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Kelvin Grove Urban Village By DANA TOLLEY

With Australia being one of the most highly urbanised countries in the world, the Government has commenced steps to stop the urban sprawl dilemma. One of the steps that the Government plans to implement to relieve the strain on the infrastructure of Queensland is to form urban villages. Kelvin Grove Urban Village is one of the most thriving urban villages in South-East Queensland. It is the latest in the urban consolidation and renewal plan in inner-city Brisbane that the Government has set in motion. The Village provides a wide range of recreational, commercial, educational and residential features utilising a small area of space (approximately 16 hectares). The Village provides medium density housing for in excess of 4,380 people, with 36.1 per cent of the housing being flats, units or apartment. From the 36.1 per cent, 51.1 per cent are rentals. This provides the average person in the village (never married, no children and/or student or full time employee) a small, however comfortable living area that Figure 1 Example of Medium Density requires minimal maintenance. There are plans to construct Housing in Village additional housing complexes in the Village. The Village also provides residents and others with cafĂŠs, parks, grasslands and a weekly market. Making the village more welcoming with offering the social aspect to Kelvin Grove. The Village also offers many different convenience stores, fast food outlets and restaurants within accessible walking distance. This is convenient for all who dwell within the village, especially the elderly and the busy professionals who may not or are too busy to travel outside of the residential area. Kelvin Grove Urban Village provides entertainment for residents of all ages. The Round House Theatre delivers great entertainment from the QUT drama students, with all acts being appropriate for the young to the elderly. The Village is also a place for young university students to come and have fun, with the village providing concerts, parties and music festivals. This Figure 2 Round House Theatre

gives the younger, more energetic residents a diverse source of entertainment that better suites the younger generation.

The Urban Village has many other attributes that assist the residents such as many educational facilities that range from Play Groups and Kindergartens to Primary and Secondary Schools, leading to Tertiary and Universities. The area

Figure 3 Entertainment for younger generation

also has a school for special needs. This indicates that the Urban Village is a prime location for families with children attending schools and even for middle aged people who are returning to university. The Village is built in a very strategic location for it is very close to the CBD (approximately 2 kilometres). This provides the working professional (whose employment is within the city) close and fast access to the very busy CBD. The Kelvin Grove Urban Village has a great sustainability and transport plan to help reduce pollution, lower power consumption and ease congestion on the roads. To assist with implementation of the above, the Government plans to create additional medium and high residential areas with greater emphasis on public transport. This will also aid in reducing the dependency that Australians have on fuel and motor vehicles. This is a monumental leap forward in stopping congestion on the main roads and highways and also provides daily commuters with easy and fast access to the CBD. The Village also offers bicycle and walk paths for residents and pedestrians to use on a daily basis which in turn reduces air pollution. Kelvin Grove Urban Village has lowered their ecological footprint by using more environmentally efficient systems such as, gas or solar hot water systems, water recycling, water efficient tapes, toilets and showers and designing buildings so that they have insulation, therefore reducing heating and cooling costs. The Village was constructed taking advantage of natural light and ventilation. The Village also has a variety of native trees and plants that are drought tolerant (require less water); but also maintain their lush green foliage making the Village attractive all year round. Figure 4 Kelvin Grove Urban Village Roads

Kelvin Grove Urban Village is one of the most thriving urban villages the Government has created. With the latest urban trends and strategic location, the vast educational facilities and close proximity to the CBD, the 16 hectare village is one of the first initiatives assisting to halt the urban sprawl predicament whilst still providing the residents with recreational, commercial, educational and residential facilities.

Figure 5 Map of Kelvin Grove Urban Village

Research Notes 

Urban consolidation and renewal of inner-city Brisbane

Incorporates – residential, commercial, educational and recreational

16 hectares

Building commenced 2002 – latest trends in urban design

Provide wide range of facilities in small space

Relives some strain on the infrastructure in SEQ (South-east Queensland)

Urban Village – village within a city

Contains all facilities that are provided within a true village in a more compact area

Environmentally, socially and economically sustainable

More efficient use of space and resources

Visually appealing

Medium density housing – townhouses, apartment blocks

Total Population: 4,384

Male: 47.6% : Female: 52.4% : Indigenous: 0.9%

Majority aged 25-54 years

23.3% born overseas

Majority of Population never been married

Majority of partnerships have no children

Majority students or full time employed professionals

Flats, units or apartments account for 36.1% of housing

51.1% housing rentals

Misuses of the urban village


Not many clothing stores


Hills – elderly





Plusses of the urban village o

Well designed


In semi good condition


Hardly any traffic


2km from CBD


Lots of parking space


Not much traffic noise


Young/ middle/ old ages


Low-high rent/buying prices


Most new


Many places of education


Bus transport


Atm’s and banks


Food and convenience stores


Grass areas with seating


Walking distance


Many trees and shrubs


A public park within walking distance


Weekend markets


Health areas 



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