural rhythms. This week, step away from your usual routine and experience how the three fundamentals of nature, yoga, and hiking can enhance one another, fostering deep connection. Explore the incredible beauty and nature of Santa Cruz—from the towering redwood trees to the stunning coastline—while expanding your perception of hiking and yoga. Come embody a spirit of exploration as you hike to beautiful vistas as well as practice yoga outside, breathing fresh air and becoming more fully in tune with yourself and the world around you.

Chris Shelton, a certified qigong practitioner and teacher, is also an author, professional speaker, workshop leader, and awardwinning martial artist. In 1988, studying with some of the most revered Chinese medicine masters, he started his own medical qigong practice supporting diverse individuals from youth to Special Olympic athletes to professional fighters.

Eric Kipp is the founder of Hiking Yoga, which offers a unique social yoga experience by combining the cleansing and heart-healthy cardio of group hiking with the centering and strengthening power of yoga. Eric has been featured in several media outlets, including Yoga Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, and Men’s Journal.

Exhilarating. Effective. Pain-free. A revolutionary running technique, ChiRunning combines tai chi with the power and energy of running. It is a practice that focuses the mind and lifts your spirits. Whether you are an injured runner, a beginner runner, a marathon runner, a triathlete, or someone who runs to stay fit, ChiRunning has helped thousands improve their technique, reduce injury, and achieve personal goals. This week, you will learn: • How to incorporate relaxation into your run • Correct alignment and posture • Propulsion coming from engaging core strength • To connect the mind and body to prevent injury.

Kathy Griest is going into her 40th year of running and has successfully taught the ChiRunning® method to thousands of people, with profound results. This effective and exhilarating technique has been featured across the media, including in Runner’s World, the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, and Shape, and on CNN and NPR.

Come join us in sacred ceremony. Connect to the voice of your highest wisdom. Commune with the land, amidst the towering redwoods on the majestic coast of Central California. Fully embody your brilliant spirit, and know the value of your unique contribution in a magical circle of women. Return to your life deeply rejuvenated and powerfully inspired to live from the truth of who you are.

Gitanjali Hemp is a master energy healer and the founder of Syntara System, a deeply integrative, evolutionary healing modality that awakens consciousness, inspiring sustainable change. She has 20 years of study and training with healers and masters from some of the world’s richest traditions and most cutting-edge healing modalities.

Join Gitanjali Hemp, master energy healer, ceremonial leader, and founder of Syntara System in this visionary women’s retreat that combines subtle energy practices, creative process work, transformative ritual, and sacred ceremony to birth yourself anew into your life and work.

844.544.1440 |


JULY 7–9

Yoga and Beyond: Free Your Soul! Faith Hunter Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

This soul-opening weekend is about digging deep, dialing in your inner wisdom, and freeing your soul! Faith Hunter will guide you in her transformative life-yoga approach to bringing back the magic and power into our lives. Our lives are filled with a million experiences that create suffering, confusion, pain, and static behavior. This weekend can change that. Using yoga postures, meditation, mantras, journaling, and soul circles, you will begin a personal process of letting go. Faith will also share her Spiritually Fly™ life sutras and how to use these principles to break free and live the life you desire. Faith Hunter is a next-generation yoga instructor, global traveler, and life-stylist, sprinkled with a dash of Louisiana charm. She is owner of Embrace Yoga DC and creator of Spiritually Fly™, a philosophy that celebrates every moment of life in a fresh and modern way to encourage students to embrace their unique flow in life.

Panache Desai JULY 7–9

Being-ness: Accessing Your Foundation of Presence Tuition $395 plus 2 nights

JULY 7–9

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance: Energetic Body, Quiet Mind Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman Tuition $295 plus 2 nights


Build a dynamic, fulfilled life on an unshakable foundation. Just as you can’t construct a building without a foundation, you can’t build a life on unstable ground. To live the life you desire, filled with joy, peace, and fulfillment, you must mount it on the solid foundation of your inner connection to Presence. Panache Desai is a catalyst for vibrational shifts, capable of empowering you to change your energy and your life. You will engage in meditation, discussion, and hands-on activations to remove all that blocks you from an ever-deepening alignment with Being-ness, even in the midst of life’s ups and downs.

Stop thinking and start dancing! Through a series of creative, expansive, and engaging exercises, turn your mind off and switch your body on. Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman’s name is synonymous with Tribal style dance as it is known in American subculture today. Join her for this one-of-a-kind movement experience, as your steps and gestures translate from consciousness to muscle memory, ultimately dancing you into a state of wakeful relaxation and joy. You will take home an exciting new practice, whether you are looking for a fun way to exercise or to connect in a deeper way with the messages of your body.

844.544.1440 |

Panache Desai, author of Discovering Your Soul Signature, is a transformation catalyst and inspirational thought leader who guides people to their authentic, essential nature. After a profoundly transformative experience more than a decade ago, he committed his life to empowering humanity by helping people directly experience divine consciousness for themselves.

Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman is creator of the popular American Tribal Style (ATS) Belly Dance. Her childhood fascination with body adornment evolved into the study of folkloric textiles and a personal collection of jewelry and textiles from around the world. Carolena danced with the San Francisco Classic Dance troupe and was inspired by belly dance to create ATS.

JULY 7–9

Perplexing Challenges in Couples Therapy: Lies, Infidelity, Unrelenting Hostility, and Self-Absorption Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson

Enhance your skills for navigating some of the toughest problems encountered with couples in therapy. Join the founders of the Couples Institute for an interactive weekend workshop to learn their model for working with particularly difficult and challenging couples. Ellyn and Peter will reveal elegant approaches that will build your confidence and make your work easier, more enjoyable, and successful. After this comprehensive weekend, you will return to your practice with skills for untangling the web of deception, moving self-absorbed partners from greed to giving, and shifting hostility in early sessions so your clients can create and sustain enduring change.

Ellyn Bader, PhD, and Peter Pearson, PhD, are the founders and directors of the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California. For the past 30 years, the institute has been helping couples resolve issues and create strong, loving relationships. Ellyn and Peter are the creators of the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, which is taught in many graduate programs. Authors of two books, Tell Me No Lies and In Quest of the Mythical Mate, they have been featured on more than 50 radio and television programs.

Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

JULY 7–9

Shift Happens: Learning to Bounce Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster Linda Graham Tuition $300 plus 2 nights

JULY 7–9

Orchestrating Excellence: Leadership and Collaboration Through the Power of Music Gary Muszynski Tuition $300 plus 2 nights

Has your life ever taken a challenging turn that you didn’t see coming? Dealing effectively with the challenges and crises of life is the core of our resilience and well-being. This workshop draws on evidence-based tools to connect you to your inner resources for thriving, including ways to: • Reverse the impact of stress and trauma • Come out of anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, loneliness, guilt, and shame • Strengthen relationships that are healthy and nourishing.

Linda Graham, MFT, has been an ardent practitioner and facilitator of personal growth and self-transformation for more than 20 years. Author of numerous articles and the book Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, she integrates the paradigms and practices of modern neuroscience, Western relational psychology, and Eastern contemplative practices.

As a result, you will learn to make wise choices that lead to a truly authentic sense of self, meaningful work, and connection to your life’s purpose.

One of the most gratifying and important aspects of being an effective leader is coming up with creative, innovative ideas that are inspiring and successful. This program focuses on enhancing creativity and improving group dynamics by leveraging the power of play—music making, improvisational theater, and storytelling—in order to optimize your capacity to lead, collaborate, and navigate uncertainty. This hybrid method created by musician, executive coach, and experience designer Gary Muszynski uses rhythm and music to diagnose and harmonize group dynamics and collective intelligence. Musicians and non-musicians alike will discover uplifting and unique ways to cultivate a collaborative spirit and deeper engagement among groups.

Gary Muszynski, PhD, keynote speaker, consultant, and executive coach, is a pioneer in the application of music and the performing arts to leadership and innovation. In addition to having served many top Fortune 500 companies—including Genentech, Wells Fargo, Pixar, Cisco, Starbucks, and Disney—Gary has delivered programs for numerous prestigious institutions, including Apple University and Stanford Graduate School of Business.


JULY 9–14

The Agreement of Love: A Toltec Journey of SelfTransformation don Miguel Ruiz Jr and don Jose Ruiz Tuition $430 plus 5 nights

JULY 9–14

Sitting and Stretching: Chair Yoga and Positional Therapy for a Happier and Healthier Body Lakshmi Voelker and Brenda Yarnold Tuition $395 plus 5 nights

JULY 9–14

Enhance Your Brain and Body: Transform Your Life Sherri Baptiste and Brad Jacobs Tuition $350 plus 5 nights


The point of all personal transformational work is to enjoy life. There are many facets of our everyday experience that allow us to experience this joy, most important among them being our relationships. In his book The Mastery of Love, don Miguel Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs that undermine love and lead to suffering in our relationships. This week, his sons don Jose Ruiz and don Miguel Ruiz Jr share the Toltec wisdom tradition that gave shape to their father’s best-selling books. They will guide you in healing from emotional wounds and recovering the freedom and joy that are your birthright.

Want an alternative to drugs and surgery to relieve chronic pain? With the goal of empowering you with tools to manage your individual pain challenges, Lakshmi Voelker and Brenda Yarnold will teach you how to: • Recognize and correct muscular imbalances • Practice postures with a chair for strength, flexibility, and peace of mind • Easily follow next steps for continued pain relief. Lakshmi and Brenda are dedicated to sharing yoga’s amazing fitness and health potential with those who cannot benefit from traditional physical activities or who want healthy alternatives to relieve the effects of stress. After this enjoyable experiential workshop, you will head home with your pain already reduced and inspired to continue!

When we give our mind and body what they need for well-being, we enjoy longevity and a renewed zest for life! During this week with wellness expert Sherri Baptiste and integrative medical doctor Brad Jacobs, known as “Dr. Brad,” you will expand your fitness skills while immersing yourself in a retreat for body, mind, and spirit. Through daily yoga and exercise practice, hikes, eating well, and being in community, you will experience powerful tools for transformation. Whether you want to jump-start a healthier approach to life or refresh your usual routines, you will leave ready to rock and roll into the next chapter of your life!

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don Miguel Ruiz Jr is an internationally celebrated author and Toltec master of transformation. He combines the wisdom of his family’s traditions with knowledge gained from his own journey. He is author of books such as Living a Life of Awareness: Daily Meditations on the Toltec Path and hosts a weekly Internet radio show. don Jose Ruiz is the international best-selling author of The Fifth Agreement, written in partnership with his father Miguel Ruiz. A Toltec master of transformation and modern-day shaman, Jose has dedicated his life to sharing the ancient Toltec wisdom through his books, lectures, and guided journeys to sacred sites around the world.

Lakshmi Voelker, E-RYT 500, IAYT, YACEP, has more than 45 years of experience in the fitness industry, specializing in office, senior, and adaptive/disabled fitness. A pioneer in creating fun, customizable yoga and mindfulness sequences for a broad audience, she developed Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga™ in 1982 and has certified more than 1,400 teachers nationally and internationally. Brenda Yarnold, MA, E-RYT 200 is certified in Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga and is codirector of the organization. She has a background in functional anatomy and has always had a desire to help others, particularly those who may feel “out of place” in their bodies either because of illness, weight issues, age, or otherwise.

Sherri Baptiste, IYT, E-YRT 500, is an inspirational yoga teacher and fitness expert and the author of two books, including Yoga All-In-One for Dummies. Daughter of yoga pioneers Magaña and Walt Baptiste, and featured on several media outlets, she is founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga and offers classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. Brad Jacobs, MD, MPH, is an integrative medicine physician, educator, and author who focuses on helping people become their best selves. Senior author of The American College of Physicians Evidence-Based Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine, he has served as endowed professor and founding medical director for the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine programs.

Sierra Bender JULY 9–14

Goddesses Gone Wild™ Tuition $790 plus 5 nights

If ever there were a perfect time to leave behind technology and responsibilities, this is it! Join Sierra Bender for her empowering boot camp, spiritual awakening, and outdoor adventure where you lose yourself in the most powerful goddess of all—Mother Nature. Unplug, laugh, connect, and reset through this life-changing, high-spirited, fierce and wild, passionate and pampering, erotic and primal adventure of a lifetime. Morning hikes, live drumming and dancing, and daily fitness and yoga are some of the ways you will nourish your inner goddess.

Sierra Bender is the best-selling author of Goddess to the Core, an internationally renowned speaker and presenter, and creator of Boot Camp for Goddesses—a women’s fitness and empowerment event. She is also an award-winning nonprofit advocate and has been a leader in the female empowerment movement for more than 25 years.

You will revel in your depth and luminosity. Get ready to Goddess Up!®

JULY 9–14

Mindful Family Camp Retreat Elisha Goldstein and Stefanie Goldstein Tuition $435 plus 5 nights

JULY 9–14

Transform Your Health: Write to Heal John Evans Tuition $415 plus 5 nights

Give yourself the gift of a unique family getaway that creates connections and memories you can cherish for years. In this retreat, you will enjoy daily yoga and mindfulness meditation as well as fun activities such as hiking, a beach trip, cooking, arts and crafts, games, and plenty of free to time to rest and relax in the beautiful surroundings. This is a special opportunity with Elisha and Stefanie Goldstein—clinical psychologists, internationally renowned mindfulness teachers, and parents to three boys— to connect with your family through an adventure-filled mindfulness and yoga retreat for families with children ages 8–18.

Writing can help transform physical, mental, and spiritual health. Research shows that expressive writing has powerful benefits, including decreasing heart rate and blood pressure and strengthening the immune system. This workshop is for everyone with a desire to heal. You don’t need to have prior writing experience—or any aspiration to become a writer. John Evans will coach you through a progression of exercises that cultivate your natural and easy ability to express the ideas that define who you are and how you experience your life. They will guide you toward health and healing as you write forward into your best possible life.

Elisha Goldstein, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, cofounder of the Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles, author, and speaker. He designed the breakthrough program Mindfulness at Work for eMindful. com, which has been recognized by the National Business Group on Health for its success with stress management. He is also codeveloper of CALM: Connecting Adolescents to Learning Mindfulness. Stefanie Goldstein, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, director and cofounder of the Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles, and cocreator of the widely popular teen program CALM: Connecting Adolescents to Learning Mindfulness, featured on Good Morning America. She utilizes an integrative approach, drawing from psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and somatic psychology.

John Evans, MAT, MA, EdD, is a writing clinician and integrative health coach who has taught journaling and writing for selfdevelopment for more than 30 years. He is coathor, with James Pennebaker, of Expressive Writing: Words that Heal. The founder and executive director of Wellness & Writing Connections, John provides institutional life-course guidance programs. He has taught courses on legacy writing and writing and health at Duke Integrative Medicine.

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Make yourself at home. Enjoy a comfortable place to settle in and rest at the end of the day.

The 1440 experience.


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JULY 9–14

Transformational Leadership for Educators Mark Wilding And Vivian Elliot Tuition $650 plus 5 nights

JULY 9–14

Art, Buddhism, and Meditation: Buddha Drawing and Painting in the Tibetan Thangka Tradition Carmen Mensink Tuition $430 plus 5 nights

Every school is a complex and dynamic system that requires highly skilled leadership to both manage and transform. Educational leaders need innovative strategies, cutting edge tools, and knowledgeable support to help schools grow into safe and effective learning environments for young people and the adults who educate them. This program provides those strategies, tools, and support. Transformational leadership starts from the inside out and shows up throughout the day in all the leader’s interactions. This week, immerse yourself in an approach to leadership that emphasizes relationship, builds trust, brings clarity and compassion, and balances empathy with decisiveness.

This week, join Carmen Mensink, internationally sought after as a teacher and painter of thangkas in the Tibetan tradition, to gain a thorough understanding of the practice of Buddha Shakyamuni. The practice helps you purify negativities of body, speech, and mind, essential pursuits for progress on the spiritual path. You’ll learn through art sessions, slideshows, lectures, and meditations. This is a unique opportunity for everyone, including beginners with no drawing or painting experience, to dive into a revered, time-honored practice. Practitioners of Buddhism and novice meditators alike will discover how the practical element of drawing in this program is a meditation in itself and creates a lot of joy.

Mark Wilding is executive director of PassageWorks Institute and a member of the core faculty at the Institute. He is coauthor of The Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching, a book for K–12 educators. In addition to his duties as a director, Mark teaches courses and workshops, facilitates conferences and dialogues, and presents keynotes and lectures. Vivian Elliot, PhD, is a senior consultant with Learning Forward and with Elliott Service Systems, Inc. She provides professional development and leadership coaching to teachers, school administrators, and managers in organizations throughout the United States. Dr. Elliott is known in school districts, universities, and nonprofit organizations for skillful facilitation, excellent team leadership, and quality project management.

Carmen Mensick is an internationally renowned painter of thangkas, the traditional Tibetan scroll paintings of Buddhas and mandalas. She is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and teaches this beautiful art as well as Buddhist meditation and philosophy at museums, universities, and Buddhist centers throughout the world.

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Sally Kempton JULY 14–16

Love, Spirit, and You: Working with Difficult Emotions Tuition $325 plus 2 night

Join master teacher Sally Kempton and discover a radical and transformative yogic approach to working with your difficult emotions. Rather than staying stuck in painful and confusing emotional habits, you can learn to transmute that energy into a pathway toward personal transformation.

Sally Kempton, a former swami in a Vedic tradition, has been practicing and teaching for more than 40 years. Her teachings combine profound knowledge of the texts of yoga and Tantra with practical wisdom from contemporary psychology and integral thought. Sally is author of Meditation for the Love of It.

Experience transformative insight through lectures, question and answer sessions, deep meditation, contemplation, yoga, mantra, movement practice, drawing, and journaling. You will leave the workshop with tools to redirect energy into the nectar of spacious inner freedom and power.

JULY 14–16

Breaking Bad Habits: The Neuroscience and Psychology of Personal Transformation Elisha Goldstein Tuition $315 plus 2 nights

Uncover the seeds of happiness that are always within you. This weekend, Elisha Goldstein—psychologist and author of Uncovering Happiness—leads a transformative workshop in which you’ll learn: • The key elements that fuel the depression loop • How to utilize mindfulness to lay a foundation for the antidepressant brain • The critical nature of play for adults and how to rediscover its powers. With his unique ability to make complex concepts simple, Elisha will help you expand your understanding of mindfulness, and you will begin to nurture your key antidepressants—meaning, compassion, and purpose—to develop a deeper experience of resiliency and well-being.

Neha Sangwan JULY 14–16

Medicine for Empowered Communication: A Different Kind of Prescription Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

Communication skills are critical—and challenging— in all aspects of life. Do you say yes when you really mean no? Do you avoid conflict at all costs? Join medical doctor Neha Sangwan for an interactive weekend of practical tools that can transform your ability to communicate. You will learn to: • Listen to your body and interpret its signals in order to better manage stress • Engage your right-brain creativity to expand your perspective • Articulate your frustration and disappointment effectively • Make agreements that stick. You will be amazed by how quickly you can resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.


844.544.1440 |

Elisha Goldstein, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, cofounder of the Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles, author, and speaker. He designed the breakthrough program Mindfulness at Work for eMindful. com, which has been recognized by the National Business Group on Health for its success with stress management. He is also codeveloper of CALM: Connecting Adolescents to Learning Mindfulness.

Neha Sangwan, MD, is a physician-entrepreneur, international speaker, and corporate communication expert who combines the science of medicine with the art of communication. She is author of TalkRx: Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health, and Happiness and has worked with numerous organizations, including Google and the American Heart Association.

Mike Dooley JULY 14–16

Playing the Matrix: And Getting What You (Really) Want Tuition $415 plus 2 nights

Creating the life you want can be smooth and fun once you understand your role as cocreator with the universe. Join Mike Dooley for a program that helps you define your dreams in terms of your desired results in ways that allow the universe freedom to deliver your true heart’s desires as fast and harmoniously as possible. All of the basics of manifestation will be included, from visualization to thoughts becoming things! Even if your present dreams lack clarity, you will be shown what to do to be excited about life again.

Julia Cameron JULY 14–16

The Artist’s Way: Blasting Through Blocks Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

Two decades ago, Julia Cameron published The Artist’s Way, a groundbreaking course in discovering and recovering your creative self. This weekend, join us for this very special immersion with Julia Cameron to jump-start your creative process—or deepen your existing process as an artist. Through a combination of experiential exercises, lecture, question and answer sessions, and readings, you will experience an intensive, guided encounter with your own creativity—your private villains, champions, wishes, fears, dreams, hopes, and triumphs. As Julia says, “The experience will make you excited, depressed, angry, afraid, joyous, hopeful, and, ultimately, more free.”

Mike Dooley is an internationally sought-after speaker, and entrepreneur. A former PricewaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant, today Mike is best known for his free Notes from the Universe e-mailings, social network postings, and his New York Times best sellers Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe.

Julia Cameron is an award-winning poet, playwright, and filmmaker with more than 35 published books, including her best-selling The Artist’s Way. A master of guiding others through the mysterious terrain of the creative process, she is credited with founding a new movement, enabling millions to realize their creative dreams.

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JULY 16–21

Breath, Body, Mind Teacher Training, Level 1 Richard P. Brown and Patricia Gerbarg Tuition $625 plus 5 nights

Train in one of the most effective approaches available for addressing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the emotional impact caused by traumatic events. Developed by medical doctors Richard P. Brown and Patricia Gerbarg, Breath, Body, Mind integrates ancient and modern trauma-sensitive techniques to rapidly balance stress-response systems. Breath, Body, Mind has been used with proven benefits for health-care professionals, patients, military veterans, and survivors of mass disasters, including the Asia tsunami, 9/11, the Gulf oil spill, the Rwanda genocide, and slavery in Sudan. Dive deep into learning and practice in this engaging training and gain tools to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

JULY 16–21

Living the Awakened Life: Becoming Your Best Self from the Inside Out Marilyn Schlitz and Wendy Baron Tuition $390 plus 5 nights

JULY 16–21

On Being Stuck: Tapping into the Creative Power of Writer’s Block Laraine Herring Tuition $360 plus 5 nights


Although many of us hear the call of our inner desires and dreams, it is often difficult to find the path forward to our own awakening. Come join others on the important journey from surviving to thriving and let your true self shine. This experiential, evidenced-based workshop is led by two master teachers with the expertise to take you into the most contemporary knowledge about the science of transformation, social and emotional intelligence, and integral healing. In an atmosphere of safety, you will gain the capacities to navigate the complexities of life and stay the course toward the life you imagine.

What if your writer’s block is your greatest teacher? Are you haunted by what you are not writing? Do you struggle to sculpt the time required to practice your craft? Would you rather have written than write? Our creative blocks hold messages for us, and by paying attention to those blocks and inquiring into their hidden gifts, we can unleash their creative power. Using deep inquiry, movement—and the occasional monkey puppet—you will practice moving into your stuck places so you can see the purpose of all parts of the creative process, not only the production stage.

844.544.1440 |

Richard P. Brown, MD, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, completed his medical degree at Columbia University with a psychiatry residency and fellowship in psychobiology and psychopharmacology at Cornell University Medical College. He specializes in integrative psychiatry and is coauthor of the award-winning book Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD: New Options for Kids, Adults, and Clinicians. Patricia Gerbarg, MD, is assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Gerbarg practices integrative psychiatry, combining standard and complementary treatments. She researches mind-body practices for anxiety, depression, veterans, mass disaster survivors, and stress-related medical conditions.

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, is a social anthropologist, researcher, award-winning writer, and charismatic public speaker. She has written several books, including Consciousness and Healing and Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life. For more than three decades, Marilyn has been a leader in the field of consciousness studies. Wendy Baron, MA, is a teacher, author, researcher, coach, and master facilitator. She is cofounder of the New Teacher Center, a premier coaching organization, where she serves as chief officer of social and emotional learning. Wendy is author of several articles and book chapters, and has produced numerous videos related to new-teacher development.

Laraine Herring, MFA, MA, is an award-winning author and teacher and director of the creative writing program at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona. With an MFA in creative writing and an MA in counseling psychology as well as a 25-year foundation of teaching writing and a 20-year yoga practice, she merges mind and body to help people create dynamic stories.

JULY 16–21

SHE Retreat: A Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power Sara Avant Stover Tuition $395 plus 5 nights

Calling all women who do too much! Do you long to reconnect with yourself and what matters most? This restorative retreat offers you the quiet, reflection, and sacred sisterhood you need to come home to yourself. You will learn: • Yoga and meditation to access self-compassion and inner peace • Tools for navigating life transitions with grace • Insightful and evocative journaling prompts to evoke your inner teacher.

Sara Avant Stover is a teacher of feminine spirituality and empowerment. Featured throughout the media, she is founder of The Way of the Happy Woman® and bestselling author of The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life and The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power.

The pace of your life can make it hard for you to remember that your true nature is joy. Sara will bring you back to that truth within a supportive circle of like-minded women.

JULY 16–21

Core Integration Immersion Jill Miller Tuition $530 plus 5 nights

Gain an in-depth understanding of your power center and access the physical, mental, and emotional strength and flexibility it holds. Using Jill’s innovative Yoga Tune Up® techniques, you will strengthen, stretch, and restore every myofascial fiber while you: • Learn accessible pranayama (breathing) techniques to access latent power • Practice pain-erasing self-massage with Roll Model® therapy balls • Learn how to apply core work to your personal practice or movement routine.

Jill Miller is cofounder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and creator of the corrective exercise formats Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® method. With nearly 30 years of study in anatomy and movement, Jill is a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, athletics, and pain management.

Jill provides in-depth knowledge of the body’s physical structure and guides you in exercises to address emotional blocks that can obscure core work to give you confidence in working with your center and helping others do the same.

JULY 16–21

The Soul Radiance Retreat Sarah McLean Tuition $385 plus 5 nights

Everyone needs a little time to unplug from their hectic lives now and again. The Soul Radiance Retreat is the ideal solution—a meditation retreat vacation with Hay House author Sarah McLean. Come open the door to your inner radiance. You will sink deep into powerful contemplative practices (including guided meditation and yoga) that invite you to explore your true nature and rediscover your zest for life. You will learn: • The eight spiritual “must-haves” that will transform everything • Five essentials for success in meditative practice • To reconnect with your heart’s desires through self-inquiry practices—your personal keys to peace, fulfillment, and creativity.

Sarah McLean, an inspiring teacher of meditation and mindfulness, is the best-selling author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation and founder of the McLean Meditation Institute (MMI) in Sedona, Arizona. She has been interviewed on national television and featured in a variety of national newspapers and award-winning movies.

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JULY 16–21

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa The Radiant Power of Women: Embodying a Daily Spiritual Practice

Tuition $615 plus 5 nights A woman’s inner vitality is manifested as her radiant grace, self-love, courage, surrender, and joy. Experience the wisdom and transformative power of the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. In this immersion, you will embark on a journey of self-love and experience a sense of vibrant health and well-being. You will rise early to be fed by the ambrosia of practice, followed by delicious, healthful meals in the loving company of new and old friends. Throughout the day, you will meditate, chant, and dance. You will return home restored and renewed as your radiant self. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa is cofounder of Golden Bridge, the premier center for the study and practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. For more than four decades, students in Los Angeles, California, and around the world have sought out her classes in Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and prenatal and postnatal yoga.


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JULY 16–21, 2017

The Art of Seeing: Creating Neuroplasticity for Health Sam Berne Tuition $415 plus 5 nights

Do you know that your eyes and visual patterns are interconnected with your overall health? Neuroscience shows that the eye pathway has a direct influence on brain function, the endocrine system, and the nervous system. This weekend, Dr. Sam Berne—a pioneer in vision science, integrative health, and subtle energy therapies—will give you the tools you need to improve your vision and support your eyes. Dr. Berne’s gentle and humorous approach creates a safe, trusting environment where you will learn to take care of your eyes, the sense organs that communicate directly with your whole self.

Elaine N. Aron JULY 21–23

A Weekend for Highly Sensitive People: Appreciating Your Hidden Advantage Tuition $340 plus 2 nights

Do you have a keen imagination, rich inner life, and vivid dreams? Is time alone each day essential? Do others call you shy or sensitive? Are you interested in your spiritual side? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). It is a valuable trait, and there are drawbacks. During this rare opportunity with HSP pioneer Elaine N. Aron, you will learn how to use your strengths, what to look for in a career, how to cope with overstimulation, and much more in an environment designed to support HSPs.

Sam Berne, OD, is a pioneer in vision science, integrative health, and subtle-energy therapies. A leader in the fields of behavioral/neurodevelopmental optometry and vision therapy for more than 30 years, Dr. Berne is internationally renowned as a researcher, facilitator, and teacher. He uses the eyes as an entry point for improving vision and transforming overall health.

Elaine N. Aron, PhD, is a clinical and research psychologist, author, and pioneer in the field of high sensitivity. She has published five books, including The Highly Sensitive Person, which has been translated into more than 17 languages. She also created The Highly Sensitive Person’s Workbook and shares her research-based resources for highly sensitive people and clinicians.

This program also provides insight and tools for clinicians who work with HSPs.

JULY 21–23

Natural Treatments for ADHD: Emotional Regulation and Learning with Breath, Body, Mind Richard P. Brown and Patricia Gerbarg Tuition $365 plus 2 nights

Are you looking to make a difference in the lives of people with ADHD, including youth in grades K–12, military families, hospitalized children, and disaster survivors? Join two of the leading experts in the field for this experiential and didactic workshop to learn: • Evidenced-based, non-drug treatments for ADHD, including herbs, nutrients, and mind-body practices • Scientific evidence that supports the use of specific breath practices in alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD • How to introduce neurofeedback and mild brain stimulation treatments. Take home a tool kit of proven practices to create a compassionate environment and relieve behavioral, social, and emotional disorders for people with ADHD.

Richard P. Brown, MD, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, completed his medical degree at Columbia University with a psychiatry residency and fellowship in psychobiology and psychopharmacology at Cornell University Medical College. He specializes in integrative psychiatry and is coauthor of the award-winning book Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD: New Options for Kids, Adults, and Clinicians. Patricia Gerbarg, MD, is assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Gerbarg practices integrative psychiatry, combining standard and complementary treatments. She researches mind-body practices for anxiety, depression, veterans, mass disasters survivors, and stress-related medical conditions.

844.544.1440 |


JULY 21–23

The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression Alex Korb Tuition $300 plus 2 nights

Depression can feel like a downward spiral, pulling you into a vortex of sadness, fatigue, and apathy. In his book The Upward Spiral, neuroscientist Alex Korb demystifies the intricate brain processes that cause depression and offers a practical and effective approach to getting better. In this immersive weekend, you will experience the effects of several practices backed by neuroscience for rewiring your brain and creating an upward spiral toward a happier, healthier life. Whether you suffer from depression or just want a better understanding of the brain, this weekend offers an engaging look at the neuroscience behind our emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Noah Levine JULY 21–23

The Buddhist Path to Freedom: Breaking the Addiction to the Mind Tuition $300 plus 2 nights

JULY 23–28

Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Level 1 Jane Austin Tuition $895 plus 5 nights

True spiritual practice is an engagement with life that goes against the stream of the confusion of this world—and is therefore an act of rebellion. Join Noah Levine, renowned author of Dharma Punx, for an insight meditation retreat that draws on the teachings and practices of early Buddhism.

Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx, Against The Stream, The Heart of the Revolution, and Refuge Recovery, is a Buddhist teacher and counselor. He is creator of Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist approach to addiction recovery, and is founding teacher of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, with affiliated groups across North America.

During this largely silent retreat, we will begin to see addictions and attachments as cravings in the mind and body. Each day will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks, interviews, and some group process. You will return home with tools for more ease and freedom in your life.

Becoming a mother is a precious time, filled with many questions and expectations. This week explore yoga as a tool to help others prepare for childbirth and the challenges of motherhood. You will learn: • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy • Effects of pregnancy on the body • Psychology of pregnancy and birth • How to sequence a prenatal and postnatal class • Postures to relieve common discomforts • Which poses to avoid • Appropriate breath work practices • Yoga for labor • Mom and baby yoga. In addition to the modified postures and special sequences that you will be able to teach, you will leave this training with a greater understanding of the latest trends in the field.


Alex Korb, PhD, is a postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience at UCLA and works as a scientific consultant. He is developing therapeutic focused ultrasound neuromodulation for treatment of mental and neurological disorders. He is the author of The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression.

844.544.1440 |

Jane Austin has worked with mothers for more than two decades as a yoga teacher, midwife, doula (labor assistant), and childbirth educator. She is founder and director of Mama Tree, a Yoga Alliance– registered school dedicated to training yoga teachers, birth professionals, and other health professionals interested in teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga.

JULY 23–28

One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the 12 Steps Kevin Griffin Tuition $350 plus 5 nights

The Buddha said craving is the cause of suffering. Twelve-step programs work with the deepest forms of craving: addictions. If the common denominator is to address craving, how can these traditions work together? For those who are in a 12-step program, guide 12-step programs, or want to learn how to live a happier life, come discover: • How to cultivate positive mind states and renew your connection to joy • Buddhist teachings that explore 12-step themes • The support that mindfulness practices lend to your life and the recovery process.

Kevin Griffin, cofounder of the Buddhist Recovery Network, is a leader in the mindful recovery movement. He has taught meditation in Buddhist centers, treatment centers, and academic settings, as well as at professional conferences, for nearly two decades. He is author of several books, including One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps.

You will leave with a mindfulness practice that positively transforms your daily life.

Lucia Horan and Noah Levine JULY 23–28

Heart to Heart: Buddhist Heart Practice and 5Rhythms® Heartbeat Map Tuition $435 plus 5 nights

JULY 23–28

Yoga and Your Unique Physiology: Expand Your Possibilities Alexandria Crow Tuition $385 plus 5 nights

The spontaneous heart is one that knows how to love and be loved. This workshop is an invitation to explore how the body is shaped by emotions and gain skill in tracking when the heart is open and when it is closed. Through the integration of the stillness of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with the moving meditations of the 5Rhythms, you will learn how to experience and express emotion in naturally healthy, creative ways. The polarities of movement and stillness mirror the larger dance of life. Come open your heart to a life of deep peace, well-being, and balance.

Each person’s body is completely unique. Our focus will be making intelligent decisions based on what is needed, not what is wanted, diving into explorations of: • Anatomy and basic body mechanics, especially the function of the joints • The biomechanical dance of the hips and the spine—arm balances, backbends, and seated hip openers • The partnership of the shoulders and spine— exploring backbends and inversions.

Lucia Horan was born into the family of the 5Rhythms®, the transformational movement process created by pioneer Gabrielle Roth, and was raised in the Esalen Institute community in Big Sur, California. Having danced with Gabrielle since she was born, Lucia became certified to teach 5Rhythms in 1998 and is now an internationally renowned faculty member of 5Rhythms Global. Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx, is a Buddhist teacher, author, and counselor. He is creator of Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist approach to addiction recovery, and is founding teacher of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, with affiliated groups across North America.

Alexandria Crow is a Los Angeles– based yoga teacher, a teacher trainer, and the founder of Yoga Physics, a scientific approach to teaching yoga that focuses on the interaction between the body in asana practice and its energetic union with consciousness. Her approach stems from her belief that the practice is for everyone.

Yoga students will get empowered, and yoga teachers will expand their skills in offering effective sequences that take students to the edge of what’s possible in the moment and allow them to wisely manage their own decisions.

844.544.1440 |


Jean Haner JULY 23–28

Clear Home, Clear Heart! Learn to Clear the Energy of People and Places Tuition $630 plus 5 nights

JULY 23–28

Mindfulness and Meditation for a Multitasking Generation Susan Kaiser Greenland Tuition $370 plus 5 nights

JULY 23–28

Presence, Purpose, Passion, Power: An Intensive to Reclaim Your Life Raphael Cushnir Tuition $450 plus 5 nights

JULY 28–30

Changes and Transitions: Finding Balance in the Midst of Chaos Phillip Moffitt Tuition $375 plus 2 nights


Energy clearing is a gentle yet powerful way to release old, limiting patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that can keep you stuck in life. Discover how to clear yourself and other people in order to reclaim your spirit and reconnect to your sacred purpose. Based on Jean Haner’s latest book, Clear Home, Clear Heart, the elegant approach to energy work taught this week draws from her 30 years of study and experience and will empower you for life. You will also receive clearings, emerge refreshed, and be able to use these practices for the rest of your life.

Mindfulness and meditation develop six essential life skills that children need: quieting, focusing, seeing, reframing, caring, and connecting. This week, parents and professionals will learn how to engage children in developing these skills—while having fun! Susan Kaiser Greenland’s mindful games helps children better regulate their emotions and respond to any situation calmly, with kindness and compassion. Highly experiential, this workshop includes demonstrations of lessons, practice periods, teaching techniques, and group facilitation. There will also be plenty of lively discussion and opportunities to ask questions and meet like-minded parents and professionals.

There is a world waiting for you beyond your wildest dreams. It will not come from what you achieve or earn. What is required, instead, is that you begin to embrace what you have been trying to escape. Inside your body is an emotional reservoir created by the wounds and traumas that have beset you. Letting that dam break, safely and gently, is how true healing happens. This week includes movement, self-reflection, and partner work, all inviting you to become present like never before. Lit up and heart-centered, you will become truly unstoppable in pursuing what comes next for you in your life.

Throughout life you are faced with making choices about how you want your life to be—and these choices all involve making changes. And all change is fraught with concerns, fears, and questions: How do I know if this change will make me happy? Is it meaningful? How do I know if I’m making the right decisions? How can I stay true to myself during this transition? Who am I anyway? As a result of engaged inquiry, you will return home with lifelong skills for determining when it is time for change and how to move forward in a way that is supportive and in alignment with your highest vision.

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Jean Haner, a Hay House author, is a natural empath, able to work with subtle energy. Through 30 years of study, research, and experience worldwide, she transformed her sensitivity into the power to clear and bring balance to the energy of people and places. Her latest book is Clear Home, Clear Heart.

Susan Kaiser Greenland is a former corporate attorney who developed the Inner Kids mindful awareness program. Author of The Mindful Child, she speaks widely at prestigious institutions in the United States and abroad. Susan was coinvestigator on a large UCLA research study on the impact of mindfulness in education and named a champion of children by First 5 LA.

Raphael Cushnir is a leading voice in the world of emotional connection and present-moment awareness. He is author of six books, including The One Thing Holding You Back: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Connection. His first book, Unconditional Bliss: Finding Happiness in the Face of Hardship, was nominated for the Books for a Better Life Award.

Phillip Moffitt occupies a unique position in the world of mindful living and leadership as former chief executive and editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine. With the astute business acumen honed as a media entrepreneur and the wisdom cultivated during 30 years as a vipassana meditation practitioner and teacher, Phillip brings unparalleled insights and strategic vision to those seeking to lead authentic, purposeful lives.

JULY 28–30

Level 1 Clinical Training, Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Bridging the Couple Chasm John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman Tuition $450 plus 2 nights Learn new skills for helping struggling couples heal their relationships, learn to manage conflict, and deepen intimacy. Combining the knowledge and wisdom of nearly 40 years of studies and clinical practice, Gottman Method Couples Therapy helps couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection, and intimacy in their relationship. The strategies are based upon empirical data from the study of more than three thousand couples, showing what actually works to help them achieve a long-term healthy relationship and help you expand your tool kit to offer them the support they need.

John Gottman, PhD, is worldrenowned for his work on marital stability and divorce prediction and has conducted more than 40 years of breakthrough research with thousands of couples. He is cofounder of the Gottman Institute and author of several books including, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Julie Schwartz Gottman, PhD, is a psychotherapist, author, and cofounder of the Gottman Institute. Internationally sought after as an expert on marriage, parenting issues, domestic violence, gay and lesbian adoption, same-sex marriage, and more, she is author of Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage.


JULY 28–30

Reboot and Recharge: Achieving Optimal Health in Our Modern World Ronesh Sinha and Prerna Uppal Tuition $375 plus 2 nights

Are you a busy individual with personal and professional responsibilities that don’t allow time for self-care? If so, this program is for you. Medical doctor Ronesh Sinha and registered dietician Prerna Uppal specialize in providing a deep understanding of individualized health and teach you how to gently incorporate easily attainable goals to help you move toward optimal well-being. The approach combines cutting-edge evidence-based medicine and nutrition science with time-tested practices from around the world to provide everyone with culturally tailored lifestyle advice. You will take home skills for improving your health in ways that are specifically tailored for a busy lifestyle. This program presented in partnership with:


Biohacking Your Brain and Body: Making Your Ancestral Genes Thrive in the Modern World Max Lugavere and Paul Grewal Tuition $440 plus 5 nights


Primal Yoga® Immersion: Yoga, Martial Arts, and the Chinese Five Elements Liz Arch Tuition $450 plus 5 nights


Guess what? Your age is a lie. What you experience as the passage of chronological time is not the same as your biological age. Join Max Lugavere and medical doctor Paul Grewal to understand the difference between the two and gain a full picture of how diet and lifestyle affect brain health, metabolism, and aging. The week includes various types of exercise, a custom-selected brain-optimizing meal selection, information about ancestral ways of living and the modern lifestyle, and much more. You will leave with a firm grasp on what you need to do to live a brain-optimal lifestyle and take control over your cognitive destiny.

Experience Primal Yoga, a fluid and thoughtfully sequenced style that combines movement and breath to cultivate the flow of qi and pranic energy throughout the body. Seamlessly blending yoga with slow flowing movements inspired by tai chi, qigong, and kung fu, Primal Yoga becomes a harmonious dance that creates balance, strength, and synergy in our physical and emotional bodies. With an emphasis on breath, fluidity, and alignment-based sequencing, Primal Yoga taps into your body’s innate wisdom to unlock the healing potential within, fostering integrated alignment and balance. You will leave energized, uplifted, and inspired, with practices to continue at home.

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Ronesh Sinha, MD, is author of The South Asian Health Solution, and senior medical director for employer wellness, strategy, and product development at Sutter Health’s Palo Alto Medical Foundation. His groundbreaking work in reversing diabetes earned him Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2013 Excellence in Healthcare award. Prerna Uppal, MS, RD, CDE, is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who practices at the Los Altos clinic of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. She has more than 20 years of experience at various medical institutions, including Stanford University Hospital.

Max Lugavere is sought after as a cognitive optimization and brain health expert. Motivated by his mom’s early memory loss, he spent the past 5 years interviewing the world’s top scientists and reviewing the primary literature in order to understand what science has to offer in addressing cognitive issues. Paul Grewal, MD, is a primary-care concierge physician who focuses on exercise physiology and body composition. He realized that he didn’t know how to fix his metabolism when he was more than 100 pounds overweight and set out to understand everything he wasn’t taught in medical school about weight loss and metabolism.

Liz Arch, named one of the “100 Women to Watch in Wellness” by MindBodyGreen, is creator of Primal Yoga®, a dynamic yoga and martial arts fusion merging vinyasa yoga with the artistry of kung fu and the grace of tai chi. She leads trainings worldwide and has trained celebrities, musicians, and Olympic athletes.


Qoya: Wild, Wise, and Free Rochelle Schieck Tuition $370 plus 5 nights


Reclaim Your Life Vision: Align with Your True Desires and Jump! Nancy Levin Tuition $435 plus 5 nights

Through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild, and free. This is the basis of Qoya. This week, we call on the wisdom of yoga; embody the wild, creative expression in dance; and expand with freedom into your capacity to enjoy being in your body. Tap into your inner wisdom in ways that are profound, heart-opening, and liberating. You will return to your home community deeply rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of purpose and place, as well as a rich new collection of tools to remember your essence as wise, wild, and free.

Do you yearn to know your value? Is your soul longing to be free so you can live in alignment with your truth? Are you ready to make your desires the priority? Change begins with making one different choice in the present. This week you will learn to: • Harness the strength and confidence to make dramatic shifts that will improve your life • Take back your power—financial and otherwise—and watch amazing things start to happen • Live in alignment with your truth and deep-seated passion.

Rochelle Schieck is founder of Qoya, a movement experience based on the idea that through movement we remember our essence is wise, wild, and free. Rochelle has trained hundreds of Qoya teachers, led more than 4,000 movement classes, and taken women on retreat to six different continents in the most sacred places on earth.

Nancy Levin, MFA, is a master integrative coach and the bestselling author of Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth and Jump … And Your Life Will Appear: An Inch-by-Inch Guide to Making a Major Change. She hosts her own weekly call-in show, Jump Start Your Life, on Hay House Radio.

It is time to reap the rewards of the unforeseeable gifts and opportunities that await you.


The Healing, Sustainable Power of Compassion Training for Professional Caregivers John Makransky and Brooke D. Lavelle Tuition $375 plus 5 nights

As professional caregivers we are called to extend care, and yet we have not been taught methods for giving care in a sustainable way. This workshop in Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) provides caregivers a way to be with and transform the suffering you encounter. You will learn: • Self-healing ways to experience difficult feelings that are triggered by others’ suffering • The theory and practice of cultivating sustainable care and compassion • To make compassion replenishing for you rather than a practice that leads to overwhelm. Access a sustaining power source of unconditional care within and return home with strong compassionate skills to support you in an ongoing way.

John Makransky, PhD, is associate professor of Buddhism and comparative theology at Boston College, senior advisor for Kathmandu University’s Centre for Buddhist Studies in Nepal, and president of the Society of Buddhist-Christian studies. He is the developer of the Sustainable Compassion Training model. Brooke D. Lavelle, PhD, is the cofounder and president of the Courage of Care Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Sustainable Compassion Training programs and support for individuals and communities. She has taught yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs for a variety of clinical populations.

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Rethink your expectations of what it means to “see.” Revitalize your imagery by exploring relationships between subject, camera, and self. Redefine what is essential about your approach to creative expression.

Zen and the Art of Photography Douglas Beasley

In this workshop with internationally renowned photographer Douglas Beasley, you will work on cultivating simplicity and making more powerful photographs, supporting the notion that a photograph is not “taken” but “made.”

Tuition $450 plus 5 nights

Douglas Beasley is the founder and director of Vision Quest Photo Workshops and teaches photography classes at art and cultural centers throughout the world. With his extensive teaching experience, Douglas emphasizes personal expression, transformation, and creative vision over product and the mechanics of camera use, helping each student find their own voice.

You will also become sensitive to choices of lighting, composition, depth of field, and exposure issues and benefit from practical advice you can take into your ongoing photo making long after the workshop.


In Touch: Experiencing Ourselves from Within John J. Prendergast Tuition $375 plus 5 nights


The Mindful Educator: Mission Be’s Mindfulness Training for Teachers (K–5) Carin Winter Tuition $350 plus 5 nights


Embark on a unique 5-day journey of inner experience and knowing with pioneering psychotherapist and author of In Touch, John J. Pendergrast. Our bodies have a natural sense of intimacy and authenticity particularly as they are freed from the conditioning veils of our limiting beliefs, reactive feelings, and somatic contractions. As these veils are seen and felt, we grow in our self-trust, inner authority, and genuine intimacy with the whole of life.

John J. Prendergast, PhD, is author of In Touch: How to Tune in to Your Body and Trust Yourself and senior editor of The Sacred Mirror and Listening from the Heart of Silence. He is a retired adjunct professor of psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies as well as a psychotherapist in private practice.

In this retreat, we will explore how to be more deeply in touch with ourselves through the felt-sense of the holistic intelligence of the body.

Immerse yourself in community amidst a stunning natural setting as part of this training in Mission Be’s 12-Week Mindfulness Program, specifically designed for educators to bring into the K–5 classroom. Through discussion, creative activities, walks in nature, and more, you will learn: • 12 solid weekly lessons to deliver to students • Daily classroom practices to use throughout the school year • Personal practice for your own development and overall well-being so you can teach from what you know. You will leave with the skills, lessons, and confidence to transform your classroom with mindfulness for the benefit of your students and those whose lives they touch.

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Carin Winter, LMSW, is CEO and founder of Mission Be, Mindful Education and has successfully brought mindfulness into 46 schools across the United States, impacting more than 47,000 students in the first two years. She has been studying the work of mindfulness for over 20 years and is a talented meditation teacher, gifted speaker, and visionary.

Practice and revitalize. Weave a meditation, yoga, or movement class into your day.

The 1440 experience.


John Holland, David Kessler, and Paul Denniston AUGUST 4–6

From Grieving to Believing: Releasing the Pain, Remembering Love Tuition $375 plus 2 nights

Are you yearning to hear from a loved one who has died? Do you suffer from any regret or guilt of things said or unsaid? Do you long to experience that soul connection again? This weekend is a time to discover new techniques to deal with the pain of grief on a deep soul level, connecting mind, body, and spirit. This workshop brings together three experts in their fields, John Holland, David Kessler, and Paul Denniston, who together will provide new skills to support the soul’s healing process and by doing so, deepening your awareness.


Vinyasa Yoga with Jessamyn: Create a Body-Positive Home Practice Jessamyn Stanley Tuition $375 plus 2 nights

David Kessler is one of the world’s foremost experts on healing and loss. His experience with thousands of people on the edge of life and death has taught him the secrets to living a happy and fulfilled life. He is the author of five best-selling books, including You Can Heal Your Heart with Louise Hay. Paul Denniston, RYT 500, uses grief as fuel for healing, combining many forms of yoga to help release sadness and anger and bring people to greater peace and happiness. Through concentrated gentle stretches, he helps people investigate where pain resides in the mind and body, embrace it, and let it go.

Become more adventurous about creating your personal yoga practice! This workshop is fundamentally about body love and body positivity, with a focus on empowering new yoga practitioners. Learn to create your own enjoyable at-home yoga practice with confidence and ease. Jessamyn will give hands-on adjustments, consultations, and advice, and you will have the opportunity to share body-related fears, vulnerabilities, and concerns during group sessions. The weekend will end with a class-curated yoga flow, with every student contributing a segment to the sequencing. You will return home with the skills to redesign your robust personal practice again and again.

Lead now. Engage at the cutting edge of skillfullness in the emergent leadership paradigm of our time.


The Competitive Advantage of Mindfulness and Compassion in Business Parneet Pal and Rich Fernandez See full description on page 99.


John Holland, author of the best-selling Spirit Whisperer, is one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers on the world stage. Host of the weekly Hay House Radio show, Spirit Connections, he has helped thousands of people reconnect with beloved family members and friends who have died.

844.544.1440 |

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher, bodypositivity advocate, and writer who teaches high-energy vinyasa flow as a way to overcome mental and emotional barriers. She provides a body-positive approach to yoga, which celebrates students’ bodies and encourages them to ask, “How do I feel?” rather than, “How do I look?”

Bruce H. Lipton AUGUST 4–6

The New Biology: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth Tuition $375 plus 2 nights

The frontiers of science are rewriting the story that will shape the future of human civilization. Join internationally renowned cell biologist Bruce Lipton for a fast-paced journey from the microcosm of the cell to the macrocosm of the mind and learn: • How our environment, thoughts, and emotions control the character and genetics of every cell in our bodies • How our beliefs about the natural world and human nature influence our individual lives as well as the broader culture • How to reprogram deeply ingrained patterns to live the life you want.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, is bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, and The Honeymoon Effect and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award. He is also a world-renowned expert in the emerging science of epigenetics—the study of cellular and physiological traits that are not caused by changes in DNA sequence.

These understandings are foundational for creating transformational self-empowerment and becoming the master of your destiny.


Open Heart, Open Perceptions: Toltec Wisdom for Cultivating Presence, Compassion, and Creative Play HeatherAsh Amara Tuition $285 plus 2 nights


Remembering Our Hearts: Discovering Natural Ease, Clarity, and Warmth Tim Olmsted Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

Radical change is sweeping through our lives, our society, and our planet. Rather than responding with fear to what feels beyond our control, it’s time to celebrate the emergence of a new way of being and to learn: • Techniques from the ancient sages of the Toltecs for opening your heart and intuition • To work with the underlying energetic patterns that either create struggle or foster ease • How to embrace the creative courage of a warrior of love and beauty.

HeatherAsh Amara is a teacher, guide, and best-selling author of the books Warrior Goddess Training, Warrior Goddess Training Companion Book, The Toltec Path of Transformation, and The Warrior Goddess Way. She is dedicated to inspiring depth, creativity, and joy by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of world traditions.

After this creatively experiential workshop, you will leave empowered to express and experience your inspired vision of life.

What is the essential message of the Buddha and wisdom teachers of the ages? That the very qualities we yearn for and work to develop in ourselves are immediately present as the essence of our being. In other words, the path of awakening doesn’t demand that we change who we are but simply recognize our abiding nature. In this retreat, Tim Olmsted guides us through the full arc of this journey, from the settling of our minds through meditation, to the fruition of the path as a deep appreciation of our life, the world we live in, and the people we meet—even the most difficult ones.

Former director of Gampo Abbey, Tim Olmsted has been studying Buddhism for more than 35 years. He met his first teacher, the late Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in 1977 and in 1981 moved to Nepal with his family, where he stayed for 12 years to study Buddhism and work as a psychotherapist serving the international community.

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A TM Homecoming: Exploring the Legacy of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Transcendental Meditation Philip Goldberg and Dana Sawyer, with Tulsi Bagnoli

As someone trained in Transcendental Meditation™ as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, you are part of a unique network with a shared foundation of practice. This week, you can come together with fellow meditators and TM teachers to deepen your experience and reflect on the history of Maharishi’s work and the nuances of his teachings. Structured like a traditional TM residence course, though not an official TM program, there will be morning and afternoon “rounding” (cycles of asanas, pranayama, and meditation), plus presentations, discussions, and audios. Bring an open heart and a curious mind to this special gathering of the TM tribe.

Tuition $440 plus 5 nights

Philip Goldberg is an author, public speaker, and ordained interfaith minister who has been studying India’s spiritual traditions for nearly 50 years, with a particular emphasis on Hinduism, Vedanta, and yoga. Trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a Transcendental Meditation teacher in 1970, Philip helped establish Maharishi International University in the 1970s. Dana Sawyer is a professor of religion and philosophy and author of two acclaimed spiritual biographies, of Aldous Huxley and of Huston Smith. In 1975 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi made him a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. He has written numerous articles on a range of topics related to Hinduism, Buddhism, consciousness expansion, and mysticism. Tulsi Bagnoli is a fourth-generation meditator whose initiation into yoga and meditation came from her parents, who were teachers of Transcendental Meditation (TM). From the age of four, she would sit with her parents for sadhana (practice). At 20, she became a TM and hatha yoga teacher and continues to practice and teach.


Empowerment, Resilience, and Self-Care for Nurses and Teachers Susan Bauer-Wu and Patricia Jennings Tuition $460 plus 5 nights


As caring professionals, nurses and teachers face similar joys and challenges in serving their communities. This week, you are invited to dive into the experience of true relaxation and nurture your heart through evidence-based practices that will support you in your complex and stressful work environments. Both Susan Bauer-Wu and Patricia Jennings come with decades of experience—as professionals who have worked as university professors in these fields, as leading researchers on contemplative practices, and as teachers of mindfulness-based interventions and other contemplative approaches. They bring to this workshop practical and nuanced suggestions for real-world applications of these evidence-based practices.

844.544.1440 |

Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN, is an author, accomplished nurse leader, and mind-body researcher, as well as a gifted teacher with a distinctive background as a meditation practitioner and instructor. At the University of Virginia, she is the Tussi and John Kluge Professor in Contemplative End-of-Life Care and director of the Compassionate Care Initiative. Patricia Jennings, PhD, an associate professor of elementary education at the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, is an expert in mindfulness and teaching, and an internationally recognized leader in the field of social and emotional learning, with emphasis on how teacher stress impacts the classroom and student learning.


Lead Your Life: A Women’s Retreat Tery Elliot Tuition $425 plus 5 nights


Essentials of Thai Yoga Therapy: Mobility, Consciousness, Compasssion, and Good Will Deon de Wet Tuition $425 plus 5 nights


Love Your Body: Shift Your Relationship with Your Body for Good Kimber Simpkins Tuition $375 plus 5 nights

You’re a successful woman. You’ve created a lot to be proud of—as a mother, daughter, partner, friend, executive, and/or entrepreneur. Yet something’s missing. Somehow it doesn’t feel like enough. Maybe the outside pressures are louder than your own knowing. Maybe you struggle to connect with what you really want. If you’re ready to rediscover and reclaim who you are, leadership coach Tery Elliot will help you: • Quiet external voices so you can tap into your internal voice • Put to rest questions about your effectiveness • Get clear about what you want • Make an action plan for creating and leading the life you crave.

This immersive, hands-on training will empower you to expand your professional repertoire—or begin a new career. You will learn: • How to perform a complete series of highly effective acupressure techniques, optimally sequenced for maximum therapeutic effect • The basics of how to work with energy in the body • Physical manipulation and assisted stretching • How to use your whole body, including your feet, knees, elbows, and hands to target different areas of the client’s body.

Tery Elliot is founder of the Self Leadership Institute, a platform for empowering men and women to embrace their inner leader by understanding how they relate to self and other. For the last 15 years, she has had the opportunity to work with global leaders, teams, organizations, and academic institutions, including Wharton, MIT, West Point, and Stanford.

Deon de Wet has been teaching Thai Yoga Massage/Therapy internationally for many years. He first discovered traditional Thai Massage while traveling in Thailand in 2000, and since then has trained massage and skin-care therapists, yoga practitioners and instructors, couples, friends, and family throughout the United States and in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.

You will take home valuable protocols that result in lasting physical, mental, and spiritual benefit for both the giver as well as the receiver.

Are you willing to explore the terrain of your own heart? Imagine how much time and energy you would save if you and your body were on the same team instead of fighting against each other. Through the healing practices of yoga, Buddhist meditation, and reevaluating your underlying beliefs, you will learn to: • Befriend your body • Nourish yourself with mindfulness and love • Set boundaries based on self-respect.

Kimber Simpkins, a former civil rights lawyer, is a yoga teacher and author of Full: How I Learned to Satisfy My Insatiable Hunger and Feed My Soul. Sick of dieting, she had decided to get to the bottom of her hunger and unhappy relationship with her body; yoga and meditation showed her the way.

You will begin to disarm your inner critic and transform self-discipline into self-love and emerge inspired to transform how you relate to your body in ways that will benefit you and those around you.

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Spirit Wings: An Angel Painting Course to Inspire and Manifest Your Dreams​ Kelly Rae Roberts​ Tuition $695 plus 5 nights


Writing as a Path to Awakening Albert Flynn DeSilver Tuition $430 plus 5 nights

Permission to fly? Granted! Join internationally celebrated artist and entrepreneur Kelly Rae Roberts for a heart-art painting workshop to let art out and let love in. In Spirit Wings, you will create angel paintings specific to where you are on your life journey at this time. Your paintings will be sacred to your story, inspire and manifest what’s to come, and invite what you want more of and declare what you want less of.

Kelly Rae Roberts is an internationally celebrated artist, author, and “possibilitarian.” She earned her master’s degree in social work, then her heart started pulling her to pursue a thoroughly “impractical” dream: to become an artist. She put paint to paper, her heart exploded with renewed passion and joy, and her artwork spread like wildfire.

Kelly Rae’s approach is intentionally nontechnical. She will walk you step-by-step, and through painting winged angels you will grow your own wings and take flight.

Who are you really? Are you ready to experience the truth of who you are and write from there? Albert Flynn DeSilver, an internationally published poet, memoirist, and novelist, teaches that the practice of writing is an exploration of consciousness, bringing us into deeper self-awareness that moves us along the path of awakening to our true nature. Many of our greatest spiritual teachers were, and are, writers. They demonstrate that the written word has the power not only to inspire but to awaken the very best in the human heart.

Albert Flynn DeSilver is an internationally published poet, memoirist, novelist, workshop leader, and speaker who served as the first poet laureate of Marin County, California. A prolific and celebrated author, Albert has written several books and is published in more than 100 literary journals worldwide. He teaches writing and meditation retreats throughout the country.

Gain ongoing access to your essential nature from which to continue writing.

AUG 11–13

Cultivating Compassion Weekend Intensive Erika Rosenberg and Margaret Cullen Tuition $340 plus 2 nights


Learn skills for cultivating compassion, empathy, and kindness for yourself and others in a training that integrates traditional contemplative practices with psychology and scientific research. These are critical states for moving past conflict, engaging with change, and thriving in uncertainty. This immersive training is based on Stanford University’s Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT), a secular, evidence-based program that works with conceptual, emotional, motivational, and somatic modalities. You will be guided by two senior CCT teachers in a user-friendly format that includes multimedia presentations, a variety of guided experiences, and discussion. Discover how to bring out the best within yourself and others.

844.544.1440 |

Erika Rosenberg, PhD, is a scientist and meditation teacher. At the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain, she is senior investigator on the Shamatha Project, a multidisciplinary study of how intensive meditation affects cognition, emotion, and neurophysiology. Dr. Rosenberg is an expert in the Facial Action Coding System and trains and consults with academic, corporate, and entertainment industry clients worldwide. Margaret Cullen, MFT, is a licensed marriage and family psychotherapist and a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. Currently a senior teacher at the Center for Compassion at Stanford University, she is coauthor of The Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance Workbook.

Richard Horowitz AUGUST 11–13

Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Other Chronic Diseases: An Action Plan to Get Better and Stay Healthy Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

There is hope for those with Lyme disease—it is possible for you to reclaim your health. Dr. Richard Horowitz is a Lyme disease expert who has been treating Lyme and other tick-borne infections for 30 years. He has seen more than 12,000 chronically ill individuals with a poor quality of life until they worked with him.

Richard Horowitz, MD, is a board-certified internist, New York Times best-selling author, and medical director of the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, an integrative medical center that combines classical and complementary approaches in the treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne disorders. He has treated more than 12,000 chronic cases of Lyme in the last 27 years.

You will discover the importance of lifestyle in addressing Lyme and other chronic illnesses and learn the specifics of using nutrition, herbal therapies, and stress reduction and meditation techniques. Experience renewed hope and take home a plan that gives you the best chance to get better and stay healthy.

AUGUST 11–13

Fit Bottomed Girls’ Retreat: Experience a Happy, Fit You Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour Tuition $315 plus 2 nights

Discover the ins and outs of being a Fit Bottomed Girl (FBG) with this immersion workshop led by two of FBGs founders. Whether you want to kick emotional eating, stop yo-yo dieting for real, lose a few pounds, or simply find your inner fit and healthy rock star (we know she’s in there!), come learn: • How to make peace with your body • Recipes for eating well and ditching the diet drama • Workouts for awesome results in a short amount of time.

Join the supportive, fun-loving, and innovative community of FBGs and design a healthy life you don’t just like, but love living.

AUGUST 11–13

Wired for Love Couple Workshop: Creating a Successful, Personalized Approach to Your Relationship Stan Tatkin and Tracey Boldemann-Tatkin Tuition $335 plus 2 nights

“People are complex,” says Stan Tatkin. “We don’t come with manuals that explain and automate the process of getting along.” During this fun and interesting weekend of teaching, interactive exercises, and experimenting, you and your partner will: • Learn specific ways to create a successful relationship together • Read body language and recognize triggered states • Understand how to manage conflict and integrate mind and body to build a secure-functioning relationship • Begin to construct a personalized owner’s manual for your relationship. Stan and Tracey will explain the fundamental biological realities of human bonding and reveal the psychobiological particulars of each of us.

Jennipher Walters, MA, is cofounder and CEO of the healthy living websites Fit Bottomed Girls, Fit Bottomed Mamas, Fit Bottomed Eats, and Fit Bottomed Zen. Her book The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet was published by Random House and named one of the best fitness books of 2014 by Greatist. Kristen Seymour is partner and editor of the healthy living websites Fit Bottomed Girls, Fit Bottomed Mamas, Fit Bottomed Eats, and Fit Bottomed Zen, where her blogs span fitness and stress-relieving topics, making it fun to work out, eat well, and experience deep sleep.

Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT, is a clinician, researcher, teacher, and developer of a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT), which draws on cutting-edge research in neuroscience, attachment theory, and biology. He is the author of three well-received books about relationship: Wired for Dating, Wired for Love, and Your Brain on Love. Tracey Boldemann-Tatkin has served as director of a variety of philanthropic family foundations for the last 29 years, working with the dynamics and mechanics of families through daily interactions with the family members whose foundations she manages. Tracey is cofounder of the PACT Institute.

844.544.1440 |


Rob Bell AUGUST 11–13

Your Atomic Self: Learning the Science of the Soul Tuition $360 plus 2 nights

The modern world has equipped many people to be successful, multitask, and achieve, but millions of us never picked up how to really enjoy day-to-day living. It’s one thing to be successful, but it’s another thing to wake up in the morning with wonder and anticipation about what you might encounter. Join Rob Bell—a spiritual teacher who integrates history, science, pop culture, ancient wisdom, and a fair bit of comedy—to access an empowering, celebratory spiritual vision for your life and the world.

Rob Bell is author of the New York Times best-selling books Love Wins, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, and The Zimzum of Love. In 2011 Rob was profiled in Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people and in 2014, he was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Life You Want tour. A highly sought-after public speaker, he hosts the weekly podcast The Robcast.

You will leave with ways to stay inspired, attend to your need for balance, and gracefully handle times of transition and innovation.

AUGUST 11–13

How to Achieve More by Doing Less Christine Carter Tuition $435 plus 2 nights

AUGUST 13–18

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Kimberly von Brandenstein Tuition $440 plus 5 nights


This weekend will transform the way you think about and experience happiness, fulfillment, and achievement. Dr. Carter will share simple practices and engage discussions that address real-life demands. You will learn: • Three core skills for living a well­-lived life, rooted in the latest scientific research • Why simple acts of kindness can be better for our health and happiness than exercise • Something you can do in only one hour a week to increase your longevity by 14 years • A simple brain trick that can help you stop thinking, “One day, I’ll be happy when…,” letting you enjoy the journey more fully.

Christine Carter, PhD, is a sociologist, artist, and prolific writer. She is a sought-after keynote speaker, executive coach, and senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, where for many years she was the executive director. Author of The Sweet Spot and Raising Happiness, Dr. Carter is also the writer of an award-winning blog.

For many of us, drawing is a mysterious process, reserved for the few who are “talented.” Dr. Betty Edwards’ pioneering work of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain debunked that myth.

Kimberly von Brandenstein began as a drawing student over two decades ago when she studied Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with Lynda Greenberg. She is a summa cum laude graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and she conducts in-service workshops and artist-in-residence programs for art educators and professional organizations, such as the New Yorker magazine.

This workshop combines lectures and studio exercises and is designed to help you develop the perceptual skills necessary for drawing with confidence while increasing your general problem-solving capacity. Especially if you have never considered yourself an artist, you will leave with the newfound ability to enjoy drawing in ways you never thought possible.

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Jean Shinoda Bolen AUGUST 13–18

Your One Wild and Precious Life: A Deepening Gathering for Women Tuition $525 plus 5 nights

AUGUST 13–18

The Liberating Power of Self-Expression: How to Live an Inspired, Juicy Life Ann Randolph Tuition $420 plus 5 nights

AUGUST 13–18

Step into Your Power: Transform Good Intentions into Great Choices Davidji Tuition $395 plus 5 nights

To find and live our personal myth is to be true to who we are. The premise of Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Jungian, feminist, and spiritual perspective begins with the certainty that it matters what we do with our “one wild and precious life,” a quote from the poet Mary Oliver. The archetypes in Jean’s classic book, Goddesses in Everywoman, are within us—and the expectations and limitations from outside of us act powerfully on us. We are on a soul journey, shaping our path and being shaped. This workshop invites reflection, deepening, and connection to ourselves and each other to inspire our journeys forward.

Do you realize that you are a creative force of nature with unique gifts waiting to be expressed? Through journaling, movement, art, and some stage experience, this workshop with master teacher, actress, and award-winning playwright Ann Randolph will lead you on an exciting process of discovery to awaken and free the “inner artist.” You will: • Learn to overcome resistance, anxiety, and the negativity of the inner critic • Expand your creative range by exploring new media • Discover the joy of creating with unbridled freedom.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, and an internationally known author and speaker. She is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and former clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco. Dr. Bolen is the author of 13 books in over 80 translations, including The Tao of Psychology and Goddesses in Everywoman.

Ann Randolph is considered one of the most gifted and innovative writer-performers in the country, as well as a renowned inspirational speaker and teacher. Her first solo theater performance, the award– winning Squeeze Box, was produced Off-Broadway by Mel Brooks and then toured the United States before headlining at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

When you harness this creative energy, you begin a process of transformation that will enable you to live the life path you have dreamed of.

In the world premiere of Step into Your Power, Davidji—internationally renowned meditation teacher and best-selling author of Destressifying—leads you on a journey to the depths of your soul. This is a fusion of timeless wisdom and real-world application, during which you will access the stillness and silence that rest within, lock down a lasting meditation practice, and release aspects of your life that no longer serve you.

Davidji is a globally recognized mind-body health and wellness expert, mindful performance trainer, meditation teacher, and author of Amazon best seller Destressifying and Secrets of Meditation, winner of the 2013 Nautilus Book Award. He is credited with creating the 21-day meditation process that spawned hundreds of 21-day meditation experiences throughout the world.

Your newfound practice will help you gain clarity on what it is you truly want in life as you master techniques to manifest your dreams and desires to live a purpose-driven life.

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AUGUST 13–18

Self-Awakening Yoga Retreat: Deepen Your Personal Yoga Practice Amba Stapleton and Don Stapleton Tuition $595 plus 5 nights

Master yoga instructors Amba Stapleton and Don Stapleton are internationally recognized for their ability to approach yogic inquiry as a way to facilitate depth contact with your own source of internal guidance—which is where your yoga practice emerges. This retreat provides you with a balanced schedule as you learn and experience: • The roots of yoga practice as a creative learning process • Movements based on the neuromuscular developmental stages encoded within the body’s memory from birth • Entering yoga practice without abandoning contact with your inner guidance. This retreat helps you gain a foundation for your practice that taps into the wisdom always naturally flowing from your being.

AUGUST 13–18

Finding the Bones: Cultivating the Gentle, Mindful Body Joe Goode Tuition $425 plus 5 nights

AUGUST 18–20

Making Art as a Life Practice: Creative Strategies for Excavating Your Body’s Stories Lidia Yuknavitch and Zinn Adeline Tuition $375 plus 2 nights


Dive into a creative process that incorporates movement, writing, and sound to catalyze authentic present-moment experience that can fuel personal growth, creative expression, and engaged connection. For everyone interested in creative expression, seeking to become a better communicator, or wanting to gain confidence in relating with themselves and others, you will participate in a variety of experiential exercises, contemplative practices, and partner exchanges. Innovative dance professional and master teacher Joe Goode has evolved his teaching methodology to guide and inspire others in getting out of their own way by accessing body intelligence and releasing their authentic voices.

At its core, the process of making art is a life practice. It’s not about crafting the perfect sentence, attracting an audience, or even getting published. It’s about digging deeper, finding truer truths, and staying alive. Reimagining. Remaking. Reinventing. Your body has a point of view, and when you tell stories from its perspective, they come out different. Urgent. Important. This weekend, writers Zinn Adeline and Linda Yuknavitch guide you into unknown territory using body-centered prompts, memory play, and life cycles to spontaneously write and access your deeper truths. You will leave with new ideas and new material—and new tools for continuing to work with them.

844.544.1440 |

Don Stapleton, PhD, is trained in several styles of yoga and has been designing and leading professional yoga trainings for more than 40 years. As a teacher and director at Kripalu Center for almost two decades, Don shaped Kripalu Yoga and the renowned Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training program, teaching and inspiring thousands of practitioners and teachers. Amba Stapleton has been a yoga practitioner and yoga educator for more than 30 years. Passionate about finding the links between science and mysticism, she is an avid researcher of the latest studies in neuroscience, neurobiology, neurochemistry, and exercise physiology. Amba is cofounder and codirector, with her husband Don Stapleton, of the Nosara Yoga Institute.

Joe Goode is a choreographer, writer, and director widely known as an innovator in the field of dance for his willingness to collide movement with spoken word, song, and visual imagery. He is the founder and artistic director of Joe Goode Performance Group and a UC Berkeley faculty member in the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies.

Lidia Yuknavitch is the acclaimed author of seven books, including The Chronology of Water: A Memoir. She is a seasoned teacher of writing and literature, and has crafted her body-centered art-making philosophy into a groundbreaking workshop practice called Corporeal Writing. A finalist for the 2012 PEN Center creative nonfiction award, Lidia gave a popular TED Talk, The Beauty of Being a Misfit. Zinn Adeline’s work has appeared in Blunderbuss, Cactus Heart, and Nailed Magazine. While doing her graduate work in creative writing, she accepted Lidia Yuknavitch’s invitation to collaborate on Corporeal Writing workshops, an alternative arts workshop series merging creative writing, theory, and praxis. She develops workshops and teaches from Portland, Oregon, where she lives and loves out loud.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro AUGUST 18–20

The Sacred Art of Loving-Kindness Tuition $300 plus 2 nights

We are all born in the image and likeness of God. The image is a given; the likeness is a choice. In this inspiring and practical exploration of the art of loving-kindness with Rabbi Rami, you will learn: • The tools you need to realize the divinity of self and other • Practices for manifesting godliness in your own life • Thirteen Attributes of loving-kindness in the context of interspirituality.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro is an award-winning author of more than thirty books, including The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness. A congregational rabbi for 20 years, Rabbi Rami has worked as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies, has been initiated into the Ramakrishna Order of Vedanta Hinduism, and writes a regular column for Spirituality & Health magazine. This program is presented in partnership with:

Strengthen your capacity for loving-kindness as together we explore teachings and practices from many of the world’s religions to cultivate compassion, grace, patience, and forgiveness—necessities in the world today.

AUGUST 18–20

Reboot Your Life: A Fresh Start for Health Dallas Hartwig and Pilar Gerasimo Tuition $335 plus 2 nights

Debug and reboot your systems with renegade healthy living experts Dallas Hartwig and Pilar Gerasimo. Upload some new programing—including unexpected strategies for warding off stress, fatigue, and weight gain—and discover practices and shifts in perspective that empower you to move your body and your life in a healthier, happier direction. This weekend, you will: • Get insider insights • Learn science-based self-care strategies • Creatively upgrade your physical, mental, and emotional well-being • Outwit cultural conventions wired to make you sick, fat, and depressed • Find out how to manage and replenish your energy for optimal vitality and satisfaction.

Sonia Choquette and Mike Dow AUGUST 18–20

Calm Your Mind, Free Your Spirit: Let Go of Fear and Anxiety to Awaken Your Intuition Tuition $395 plus 2 nights

Come experience a quantum shift in your life and open the way for your intuition to step in. To tap into the intuition of your spirit and create the life of your dreams, you need to tame the anxious mind and calm an overactive nervous system. Dr. Mike Dow will teach a toolbox of strategies for creating inner peace and cultivating a healthy, stress-free mind. Sonia Choquette will help you raise your vibration and recognize your intuitive knowing. These skills will help you: • Solve challenges with free-flowing inspiration and creativity • Make better decisions… instantly • Attract opportunities for greater expression • Live authentically and fulfill your life purpose.

Dallas Hartwig is the New York Times best-selling coauthor of The Whole30 and It Starts With Food, and cohost, with Pilar Gerasimo, of The Living Experiment podcast. He is a functional medicine practitioner, certified sports nutritionist, and licensed physical therapist who specializes in treating lifestyle-related hormonal, digestive, and metabolic health issues. Pilar Gerasimo is a pioneering healthy-living advocate and innovator who writes, speaks, and consults on topics related to her central passion: helping people cultivate “healthy deviance.”  She co-hosts, with Dallas Hartwig, The Living Experiment podcast and is best known for her work as founding editor of Experience Life, a progressive healthy-living magazine that reaches more than three million people.

Sonia Choquette is celebrated worldwide as an author, spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, and transformational visionary guide. An enchanting storyteller, Sonia is known for her delightful humor and skill in shifting people out of psychological and spiritual difficulties. She is author of 19 internationally best-selling books about intuitive awakening, personal growth, and the transformational leadership capabilities that reside within. Mike Dow, PsyD, is a New York Times best-selling author and psychotherapist who believes in the power of natural and integrative strategies that heal our brains, rebalance our overtaxed nervous systems, and lead to joy in our everyday lives. He is part of Dr. Oz’s core team and hosts The Dr. Mike Show on Hay House Radio.

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AUGUST 20–25

Legacy and Dialogue: Sharing Our Stories, Conversing Across the Generations Bob Halperin and Steve Seeche Tuition $560 plus 5 nights

All human beings want to feel that their lives have mattered, that their existence leaves a positive imprint on the lives of their family and others they have touched. In this workshop, you will define and articulate your legacy through the ancient tradition of writing an ethical will. You will explore: • What values, experiences, and stories are important to you • How your most challenging experiences have shaped your life • What choices you want to make given what you propose to say to your children, grandchildren, and other loved ones. You deserve to reflect on what life has taught you, and to be intentional about the legacy you leave.

AUGUST 25–27

Afro Flow Yoga®: Flow into Freedom Leslie Salmon Jones and Jeff W. Jones Tuition $325 plus 2 nights

Let go and flow in this unique and creative fusion of yoga, dance, movement, live drumming, and singing to soothe the soul. Afro Flow Yoga founders Leslie Salmon Jones and her husband, multi-instrumentalist Jeff Jones, together create a powerful program to open up and reinforce pathways to effective self-expression and reconnect you to your innermost core. Classes start out like regular yoga classes, then the African drum encourages you to move your body in rhythmic ways. Together we will celebrate and respect our shared humanity and cultural differences through the deep wisdom of our stories, traditions, and recognition of our oneness.

Lead now. Engage at the cutting edge of skillfullness in the emergent leadership paradigm of our time.


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Bob Halperin, MBA, is a research affiliate at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence, where he previously served as executive director. He is also president of Alumni Forum Services, a company that brings Harvard alumni and other executives together for confidential discussions of important business and personal issues, and he was honored as an Eisenhower Fellow in 2002. Steve Seeche, JD, is chairman of the board of Mediators Beyond Borders, an international organization that builds local skills for peace and promotes mediation worldwide. After his training at Harvard Law School and 30-year career teaching at the university level and consulting with venture-backed, technology startups, Steve now divides his time between international peace building, nonprofit board service, and dispute resolution. Leslie Salmon Jones, cofounder of Afro Flow Yoga® (AFY), works with diverse populations to help them develop mastery over their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Leslie was introduced to yoga through her training at the Alvin Ailey School. Her experiences of African spirituality, yogic principals, and movement through nature’s elements inspired her to create AFY. Jeff W. Jones is cofounder of Afro Flow Yoga®, a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, composer, and cocreator with his wife Leslie Salmon Jones. He creates an intuitive dynamic flow through his use of the djembe, congas, bongos, Sudanese Acholi lyre, Indian bells, and tambourine. Jeff has performed for the inauguration of President Barack Obama and has opened for greats such as Al Green.

AUGUST 25–27

Beyond ROI: Creating a Healthy, Engaged Workplace Sara Potler LeHayne What if leaders were able to help their employees manage stress for a more productive—and more content—workplace? Harness the power of creativity to build trust, reduce fear, and inspire change within your workplace. See full description on page 99.

AUGUST 25–27

Radical Acceptance: Embracing Our Lives with Loving Presence

Tara Brach Tuition $360 plus 2 nights We spend many moments of our lives in a trance, feeling separate from others, deficient, and afraid of failure. Yet we intuit a deeper potential—to embody the loving awareness that is our deepest nature. Tara draws from best practices in Western psychology, principles of Buddhist psychology, and a range of meditative and contemplative traditions to inspire beginning meditators and offer a space for deeper practice to more experienced meditators. You will return home connected to a deeper, more loving sense of yourself and the world, with practices to sustain and nourish you in moving forward in wholeness. Tara Brach, PhD, is a psychologist, meditation teacher, and author of best-selling books Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. She is founder and senior teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC, and teaches throughout the United States and Europe. Her podcasted talks and meditations are downloaded nearly a million times each month.

Learn and grow. Get away for a weekend or 5 days of immersion learning with expert teachers.

The 1440 experience.


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Motivational Interviewing: The Art and Science of Behavior-Change Counseling Dana Sturtevant Tuition $375 plus 4 nights


Happy Yoga: Unleash Your Inner Bliss Steve Ross Tuition $425 plus 5 nights


NeuroKinetic Therapy® Professional Training David Weinstock Tuition $900 plus 5 nights

The conversations that occur between helping professionals and their clients are powerful—capable of supporting or inhibiting the innate change process that is alive in all of us. Learn to make your interactions with clients more satisfying and effective using Motivational Interviewing, a person-centered, guiding method of communication and counseling that elicits and strengthens intrinsic motivation for positive change.

Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD, is a trainer, mentor, Kripalu Yoga teacher, and dietitian specializing in Health at Every Size® and intuitive eating. She is the cofounder of Be Nourished, a revolutionary business helping people heal body shame and reclaim body trust. Dana is a popular speaker and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

Through lecture and practice activities for skill building, you will open up to a new and effective interpersonal style of counseling, uniquely shaped by a guiding philosophy of what triggers change from the inside out.

Has your life—or your yoga practice—become stagnant, dull, and overly serious? Would you believe you are born inherently happy but that habitual worry and the distractions of daily life have covered that up? Steve Ross, author of Happy Yoga, will help you bring your happy back. His combination of upbeat, inspirational, music-enhanced yoga practice with a relaxed, easy approach to spirituality will help you discover a new way of looking at life. In this workshop, you will: • Practice ecstatic breathing (Holotropic-based breathing) • Experience Yin Yoga and Flow Yoga • Explore yoga philosophy • Celebrate with kirtan (chanting) • Learn various kinds of meditation.

Expand your professional knowledge and repertoire. Become a somatic detective, using the messages of the body to help your clients heal. NeuroKinetic Therapy® is a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that addresses the causes of dysfunctional movement and coordination problems at their root— in the motor control center of the cerebellum. In this practical, hands-on training, you will learn: • The basics of motor control theory • The NeuroKinetic Therapy protocol • Manual muscle testing for each segment of the body • How to recognize compensation patterns, whether they are from reciprocal inhibition or a dysfunction in a kinetic chain • How to confidently offer NeuroKinetic Therapy.

Steve Ross has practiced various styles of yoga and has been an instructor for more than 20 years. He has been called “Yogi to the Stars” by InStyle  and has appeared in numerous publications, including Vanity Fair and the New York Times. Steve is author of Happy Yoga and has recorded and produced two chanting CDs.

David Weinstock, founder of NeuroKinetic Therapy Seminars, graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1973, studied alternative medical techniques, and graduated from New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. He cofounded Alive and Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork in 1985, and his book NeuroKinetic Therapy, an Innovative Approach to Manual Muscle Testing has been translated into many languages.

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Frank Ostaseski SEPTEMBER 1–4

Living Fully: What Can Death Teach Us? Tuition $395 plus 3 nights

Life and death are a package deal. You can’t really pull them apart. In fact, in Japanese Zen, the term “shoji” translates as “life-death.” There is no separation between life and death other than a small hyphen, a thin line that connects the two. We cannot be truly alive without maintaining an awareness of death.

Frank Ostaseski is an author, visionary Buddhist teacher, international lecturer, founder of Metta Institute, and cofounder of Zen Hospice Project. His programs, writings, and recordings have introduced thousands to the practices of contemplative care, and the Dalai Lama has honored him for his years of compassionate service to the dying and their families.

This program is an invitation to reclaim the spiritual dimensions of shoji, revealing both the precarious and precious nature of your life. Together, we will illuminate what matters most, be reminded not to squander this life, and benefit now from the wisdom that death has to teach.


Optimize Your Vinyasa Practice: Power, Precision, and Mindfulness Jason Crandell Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

Join Jason Crandell, a down-to-earth, accessible, master yoga teacher, for a vinyasa weekend of power, precision, and mindfulness. Jason will systematically guide you through all of the regions of your body in an organized, comprehensive way, building greater depth, intelligence, and sustainability in your practice of yoga flows. Each session will begin with a discussion of related anatomy, injury prevention, and philosophical precepts, then move into a flow practice. Throughout the workshop, you will explore postures in many variations and experience sequences that will transform your practice—and its effects—for a long time to come.

Gabor Maté SEPTEMBER 1–3 Contrary to what is often claimed, the source of

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Revisioning Trauma, Addiction, and Healing Tuition $390 plus 2 nights


Jason Crandell is a natural teacher and author. Named “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga,” by Yoga Journal, Jason has been an in-demand teacher at conferences throughout the world for more than a decade. He leads trainings globally and has written more than 25 articles for Yoga Journal.

addictions is not to be found in genes, but in the early childhood environment where the neurobiology of the brain’s reward pathways develops and the emotional patterns that lead to addiction are wired into the unconscious. Stress, both then and later in life, creates the predisposition for addictions. So how do we help the addicted individual restore wholeness? This weekend, Dr. Maté presents cutting-edge science that challenges many long-held beliefs about addiction. For those with addictions and their loved ones, mental-health professionals, and others interested in the topic, this important weekend provides a transformative opportunity for better understanding and deepening compassion.

844.544.1440 |

Gabor Maté, MD, a renowned speaker, is highly sought after for his expertise on topics that include addiction, stress, and childhood development. With more than 20 years of family practice and palliative care experience, Dr. Maté regularly addresses audiences throughout North America. He has written several best-selling books, including the award-winning In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction.


The Mindful Woman: Being Present for Personal and Professional Happiness Susan Kaiser Greenland and Caroline S. Welch Tuition $295 plus 2 nights


Life Hacking: Ayurveda for Work-Life Balance Scott Blossom and Alejandra Siroka Tuition $395 plus 3 nights

If you have ever felt like a piece of taffy being pulled in several directions at once, you are not alone. Never before have women been called upon to play so many roles simultaneously. The key to consistently functioning at a high level lies in taking advantage of the healthy boost that stress gives us, while managing competing priorities. Too much stress can be harmful but healthy stress lights up our brain circuits and focuses our attention. This weekend you will learn strategies to manage stress, use it to your advantage, and experience greater efficiency, happiness, and well-being in everything that you do.

Busy? This is the program for you! Put things on pause for a few days and learn practical skills for creating a more productive, sustainably balanced, and creative life. Through an immersion in yoga and Ayurvedic life skills, as well as a deep dive into authentic communication, you learn and experience: • A multidimensional, Ayurvedic plan for working in a more balanced way • Strategies for eating well in the work environment • Practices for changing the belief structure that keeps you stressed and imbalanced. Find out how making balanced, life-enhancing choices is not only healthy for your body and mind but also has an excellent return on investment.


Service Week 1440 gives back

Do you work at a nonprofit? Could your team use the time and space to rest, learn, and refocus? Each year, we support the nonprofit sector through Service Week, hosting staff and staff/board teams to stay on campus, attend an inspiring array of workshops with leading speakers and teachers, and enjoy time to focus on team building, strategic planning, or whatever is most important. The entire experience is free to those who work with nonprofits. Find out more and apply:

Susan Kaiser Greenland, JD, is a former corporate attorney who developed the Inner Kids mindful awareness program. Author of The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate, she speaks widely at prestigious institutions and meditation centers in the United States and abroad. Caroline S. Welch is a sought-after international speaker known for her expertise in law, mediation, and mindfulness. A meditator for more than 30 years and former vice president in litigation at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM), she is CEO of Mind Your Brain, Inc. and cofounder of the Mindsight Institute.

Scott Blossom is a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), an Ayurvedic consultant, and a Shadow Yoga teacher. He approaches both his teaching and his clinical practice from a multidimensional perspective, integrating contemporary Western and classical Eastern concepts of healing and balance. He specializes in women’s health and the musculoskeletal, immune, and digestive systems. Alejandra Siroka is founder of Language Alchemy, through which she facilitates interactive workshops on connected communication to raise awareness about communication patterns and the impact of these patterns on how we live our lives. Alejandra, a student of hatha yoga for 14 years, has also studied tantric Buddhism, tantric Shaivism, and non-dualism.

Lead now. Engage at the cutting edge of skillfullness in the emergent leadership paradigm of our time.


NeuroLeadership: Maximize Your Potential Lisa Wimberger With specific knowledge and skills, you can bring yourself out of the draining experience of living life in the stress-response and transform your limiting beliefs while opening up to a new world of possibility. See full description on page 100.

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You write. Or you want to write. But you get stuck. Or you’re tired of only journaling—you want to write for readers. You know you want to go someplace richer with your writing, and you can’t quite figure out how.

Be. Write. Now. Going Deeper with Your Writing with Ease and Joy Jennifer Louden

If this is you, then come immerse yourself in this unique writing workshop, a blend of meditation and writing prompts designed to help you free your voice, unearth new ideas and stories, and take home a well-grounded confidence boost.

Tuition $360 plus 2 nights

Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the self-care movement with her first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book: A Self-Nurturing Guide for Restoring Balance in Your Life. She is also author of six additional books on well-being and whole living with nearly a million copies in print in nine languages.

Suitable for new and experienced writers, this workshop will guide you past the roadblocks that have seemed insurmountable and reignite your creative spark.


The Natural Singer Claude Stein Tuition $335 plus 2 nights

Come celebrate the healing power of your voice. Whether you already sing or have always wished you could, this program provides a remarkably safe environment to find your true voice and sing your heart open. You will learn: • Exercises to relax the throat, increase breathing and range, sing in key, and project fearlessly • To triumph over physical, emotional, and psychological issues that silence or limit you • To use favorite songs and authentic intention to experience stunning breakthroughs in self-expression.

Claude Stein is a master voice teacher with 36 years of experience blending psychology and vocal training. His clients include artists on labels such as Atlantic, Warner Bros., and RCA records. A multiplatinum award-winning coach, he has worked with senior executives at prestigious companies and has taught at renowned learning centers, including the Juilliard School.

You will find yourself sharing your true heart song in wonderful exercises, sing-alongs, and individual coaching sessions with 100 percent positive feedback.


Self-Transformation with Igolu: Create Your Unique Legacy Susanne Conrad Tuition $350 plus 2 nights


The igolu self-leadership method of rapid transformation is based in the belief that we need to understand and claim our personal power in this world. It is our work to discover who we are, what we came here to do, and then do our very best to remain true to ourselves and the personal legacy we wish to create. Through the igolu method, you will gain the tools to design your own unique legacy and support it through your vision and goals. This work of self-discovery, visioning, goal setting, and movement is fun, playful, and suitable for individuals, families, couples, and friends.

844.544.1440 |

Susanne Conrad is a leadership and communication advisor who has worked with companies and individuals for more than 30 years, helping them improve their interpersonal and business skills to achieve happier personal and professional lives. Susanne is founder of igolu (pronounced I-goal-you), a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting, leadership, and legacy-driven work.


Yoga for Radiant Health and Happiness! Amy Ippoliti Tuition $290 plus 2 nights

This weekend, join internationally renowned yoga teacher and wellness advocate Amy Ippoliti to harness yoga’s ancient wisdom for a more radiantly healthy, happy, and meaningful life and learn: • Specific yoga alignment cues to optimize your body’s systems • An asana flow to cleanse your body naturally • Fun poses to spark creativity • Practices to clear emotional and mental toxins and open you up to loving your life.

Amy Ippoliti is a yoga teacher, writer, philanthropist, and pioneer in yoga education known for bringing yoga to modern-day life in a genuine way through her intelligent sequencing, clear instruction, and engaging sense of humor. Amy is cofounder of 90 Monkeys, an online and in-person school that has reached more than 1,500 yoga studios.

Experience the irresistible yoga glow from the inside out and unlock the long-lasting health and vibrancy you seek. You will leave with a fully polished body, mind, and spirit, having uncovered the secrets to radical health, happiness, and longevity.


The Choice for Love: Enlightening Your Relationships with Yourself and Others Barbara De Angelis Tuition $380 plus 2 nights


Leading by Being: Learning as a Practice Aaron Stern and Marianne Murray Tuition $425 plus 2 nights

Join Barbara De Angelis, best-selling author and renowned transformational teacher, for an uplifting spiritual weekend that will help you create a new relationship with love. You will discover how love is a choice you make from moment to moment and how to use love as the highest spiritual practice. Love doesn’t come from the outside of our life in, but rather from the inside of us out. Known for helping people make profound shifts, Barbara creates a safe and sacred environment for revelation and healing. Through illuminating teachings and enlightening exercises, you’ll learn to embrace, embody, and delight in more love than you ever thought possible.

Leadership today depends on our ability to learn, evolve, and transform. It requires inquiry into a new question: who are you as a human being? Join the Academy for the Love of Learning founder, Aaron Stern, and core faculty member Marianne Murray for an exploration of what it means to lead from the wholeness of your being—whatever your role or vocation. Through a carefully orchestrated sequence of conversations, experiential activities, and reflection you will: • Connect with your somatic sense of leading • Understand learning as an essential engaged awareness practice • Learn a model for working with experience as a catalyst for transformation • Connect with your own unique expression.

Barbara De Angelis, PhD, is one of the most inspiring teachers of our time in the field of personal transformation and is author of 15 best-selling books. As a renowned speaker and TV personality for three decades, she has helped millions of people live more conscious and fulfilling lives.

Aaron Stern is president and founder of the Academy for the Love of Learning, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In addition to being the academy’s creative and educational leader, Aaron is a musician, teacher, and internationally recognized consultant on transformational learning. He serves as board member and fellow of the Mind & Life Institute, cofounded by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Marianne Murray, MA, PhD, is a core faculty member at the Academy for the Love of Learning. She has a doctorate in transformative learning from the California Institute of Integral Studies and master’s degrees in transpersonal psychology and mindfulness-based psychotherapy. Marianne is a certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork™ and is on the international training team for Europe, India, and the United States.

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Applied Mindfulness: The Science of Practice

Sharon Salzberg

and Judson Brewer Tuition $895 plus 7 nights

We live in a time when meditation and mindfulness are becoming widespread, teaching us tools for tapping into our capacity for authentic presence, stronger relationships, fulfilling work, and increased resilience and well-being. This immersion provides a special opportunity for those who are interested in or currently using mindfulness in professional settings to dive into practice and learn: • The scientific underpinnings of mindfulness • Classical descriptions of mindfulness plus a range of practices • Practical ways to bring mindfulness into your professional environment. Return home feeling rejuvenated, reinspired, and recommitted to setting time aside each day for silence.

I’m so looking forward to teaching at the 1440 Multiversity campus. Seeing the beauty of the photos and hearing descriptions of the center, I can see that we will all be supported by caring, nurturing and loving energy—from the founders, from the on-site staff, from one another, and from the land itself. —Sharon Salzberg


844.544.1440 |

Sharon Salzberg, one of America’s most well-known Buddhist meditation teachers, cofounded the Insight Meditation Society, the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, and the Forest Refuge, a long-term retreat center. A New York Times best-selling author, she focuses her teachings on vipassana and the profound practice of metta (lovingkindness) meditation. Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, is a renowned thought leader in the science of self-mastery, having combined nearly 20 years’ experience in mindfulness training with his significant contributions to scientific research. A psychiatrist and sought-after expert in mindfulness training for addictions, Dr. Brewer has been featured throughout t he media and is director of research at the Center for Mindfulness.


Sparking Inner Connection: A Yoga-Inspired Journey Kira Sloane Tuition $375 plus 5 nights


Memoir as Bewilderment Nick Flynn Tuition $385 plus 5 nights

Putting the pause on life, we can engage in full self-attention and self-acceptance, remembering that like any good relationship, the one with ourselves requires our time and attention! Our intention this week is pratyahara—a yogic concept meaning turning the senses inward. We will develop this skill in many ways, orienting again and again to our inner wisdom. This is not a sweaty yoga workshop; we will move, we will sit, we will converse, laugh, and investigate. We will practice yoga postures, breath awareness, and meditation, and engage in discussions. You will return home with a much clearer sense of your amazing self.

Writing memoir can take you into the unknown of your misremembered past and allow you to push more deeply into the shadows. As we work together, you will look for those moments when you begin to stutter and stumble when talking about your project. From there, you will wrestle with the deeper mysteries and the concept of bewilderment, and how memoirs can embody both—through syntax, access to the duende, leaps into the unconscious, or simply circling around what is unsaid, unknown, and unrealized.

Kira Sloane is grateful for all the teachings that have been so generously shared with her. Fascinated by the opportunities of relationship, Kira’s teaching style has evolved to help cultivate an understanding of the practicality and global necessity of self-love. She teaches internationally and is the president of Yoga Anytime—a new and popular approach to online yoga.

Nick Flynn is an award-winning poet, playwright, and memoirist. His book Another Bullshit Night in Suck City was turned into a movie, Being Flynn, starting Robert DeNiro. The Village Voice describes Nick’s work as keeping “both the tragic and the redemptive possibilities open.”

You will take home unexpected insights and a richer connection to the questions that can drive your memoir forward.


Healing the Mother Wound: A Transformative Journey of Empowerment Bethany Webster Tuition $430 plus 5 nights

As daughters, our relationship with our mothers is one of the most significant in our lives—impacting everything from how we view our bodies to what we feel capable of creating in the world. Bethany Webster creates a safe and sacred space for women to work with the mother wound and explore how it can be transformed from a source of pain into a source of wisdom. In this powerful program, you will learn: • How the mother wound manifests in our lives • A 7-step road map for navigating the healing process • Tools and resources to use at home to continue to heal and thrive.

Bethany Webster is a writer, transformational coach, and international speaker. Her work is focused on helping women heal the “mother wound” so that they can step into their divine feminine power and potential. Bethany is author of Healing the Mother Wound: Move Beyond What Your Mother Never Gave You and Become the Woman You’re Meant to Be.

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Hands of Light: The Fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science® Melanie Roche Tuition $360 plus 3 nights


Conscious Loving Ever After: It Just Keeps Getting Better Kathlyn Hendricks Tuition $315 plus 2 nights


Yoga Rocks Revolution Eric Paskel Tuition $285 plus 2 nights

Train in a gentle method of healing and compassionate connection with others in this transformational Brennan Healing Science® program. Expert healer and teacher Melanie Roche will teach you a system of energy work that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes. Through an experiential approach, you will learn: • To give hands-on healing • How to read the aura • How to sense people’s energy issues through their personal objects • Energy exercises to keep your own energy field healthy and balanced • Brennan Healing Science chelation, a healing technique that clears, charges, and balances the energy field • Ways of integrating these techniques into your daily life.

Melanie Roche, MA, is an energy healer and creator of the IDEA Method of Inner Directed Energy Awareness™. She brings a wealth of experience in mind-body healing, meditation, therapy, dance, and theater to lead programs for entrepreneurs, patients, and health-care practitioners. She served on the faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, working directly with Barbara Brennan.

You may have heard or read that sexual fulfillment and juicy partnership have an expiration date. Don’t believe it! In this “playshop” you will learn the practical magic to keep expanding in love and creativity all throughout your life. With a few simple, powerful practices—that you actually use—you can continue deepening aliveness, connection, and romance throughout life. All these processes are backed by research and will enhance your body intelligence as well as your relationships skills.

Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD, BC-DMT, has been a pioneer in the field of body intelligence and conscious loving for more than 40 years, with an international reputation as a successful entrepreneur and sought-after seminar leader. Known for her joyful approach and play-based explorations, Kathlyn earned her doctorate in transpersonal psychology and is a board-certified dance/movement therapist.

Come prepared to experiment as we bust up the later-in-life mythologies that you may still believe and explore the key activities to lasting, loving relationships.

Sometimes you need a life revolution—an experience that sets you on a new, more fulfilling path. Are you ready? With Eric Paskel—clinical therapist and acclaimed Yoga Shelter founder—you will sweat, sing, and transform through rhythmic, soulful yoga flows designed to help you break through your personal history and outdated stories, work through your miseries, and forge new destinies. Yoga Rocks Revolution has influenced thousands of yoga teachers to teach in this style, and stadiums fill with people who can’t get enough of this practice with its potential to shape the rest of your life while you have a blast!


844.544.1440 |

Eric Paskel has been teaching yoga since 1988. He is a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist and a certified yoga instructor and sports counselor. Eric founded, owned, and operated a family of nine yoga studios in Michigan and California.


Calming the Mind and Opening the Heart: The Practice and Science of Meditation

Richard J. Davidson and Myoshin Kelley Tuition $380 plus 2 nights

Read an interview with Richard J. Davidson At the Cutting Edge of Health, Human Potential, and Individual Happiness page 14

We live in a fast-paced, demanding, and complex world that can be very stressful and challenging, with many negative consequences, including on our health, our outlook, and our relationships. In the midst of this, meditation offers a reliable way to help us find a sense of well-being, inviting us to open our hearts and training us to meet life with less anxiety, fear, and suffering. This weekend you will gain a solid understanding of the effects of meditation to help you create, sustain, and deepen your own meditation practice and experience benefits in all areas of life. Richard J. Davidson, PhD, is the New York Times best-selling coauthor of The Emotional Life of Your Brain. Featured widely in the media, he has popularized the idea that, based on brain-plasticity research, a person can learn skills for happiness and compassion just as a person can learn to play a musical instrument. Myoshin Kelley first began meditating in 1975 and has practiced under the guidance of several renowned meditation teachers. A senior Tergar instructor and teacher at the Forest Refuge, she leads meditation retreats, workshops, and leadership trainings internationally that experientially explore the practice of meditation and the wisdom of an open heart.

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Make new connections. Opportunities to meet up with others are intentionally woven into the campus design. At the center of campus you’ll find the Commons, a lively hub for gathering and conversation as you move between the activities of your day.

The 1440 experience.


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IntenSati: From Worrier to Warrior Patricia Moreno Tuition $305 plus 2 nights

Experience the revolutionary cardio workout intenSati. The goal of Worrier to Warrior training is to provide tools and strategies for you to exercise your power to choose your perception of reality, interrupt stress patterns, and consciously generate positive states that inspire new behaviors that lead to new results. You will learn: • To retrain your brain to think from a place of success • Workouts, meditations, and exercises of self-reflection and awareness without judgment to align body, mind, and soul • Practices to incorporate into your daily life at home to stay inspired.

Patricia Moreno is a worldrenowned and award-winning mind-body expert and fitness guru with more than 20 years of experience. An author, public speaker, and trailblazer in the fitness world for many years, Patricia has made a huge impact in the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide through her signature workout, the intenSati Method.

You will leave more empowered and ready for everything life brings your way.


Nothing Changes Until You Do: Let Go of Self-Criticism and Create What You Want Mike Robbins Tuition $295 plus 2 nights


Internal Family Systems Therapy: Embodying the Healing Wisdom Richard Schwartz Tuition $525 plus 5 nights

Wherever you go in life, there you are. You can’t really change others or even the circumstances around you; you can only change yourself. This workshop illustrates exactly how you can navigate change, let go of self-criticism, and create what you truly want. The program empowers you to: • Free yourself from self-criticism and enhance your perspective on life • Deal effectively with change and uncertainty • Enhance your capacity for courageous action.

Mike Robbins is a top-level consultant, sought-after speaker, and author of three books: Focus on the Good Stuff; Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken; and Nothing Changes Until You Do. An expert on teamwork, emotional intelligence, and the powers of appreciation and authenticity, Mike’s work empowers people and organizations to be more successful.

Spend this weekend with Mike Robbins to finally free yourself from self-doubt and gain the tools and perspective you need to step into your power as the creator of your life.

Are you ready to create emotional, mental, and spiritual change? Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS) provides a groundbreaking model for transformation. Developed by Richard Schwartz, IFS draws on systems thinking with the view that the mind is made up of relatively discrete subpersonalities, each with its own viewpoint and qualities. In this workshop, you will learn: • How to use IFS for identifying and engaging with the various parts of yourself • How and why these parts swing into action in ways that prevent you from experiencing the happiness and fulfillment you seek • To lead your life from the Self, an inner essence of calm, clarity, curiosity, courage, and connectedness.

Richard Schwartz, PhD, is founding developer of Internal Family SystemsSM (IFS), a therapeutic model that synthesizes systems thinking and the multiplicity of the mind, suggesting alternative ways of understanding psychic functioning and healing. Dr. Schwartz coauthored the most widely used family therapy text in the United States and authored You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For.

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PhysioYoga and the Pelvic Floor: The Secret to Vitality and Health Shelly Prosko Tuition $795 plus 5 nights

Your pelvic floor supports some of the most vital physical processes for a long and healthy life, including breathing, balance, hip function, core timing, and more. During this in-depth workshop with physical therapist and professional yoga therapist Shelly Prosko, you will experience an empowering combination of therapeutic yoga sequences and physical therapy movements that you can continue at home on your own. Get proactive about moving through the stages of your life with more ease, stability, and security. You will return home feeling great, with everything you need to continue to use what you’ve learned for ongoing well-being and confidence.


Experience the earth, sky, and ocean as your classroom. Allow nature to undo the stresses of a modern lifestyle as you move across the refreshing blue waters of Santa Cruz coves on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and hike on beautiful trails among towering redwoods. Out on the water, we begin SUP with basic strokes and lower-to-the-board yoga postures. Session by session, you will progress to intermediate postures. In the afternoons, we transition into the woods for a hiking and yoga practice, with a grounded sequence to deepen into awakened presence.

Get Outdoors Weekend: Yoga, Paddleboarding, and Hiking Julie Roach and Kate Clemens Tuition $475 plus 5 nights

Get outdoors with two experienced guides and enjoy a renewed connection with the natural world.


Ambiguous Loss and the Myth of Closure Pauline Boss Tuition $325 plus 2 nights


Pauline Boss created the term “ambiguous loss” for losses that remain unclear, unverified, and thus without closure. It can occur when a loved one moved far away; there has been a divorce, adoption, or irreparable quarrel; or even the result of war or political upheaval. Or, someone is missing psychologically because of dementia, serious mental illness, addiction, or a brain injury. Ambiguous losses cannot be fixed or cured. The solution is the resilience to live with ambiguity. This weekend, featuring illustrative stories and small group discussion with Pauline, we learn how to live well, find meaning, change, and discover new hope.

844.544.1440 |

Shelly Prosko, physical therapist, professional yoga therapist, and Pilates instructor, is a highly sought-after pioneer in the area of PhysioYoga Therapy, a combination of physical therapy and medical therapeutic yoga. Since 1998, she has been integrating yoga into her physical therapy treatments to promote optimal healing for people suffering from a variety of conditions.

Julie Roach is an experienced yoga practitioner, instructor, and trainer recognized as an early pioneer of SUP yoga—yoga on a stand-up paddleboard. She is founder of H2YO SUP Yoga™, the most widely recognized brand of SUP yoga and fitness in the industry. Kate Clemens graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2003. While working as a naval officer, Kate was assigned the duty of command fitness leader at the Pentagon. Today she focuses on supporting others through nutrition, bodywork, and yoga.

Pauline Boss, PhD, is professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota. With her groundbreaking work as a scientist-practitioner, Dr. Boss is the principal theorist in the study of ambiguous loss, a term she coined in the 1970s. She has researched various types of ambiguous loss, summarizing her work in the widely acclaimed book Ambiguous Loss: Learning to Live with Unresolved Grief.

Susan Stiffelman SEPTEMBER 22–24

Parenting with Presence—and without Power Struggles! Tuition $360 plus 2 nights

Often we unconsciously inherit parenting patterns— even if those approaches are ineffective or out of sync with our values. This weekend strategically guides you in overcoming your parenting challenges as you learn: • To identify aspects of your parenting approach that are (and are not) working • The three ways we interact with our children—and how to choose the most effective one • Strategies for co-parenting, even with a partner whose style differs from your own.

Susan Stiffelman, MFT, the “Parent Coach” advice-columnist for the Huffington Post, is known for her expertise in helping parents enjoy the journey of parenthood while raising joyful, resilient kids. Author of the best-selling book Parenting Without Power Struggles, Susan delivers practical strategies based on her work with thousands of parents and children—from celebrities to everyday moms and pops.

Take home the skills to foster a deeper connection with your children and heal some of the unfinished business from your childhood—leading to more ease in everyday life.


Vital Signs: Discovering and Sustaining Your Passion for Life Gregg Levoy Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

Ready to reclaim your passion for life? Passion is in the risk, the willingness to step from the sidelines onto the playing field. In this hands-on workshop with Gregg Levoy you will learn: • To cultivate passion for all aspects of life • To successfully navigate the endless tug-of-war between passion and security • Courageous inquiry of where you’re numb, depressed, stuck, and bored—and how to rework these tendencies.

Gregg Levoy is an author, lecturer, and seminar leader in the fields of business, education, government, faith, and human potential. His book Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life was included in the “Top 20 Career Publications” by the Workforce Information Group and is used as a text in graduate programs in management and organizational leadership.

When we’re filled with passion in our lives, all of our relationships, partnerships, friendships, communities, classrooms, corporations, and congregations benefit from this life-enriching energy.


Relax & Write™: Tapping Your Unconscious for Life and Art Maia Danziger Tuition $285 plus 2 nights

Take the stress out of your writing process. Allow your creative inspiration to flow onto the page. Whether you are a new or established writer, the Relax & Write™ method proves that the blank page is nothing to fear. Most of us write using only a small part of the resources we have available. Yet these resources—our intuition, creativity, and deeper knowing—are the foundation of good writing and a fully realized life. Created by Maia Danziger, the Relax & Write process unlocks your creative unconscious and uses the rich material found there for developing your passion for writing and living.

Maia Danziger is a certified life coach who specializes in creativity development and career fulfillment for writers, actors, and artists. An Emmy Award–winning actress, Maia has appeared extensively on television, in film, and on and off Broadway. She has taught meditation for more than 10 years and leads workshops for a variety of organizations, including hospitals, universities, and corporations.

844.544.1440 |


Eben Alexander and Karen Newell SEPTEMBER 22–24

Behind the Illusion: Revealing the Soul’s Journey Tuition $360 plus 2 nights


Managing Anxiety and Depression Through Ayurveda and Yoga Marc Halpern Tuition $550 plus 5 nights

There is much more to our reality than what we can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. But what is it? Profound experiences reported throughout the world teach us that the spiritual realm is so fundamentally part of our collective truth that it can no longer be dismissed. Join Eben Alexander, best-selling author of Proof of Heaven, and Karen Newell, an innovator in the field of brainwave entrainment meditation, for insights, discussions, and experiential explorations through sound meditation and heart activation. Allow yourself to be guided beyond the illusion to know that the answers truly lie within.

While everyone experiences some anxiety and depression, for many the experience significantly interferes with quality of life, including personal and social relationships, career, and even the activities of daily life. The good news is that it is possible to address these states through a natural approach that draws on the timeless knowledge and practices of Ayurveda and yoga therapy.

Karen Newell, cofounder of Sacred Acoustics, is an innovator in the emerging field of brainwave entrainment meditation. As a copresenter of workshops worldwide with best-selling author Dr. Eben Alexander, Karen empowers others with practices such as heart awareness, intention, maintaining neutrality, emotional management, and cultivating internal knowing.

Mark Halpern, DC, CAS, PKS, is founder and president of the California College of Ayurveda, the oldest school of Ayurvedic medicine in the United States. He is cofounder of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, has written three textbooks used at colleges across the United States, and has received numerous awards for his service to Ayurveda.

Through balancing yoga postures and deep relaxation, along with the cultivation of proper diet, daily routines, and sensory support, you will form a clear strategy for moving forward on your journey to overcoming anxiety and depression. Come discover an ongoing connection to your natural state of equanimity and joy.

Lead now. Engage at the cutting edge of skillfullness in the emergent leadership paradigm of our time.



Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness®: An Immersion Training Retreat Janice Marturano

Purpose-Driven Leadership: Find Your True Purpose Nick Craig

Mindfulness is the most sought-after practice in leadership development as studies reveal it enhances productivity, creativity, focus, and sustainability. This training is designed to support leadership excellence for the 21st century. See full description on page 100.


Eben Alexander, MD, is a renowned academic neurosurgeon. In 2008, a rare brain illness left him in a weeklong coma, from which he woke with memories of a transcendental near-death experience. His book Proof of Heaven was published in 43 countries and has spent more than two years as a New York Times best seller.

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Leadership can be messy and paradoxical. How can we be both vulnerable and strong? Be truthful yet not divulge too much? These five days will shift your attention to uncovering and living your leadership purpose. See full description on page 100.


Meditation in Motion Through Qigong Lee Holden Tuition $495 plus 5 nights

Qigong is the ancient art of effortless power. Combining moving meditation, flowing movement, energy training, qigong is embodied mindfulness. By synchronizing breath with movement and awareness with flow, qigong practitioners enter into a state called “flow.” Flow is a peak state of energy and consciousness. It is a state sought after by athletes, artists, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, and others; most people have experienced flow at some point, in moments of creativity, passion, having a great conversation, falling in love.

Lee Holden is an internationally known instructor in meditation, tai chi, and qigong, as well as a licensed acupuncturist. He has been instrumental in bringing ancient Taoist teachings to Western culture and he serves as a stress-management consultant to top corporations. He is author of 7 Minutes of Magic and a regular fixture on American Public Television.

This workshop is mindfulness super-charged. By working with qi, mindfulness practice becomes enriched, deepened and sustained, inviting you to access your peak performance and tap into your full potential.


Living Meditation: Free Your Mind, Ignite Your Heart, Awaken Your Life David H. Wagner Tuition $395 plus 5 nights


Yoga and Vibrant Health: Tools for Self-Care Retreat Leah Cullis Tuition $295 plus 5 nights

“There’s no one right way to meditate,” teaches David H. Wagner, who developed the Living Meditation method of inner transformation over 20 years of teaching meditation. Instead of one tool, Living Meditation offers 27 powerful ancient techniques honed and adapted to suit modern practitioners because no two meditators are alike—and because life changes. During this engaging week, you will experience guided meditation and discussions about how to apply the fruit of practice in daily life. Whether you want to start a daily practice or simply learn tools to shift your mood when needed, you will take home invaluable resources to last a lifetime.

Yoga is an incredible method for increasing health and uplifting your energy. Immerse yourself in these enjoyable days of self-care with celebrated yoga teacher and holistic health coach Leah Cullis and learn to expand the rejuvenating benefits of a yoga practice into all areas of your life. Through twice-daily yoga, meditation, reflection, nature, nourishing meals, and practices, you will cleanse and empower your body, mind, and spirit. You will also clarify your dreams and goals, explore how all areas of life are connected and how, by adding in more energetic fuel, you can live with more purpose, health, and vibrancy.

David H. Wagner, creator of the Living Meditation method, has been teaching meditation and self-empowerment to diverse audiences around the world for more than 20 years. A transformational teacher with a bold, dynamic, and unique style, David is creator of numerous meditation CDs and is author of Backbone: The Modern Man’s Ultimate Guide to Purpose, Passion and Power.

Leah Cullis is a celebrated yoga teacher and holistic health coach who has led more than 30,000 people in yoga classes at the White House since 2009. She is creator of the 5-Day Vibrant Energy Cleanse as well as an online course for Yoga Journal, and she works alongside her teacher, Baron Baptiste, designing and delivering transformational yoga programs.

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Get Unstuck and Start Writing Again Jennifer Mattson Tuition $450 plus 5 nights

It’s time to start writing again—whether you have an idea you can’t seem to get off the ground or you’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to finish what you started. Through writing prompts, exercises, artistic play, discussions about craft, and a better understanding of the creative process, you’ll: • Practice mindfulness exercises to help you focus and increase productivity • Spot and avoid common mistakes that keep writers stuck • Learn take-home tools that inspire creative flow • Create a personalized plan for a sustainable writing practice.

Jennifer Mattson is a writer, speaker, and journalist who leads writing retreats across the country and teaches at NYU, Grub Street, the Brooklyn Brainery, and the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto. A former broadcast news producer for CNN, CNN International, and National Public Radio, she reports on mindfulness, yoga, wellness, healthy living, arts, and culture. Jennifer’s writing has appeared throughout the media.

Open to writers of all levels who are looking to ride the wave past writer’s block toward inspiration.


Mindfulness Meditation as Medicine: Cultivate Healthy Living and Personal Well-Being

Experience deep renewal and develop your potential to live with clarity and ease. Mindfulness meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress, decrease chronic pain, and create a greater sense of well-being. In a highly experiential setting, you will learn: • Key teachings and practices to immediately use in your life • Lifelong tools to maximize your well-being and reduce stress and discomfort • More effective coping strategies to deal with challenges, no matter how difficult they seem.

Bob Stahl, PhD, has founded seven Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently directs MBSR programs at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, California, and at El Camino Hospital at both the Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses. He is coauthor of A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook.

Tuition $295 plus 2 nights The workshop will include presentations, practice, discussion, and inquiry in both small and large groups. Come discover how your life will be changed.


Friendship Accelerator: How to Create and Deepen Meaningful Friendships Shasta Nelson Tuition $300 plus 2 nights


Nearly 75% of women report feeling dissatisfied with their friendships—wishing that they had more friends or felt safer and more intimate with the friends they do have. This workshop will not only teach you how to make better friendships, it will also connect you to other amazing women who value healthy relationships in their lives. In this highly engaging program, you will learn the: • Five circles of connectedness: what are the different types of friendship that we all need? • Four common imbalances: what is your specific friendship need? • Three requirements to grow a friendship: how to start, repair, fix, or end any friendship.

844.544.1440 |

Shasta Nelson, MDiv, is passionate about all things friendship. As founder and CEO of—the female-friendship matching site in more than 60 cities throughout North America—she speaks and writes regularly on this important topic. She is author of two books: Friendships Don’t Just Happen!: The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriends and Frientimacy.


Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas

Rick Roberts is cofounder of Zentangle and codeveloper of the Zentangle Method. His former vocations include cab driver, musician, photographer, printer, and flute maker. He also lived as a monk for 17 years. Maria Thomas is cofounder of Zentangle and codeveloper of the Zentangle Method. Prior to Zentangle, she worked as a lettering artist and operated a stationery design and production company.

PLUS­ — October 4–6, Zentangle Drawing from Within, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts; get the details online.

Zentangle Weekend Tuition $395 plus 2 nights

Immerse yourself in an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Discover the Zentangle Method—an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life. At first glance, a Zentangle creation can seem intricate and complicated. But, when you learn how it is done, you realize how simple it is—sort of like learning the secret behind a magic trick. Then, when you create a piece of Zentangle art, you realize how fun and engrossing the process is. For beginners and beyond, enjoy this creative way to increase your focus and shift your mood and state of mind. For those with some Zentangle Method experience, this weekend you can take your Zentangle practice a step further. You’ll explore the 8 Basic Steps more deeply, draw outside the lines, and experience a new way to express yourself through nonverbal journaling. Together, we will study new tangles and tangleations, and appreciate each artist’s unique style. Come connect with Zentangle’s invitation to remember the magic we knew as a child, to create with no fear of failure.

Lead now. Engage at the cutting edge of skillfullness in the emergent leadership paradigm of our time.


Watermark Weekend Conference: The Conscious Leader Abigail Stason

Get online for a full calendar of our leadership courses and trainings

Are you ready to lead a new paradigm of interaction at work? This workshop is for people ready to go to the next level to get truly exceptional. See full description on page 100.

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CREATIVE BEGINNINGS An Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert


uthor of Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert is a writer who has become an important voice for creativity itself. In her widely popular 2009 TED talk, “Your Elusive Creative Genius,” and her most recent book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, she shares her firm conviction that creativity is everyone’s natural, human birthright, not something reserved for artists and geniuses and not requiring enormous amounts of suffering.

with creativity. My grandfather made jewelry—he was a whittler, he was a mechanic, always improving things and making new things. My grandmother made quilts and rugs—a woman who had no resources, seven children, and was constantly sick and in danger of losing the farm—decided that it was worth it to take a little bit of extra time and make something that was not just pragmatic, but unnecessarily beautiful.

Elizabeth spoke with 1440 about the human desire to shape the world in “unnecessarily beautiful ways,” the many faces of fear, the guarantee that creativity will transform us, and other advice and insights for the creative journey.

The second piece of evidence is that every child is born wanting to do creative things instinctively. When you put crayons and paper in front of a child, they don’t say, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” They sing, they dance, they perform, they build, they imagine. It’s all innate, until it gets worked out of them.

1440 Multiversity: One of your messages is that creativity is just who we are and something we all do. What makes you so sure? Elizabeth Gilbert: There are two rock-solid, airtight pieces of evidence. The first is that all of our ancestors were creative, all of them. You and I and every single person that we know is descended from tens of thousands of years of human beings who made things—and not only made things because they were necessary, but made them unnecessarily beautiful and more interesting than they had to be. Take my grandparents, for instance. They were Midwestern, depression-era dairy farmers who spent their lives engaged

This is what we come from; this is what we all come from.

1440: What advice would you give to someone with the seed of a creative spark, a notion about something? What do we do at the beginning of a creative process? Elizabeth: What stops anybody from embodying a creative idea is always fear. Whenever I talk to somebody who’s not making the thing that they want to be making, I keep looking for it to be some other reason than fear, and it never is. Fear is tricky because it takes so many disguises; it’s the original god with many faces. Sometimes fear looks like perfectionism. Sometimes fear looks like extreme self-hatred. Sometimes fear looks like competition. Sometimes fear looks like apathy. Fear

844.544.1440 |


There aren’t that many things you can do in life that can be guaranteed to transform you—creativity is one of them.

can also look like arrogance. Or scarcity: I can’t do this because I don’t have the right resources or the right background or enough time. Fear takes so many shapes. Always clear space for fear and know that it is going to be there. I’ve always found that anything I’ve fought fights me back harder. You can’t fight fear. When you break fear down, it’s just somebody who’s really afraid that what they are going to make is either not going to be good enough or that it doesn’t matter. The first thing that you are going to have to do is give yourself permission to make something that doesn’t matter, something that’s unnecessarily beautiful, something that serves no purpose. Something that might not work, something you might not be good at, something that the world might not want, something that when you’re done with it, you might wish you’d never made. And if you start trying to justify your creativity by believing your idea is going to work and that there will even be a market for it, well, all of a sudden, you’re on the wrong path because the only reason to do it is because you want to—any other reason is going to fall apart along the way. Regardless of whether it works or if there’s a market for it—just take those off the table—is the much more interesting person that you are going to make yourself into by the end of it. It’s heartbreaking to see people talking themselves out of doing something interesting or risky or weird or nonsensical. I always think, “Oh my God, you just talked


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yourself out of an experience after which you are going to know so much more about yourself than you know now.” What a pity to have lost that. There aren’t that many things you can do in life that can be guaranteed to transform you—creativity is one of them. We don’t know what that transformation will look like, we just know that it’s going to happen, that you will not be the same person at the end of it as you were at the beginning. That is reason alone to do it. I’m more interested in what it did to you than what you made. 1440: In Big Magic, when you talk about the creative process, you make it clear that you mean real, actual magic. It’s not a metaphor. Elizabeth: Yes, I’m actually talking about magic and I actually believe what I’m saying. I didn’t develop this idea, I’m just reporting on what it feels like for me—and what others have said it feels like for them. What is that thing that sometimes comes to us, not from within us? We literally say, “And then an idea came to me.” We know that it came to us, not from us. Something alighted that went from the external to the internal. And everyone knows what that feels like. I’m just really comfortable calling it by what it feels like and what tens of thousands of years of humans have called it, too. Look, I am rational and logical and responsible and disciplined, and I know the difference between something that came from me and something that came to me. I’ve experienced both and they are very different.

After reading Big Magic, some people ask me whether I believe in the magic of inspiration or the discipline of hard work. I think we’re given a false choice, without subtly. That our creative process is one of two things: either you are in charge, captain of your own soul, and everything you are creating is coming from you, or, the airy-fairy thinking that you are nothing but a vessel and it all just channels through you. My answer is that I was there doing the work. I was at my desk every morning at 6:00 am for two years. And then what happened was that one Tuesday morning, I fell into a fugue state, and all of a sudden my characters did take on their own lives and I was just taking dictation. It’s both. It’s both. 1440: Do you think there’s a way to stack the deck when it comes to magic? Elizabeth: Of course. Like with anything, you can create the best possible environment in which magic/mystery might happen. You can do that in a relationship, you can do that in your work, you can do that raising your children. Nelson Mandela did it in South Africa when he looked at the end of apartheid and saw that there were very strong odds that they were going to end up with a brutal vendetta of genocide. He thought, how can I possibly create the most promising environment to avoid that? So he worked toward these truth and reconciliation committees and created an environment in which maybe forgiveness could take root. He couldn’t make it happen, but he created the best environment in which it could happen.

On the personal level, you can create a fertile, nourishing, generous, and generative environment in which to work. That can be done by literally creating space in which you can work. You can also clear away commitments and open up hours for yourself. Magic might come too when you clear away toxic relationships with yourself and other people. 1440: What about the times when your creativity dries up? How do we reconnect with the source when it seems out of reach? Elizabeth: Einstein spoke about combinatory play; when he was stuck on a math problem, he’d play the violin. And by playing the violin, he would be freed of his anxiety and when he was free of his anxiety, suddenly the answer would come. So oftentimes, I think the answer is to step away from the writing and to go do frivolously pleasurable creative things in which you have no stakes. And in that play, parallel play, suddenly you may find a moment of reconnection. I did that after Eat Pray Love. I was very stuck. I had no idea what to do. I spent a year not writing and I made a garden. I’ve never been a gardener but I gardened that year. I thought, this is my true calling; I’m supposed to be a landscape artist. It wasn’t until I was cleaning up the autumn leaves from the garden at the end of the season, and I was just in that mindless, empty space when suddenly, the first line to my next book came to me. That wouldn’t have happened if I’d sat there at the desk sweating bullets. 1440: Have you ever had an idea that stalked you, that was just there and wouldn’t go away? One that took years and years to manifest?

Elizabeth: Even before Eat Pray Love, I’d been thinking about the ideas on creativity that went into Big Magic. Because these are essentially the precepts by which I’ve always run my own creative life. But the thing didn’t have…there wasn’t enough to it. Until many years later, when there was. Oftentimes I have several ideas at the same time. In that case what I do is hold a conference, and I pretend that I’m the president and all the ideas are like my joint chiefs of staff or my cabinet members or advisors. And every one of them has a proposal to make to me about resources that they want. I actually make each of these ideas make a case for themselves and present them to me. That’s usually when you find out that one of your ideas just doesn’t have it yet. With the idea that became Big Magic, I was like, “You have no plan, you have no charts, you’ve done no research. Come back when you’re ready to take my time or attention.” Other times, it’s the opposite, and an idea is magnificently formed, and yet at that particular moment in my life the resources do not exist to pursue it. Whether it’s the emotional resources or the financial resources or the fact that I’m already engaged in another project and committed to finishing it. In that case, I say to the idea, I’m going to have to ask you to come back in six months.

are constantly quitting something right when you get to the boring part, so you can run on to the next exciting new idea. New ideas are always alluring and always sexy and always beautiful. But here’s what I know from years and years of experience: six months into working on a new idea, it’s going to become a boring old hag. There’s always a point in every creative project when it becomes a boring old hag. My advice? Don’t just keep bouncing off into the new thing if you never finish anything; there’s some real grace to be had in finishing something. n

This interview was conducted on behalf of 1440 Multiversity by Grace Welker, a freelance editor, writer, and publisher who lives in New York’s Hudson Valley. Don’t Miss Brave Magic: An Invitation to Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage with Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed, October 13–15. Information and registration online at

And I’ll sit and talk to it throughout those six months. I let it know that I’m not abandoning it, it’s just that right now we only have this much energy on the docket and this is what we’re putting it toward— but I’m really interested in what you have to say and I want to circle back. Because I also know that when it comes to multiple ideas, there’s a danger that you

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Lead now.


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Leadership Courses At 1440 Multiversity, you learn skills to develop your personal power, combine meaning and success, and take the next step in your professional growth.

The world today needs better leadership—and better leadership training. We are not lacking in cutting-edge discoveries, practical knowledge, and timeless wisdom. What we need are opportunities to explore these things and put them into practice. The 1440 model is the perfect way to do this. 1440 Multiversity offers a new kind of professional development approach, one that brings you together with leading experts for short-term courses in an immersive environment. In courses offered at a state-of-the-art campus in the redwoods of Santa Cruz County, California, you balance your time between course sessions and enjoying the campus, daily classes, and amenities. As a result, you not only deepen your knowledge and learn new skills, you experience a chance to de-stress, recharge and energize, and get reoriented so you can move forward in a powerful way.

Immersive short-term courses to boost your career • Mindfulness • Emotional intelligence

• Leadership • Communication

• Purpose • Legacy

• Change • Trainings

We specialize in high-caliber courses with world-renowned faculty for practical, enjoyable training in a new kind of empowered leadership—­more authentic, skillful, and relationally savvy.

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Leadership Courses at 1440 Multiversity Our faculty

At 1440 Multiversity, you have the opportunity to study with a wide range of influential teachers. Our world-renowned faculty include leading business thinkers and paradigm shifters, pioneering researchers, master practitioners, cutting-edge scientists, and entrepreneurs. As an ensemble, they are leading an exploration of the integration of human potential (what are we truly capable of ) and human needs—what do we need to grow in that direction, personally and professionally.

Your schedule Morning and afternoon sessions offer engaging presentations, experiential work (with others and through self-reflection), and opportunities to ask questions. Your course time is balanced by the ease and comfort of our accommodations, including standard double rooms and executive suites, and a gourmet kitchen serving delicious, highly nourishing meals three times a day. Daytime snacks are available at the two cafés, also serving espresso drinks, wine, and beer.

While you are here We encourage you to participate in daily practice classes, such as meditation and yoga, wander the miles of forest trails, get a massage, and soak in the outdoor hot tub overlooking the redwoods. We believe that in the right circumstances, true learning occurs, the kind of learning with lasting impact and positive, productive results. At 1440 Multiversity, we’re creating those circumstances.

Explore the campus and amenities on page 116.


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JUNE 9–11

Mindfulness and Leadership Under Pressure Amishi Jha, Jannell MacAulay, and Scott Rogers Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

Leaders in every industry must be effective, adaptive, and agile. They face choices that shape our communities, our financial security, and our safety. Yet, the high-demand nature of their professional roles makes leaders themselves vulnerable to overwhelm and burnout. This weekend workshop is intended for leaders. It will interweave scientific presentations, group discussion, and practice opportunities. We will examine cutting-edge brain science on the topics of attention, mindfulness, and resilience. You will learn the costs of high stress, how to prevent its negative effects, and how to incorporate mindfulness meditation into an already full lifestyle, with a personal well-being tool kit. Amishi Jha, PhD, is a neuroscientist, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami, and the director of contemplative neuroscience for the UMindfulness Initiative. An internationally recognized speaker, she has lectured at the World Economic Forum and has been interviewed throughout the media, including on NPR and in the New York Times. Lt. Col. Jannell MacAulay, PhD, MS, BS, specializes in improving the performance of members of large organizations through nutrition, fitness, mind-body balance, and optimal medical health practices. She is founder and president of the nonprofit organization, Healthy Body Healthy Life, which builds wellness-oriented communities by employing military spouses to

provide holistic wellness outreach, partnership, and resources to military families. Scott Rogers, MS, JD, is founder and director of the University of Miami School of Law’s Mindfulness in Law Program and cofounder of UMindfulness, the University of Miami’s Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative. A nationally recognized leader in innovative and accessible mindfulness training for high performance, he is author of several books, including The Six-Minute Solution: A Mindfulness Primer for Lawyers.

JUNE 9–11

JUNE 23–25


AUGUST 25–27

One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness Jacqueline Carter and Rasmus Hougaard

15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: Radically Enhance Your Coaching Diana Chapman and Jim Dethmer

The Competitive Advantage of Mindfulness and Compassion in Business Parneet Pal and Rich Fernandez

Beyond ROI: Creating a Healthy, Engaged Workplace Sara Potler LeHayne

Tuition $420 plus 2 nights

Tuition $410 plus 2 nights

Tuition $350 plus 2 nights

It’s clear that unconscious leadership is not sustainable. Coaches are discovering that in order to change unwanted patterns in business and leadership, you must address two things: content and, even more importantly, context—the consciousness from where the content is discussed.

Today’s business leaders know that in order to succeed they need teams that are focused, productive, resilient, cooperative, and innovative. This workshop teaches you why—and how—mindfulness and compassion are the secrets to creating and leading high-performing teams.

Are you a leader who wants to increase productivity and positivity in the workplace? Join Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter of the Potential Project—a leading global provider of organizational effectiveness programs based on mindfulness— and you will learn: • How to practice mindfulness to enhance performance, creativity, and resilience • The latest scientific research on beneficial mental strategies for taming the easily distracted mind • Applications for tools that are proven to promote focus, clarity, creativity, and insight. You will leave able to apply mindfulness to your work and life, with a set of experiments to help you notice the difference in your daily life. Jacqueline Carter, MS, a management and organizational-development expert, is an international partner of the Potential Project. Also the director of the North American branch of the organization, Jacqueline has more than 20 years of experience supporting organizations—in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors —going through large-scale change. Rasmus Hougaard, MA, is the founder and managing director of the Potential Project, whose mission is to enhance organizational and individual performance and well-being through skillful application of mindfulness in a corporate context. The organization works with Fortune 500 companies in more than 20 countries—clients include Accenture, Nike, American Express, Microsoft, and Google.

Join Diana Champman and Jim Dethmer, authors of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, for a course for coaches that will forever change the way you understand leadership. Any one of the 15 commitments will change your life. All of them together are revolutionary. This weekend, you will significantly up-level the results and benefits you bring to your clients. Diana Chapman is a cofounder of the Conscious Leadership Group and has been a trusted advisor to more than 700 top-tier organizational leaders and many of their executive teams, guiding them into and through pivotal transitions in life, business, and consciousness. Diana coauthored the number-one selling business leadership book The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. Jim Dethmer is a cofounder of the Conscious Leadership Group (CLG) and has been devoted to the practice of conscious leadership for 45 years. He has worked with Fortune-200 CEOs and their teams across all industries supporting them in transforming their lives and their cultures. He is coauthor of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.

Enhance your competitive advantage with Wisdom Lab’s cofounder and president Rich Fernandez and its chief science officer Parneet Pal. With their combined expertise in organizational psychology, preventative medicine, behavior change, wellness, and decades of personal practice, Rich and Parneet give you tools to improve mental fitness and agility, bolster success mindsets, manage stress and conflict, and facilitate team synergy. Parneet Pal, MBBS, MS, is a Harvard- and Columbia-trained physician who currently leads content innovation and product development at Wisdom Labs—a company reimagining well-being in the workplace. Having moved away from clinical practice to prevention and the epidemic of chronic disease, she continues to foster health innovation as a TEDMED Scholar.

Tuition $295 plus 2 nights

Stress is inevitable. What if leaders were able to help their employees manage stress for a more productive—and more content— workplace? Move This World helps people understand, engage, express, and manage their emotions healthily. In this experiential weekend, the founder and CEO of Move This World, Sara Potler LaHayne, will introduce you to Move This World’s evidence-based curriculum to equip leaders and their teams with tools to support their emotional well-being. The result? Healthy, engaged workforces—where everyone is empowered to thrive and reach their full potential. Harness the power of creativity to build trust, reduce fear, and inspire change within your workplace. Sara Potler LaHayne is founder and CEO of Move This World, a global nonprofit that works with more than 9,000 individuals in 22 cities and four continents, harnessing the power of creativity to transform conflict, build trust, and inspire change. Move This World has reached more than 100,000 youth, fostering safe and supported learning environments.

Rich Fernandez, PhD, is a Columbia University-trained psychologist with nearly two decades of experience, specializing in leadership and organizational development at organizations such as Google, eBay, and J.P. Morgan Chase. Previously, director of executive education at Google, he is cofounder of Wisdom Labs—a think tank for activating well-being and purpose-driven performance within organizations.

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NeuroLeadership: Maximize Your Potential Lisa Wimberger

Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness®: An Immersion Training Retreat Janice Marturano

Purpose-Driven Leadership: Find Your True Purpose Nick Craig

Watermark Weekend Conference: The Conscious Leader Abigail Stason

Tuition $4,950 plus 5 nights

Tuition $425 plus 2 nights

Leadership can be messy and paradoxical. How can we be both vulnerable and strong? Be truthful yet not divulge too much? Make decisions and keep an open mind?

Are you ready to lead a new paradigm of interaction at work? This workshop is for people interested in dropping excuses and going to the next level to be truly exceptional.

Tuition $300 plus 2 nights

One of the most effective leadership tools is the ability to harness the power of the mind and direct it toward the highest vision for success, happiness, sustainability, and well-being. With specific knowledge and skills, you can bring yourself out of the draining experience of living life in the stress response and transform your limiting beliefs while opening up to a new world of possibility. Join Lisa Wimberger, author of New Beliefs, New Brain: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear, and learn Neurosculpting®, a five-step process targeted at maximizing neuroplasticity, quieting stress, and entraining toward your greatest potential. Lisa Wimberger, MEd, is an author, sought-after speaker, and founder of Neurosculpting and the Neurosculpting® Institute. She holds a master’s degree in education from Stony Brook University and a foundations certification in neuroleadership. Lisa is author of New Beliefs, New Brain and Neurosculpting and has created and facilitated executive leadership trainings for Fortune 500 companies.

Tuition $1,255 plus 4 nights

Mindfulness is the most sought-after practice in leadership development as studies reveal it enhances productivity, creativity, focus, and sustainability. This week is an immersive mindful leadership training designed to support leadership excellence for the 21st century. As you master valuable tools, you will learn: • To engage innate capacities of the mind to strengthen and enhance traditional business and leadership expertise • Daily applications to cultivate mental and physical resilience • Skills for meeting and initiating change toward positive outcomes. Prepare to be surprised by the success with which you are able to embody the best in leadership through your capacity for mindfulness. Janice Marturano is founder and executive director of the Institute for Mindful Leadership. A certified mindfulness teacher and former officer of a Fortune 200 company, she is author of Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership and has brought mindful leadership trainings to a variety of prestigious organizations.

These five days will shift your attention to uncovering and living your leadership purpose and expressing it authentically. You will: • Uncover your truth; learn a framework to tap what is unique to you • Identify the events that shape who you are • Uncover and live your individual leadership purpose. Devote this week to stepping fully into your leadership potential and embracing the 21st-century leadership model—focused on the discovery of who you are as a leader. Nick Craig is president of the Authentic Leadership Institute, a consulting firm committed to waking up those who will wake up the many by inspiring them to discover their purpose and equipping them to lead authentically. Nick’s insights and approach come from more than 25 years guiding senior leadership programs, executive coaching, and architecting results-focused change initiatives.

Through intentional practices designed by visionary executive Abigail Stason, you can learn to live congruently while meeting the expectations of your organization. This engaging weekend is built on three core ideas: presence, emotional intelligence, and commitment. You will learn to: • Separate fact from fiction and get to the core issues quickly and accurately • Recognize the ways you leave the present moment • Increase your emotional intelligence and discover how emotions fuel innovation. Abigail Stason is an executive with 40,000 hours of leadership experience and the author of Beyond Ego: A Framework for Mindful Leadership and Conscious Human Evolution, a handbook for how to be a conscious leader and create a conscious culture. She combines extensive purpose-driven experience with leadership development to offer up-to-date and effective executive leadership and team facilitation. Watermark is the leading community of top women executives, entrepreneurs, and emerging executives in the San Francisco Bay Area whose mission is to increase the number of women in leadership positions. In partnership with:


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Foundations of Awareness-Based Systemic Change Peter Senge, Robert Hanig, and Darcy Winslow

Mindsight in Leadership: Bringing Emotional Intelligence into the Workplace Daniel J. Siegel and Caroline S. Welch

Mindfulness in Action: Leading for Results Jeremy Hunter and Lili Powell

Tuition $3,250 plus 3 nights

An often-neglected aspect of systemic change is that it is deeply personal; leaders who are unwilling or unable to see their own personal share of the challenges they address are ineffective in nurturing deep change. Through the interplay of personal and interpersonal work, you will see how systems leadership is ultimately about the capacity of a human community to shape its future and to bring forth realities aligned with people’s deepest aspirations. As a result, you will discover your own abilities to contribute as such a leader, within your personal life, in your organization, and within the larger system in which you live and work. Peter Senge, PhD, is senior lecturer at Sloan School of Management at MIT, founding chair of the Society of Organizational Learning (SoL), and cofounder of the Academy for Systemic Change. He is author of The Fifth Discipline, recognized by Harvard Business Review as ”one of the seminal management books of the last 75 years.”

Robert Hanig consults with companies throughout the world in areas including leadership, organizational learning and change, applied creativity, and dialogue. He is a founding member of the Academy for Systemic Change and the Society for Organizational Learning as well as RLH Consulting, with a client list that includes many prestigious companies. Darcy Winslow is a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and CEO, managing partner, and cofounder of the Academy for Systemic Change. She worked at Nike Inc. spearheading their sustainable business strategies, and for more than 20 years she has been a pioneer in developing businesses and implementing protocols for sustainability and social responsibility.

Tuition $445 plus 2 nights

Mindsight is the basis of emotional intelligence, an essential component of effective leadership. Mindsight involves the capacity for empathy, self-awareness, and being able to see things from other people’s perspective. During this engaging weekend, you will learn to: • Harness the powers of insight and empathy and cultivate those qualities in the workplace • Increase morale, productivity, and innovation • Inspire dedication and enjoyable collaboration. The winning combination of Daniel’s explanation of brain science and Caroline’s experience in a variety of business settings make this a unique opportunity to master the most valuable cutting-edge skill needed in business today. Daniel J. Siegel, MD, received his medical degree from Harvard University and is an internationally acclaimed author, educator, and child psychiatrist. The executive director of Mindsight Institute, known for his unique ability to make complicated scientific concepts accessible, Dr. Siegel has addressed diverse audiences, including Google University and the Dalai Lama. Caroline S. Welch is a sought-after international speaker, known for her expertise in law, mediation, and mindfulness. A meditator for more than 30 years and former vice president in litigation at MetroGoldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM), she is CEO of Mind Your Brain, Inc. and cofounder of the Mindsight Institute.

Tuition $3200 plus 3 nights

This 3-day course prepares you for the core leadership challenge: skillful action in the face of unpredictable and ambiguous situations. Not for the faint of heart, this program offers a deep dive into your patterns of reaction and their connection to your leadership results. We will explore mindful practices directly and in application to a series of challenging experiential exercises. Through practices inspired by journaling, yoga, meditation, and nature, participants will learn to enhance their attention in new ways and shift to more effective patterns of taking action. You will leave inspired, with an action plan for practicing and implementing what you learn in your life and your work. Jeremy Hunter, PhD, associate professor of practice and founding director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, has more than a decade’s experience helping leaders develop themselves while retaining their humanity in the face of monumental change and challenge. Lili Powell, PhD, is a professor at the Darden School of Business with a background in rhetoric and performance studies. She sees her previous work with language and the performance of self as deeply connected with her current work preparing students to become business leaders. She teaches MBA, EMBA, and executive education classes in leadership, management, and corporate communication.

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Lead now. Lead by gaining mastery in new skills.


Awake at Work Michael Carroll

Tuition $525 plus 2 nights

Lead to fully express your talents and personality.

One of the single most important capacities of a great leader is the ability to connect with and inspire others. In this workshop, Judith E. Glaser teaches you how to become a master of Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ).

Lead in alignment with your values.

You will learn how to improve your C-IQ in practical ways and discover the neuroscience of conversations, including how our conversational behaviors can either increase cortisol levels (inhibiting thinking and connection) or increase oxytocin (positively impacting connection, innovation, and empathy) in ourselves and others. You will take home important insights and the skills you need to enhance your capacity for creating a healthy, thriving organization— through conversations.

Lead to create new potentials for your career. Lead because the world needs better solutions. Detailed descriptions, bios, and the latest courses



Conversational Intelligence®: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results Judith E. Glaser

844.544.1440 |

Judith E. Glaser, best-selling author of Conversational Intelligence, is considered one of the most pioneering and innovative change agents, consultants, and executive coaches in the industry and the world’s leading authority on Conversational Intelligence®. Judith has more than 30 years’ experience drawing on neuroscience and anthropology in working with CEOs and their teams to elevate engagement and impact the bottom line.

Tuition $420 plus 4 nights

Most of us spend a good amount of our time working. And, for many of us, our professional life can often feel like an unruly journey—sometimes exhilarating, other times discouraging, at times creatively fulfilling or tragically toxic. Is it the job that is distressing or is it the mind that we bring to the task? This week, join Michael Carroll, a meditation teacher and former corporate executive, and learn: • Mindfulness meditation to confidently explore work’s conflicts with an open, courageous, and agile mind • How present-moment awareness transforms hassles into valuable opportunities for growth • Practices to cultivate characteristics for thriving in today’s vibrant workplace. Michael Carroll is the COO of Global Coaching Alliance, an executive-coaching and leadershipconsulting enterprise, and has held executive positions at Shearson Lehman/American Express, Simon & Schuster, and the Walt Disney Company. Author of Awake at Work, The Mindful Leader, and Fearless at Work, Michael has been practicing and studying Tibetan Buddhism for more than 30 years.




So Your Values Live On: A Retreat on Sharing Your Legacy Bob Halperin

Achieving Superior Organizational Results Through a MindfulnessBased Culture Barry Margerum

The Servant Leadership Experience Jon Gordon, Ken Blanchard, and Marjorie Blanchard

Tuition $465 plus 3 nights

Leaders and executives often wrestle with questions of how to leave a legacy: in addition to our material success, how do we go about the daunting task of sharing our nonmaterial assets, with loved ones? Join the centuries-old tradition of famous and non-famous people who have been moved to write ethical wills. In an experiential format, you will learn: • How to start the process and authentically express the values and life lessons you wish to share • Methods for linking your personal legacy with your financial and philanthropic legacy • How this process helps you align with how you want to live and lead in your life right now. Bob Halperin, MBA, is a research affiliate at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence, where he previously served as executive director. He offers more than two decades of executive education and senior management experience, including leadership roles at Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Harvard Business School, and MIT Sloan School of Management.

Tuition $625 plus 2 nights

This course provides tools for becoming a more mindful and compassionate leader. Drawing on business acumen and mindfulness practices, we will make sense of the challenges we face working in the digital age and the leadership traits essential for optimal organizational performance in today’s world. Through engagement in a variety of presentations, individual and group exercises, and discussion, we will explore mindfulness practices for communicating, listening, and leading. You will learn: • How to build a mindfulness-based culture, where employees are more engaged, have increased well-being and perform optimally • Five specific meditation practices • How to enhance the outcomes of crucial conversations and challenging circumstances. Barry Margerum has more than 25 years of C-level management, strategy, and marketing experience in the electronics and communications industries and is a recognized pioneer in bringing mindfulness programs into the corporate workplace. With his unique mix of business acumen and mindfulness experience, he specializes in integrating mindful and compassionate leadership practices into corporate cultures and core management curriculum.

Tuition $625 plus 2 nights

We believe the world is in desperate need of a different foundation for leadership and that Servant Leadership is the answer. When people lead at a higher level, serving first and leading second, they make the world a better place because their goals are focused on the greater good. As a result, they help individuals and organizations achieve worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the well-being of all involved. In this workshop we will focus on the heart (character), the head (beliefs), the hands (behavior), and the habits (strategies) to help you recalibrate how you want to lead in the world. Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences throughout the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous NFL, NBA, and MLB coaches and teams, Fortune 500 companies, school districts, hospitals, and nonprofits. Author of The Energy Bus, Jon and his

consulting company are passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations, and teams. Ken Blanchard, PhD, is cofounder and chief spiritual officer of the Ken Blanchard Companies®, an international management training and consulting firm. His classic The One Minute Manager has sold more than 13 million copies and remains on best-seller lists today. Ken has received many awards and honors for his contributions in the fields of management, leadership, and speaking. Marjorie Blanchard, PhD, has earned a reputation worldwide as a compelling motivational speaker, an accomplished management consultant and trainer, a best-selling author, and an entrepreneur. Coauthor of The One Minute Manager Balances Work and Life, Dr. Blanchard is well versed in a variety of topics and often speaks on leadership, balance, managing change, aging parents, and life planning.


Authentic Leadership Immersion Bill George and Scott Kriens Based on a course created at Harvard Business School, this immersion is designed for leaders at all levels of nonprofit organizations and foundations, health care and medicine, government and military, education, the media, and small business.

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844.544.1440 |



ill George is an American businessman and academic and author of Authentic Leadership and True North. Professor of management practice and a Henry B. Arthur Fellow of Ethics at Harvard Business School, he previously served as chairman and chief executive officer of Medtronic. In his classic book Authentic Leadership, Bill George makes the case that we need new leaders, not just new laws, to bring us out of the current corporate crisis. He persuasively demonstrates that authentic leaders of mission-driven companies will create far greater shareholder value than financially oriented companies. This excerpt from Authentic Leadership includes key messages for those committed to bringing authentic new leadership and energy into our boardrooms and workplaces.

Leading an organization, large or small, is not an easy task. It can be lonely at times. Meeting the varied needs of people you serve is a continuing struggle. Leaders are pulled in many different directions, yet must keep a clear vision of where they and their organizations are headed. The complexities of twenty-first-century corporations demand new leadership. We need leaders who lead with purpose, values, and integrity who are good stewards of the legacy they inherited from their predecessors. We need leaders who build enduring

organizations, motivate their employees to provide superior customer service, and create long-term value for shareholders. In short we need a new kind of leader—an authentic leader— to bring us out of the current leadership crisis. My hope is that you will be inspired to become an authentic leader, committed to making the world better for all its citizens, and leading with your heart as well as your head.

Leadership is authenticity, not style Something ignited in my soul, Forever or unremembered wings, And I went my own way, Deciphering that burning fire. —Pablo Neruda Not long ago I was meeting with a group of high-talent young executives at Medtronic. We were discussing career development when the leader of the group asked me to list the most important characteristics one has to have to be a leader in Medtronic. I said, “I can summarize it in a single word: authenticity.” After years of studying leaders and their traits, I believe that leadership begins and ends with authenticity. It’s being yourself; being the person you were created to be. This is not

844.544.1440 |


The one essential quality a leader must have is to be your own person, authentic in every regard. The best leaders are autonomous and highly independent.

what most of the literature on leadership says. Nor is it what the experts in corporate America teach. Instead, they develop lists of leadership characteristics one is supposed to emulate. They describe the styles of leaders and suggest that you adopt them. This is the opposite of authenticity. It is about developing the image or persona of a leader. Unfortunately, the media, the business press, and even the movies glorify leaders with high-ego personalities. They focus on the style of leaders, not their character. In large measure, making heroes out of celebrity CEOs is at the heart of the crisis in corporate leadership.

The authentic leader Authentic leaders genuinely desire to serve others through their leadership. They are more interested in empowering the people they lead to make a difference than they are in power, money, or prestige for themselves. They are as guided by qualities of the heart, by passion and compassion, as they are by qualities of the mind. Authentic leaders are not born that way. Many people have natural leadership gifts, but they have to develop them fully to become outstanding leaders. Authentic leaders use their natural abilities, but they also recognize their shortcomings and work hard to overcome them. They lead with purpose, meaning, and values. They build enduring relationships with people. Others follow them because they know where they stand. They are constant and self-disciplined. When their principles are tested they refuse to compromise.


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Authentic leaders are dedicated to developing themselves because they know that becoming a leader takes a lifetime of personal growth.

Being your own person Leaders are all very different people. Any prospective leader who buys into the necessity to emulate all the characteristics of a leader is doomed to fail. I know because I tried it early in my career. It simply doesn’t work. The one essential quality a leader must have is to be your own person, authentic in every regard. The best leaders are autonomous and highly independent. Those who are too responsive to the desires of others are likely to be whipsawed by competing interests, quick to deviate from their course or unwilling to make difficult decisions for fear of offending. My advice to the people I mentor is simply to be themselves. Being your own person is most challenging when it feels like everyone is pressuring you to take one course and you are standing alone. In the first semester of business school we watched The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. Initially I did not relate to the film’s message, as I had always surrounded myself with people to avoid being lonely. Learning to cope with the loneliness at the top is crucial so that you are not swayed by the pressure. Being able to stand alone against the majority is essential to being your own person. Shortly after I joined Medtronic as president, I walked into a meeting where it

quickly became evident that a group of my new colleagues had prearranged a strategy to settle a major patent dispute against Siemens on the basis of a royalty-free cross-license as a show of good faith. Intuitively, I knew the strategy was doomed to fail, so I stood alone against the entire group, refusing to go along. My position may have not made me popular with my new teammates, but it was the right thing to do. We later negotiated a settlement with Siemens for more than $400 million, at the time the second-largest patent settlement ever.

Developing your unique leadership style To become authentic, each of us has to develop our own leadership style, consistent with our personality and character. Unfortunately, the pressures of an organization push us to adhere to a normative style. But if we conform to a style that is not consistent with who we are, we will never become authentic leaders. Contrary to what much of the literature says, your type of leadership style is not what matters. Great world leaders—George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, John F. Kennedy—all had very different styles. Yet each of them were an entirely authentic human being. There is no way you could ever attempt to emulate any of them without looking foolish. The same is true for business leaders. Compare the last three CEOs of General Electric: the statesmanship of Reginald

Jones, the dynamism of Jack Welch, and the empowering style of Jeff Immelt. All of them are highly successful leaders with entirely different leadership styles. Yet the GE organization has rallied around each of them, adapted to their styles, and flourished as a result. What counts is the authenticity of the leader, not the style. Having said that, it’s important that you develop a leadership style that works well for you and is consistent with your character and your personality. Over time you will have to hone your style to be effective in leading different types of people and to work in different types of environments. This is integral to your development as a leader. To be effective in today’s fast-moving, highly competitive environment, leaders also have to adapt their style to fit the immediate situation. There are times to be inspiring and motivating, and times to be tough about people decisions or financial decisions. There are times to delegate, and times to be deeply immersed in the details. There are times to communicate public messages, and times to have private conversations. The use of adaptive styles is not inauthentic, and is very different from playing a succession of roles rather than being yourself. Good leaders are able to nuance their styles to the demands of the situation, and to know when and how to deploy different styles. Let me share a personal example to illustrate this point. When I first joined Medtronic, I spent a lot of time learning the business and listening to customers. I also focused on inspiring employees to fulfill the Medtronic mission of restoring people to full health. At the same time I saw many ways in which we needed to be more disciplined about decisions and spending, so I was very challenging in budget sessions and put strict controls on headcount additions. At first some people

found this confusing. Eventually, they understood my reasons for adapting my style to the situation, and that I had to do so to be effective as their leader.

Being aware of your weaknesses Being true to the person you were created to be means accepting your faults as well as using your strengths. Accepting your shadow side is an essential part of being authentic. The problem comes when people are so eager to win the approval of others that they try to cover their shortcomings and sacrifice their authenticity to gain the respect and admiration of their associates. I, too, have struggled in getting comfortable with my weaknesses—my tendency to intimidate others with an overly challenging style, my impatience, and my occasional lack of tact. Only recently have I realized that my strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin. By challenging others in business meetings, I am able to get quickly to the heart of the issues, but my approach unnerves and intimidates less confident people. My desire to get things done fast leads to superior results, but it exposes my impatience with people who move more slowly. Being direct with others gets the message across clearly but often lacks tact. Over time I have moderated my style and adapted my approach to make sure that people are engaged and empowered and that their voices are fully heard. I have always been open to critical feedback, but also quite sensitive to it. For years I felt I had to be perfect, or at least appear that I was on top of everything. I tried to hide my weaknesses from others, fearing that they would reject me if they knew who I really was. Eventually, I realized that they could see my weaknesses more clearly than I could. In attempting to cover things up, I was only fooling myself.

The poem “Love after Love,” by Nobel-Prize winning poet Derek Walcott, speaks to the benefits of being in touch with your disowned aspects and welcoming them into your life. As I have been able to do so in recent years, I have become more comfortable with myself and more authentic in my interactions with others. The time will come when with elation you will greet yourself, Arriving at your own door, in your own mirror, And each will smile at the others welcome; Saying, sit here. Eat. You will love again and the stranger who was yourself. Give wine, give bread, give back your heart, To the stranger who has loved all your life, Whom you abandoned for another, who knows you by heart, Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs, The desperate notes. Sit. Feast on your life. —Derek Walcott

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Easy access.


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Plan Your Stay All you need to do is get here. It’s easy. Choose your program. Add your accommodations. Register online or by phone. Then simply make your travel arrangements.

Once you arrive, we provide everything you need to get oriented, settle in, and start exploring. Accommodations At 1440 Multiversity, you’ll find a wide range of accommodations for your preferences and budget. Each of our guest rooms has been thoughtfully designed to be a comfortable place to rest at the end of the day. Most of our housing has been built for sharing, with rooms built to accommodate from 2 to 8 guests. meet someone new—it’s part of the 1440 experience (roommates are assigned by gender).

Accessibility For details about accessibility, and to ensure that we can plan to assist you, please contact us at or by calling 844-544-1440.

What’s included

Room Choices

Accommodation rates include far more than just the bed you sleep in. Per-person accommodation rates include: • all meals • daily meditation and yoga classes • non-ticketed evening events • use of all facilities, including the fitness center, steam rooms, whirlpool, and more. You will also enjoy access to woodland trails, cafés and shops, amphitheaters, and other campus highlights.

Accommodation rates are per person, per night, plus tax. The total cost of your stay is your tuition (or R&R rate) plus your acommodations (taxes additional). Suites from $340, spacious rooms with additional sitting area, desk, and special touches Traditional Double from $190, a range of tastefully designed shared rooms Standard Double from $160, rooms include desks; shared hall baths Standard Single from $175, rooms with a twin bed; shared hall bath Modern Asian-styled Pods, personal privacy in a communal space—available Fall 2017! Get online to view room options and features.

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1440 Multiversity Scotts Valley, CA

Direct flights to Mineta San Jose International Airport



Getting Here

You’ll find all of our programs online, along with accommodation options and all the information you need for easy registration.

Check-in begins at 2:00 pm and rooms are ready by 4:00 pm.

1440 Multiversity is easy to get to. We are just outside of Santa Cruz, close to Silicon Valley.


Location Scotts Valley, California • 15 mins north of Santa Cruz • 40 mins south of San Jose • 90 mins south of San Francisco

San Francisco International Airport (SFO): 60 miles

You can register at register or call 1.844.544.1440 (toll-free). Payment is due in full at the time of registration and can be made with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Cancellations and Refunds Please read our policy online:

We encourage you to allow for a little extra time on arrival day so you are not rushed. Once you check in, you can explore the campus, settle into your room (after 4:00 pm), and even take a meditation or yoga class before dinner. Dinner is served from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. A welcome session is offered at 6:45 pm. Most opening night program sessions begin 7:30 pm.

Departure Checkout is at noon. Lunch is included in your stay. On the last day of your stay, program sessions are scheduled to end by 11:30 am.


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Directions For online directions or GPS our address is: 800 Bethany Drive Scotts Valley, CA 95066 Alternatively, you can also enter 1440 Multiversity in Google Maps.

Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). 27 miles

Oakland International Airport (OAK): 60 miles Direct flights: There are direct flights into San Jose from Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas, with flight times ranging from 90 mins to 2 1/2 hours. The airport has an easy-to-use rental car facility.

Enjoy the outdoors. Explore walking trails through the majesty of a redwood forest.

The 1440 experience.

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Faculty Index A Zinn Adeline 70 Eben Alexander 88 Jodi Aman 37 HeatherAsh Amara 63 Liz Arch 58 Elaine N. Aron 53 Jane Austin 54

B Ellyn Bader 43 Tulsi Bagnoli 64 John Bagnulo 109 Sherri Baptiste 44 Wendy Baron 50 Susan Bauer-Wu 64 Sera Beak 33 Douglas Beasley 60 Martha Beck 109 Michael Beckwith 109 Hemalayaa Behl 40 Baxter Bell 34 Rob Bell 68 Sierra Bender 45 Sam Berne 53 Ken Blanchard 103 Marjorie Blanchard 103 Richard Blanco 19 Charlie Bloom 24 Linda Bloom 24 Scott Blossom 77 Tracey BoldemannTatkin 67 Jean Shinoda Bolen 69 Joan Borysenko 38 Tara Brach 73 Kimberly von Brandenstein 68 Judson Brewer 81 Anne Bright 26 Richard Brown 50, 53 Suzanne Bryant 32 B Grace Bullock 36 Mirabai Bush 19

C Julia Cameron 49 Michael Carroll 102 Christine Carter 68 Jacqueline Carter 25, 99 Diana Chapman 34, 99 Sonia Choquette 71 Kate Clemens 86 Mark Coleman 109 Susanne Conrad 78 Seane Corn 21 Nick Craig 88,100


Jason Crandell 76 Alexandria Crow 55 Margaret Cullen 66 Leah Cullis 89 Raphael Cushnir 56

D Maia Danziger 87 Krishna Das 109 Davidji 69 Richard J. Davidson 14–16, 83 Barbara De Angelis 79 Russell Delman 27 Paul Denniston 62 Panache Desai 42 Lesley Desaulniers 33 Albert DeSilver 66 Jim Dethmer 34, 99 Joe Dispenza 109 Julie Dittmar 109 Nicki Doane 27 Mike Dooley 49 John Douillard 109 Mike Dow 71 Karen Drucker 38

E Eve Ekman 29 Paul Ekman 29 Travis Eliot 39 Tery Eliott 65 Vivian Elliot 47 John Evans 45

F Rich Fernandez 62, 99 Guy Finley 108 Nick Flynn 81

G Michelle Gannon 18 Pilar Gerasimo 71 Patricia Gerbarg 50, 53 Elizabeth Gilbert 92–94, 109 Judith E. Glaser 102 Philip Goldberg 64 Jay Golden 40 Elisha Goldstein 45, 48 Stefanie Goldstein 45 Joe Goode 70 Jon Gordon 103 John Gottman 57 Julie Gottman 57 Linda Graham 43 Schuyler Grant 109 Susan Kaiser Greenland 56, 77 Paul Grewal 58 Kathy Griest 41

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Kevin Griffin 55 Chris Grosso 33

H Bob Halperin 72, 103 Marc Halpern 88 Jean Haner 56 Robert Hanig 101 Steven (Devarshi) Hartman 35 Dallas Hartwig 71 Susan Hauser 25 Joyce Hawkes 32 Gitanjali Hemp 41 Kathlyn Hendricks 82 Harville Hendrix 108 Laraine Herring 50 Cliff Hodges 33 Lee Holden 20, 89 John Holland 62 Lucia Horan 55 Richard Horowitz 67 Rasmus Hougaard 25, 99 Helen LaKelly Hunt 108 Faith Hunter 42 Jeremy Hunter 101

I Amy Ippoliti 79 Ira Israel 27

J Brad Jacobs 44 Guru Jagat 35 Tish Jennings 31 Amishi Jha 25, 98 Sam Jinich 18 Jeff W. Jones 72 Leslie Salmon Jones 72 Sandra Joseph 20

K Matt Kahn 109 Gopi Kallayil 19 Myoshin Kelley 83 Sally Kempton 48 David Kessler 62 Bryan Kest 39 Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa 52 Tama Kieves 28 Eric Kipp 41 Alex Korb 54 Jean Kristeller 23, 28 David Krueger 25

L Sara Potler LaHayne 72, 99 Brooke D. Lavelle 34, 59 James Leary 24 Marc Lesser 109 Nancy Levin 59 Noah Levine 54, 55 Gregg Levoy 87 Andrea Lieberstein 23, 28 Bruce H. Lipton 63 Jennifer Loudon 78 Max Lugavere 58 Frederic Luskin 40

M Jannell MacAulay 25, 98 John Makransky 34, 59 Barry Margerum 103 Janice Marturano 88, 100 Gabor Maté 76 Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur 37 Jennifer Mattson 90 Camille Maurine 23 Jennifer Mazzucco 38 Sarah McLean 51 Carmen Mensink 47 Linda Trichter Metcalf 26 Melina Meza 34 Elise Browning Miller 22 Jill Miller 51 Richard Miller 26 Keith Mitchell 18 Phillip Moffitt 56 Meredith Monk 109 Patricia Moreno 85 Eric Moya 22 Marianne Murray 79 Gary Muszynski 43

N Shasta Nelson 90 Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman 42 Karen Newell 88 Geeta Novotny 27

O Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian 37 Tim Olmsted 63

Parneet Pal 62, 99 Akil Palanasimy 109 Laurel Parnell 35 Eric Paskel 82 Peter Pearson 43 Robert Peng 109 Carole Pertofsky 40 Lili Powell 101 John Prendergast 60 Shelly Prosko 86

Jessamyn Stanley 62 Amba Stapleton 70 Don Stapleton 70 Abigail Stason 91, 100 Claude Stein 78 Aaron Stern 79 Susan Stiffelman 87 Michael Stone 26 Sara Avant Stover 51 Cheryl Strayed 109 Dana Sturtevant 75 Shakti Sunfire 39 Robert E. Svoboda 109



Charles Orlando 36 Frank Ostaseski 76


Anne Randolph 69 Ryan Redman 29 Eliza Reynolds 19, 20 Sil Reynolds 19, 20 Julie Roach 86 Mike Robbins 85 Kelly Rae Roberts 66 Rick Roberts 91 Lorin Roche 23 Melanie Roche 82 Scott Rogers 98 Erika Rosenberg 32, 66 Steve Ross 75 Sage Rountree 28, 31 don Jose Ruiz 44 don Miguel Ruiz Jr. 44 Desirée Rumbaugh 109

S Kerena Saltzman 24 Sharon Salzberg 18, 80 Neha Sangwan 48 Dana Sawyer 64 Rochelle Schieck 59 Cassie Schindler 38 Marilyn Schlitz 50 Richard Schwartz 85 Steve Seeche 72 Peter Senge 101 Kristen Seymour 67 Brien Shamp 19 Rami Shapiro 71 Shauna Shapiro 29 Chris Shelton 41 Daniel J. Siegel 39, 101 Kimber Simpkins 65 Ronesh Sinha 58 Alejandra Siroka 20, 77 Kira Sloane 81 Bob Stahl 90

Michelle Tam 109 Stan Tatkin 67 Annette Tersigni 37 Maria Thomas 91 Krista Tippett 109 Christa Turksma 31

U Prerna Uppal 58

V Lakshmi Voelker 44

W David H. Wagner 89 Wah! 24 B. Alan Wallace 29, 31 Jennipher Walters 67 Bethany Webster 81 David Weinstock 75 Caroline S. Welch 39, 77, 101 Claudia Welch 109 Rusty Wells 108 Deon de Wet 65 Mark Wilding 47 Lisa Wimberger 77, 100 Darcy Winslow 101 Carin Winter 60 Danette Wolpert 108

Y Yang Yang 109 Brenda Yarnold 44 Colleen Saidman Yee 108 Rodney Yee 108 Lidia Yuknavitch 70

Z Lian Quan Zhen 22

Harmonize mind and body. A blissful array of massage, energy work, and healing arts invite renewal from head to toe. Discover the Healing Arts center on page 12.

The 1440 experience.

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Welcome to the 1440 Multiversity campus Designed to provide a contemporary adult learning experience, our first-of-its-kind campus has been purpose-built from the ground up with great sensitivity and care. Among its many features: • a range of stylish accommodations • a professional kitchen with two wood-fired ovens

O Ho AK usin g

• a welcoming indoor-outdoor dining area • a 1,200-square-foot fully equipped fitness center


R Au EDW di O to O riu D m

• two cafes serving espresso beverages, wine, beer, and treats


Ampitheater M A H DR ous O in NE g

• a 22-room healing arts facility with steam rooms and an outdoor infinity-edge whirlpool


• state-of-the-art classrooms

• two shops with an array of products for well-being and gift items • an open-air amphitheater for classes and performances • a space for meditation and introspection


• four miles of walking and hiking trails

nera Carbo



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Teaching Kitchen & Garden

E DGion O t E L tra TH egis R

Y AR U m T o NC sro A as S cl Common Grounds

K OOoms L T ro OU lass C Crest




Environmental Commitment Our commitment to compatible and sustainable environmental practices guides our planning, building, and operations. Some features include low-power lighting, maximum-efficiency facilities, rainwater-capture systems, reusable and natural construction materials, heating and cooling with natural airflow, and environmentally sensitive recycling practices.

This catalog is printed on 100% FSC paper. Recycled/ Recycleable. Share with a friend.


Immersion learning in the redwoods of Santa Cruz County, California 800 Bethany Drive Scotts Valley, CA 95066 Follow us on

Summer 2017—Join these world-renowned faculty at 1440 Multiversity.

Richard Blanco

Sharon Salzberg

Richard Miller

Mike Dooley

Amishi Jha

Seane Corn

Neha Sangwan

Rob Bell

Richard Davidson

Bruce Lipton

B. Alan Wallace

Rick Roberts

Eben Alexander

Elizabeth Gilbert

Cheryl Strayed

Rasmus Hougaard

Diana Chapman

Panache Desai

Elaine N. Aron

Daniel J. Siegel

Joan Borysenko

Jessamyn Stanley

Gabor Maté

Tara Brach

Laurel Parnell

Janice Marturano

Peter Senge

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Julia Cameron

John Holland

Jean Haner

John Gottman

Julie Gottman

Meredith Monk

Rodney Yee

Robert Peng

1440 Multiversity Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog  
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