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Editorial Having attended our ďŹ rst EYP sessions around 6-7 years ago, we have both come to realisation that it is about time to give back to the organisation that has given us both so much over the years. Between the two of us, we will soon have held almost every single position possible at a large variety of EYP sessions - from editing to jurying, from International Forums to Regional Sessions. This gives us an edge that very few people in EYP have, as we have the experience to cater to absolutely every single participant at Warsaw 2020. With 3 International Session Media Team experiences already behind us RISE 2016, Vilnius 2018 and Yerevan 2019, we feel conďŹ dent that we can use these past experiences to bring this particular International Session alive at a whole new level. With this we aim to provide a full and inspiring experience to every single one of the participants, but primarily- the Media Team, which as per our experience, tends to have the most trouble portraying a coherent message. Whilst preparing to write this application - we both realised how our visions for an IS Media Team almost identically aligned - priorities such as kindness, support and teamwork, whilst putting emphasis on personal development, teaching and a clear visual media identity. We wish to step outside the box of EYP Media Team visuals by taking the psychedelic and futuristic look the session already has and bringing it to a whole new level by incorporating abstract ideas and truly showcasing the cultural city of Warsaw. As two artistic people, we believe this application should give a taste of all the ideas we have in store to make Warsaw 2020 a session like no other.


Question no. 1 Warsaw 2020 will be a product of a collective commitment to activise, learn, inspire and share kindness. What is your vision for that event and how do you intend to incorporate it with the concept presented by the Organising Team?

Warmth, concern, care, friendliness and consideration are just some of the many values that cross our mind when thinking about kindness. Devoting resources to others brings lasting well-being, which is exactly what we want our team to experience. We wish to see the participants of Warsaw 2020 to leave Poland with the notion of having challenged themselves, whilst also offering and receiving unconditional support and a sense of accomplishment that will extend to their own day-to-day lives. The simplest way to practice such kindness is to simply be present - actively listening, empowering, supporting and helping each other through minor and/or major crises. Stefan: Ever since I have started working as a graphic designer last year, I have noticed how a bigger workload and tighter deadlines can easily have a negative impact on a person, especially when working on substantial projects. Additionally, when working in larger teams, people tend to feel left out or behind the rest if their part does not seem as signiďŹ cant as that of others, something that we want to prevent from happening.


Kaja: With years of EYP Media experience and having recently head organised one of the largest events EYP Estonia has ever hosted, my main takeaway has been that it is absolutely possible to create both a fun and productive working atmosphere, without necessarily compromising on quality. As EYP events are getting bigger and fancier each year, it is important to remember the reason we all started EYP in the first place and to revert back to our organisation’s sincere core values to inspire the people around us. We strongly believe that each individual has something they are extremely passionate about and therefore want to utilise this through intra-team knowledge sharing.In most instances, the Editorial Team is responsible for giving trainings, however we want to provide everyone with an opportunity to practice their teaching skills and allow them to inspire others with their passion. Moreover, to further promote kindness and the idea of giving back, we would like to do pre-session webinars that will be available to the whole network. When it comes to the team itself, we want to create such a structure in which everyone will be working together, supporting and empowering each other throughout their projects. This, depending on the final size of the team, entails buddy working groups and a solid support system with 1 person in charge + an assistant + 1 member of the editorial team supervising the entire process. As we take the role of belonging to the leadership team very seriously, we want to make sure our own team is taken care of whilst also being extremely attentive to the expectations of the Head Organisers, International Office, Sponsors etc Furthermore, in order to ensure that people are not stressed and feeling under pressure the whole time, we want to establish a concept called well-being breaks, during which everyone will be able to freely share their feelings and vent if they need to.


Question no. 2 The theme of “The Future is Europe”, the idea of “giving-back” and the emphasis on culture, tradition and art are the core foundations of Warsaw 2020. How do you understand these? How do you see the role of Media Team while working with these elements?

We live in an era of constant innovation where everything is always moving and developing and, at times, it seems like we are in a constant hurry, resulting in us missing out on smaller enjoyments in life as we are, more often than not, focused on bigger things exclusively. Even though this allows us to dedicate time to many different things in a shorter time frame, we realise that sometimes we just need to press the “pause button” and think about the present. This results in us thinking obsessively about that current moment and therefore forgetting to soak in the bigger picture of why we are doing something in the first place. This phenomenon can often be seen at International Sessions; where Media Team Members put a ridiculous amount of pressure on themselves and thus hardly get to enjoy the session itself at all. As the two of us are slowly on our way to finishing our EYP journeys; for the Media Team of Warsaw 2020 we would like to surround ourselves with like-minded people: dedicated to learning and giving back to each.


Both of us have spent nearly 7 years in EYP being active in many different roles; from sessions and the Boards of our National Committees, all the way to different International Governance structures. What these different dimensions have taught us is that giving back is at the core of our organisation. Due to this very reason, we want to equip the Media Team with the necessary knowledge to share this with the rest of the network through their artistic expression, so that one day the participants of Warsaw 2020 would l be motivated and able to give back to that same community that had granted them those opportunities in the first place. One aspect that really caught our eye is the NOC’s“Neon Warsaw” vision centered around innovation and modernity. Especially when it comes to art, we believe that there is no tradition without innovation. We hence believe that the Visual Identity of Warsaw 2020 really serves as the epitome of that concept. Should we be given the opportunity to work on Warsaw 2020, we would like to further develop this idea by representing Warsaw and its skyline through the same visual concept. More often than not we see people filled with creative ideas being too scared to express them. For instance, it took Stefan more than 6 years of actively working and learning graphic design before starting to publish his work in the form of an online portfolio, primarily due to the fear of being negatively judged. Due to this reason, our main goal for the session is to help our Team Members in overcoming this barrier by allowing them to express their artistic side and ideas through any medium they desire. Both of us have quite a strong technical background that we would use to equip our Team with the necessary skills to do so, but, more importantly, we would also like to create such a working atmosphere that would allow the MTMs to be comfortable with discussing and materializing their ideas into reality.


Question no. 3 The Media Team as a formative experience: how would you ensure that Warsaw 2020 would be an educative experience for the Media Team Members?

We describe our working atmosphere as empowering, inspiring and relaxing as it serves as a catalyst that begins a chain reaction of mutual empowerment, support and respect. When we discussed applying to Warsaw 2020, we realized that we share the same values when it comes to the working environments we strive to create transparent and open communication, balance between work and life, care for each other’s well-being, focus on personal development, and recognition of hard work. Transparent & Open Communication

Discussing our plans, ideas and priorities together with the rest of the team and allowing every Team Member to share their views and perspectives is crucial for achieving our common vision and goals. By doing this, we want to make MTMs feel like everything they have to say has a certain value and is appreciated.


Balance between work and leisure and care for each other’s well-being

During sessions, Media Team Members are oftentimes quite busy working on their projects and documenting the session, usually resulting in late-night meetings and a lack of leisure time. We believe that this only leads to a large amount of unnecessary stress that subsequently blocks the MTMs’ creativity and productivity, which defeats the original purpose of maximising the working time and minimising the time devoted to leisure. To ensure an efficient balance between work and leisure and that everyone’s well-being is taken into consideration, we would like to structure our work as if we were actual employees by implementing a “work hours” rule - this would mean that we expect all MTMs to dedicqte a certain number of hours a day to work; however giving them the freedom of choosing their own pace. Moreover there won’t be mandatory meetings or any work related activities after 10 PM with the exception of missed deadlines; if the MTM themselves feel like they want to work in the night. Strong team spirit

By ensuring the aforementioned atmosphere, we want to promote mutual respect and trust between Team Members. Through a common vision, ideas and goals, through empowerment and support, our goal is to create a sense of unity in the team Recognition of hard work

Our goal is to positively reinforce people, to make them proud of their projects, to give them credit for their work and ultimately show them that their effort is valued and highly appreciated.


Focus on personal development

To follow up on the practice from the Yerevan IS, we would like to hold network-wide online training modules that will allow us to prepare our team before the session, while also providing an opportunity to the rest of the Network to attend these modules. By having these modules, we would like to avoid certain problems experienced at Vilnius IS; such as not having a concrete overview of what skills each member already had; and who in the team or network themselves could be paired up to ensure a more relaxing and development based workflow, instead of unnecessarily pressuring certain people. This will ensure a more flexible and relaxed CMO day, in line with our previously outlined vision the participants’ well-being. During the CMO day, we are of the opinion that it is more important to focus on establishing a common workflow and work procedures, as well as further developing individual project and making tangible plans for the upcoming days. EYP is the best place to fail

Although this might initially sound as if we are justifying and encouraging an abandonment of responsibility, our intention with this statement is quite the opposite. On the contrary, we are convinced that it should be perceived in an exclusively positive connotation, as we believe that it perfectly describes the learning platform that our organisation offers. Every volunteer in EYP is there to try new things, to experiment, to learn and to enjoy the experience along the way. For Warsaw 2020, we want to leave no stone unturned. Our goal is to fuel our Team Members with passion and knowledge, encouraging them to explore the limitless possibilities of EYP Media and therefore allowing them to further develop their artistic side.



Meet us Kaja started EYP in 2014 and has since been extremely well connected in the world of EYP both internationally and locally. Having been a member of around 10 EYP media teams, interned at one of the largest newspapers in Estonia and taken on the role of creative designer for several of her many volunteering projects - it is safe to say she feels confident on being a leading figure when it comes to media. Having created visual identities for her session XXENF as well as her NGO TUDO B'EM, she feels that coherence and a strong vision is what every media team should bring to an event. As she has been on the board or EYP Estonia for 2 years, as well as worked as a team leader at her job at Volkswagen and Summer Camp director - she has excellent communication, training and responsibility skills that will ensure everyone feels welcome, appreciated and confident with their workflow. In day to day life, she is enrolled as a university student in Strasbourg, France. Stefan started EYP in 2014 and has spent 6 years working in different Regional, National and Advisory Boards of EYP Serbia. In addition to that, he had the opportunity of being in 3 different Council of EYP, with 2 of them being in the role of a chairperson. Outside of EYP, he is a student of Electrical Engineering, at the University of Belgrade. He is an experienced graphic designer, with over 6 years of experience and for the last 6 months, he is professionally working in the field. He is flexible, creative, available and easy for communication, he is an open-minded designer focused on following latest design trends.


Stefan HadŞović Kaja Silva Aulik


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