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Life teaches me how to design, design teaches me how to live a better life.


Project 1 A series of products about neat desktop 10 weeks




We use all kinds of electronic products in our daily life, but at the same time there will be an unavoidable problem, which is, there will be a lot of wires around us.These chaotic wires not only affect the beauty of the environment, but also reduce the efficiency of work, making people's mood worse.

What kinds of wires are often used around tables?

The Cross Analysis the effect and the complexity

Good effect

Target area headphones


electric kettle







hair drier

High complexity

Low complexity

Market Research Form Currently, the main way to solve this problem in the market is to use cable manager.

Fixed type

Winding type

Magnetic type

Portable type

Storage type

Bundle type

Automatic type Exclusion area




Bad effect

Ease to use

Small size

Good elasticity

Easy to carry

Ease to use

Beautiful appearance

Beautiful appearance Mismatch between wires and clips Viscose is easy to fall off

Winding process is cumbersome

Easy to carry

The magnet is easy to fall off

Cumbersome process

Strong storage function

Small size

Simple and quick

Ease to use

Small size

Beautiful appearance

Easy to carry

Big size

Single point fixing

Cumbersome process

Easy to mess

Market product direction: simple, easy

Function: clean, make the environment orderly, improve work efficiency Material: silicone, plastic, leather, nylon, metal

The impact of the wire will damage its head Thick wires cannot be used

Price: 3 ~ 400 RMB

Shape: Most of them are basic geometric shapes. Color:

Users Interview

User Classification

Mr. Jing 22

He likes sports, tourism and music.


Age: 25 years old.

He often uses computers, mobile phones, ipad and smart watches.


He used to use winders before, but felt that they took up space and wasted time, and did not bring substantial convenience.

Hobbies: electronic products, like neat environment, like stay at home. People who like electronics

Miss.Li 30

She is a network engineer and uses devices such as cell phones, laptops, monitors and Kindles. She has not used the cable manager before and feels that it is cumbersome to put together many cables, and she does not want to put too many things in the bag.



Mr. Shen 19



He is a student who likes playing games in his dormitory. He often uses laptop, computer display, mobile phone, smart watch, headphones and so on. When the device needs to be charged, you can just unplug the power cord from the wiring device, then press the power cable after charging, and arrange the power cable when cleaning the desktop. He has used a variety of cable products.

Target Users

People who have high requirements for a clean environment

Ordinary white collar and students

Young people who love to play games

Activities: Spend at least 10 hours a day on electronics Motivation: The various cables are crowded together, which is not only difficult to arrange, but also takes up space and affects work efficiency.

The Inspiration

The Definition

coco -1- When I comb my hair, the hair in the curly hair comb reminds me of the data line.


COCO Sketch coco -1-

Make people's living environment tidy, simple and elegant.

Aim: 1. Flexible adjustment. 2. Protective wire. 3. Simplify the user usage process. coco -2- It can be used when charging, and also can be superimposed on each other by magnets.

coco -2-

Where: take it down

candle stick



1. Next to the sockets. 2. On the dormitory desk. 3. On the office desk.

COCO -10.6 cm

5.6 cm

2.4 cm

Material: silicone



Different sizes of wires can receive well.

Small size easy to carry.

Optional winding.

COCO -2-

Soft silicone

7 cm 5.3 cm

Material: silicone, megnet, iron


How to use COCO -1step 1: Folding coco.

step 2: Plug the wire in it optionally.

step 3: Folding coco.

It can not only collect the charging cable at ordinary times, but also can be used when charging a mobile phone or laptop.

(You also can put coco on your hand)

COCO -2step 1: Winding excess lines.

step 2: Folding.

step 3: They can be sucked together by magnets. It can not only collect the charging cable at ordinary times, but also can be used when charging a mobile phone or laptop.

Built-in magnet



BECAUSE - High efficiency and responsibility - Orderliness of the internal structure of the human body


- Chaos can lead to physical and mental anxiety and fatigue - Strong sense of space reality - Human fear of disease and bacteria

BUT Studies have shown that people are more creative in a chaotic environment. A chaotic environment can break the habit of thinking patterns and make the brain more active.

The Definition



This reminds me of the PDLC Glass commonly used in conference rooms and bathrooms.

Simple and exquisite, not sharp.



Wood and metal.


Harmonious and elegant.


Cleanliness and chaos can be switched at any time to meet people's needs in different situations.

When the PDLG glass is energized, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged neatly and the light can penetrate freely.



Bedroom or study.


In a neat or chaotic environment, the use of different characteristics of people allows people to enjoy a clean desktop environment and to exert their creativity as they wish, making the table more human.

AFTER When the power is turned off, it will become blurred. And there is good concealment.


715 mm

545 mm

445 mm

170 mm

80 mm

tidy table






p ro

d u c ti v


top esk tic d Chao

l he

to ins pir e. ps

lp he top

sk t de


Touch the button to change the transparency of the glass.

You can take things out easily and directly.

battery cover button

Design Reflection A clean environment can make people feel calm and happy, and a chaotic environment can stimulate people's creativity. Two different environments have a great impact on people's psychology and behavior. So can we change the way people think by creating a chaotic environment? How will the way and frequency of changing the environment affect people's psychology and behavior?


Project 2

FOR-FREEDOM Help people who 'fear of missing out' to realize freedom and no longer be bound by mobile phones. 10 weeks 2019.04




Performance of FOMO crowd

From comments and interviews

Nowadays, we keep staring at the screen and constantly injecting various information into the brain. Many people suffer from FOMO. This social anxiety is characterized by 'a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing'.

I'm crying because this is about me.

I always have felt like I am missing out. I deleted all my social media apps from my phone, even if it hadn't trigger the attack.

People with loss phobia always feels that other people have experienced something very meaningful in their absence.

It may lead to constantly checking of emails and social media updates, making people unable to participate fully in real life.

I have spent my whole life dealing with this. I learned to focus on my own thinking and feelings. This allows me to move forward with my life in a more purposeful way.

You miss out life when you coonect to social media.


56% 56% are afraid of missing something if they don’t keep an eye on their social networks.

52% 52% have considered taking a “vacation” from one or more sicial networks in the past year.

24% 24% plan to stop or take a “vacation” from using at least one of their social networks.

32% 31% for those 18-34 years old.

SUMMARY By chatting with the FOMO people and analyzing their comments, I found that they always pay too much attention to others and

ignore themselves.They also feel very sad and regret afterwards.


Deep analysis of FOMO Population

But most people can't put down their phones right away.Transfer their attention and let them travel immediately. No product can help them control themselves.

Long-term or temporary spiritual needs are not met.

Ignore one’s own value and pay too much attention to others.


Temporarily satisfy spiritual needs

Put down your phone and divert your attention

Calm down and focus on yourself

Go out and relax



Understanding people's spiritual needs

Like a journey to new world

The group is mainly for people aged 18-35.

I want to create an atmosphere that temporarily satisfies people's spiritual needs,

- Are you satisfied with your life?

diverts their attention and helps them control themselves. - What are you more concerned about? speech




not satisfied behavior

between the two

- What behaviors will make you feel relaxed and satisfied? others



open arms closed eyes

- What is the usual reason that prevents you from fulfilling your wishes? others

inherent thinking mode inner laziness and timidity


public opinion

People have different needs, but they all prefer to do what they want and feel relaxed.

SENSORY EFFECTS Starting from the senses

I didn't think about taste because it is subjective and difficult to experiment with.

90% of the information comes from vision. Color has the biggest impact.

EXPERIMENT About sensory




Smell: floral and fruity perfume. Hearing: sea sound, rain sound, forest sound. Touch: fixed wind. Vision: close your eyes.

Smell: natural aromatic plants such as mint and violet. Hearing: natural music in forests and gardens. Touch: fixed wind,soft dolls. Vision: close your eyes and wear a blindfold.

Smell: the aroma of natural plants. Hearing: the sound of the beach (natural music) Touch: moving winds in different directions, strong winds or small winds. Vision: close your eyes and wear a blindfold.





Odor has a profound effect on the brain. Memory can affect people's judgment of things.

Perfume Perfume


The same sound will make people have different feelings in different environments.

Touch has a great psychological impact on people.

The result: the deepest feeling is the wind. They feel relaxed and happy. Test Improvement: the experiment should use natural plants and corresponding sounds.

The result: they are in a better mood.

The result: they felt freedom, calm down.

Test Improvement: change the way the line of sight is blocked and record the tester's usage time.

Test Improvement: simplify the operation process.




I also want to take a walk by the sea...But...

FOMO When you can’t control yourself.

Take out the blindfold.

Adjust the volume.

Push your phone into the ‘for-free’ box Then the box starts working.

The box senses and blows the wind with the sea flavor.

Put the blindfold back.

The phone starts wireless charging and the box opens automatically.

Users can temporarily relax and think of the favorite places in parallel.

At the end of the journey, the phone pops up and returns to life.




It can help users relax their nervous state and refuse to be bound by mobile phones. Put the phone in, press the switch, the box will open like a door. Take out the blindfold, listen to the sound of the waves, and the breeze blows out of the box. The whole person seems to have entered a new world of yearning. The phone can also be wirelessly charged through the box.

94.50 94.50


234.50 234.50



10.40 10.40



The overall expression of the concept is to put down the phone, you can open a new world and get happiness and strength from it.


Rear view






Air outlet


DESIGN REFLECTION The product can be commercialized and sold at the airport. It can be used on aircraft and meets flight standards.

DSIGN REFLECTION It can also be smarter and lighter, helping you to pursue your freedom while protecting your selfesteem.

Project 3

A modular office cooperative equipment for better collaboration. 8 weeks 2019.05

Background Analysis The social competition is more and more vigorous, and continuous innovation thinking and development is the trend of the times. It is necessary for us to reconsider the design of the office space.

Artificial Intelligence Natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology have been integrated into our daily life.

Big Data The power of big data is getting more and more stronger, providing deeper insights and helping companies achieve their digital transformation plans.

5G The main advantage of the 5G network is that the data transfer rate is faster than the current network speed. Another advantage is its lower network latency (less than 1 millisecond), while 4G is 30-70 milliseconds.

Traditional Conference Space

Needs to wait

Low participation in remote meeting

The idle conference room wastes space

Serious atmosphere inhibits creativity

Poor office environment

New Conference Space 1. Companies like Wework and Regus can provide office space and rent at any time according to your needs. 2. Be more free and more relaxed but will never affect the formal atmosphere of the meeting.

3. Small collaborative spaces are gradually adapting to various needs of people.

However, the study found that audiovisual technology in most small collaborative spaces is not perfect. Frost & Sullivan points out that less than 2% of the world's 32 million small conference rooms support video conferencing.

User Research

Respondent Feedback

The data are based on an online survey of workplace needs in the Asia-Pacific region published by Polycom in 2018.The survey conducted a mixed survey of white-collar jobs. More than 62% of respondents work in large organizations with 500 - 10 000 employees, while the remaining 37% work in small and medium-sized enterprises with 1 - 499 employees.

96% of respondents said that collaborative technology can help them work more efficiently.

More than 60% of all countries surveyed in the AsiaPacific region use collaborative technology as the preferred tool for knowledge transfer.

More than 50% of respondents preferred to use collaborative technology in small meeting rooms.

74% of Asia-Pacific respondents are using audio, video and content sharing to connect with remote participants.

Companies in all Asia Pacific countries or regions surveyed have at least 3-5 small meeting areas.

60% of respondents in the Asia-Pacific region said they would be happy to use collaborative technology.

The market not only has a large demand for small conference space equipment, but also needs to be improved in many aspects.

1. Small collaboration spaces are often used for internal meetings, creative workshops and customer meetings.

2. Contact with remote participants is an important agenda for employees in the Asia-Pacific region.

3. Nearly half of Chinese and Indian respondents may use small meeting spaces three to five times a week.

4. Audio conferencing and content sharing are the most useful technologies in small collaboration space.

Why do people use small collaboration spaces?

Equipment for small office space

Pay attention to the communication between people.

Contact the person outside the meeting Internet access

Teleworkers need to feel the company's culture in depth.


Furniture that can accommodate 3-6 people

Cut costs

Technical equipment for conferences, such as audio and video.

Power outlet

Enable people to exchange discussions wherever they are.


Product Research

Cross Analysis High flexibility

digital whiteboard Flexible whiteboard

Battery power supply

Natural Writing Angle

Far-field microphone


Unable to remote live video

High price


Plastics, Metals

shape size


Small size

Different handwriting can be recognized

Save information

Local storage is not supported

Low flexibility

Aluminum metal

Plastics, Metals

Plastics, Metals

Regular geometry

Regular geometry

Regular geometry


55 inch whiteboard

50 inch screen

55 inch whiteboard

Low screen flexibility

Poor stability

Good stability

Target area: They are suitable for various conference modes.

Small footprint

Target area: They are suitable for a variety of small spaces.

Low flexibility Wide applicability

Small conference equipment advantages

Portable remote control

Suitable for small meeting .

Audio range can be extended to 5 meters

360 Degree Rotating Screen

TAP is connected to any computer via USB

It can be used as a loudspeaker.


Unable to visualize images

Lack of screen visualization

Lack of screen visualization

No direct remote video conferencing

The cumbersome process

The content of the meeting can not be displayed directly


Plastics, Metal


Plastics, Metal

Plastics, Metal




Regular geometry

Combined irregular geometry

Round geometry

Combined irregular geometry

Tangential geometry

Combined irregular geometry


H: 304.2 mm D: 75 mm

154 x 150 x 104 mm

4.1 x 15.75 x 3.35 inches

11.6 Inch Touch Screen

10.1 Inch Touch Screen

41 x 9 x 36cm

Large footprint

Narrow applicability


Product Orientation: Intelligent collaborative onference equipment.

Product Definition

Design Language

AIM Design for better collaboration.


Black, white and grey represent calmn, orange represents vitality.

WHO Employees who need to hold remote collaborative meetings frequently. Durable materials are metals, plastics, cloth, etc.

Functions: Remote video, meeting records, etc. Modeling: Basic geometric form. Technology: Bluetooth, remote video, multi-touch, connection of multiple devices, storage, etc.

WHERE Small collaboration space, conference room, home. FORM

Flexible structure

Structure: Independent, composite, supporting, wall hanging. Environment: Conference room, small collaboration space. Usage: Touch, remote control. Effectiveness: The interaction in remote collaboration is poor and cannot be remotely operated by multiple people at the same time.

WHY - The development of cloud office, 5G network and other technologies. - Working hours are becoming more flexible. - Portable office equipment can help people make better remote collaboration.

DETAIL Delicate


Exploded Views

microphone heat sink

- Smart structure can be adapted to a variety of environments. - Need to hang on the wall and some functions are not required at the same time.

- The screen can be turned in many directions for easy viewing. - But the screen is too small to see clearly.

- Modular design meets different numbers of Meetings.

Wide angle lens


- Cylindrical shape is easy to roll off when placed normally.

magnetic charging


Finally - Magnetically suction charging. - Small size. - The connection is circular and easy to turn. - No shelf, ID base at bottom. - Bluetooth connects to mobile phones without computers. - Projection requires a higher environment

identification base

Different Usage Scenarios

The logical analysis diagram of the APP

One-person Remote Video Conference

Initiate a meeting

Files can be handled with only a mobile phone. Suitable for we-work and other spaces.

Attending a meeting Three-person Conference The camera can rotate direction at will.

Transfer file Bluetooth connectivity

Multi-person Remote Video Conference Adjust as needed.

Meeting record

Small size and easy to carry.

Project 4

EYES MEET LIGHT Installation Art Design 4 weeks 2019.09

I am a willful child. I want to draw a lot of windows on the earth, so that the eyes that are used to darkness get used to the light. —GU CHENG

Poet Introduction Gu Cheng He is also known as the poet of "Spiritual Romanticism", not to be a fairy tale poet. He focuses on pure and beautiful things in nature and creates an ideal world of fairy tales. He is a born poet. Gu Cheng’s early fairy tale poems are simple in language, with the characteristics of children's language. They are ethereal and pure. Their sentences are usually very short, and their artistic conception is very beautiful. The exquisite artistic sense combines all sounds, colors and light to create a wonderful world. Gu Cheng's poems are naturally formed, which are far away from the complicated social life, but he is close to the true state of the quiet and cosmic life.

Atmosphere romantic





He and his wife


Research His poems make me smile, let me feel the sunshinine on my face, perceive that the light and shadow are interlaced, pure and beautiful, which just like a refracted stained glass, also like a wonderful world seen through sugar paper.



His poetry reminds me of some transparent, colorful and childhood-related materials.

“Let all eyes that are used to darkness get used to the light. "I thought of using light and dark contrasts throughout the space, and multiple light sources bring visual impact.



His poem "I want to draw a lot of windows on the earth, let the eyes that are used to darkness get used to the light" reminds me of the form of light and windows.

Different materials have different shapes of shadows.



- I want to draw a lot of windows on the earth, so that the eyes that are used to darkness get used to the light.








Maybe I am the mother-spoilt child. I am willful, I hope every moment as beautiful as colorful pencils. I hope can draw on the beloved white papers, to draw the clumsy freedom. To draw an eye that never weeps. To draw a piece of sky. A feather and a leaf belonging to the sky, a green night and an apple.

Experiment Three

Experiment Two

Experiment One

Design Experiments Beginning

Material selection

Lighting selection

I tried to pile the sugar paper into a transparent plastic ball and observe the effect of light. I found that the reflection of light is not obvious.

I tried the reflection of the mirror. The objects in the mirror are inaccessible, but they are real, like a beautiful dream. And the mirror can make full use of the light.

This time I used an LED bulb, but it was too big to cover and not pretty either.

Glue selection

Lighting selection

I tried to paste the sugar paper into the transparent ball, but found that 502 glue would fade the sugar paper.

This time I used some mini bulbs, but I could not turn them all on or off at once.

Expocy experiment

Lighting selection

I tried to pour the crystal epoxy into the shredded sugar paper and found that it worked well under the light. However, I found that if too much epoxy is poured at one time, it will cause the paper to fade and deform the mold.

I used LED light belt this time, but its fixing method is complicated.


The first model

I tried different lights in warm and cold tones, and found the white LED light to be the most suitable. However, the sugar paper piles underneath, looked not beautiful enough.

Spatial distribution

The second model

Warm light source makes the overall color yellow, lacking a pure and transparent feeling. In addition, the black background is too dark.

New model

I tried to place a sphere filled with transparent epoxy on a flat light box. The effect was excellent, the color was pure and filled with fairy tale feeling.

Making Process Pour transparent epoxy resin and sugar paper into the container.

Large molds need to be poured several times separately, then left to cool.

Collect sugar paper. Then shred them.

Cut the mirror sticker into a round hole of the appropriate size; then build a 40 cm cube with the plate.

Paste the mirror sticker on the square box, and finally stick the square box on the light box. Stick the hemisphere to different positions of the box.

Remove the protective film, paste and finish.

She hasn't seen the dark clouds, her eyes are always the color of clear sky, her eyes are always on me. —GU CHENG

I hope every moment is as beautiful as a pastel. —GU CHENG

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