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Kelvin Grove Urban Village (KGUV) is a master-planned

Throughout the urban village there are many

This example of a fantastically designed urban

community set on 16 hectares only 2km from Brisbane’s

different land uses, lifestyles, tenures and

village has many aspects going for it. The

cultures which are provided for very well. There

proximity to the city, the mixed tenures, the

are commercial, residential, educational and

respect for heritage, the environmental, social

recreational areas, the village was designed like

and economic sustainability and security are

purposes. The Village as well as being a university

this to encourage and emphasis the community

just some examples of how incredibly well

campus, is also a commercial and residential area. This

facilities and shared public spaces, for example

thought out the Kelvin Grove Urban Village is.

leading inner-city creative precinct was produced by a

Kulgun Park.

CBD. The Village was built on the site of the former Gona Army Barracks. To preserve the heritage, some of the more significant Gona Barracks buildings have been re-modelled and are being adapted for educational

partnership of Queensland Government and

Queensland University of Technology, and was based

The urban village’s master plan ensures that The parks have been fashioned based on the

there is environmental, social and economic

natural, historical and Indigenous qualities of the

sustainability by using top of the market


The village’s natural features have been

technology and environmental knowledge such

emphasised by keeping a mix of native species,

as, landscaping the area so that the rainwater

While designing Kelvin Grove Urban Village, the

including grey gums and tallowwoods while

filters through parking areas to replenish the

architects knew that the village needed a mix of housing

complementing them with new plantings of native

water table and prevent erosion by storm

options for social and community benefits. By doing this,

grasses and shrubs as well as mature fig trees.


on the idea of Ecological Sustainable Development. One crucial factor of this master-planned village was the inclusion of diversity.

the designers were respecting the existing communities

Again this encourages community recreational

by ensuring that the development was sensitive and appropriate. This idea has been extended by including

health facilities and job support - in the Institute of

activities, such as sports and performances.

Above all, different groups are catered for well by





Health and Biomedical Innovation and the Creative

communities while also integrating new and

Industries Precinct Enterprises Centre – for existing

existing neighbours.


Pip Boocock, Geography, Mr. Sikich

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