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Volume 1 No. 1 September

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Xavier Stage introduces William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


By Agnes Fe L. Amper

n September 21-27 at the XU little theatre in which this production presents to be the opening production of its third theatre season entitled “realizing Shakespeare.” This project is part of the Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts’ Artistic Excellence: Drama Program for Formation and Art Appreciation. Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA) creates, delivers, strategizes, manages, and implements culture and arts programs (Filipino and Foreign, Classical and Contemporary) as part of the social outreach and formation framework of Xavier University. Under this organization was the Xavier stage where students that are good in acting are trained and

develop their skills to portray and this is headed by Mr. Hobart Savior This year is another perspective of delivering art through William Shakespeare’s classic plays amended in the Philippine context of cultural understanding and it is set on Pre-Islamic Maranao and is adapted in Cebuano. Cathrine Santos, who have watched the show said that “tsada kaayo siya nga play. Worth it kaayo ang 100 bahala ug dugay pa nahuman.” I could it see it in her face how she feels because she was even alert at around 10pm. “Required man o dili, mutan-aw gihapon ko kay lahi

 

A Gist of Culture and Arts in Today’s Generation (Page 2) .”.talent bridges me to many opportunities in life “ - Krista Mae B. Villamor (Page 3) “What’s on your mind?” (Page 4)

Editor in Chief Krista Mae B. Villamor

Associate Editor Agnes Fe L. Amper

Writers Benessa Jeanne C. Catipay Camela Dawn G. Derecho

ragyud siya na play.” She added. She sounds very convincing due to what she said. Look forward and witness the art of this production because it will surely wine up your thoughts and support the values muslim instilled with them and their culture for it is the only way of understanding their beliefs and faiths.

Iisang Bangka: Xavier University Presents the Festival of Choirs


Catch for more information at Museo de Oro third floor for more inquiries of the play.


he Xavier Center for Culture and Arts and the Xavier University bring you Iisang Banka: Festival of Choirs 2 showcasing different choirs from various schools in the city. From grade schoolers to College students singing patriotic songs with their unique voices featuring the choirs from Xavier University Glee Club, Capitol University Glee Club, LDCU G-Clef Society, CSU Budjong Choral Ensemble, Corpus Christi Grade School and Friends and Music, in cooperation with XCCA. The event motivates the audience to make their own versions of the songs they like, it also in-

By Camela Dawn G. Derecho

spires the audience that each and every one of us has something unique within us just like how they made their own versions of their songs. The Concert is not only for those who sings good but it is open for everyone. It is for everyone, no exception. It is a must watch concert for it showcases modern songs or not just modern songs but also old songs that are revised by them and the songs also that have been revised, they made is pleasing to the ears. The Con-

cert will be on September 28, 2013. It will be held at the multipurpose hall of Capitol University. Brace yourselves as these choirs give you the best of music with their beautiful and angelic voices. The concert’s Matinee show is at 3pm and the Gala show is at 7pm.


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By Benessa Jeanne C. Catipay

ou’ve probably heard the argument before that culture and arts are important because they preserve our heritage, that they give a medium for artistic expression, that for some they provide an escape from crime, and so on. In most cases, we see our culture and arts as a mixture of our history and our identity in today’s world. For example if you are from the Philippines, how do you feel when you see other Americans enjoying the Pinoy beats with the ‘Pinoy ako, Pinoy tayo’? Don’t you feel pride? In our past-paced generation today, our culture and arts have been playing a very great role in maintaining the awareness of the different constituents in our society regard-

ing the very colorful and magnificent intelligible past of our country. It is indeed undeniable that our country is one of the richest country in terms of culture and with the aid of arts, these varied cultures really comes into reality and were amazingly executed nowadays. I cannot really perfectly stress out how significant Culture and Arts is in our generation today yet based in my own perspectives; I can really say that this is one of the most important spices in making our world a more harmonious place to dwell on. Culture and arts are vital tools in promoting a stronger social fabric and in enhancing the social health of a nation. Culture

is that invisible bond which ties the people of a community together. The art, literature, language and religion of a community represent the community’s culture. Engagement in the arts often serves to strengthen social bonds in subtle but important ways, and to forge connections that may not have existed before. So why are culture and arts important? Most people who participate in cultural and artistic activities would probably say that these activities enhance the quality of their lives. They bring about personal enjoyment, enriching perspectives, intel-

lectual stimulation, and opportunities for public involvement. But the arts and expressive culture also have broader impacts beyond the individual level. They can fuel community and economic development. The importance of culture and arts in people’s lives can be viewed from many angles. There are three potential benefits: the ability to see things from other people’s perspective, think more imaginatively, and leave their daily lives behind.

Dream Big

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By Krista Mae B. Villamor

I grow up in a family oriented clan. I have been with them in my eighteen years of existence here on earth. I can say that they are the people behind in molding me to what I am today. Being with this kind of environment, I can say that they are the one too who helped me in discovering my capacities. During my childhood days, I can still recall seeing myself always in front of a mirror and mocking like a true singer. I always break my back too for always dancing on top of a table, treating it as my own stage. Talent serves as our bonding for my family. I really feel good whenever I can see smile painted in their faces that drives me in continuing to make others pleased.


ntering a new chapter of my life, I can really say that I truly find home. High school opened a lot of opportunities for me to be in. One of this is being part of the schools resident cultural troupe – Sibol Theater and Arts Company. It engages me to try new things to discover my socializing abilities in meeting new people. At first, it was not that easy in pleasing everybody. But I induced myself to never give up, and not to be tolerated by the eyes of others. I really convinced myself to study and practice hard in playing the maranao ensemble instruments. Thanks god that after all my hard works during practices and with the help also from my co-members and mentors, I certainly achieved it. Talent makes me realized that to never give up; to never get affected to what oth-

er people say, extend your patience and to learn understand. Somehow my wisdom to extend my patience and learn how to understand led me having camaraderie among my co-members. I get the chance to build a more harmonious relationship towards my troupe mates. And with this, it was not hard for me anymore to be around with them. Whenever we travel places to have a performance, we got the chance to share the stage with the other performers coming from the different parts of the country. It enables me to face my fears in performing in front of many people, and overcome it with proudness and confidence. Talent overcomes my dream to travel to different places; to be involved to different talent exposes at the most respected venue in the country.

Remembering all of those endeavors I have encountered along my journey in my talent evolution, I can truly say that I am so pleased accepting God’s gift on me. It is a great journey and having the opportunity to paint smile to other people, to learn to understand and don’t get tolerated to what other people say against you, and lastly the chance to be able to go to many places. All of these pieces are proof for me to never stop in dreaming big with the use of my talents and lessons learned along the journey of my life. I will truly continue




“Whatever the mind can conceive, you can achieve”.

..face my fears in performing in front of many people..


...Publishes the unpublished unpublished... ...


Dapat ka kasing tine-TREASURE. :)

Kasi unti-unti ka ng nawawala..


Kasi katulad ng mukha mo, nalipasan na ng panahon!

..Photos Of the Week..

Xavier Cultural Dance Troupe Community Building 2013

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