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Wan-Chien, Lin 1992/06/30 born in Taichung Education Contact Intership International Workshop Skills

Third-year,Dept. of Architecture, NCKU,Taiwan +886910-502699 2013.08 Original Architects&Planners 2013.04 Nicholas Boyarsky Urban Sampling&Mash-ups AutoCAD/Ps/Ai/Rhino Hand-drawing/Model Making

Sacred Place in the city /modern church design

Collage of Beautiful Life /art gallery design

A Route in the Woods /community center design

Urban Sampling & Mash-ups

Haian Competiton

Model / Sketch

Sacred Place in the city /modern church design

Where you can look up the sky, where you can be alone and keep thinking, is your personal sacred space in the city.

Section A


Section BB’

A modern church should provide sacred space for thinking and being alone. I create different type of tower to emphasize the light from the sky. You can feel the change of the time in the spaces.

Second Floor PLan

Ground PLan

Third Floor PLan

Collage of Beautiful Life /art gallery design

Art is in the city for everyone, not about the collection, it is what people need everyday.

North Elevation

South Elevation C




d b

c e




g i




1F Plan

2F Plan

3F Plan

The site is in a living area, I want to creat a gallery which is close to the people.


a. Gallery1 b. Gallery2 c. Office

4F Plan

d. Cafe’ e. Reading Area f. Gallery3 g. Gallery4

h. Art studio i. Gallery5 j. Restaurant

k. Art studio




on AA’

on BB’

on CC’

A Route in the Woods /community center design

When you keep walking and walking in the woods, you can feel the wind and hear from the starlight, it is not only a place but a route you create.

/Concept /Site Analysis green belt trace of activities gathering place

t Development

Ground Plan

Here is a park originally with different kinds of trees. People walk the dog and exercising on the pavemant in the morning. I keep the route people created and hope they can feel the change of seasons when they live with this community center and the trees.

Urban Sampling & Mash-ups International Workshop

Yu-Guang Island

Sampling Location




Equipment &Presentation By 24-hours sampling, we create a brand new way to experience the island. Map the different time of the site and mash up the pieces we collected as presentation.

Sound Sampling

Smell Sampling Tide Sampling

Sound Sampling

Wind Sampling

Haian Competiton

Installation for the vantilation tower

According to the false policy, Haian Road is a nightmare for the local people. After 20 years,the underground mall becomes a parking garage . We change the miserable history to a fairy tale. The vantilation towers are the exit from the underground and the lovely bubble elves come out.

The bubble elves are interactive installation, they could be a chair,a table, or even a lamp on the street. We change the functional equipment to an art project, hope the elves can bring good memories to the local people.

Model Making Farnsworth House

Traveling Sketch

Portfolio 2014  
Portfolio 2014