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These Monologues are free for public use. All that is asked is that you give credit to JAMES GILLARD in your programs.

(FOR A YOUNG MAN 12-14 OK, I know I’m not as good as David. No, I didn’t make the track team this year, No, I don’t get perfect scores in every class and NO, I didn’t wash my dish after I ate. I just forget sometimes. OK MOM. OK DAD--just like you forget me. CAN I introduce myself again. I am-------------, and I’m pretty good in biology. Did you notice the 100 I got on last week’s exam? I didn’t think so, because you were so focused on MR. Perfect that you (pauses ) forgot about me. Well here I am. (yelling) I’m not 15 , I’m not that fast and I can use some help in English and World Studies. Instead of comparing me to David, I wish you find the good in me. I love my brother, but I don’t want to be him. I want to be me. ___________________________________________________________

FOR A YOUNG GIRL (!0 -12) Just watch me; in a few years I’m going to be an actress. Oh yeah, I’ll be right next to Raven Simone, or starring in that new movie with BEYONCE. That’s right. Watch. I hear the girls at school. She’s too dark, she’s too loud, too short but they never say too special. I remember the first time I thought about acting. I saw Jennifer Hudson in DreamGirls. She told JAMIE FOXX, “I’m not going nowhere,” I could feel the chills in my body, and a tear came down my eye. That’s when I knew I wanted to be on stage. So to all the people who think its not possible. I’ll just leave you with this. I may be dark, I may be loud, I may be short. “BUT I’m HERE…. (She begins to walk offstage) But I’m here. __________________________________________________________ 10 -12 year old boy One more inch and I would’ve cut off my whole finger. Wow, I can deal with 7 stitches, but if I lost my whole finger, “I don’t know what I would do.” Guess I would go crazy. And it’s all my fault. Because I just don’t listen. My father told me 3 times to put the scissors away. BUT NO, I’ve got to play stalker with it (holds up imaginary scissors) My father yelled at me “YOU COULD”VE TAKEN SOMEONE’S EYE OUT.” He’s right. I need to start listening more. The same thing happens to me at school. I want to do everything my way and a lot of times it turns out to be wrong. I’ll start listening and pay attention more. Today it’s just a finger….next time it could be so much more. TIME FOR ME TO GROW UP! By James Gillard

HISTORY LESSON Mr. Lankford My name is Mr. Lamkford, and I been a tenant here in harlem for over 50 years. I notice people aren't as nice as they used to be. Everybody in a rush to go (Pauses) nowhere. Rooms ain't no bigger than a minute. Young girls and young boys rude and disrespectful. He plays some jazz music and begins to nod his head to the sound of jazz music Now you hear that. That never changes. Coltrane always sounds the same. A young black man walks on stage. He is wearing a baggy jeans. Timberland boots, a Yankee fitted and a platinum chain which hangs from his neck. He turns on his radio. Rap music blast from the speakers. He raps to himself. Mr. Lankford looks up in air disgusted. Mr. LANKFORD And that's the problem. That music brings ignorance to this building. We don't need it here. He one of them (pauses) rappers. Well it's time we have a talk. MANIFEST What's up pops. You don't like Little Wayne. MR. LANKFORD As a matter of fact I don't. MANIFEST

Well yo, that's your problem son. MR. LANKFORD Yo?! My name is Mr. Lankford son? MANIFEST Aight, Mr. Lankford. MR. LANKFORD You think you are so cool, Manifest laughs Mr. LANKFORD You know we developed cool. ManIFEST I can't see that? Mr. LANKFORD No you cant' see. You got to hear it. Students Bebop, copacetic, you dig, pull my coat, The bomb, boogie man, boogie woogie, cats, chicks, combo, crib, daddy 0, dig, finger zinger, fly, We COOL... Mr. LANKFORD Now what's you know about that? ManIFEST What you know about this! Students Holla, bass, flow, slammin, beasting, hot to death, bananas, chillin, parlay, you feel me, bubbling,Good money,and YOU KNOW WHAT I"M SAYING. Mr. LANKFORD NO I don't? MaNIFEST So what's up Pops. Mr. LANKFORD My name is Mr. LNNKFORD ManIFEST Sorry. Puts headphones back on head

MR. LANKFORD Son, why you dress like that? MANIFEST Why you dress like that? MR. LANKFORD I always figured this was the proper way to dress. Trousers nice and secure. Shirt that fit. MANIFEST These are baggy jeans. Pants got to hang just right. Got to lay on top of the timbs. What you want me to put on a pair of khakis? Huh MR. LANKFORD Umph, umph, well it's your style. your name


MANIFEST MANIFEST! MR. LANKFORD MANIFEST? MANIFEST That's right. It means to bring into reality. MR. LANKFORD No I don't how you going to bring anything into reality with your pants down. MANIFEST You got jokes Mr. Lankford MR. LANKFORD I got jokes but I got a lot of sense too. What's your real name MANIFEST I don't go by my government name anymore.

MR. LANKFORD Government name? MANIFEST Yeah, slave name government it's all the same. MR. LANKFORD Well I don't think your mother and father was thinking bout that when they named you. MANIFEST No they wasn't, but I know the history of this country. I got knowledge of self. Mr. Lankford Sit down son.. Time for you to learn something. Mr. Lankford points his cane at African Drummers. They begin to play. Two students come out (speak in African accent) AFRICAN 1 Kick the ball to me? AFRICAN 2 Good catch. Try it this way (kicks ball) Do you hear that? African 3 Strangers come! 4 students enter stage with mask and surround them. Africans huddle close together. These are the slave traders. SLAVE TRADERS DON'T RUN!!! NARRATOR Timeline 1619,, A Dutch ship brings 20 enslaved Africans to the Virginia Colony at Jamestown. This is America's first documented account of slavery. Four to eight Africans sway left to right AFRICAN 1 I want to go home

AFRICAN 2 I miss Africa AFRICAN 3 I miss my mother? AFRICAN 4 Where is my father? A slaveholder pulls 2 Africans from group All AFRICANS No don't take him, don't take her, What are you doing? Some run to other side of stage. pulls out whip

Slave holder

Narrator Once in America slaves were auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is where the separation of friends' and family occurred. Auctioneer Now you see this young strong buck here. He's got great form. Look at those shoulders and those thigh muscles. Stronger than 3 oxen, and the boy doesn't get tired. He's a breeder, and primed for hard work. The only thing I ask is that you make sure he is obedient. If not he could cause you a lot of problems. What say, I start my bid at 25 dollars. Can you go higher, come on now. What's your bid? ADE My name is ADE, which means "the royal one." I come from a proud tribe of Somalian warriors. They try to break my spirit. But I know who I am. A man. I am a man.

Auctioneer One hundred dollars for the boy. ManIFEST I don't know how they could take it. was me

If it

Mr. LANKFORD If it was you, you would be in the same position. Let me show you someone that did fight back. NARRATOR In 1833, a young slave was sold to a small farm in TALBOT COUNTY MARYLAND, where he endured, harsh treatment, until the day he decided to fight back Two men fight on stage FIRST MAN Pick that up, Move that over here. Man pulls out whip FREDERICK DOUGLAS I will no longer let you hit me. Frederick grabs Man by throat and flings him down FREDERICK DOUGLAS We fought for two hours and Covey finally gave up. FIRST MAN Your beating would have been less severe if you had not given up. FREDERICK DOUGLAS The nerve of him, You have not whipped me. The truth is men are whipped oftenest who are whipped easily Narrator The narrative of the life of Frederick Douglas ManIFEST Now that was gangster.

Mr. LANKFORD That was necessity. ManIFEST Pops, I mean Mr. Lankford, why you hating on Hip-hop so much. Mr. LANKFORD Um, I don't, (pauses) I don't hate it. But I don't like it. ManiFEST Well maybe in time. MR. LANKFORD Maybe. MANIFEST Thanks for the history lesson. you.


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