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Exhibition Hall for Students in Kyoto

Facade Glass

Glass Units



Structure Gallery



Structure Gallery -z

Structure = Bicycle-parking Area

The exhibition hall to promote exchanges between students and citizens was to be designed. The site is located in Kojinguchi, the city centre of Kyoto. And the city is famous for being a "student town" since it is the base of many universities. Therefore this design seeks to give the exhibition hall a uniqueness different from a normal hall.

Interior View

Its architecture, developed in reference to the wooden lattice of traditional townhouse of kyoto (machiya), is shaped by combining the precast concrete panels. The panels create interior spaces directly which are mainly used for exhibition, bicycle-parking, restroom, and hallways. Students can freely occupy these spaces and exhibit their works.





plan +1600

plan +7000

plan +12000

There is no fixed entrance and route in this hall. People can freely move between the panels. Auditorium, cafe, workshop and meeting rooms are inserted into the grid in the form of glass units. For security, visitors have to enter through a centered open space that can be used for large-display or outdoor works, to access to these units.

west elevation

section a-a’

section b-b’

The height and building line of the hall is the same as the adjacent building to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. In this way, the hall (named U-knit) has a unique form and building exterior, where large and small spaces can be used flexibly by visitors .

U-knit Exhibition Hall for Students Kyoto, Japan 2008 MASAFUMI OSHIRO

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Design Exercise Exhibition Hall 3,000 ㎡ Precast Concrete Sey Takeyama Masafumi Oshiro

First edition, 2012. c ○ Drawings, images, texts, layout: MASAFUMI OSHIRO


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Exhibition Hall for Students