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Durability With Rubbermaid Trash Cans- 13 Gallon Trash Can

___________________________ By Francke Work - From the largest businesses to the simplest homes, garbage cans are a necessary part of life, essential for keeping homes and businesses clean and sanitary. Therefore, selecting the right trash container is important, and individuals and businesses alike need to consider how to find a receptacle that is the right size, shape, and weight. For unparalleled strength and versatility, homeowners and businesses should consider the resiliency of Rubbermaid trash cans.

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Rubbermaid garbage cans are all made from a durable plastic, but for those looking for the best strength possible, the Brute collection is a smart way to go. Brute Rubbermaid containers are made to be seamless, which gives these cans added strength. Additionally, Rubbermaid bins have been created to avoid denting, rusting, and leaking, which is essential to keep trash contained and the surrounding areas sanitary and odor free.For added versatility, it is possible to purchase Rubbermaid trash receptacles in all sizes. For smaller needs, there are Rubbermaid cans starting off as small as ten gallons. These smaller sized receptacles are perfect for households or more contained commercial needs, since they take up less space and are less cumbersome to haul around. However, for more

expansive needs, there are also 95 gallon Rubbermaid bins, which are more commonly used for commercial properties. Trash receptacles are also available in varying in between sizes, with a particularly large selection of 44 gallon and 55 gallon cans. Shape is another consideration and Rubbermaid containers are available in both circular shapes as well as squared versions. Many people prefer the standard circular construction since it is easier to carry and maneuver. However, it is also possible to purchase a squared trash bin. These bins are often a bit easier to store since the squared corners allow them to be tucked away, especially in a line of other trash cans. Square Rubbermaid garbage cans only come in larger sizes, starting at 50 gallons.

Rubbermaid trash receptacles are all created with movement in mind, and the circular versions therefore have large, easy grip handles to facilitate transport. However, because trash cans sometimes get heavy, the square Rubbermaid trash containers usually come equipped with wheels to better allow for transportation and maneuverability. As another added feature, a square Rubbermaid trash bin comes with a lid attached, making it harder to lose. Circular bins have lids that snap on but are sold separately. While Rubbermaid trash containers are often purchased for practical reasons, there is a variety of color options available as well. Starting with nondescript grays and blacks, Rubbermaid trash receptacles can disappear into the background. However, for those who want a bit more color and personality, there are also Rubbermaid garbage cans in brighter colors, including yellow, red, and blue.

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