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WOADY YALOAK HERALD Your local community connection published by the Haddon Community Learning Centre

Artist Jimmi Buscombe Coming to Haddon Jimmi Buscombe is a professional artist based in Warrnambool, on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. He specialises in highly detailed, wildlife art, public art, mural and street art, integrating a range of methods and mediums including paint, ink and pastel to create stunningly life-like representations of his subjects. Jimmi has been commissioned by councils, clients and organisations both locally and internationally to create portraits, street art and public art of native wildlife, and private commissions. Every piece of artwork is treated with much care and consideration. He is passionate about visual arts and the important role it plays within a healthy, well-functioning community. For the past eighteen months, he has been an artist in residence at ‘Lyndoch Living,’ an aged care facility in Warrnambool where he has been commissioned to create realistic murals of native Australian plants and animals, essentially bringing nature inside to the residents of Lyndoch. The works hold much more meaning and value than the end product of a beautiful mural. Seats and couches are set up around where Jimmi is painting and the residents are encouraged to sit and talk with him as he creates his works of art. The interaction with the residents is where the real gold of this project occurs, with many residents spending hours a day offering conversation and gentle words of advice. Jimmi and his ‘Warrnambool Wombat.’ Jimmi has also worked on dozens of public art projects across Australia, including works for the Werribee Open Range Zoo, the Lismore Water Tower Project and the State Government of Victoria’s ‘Pick My Project’ scheme with a project titled #WildVsWarrnambool. But he is most famously known for his mural “The Warrnambool Wombat” which he chalked on the side of a train bridge in 2019, who’s story was then made into a video that went viral with over 60 million views worldwide, leading to interviews and articles across the globe. The Haddon Community Learning Centre has organised for Jimmi to come to the Centre to conduct a ‘3D Trick of the Eye Chalk Art’ workshop for a lucky twelve children aged 10-12. We have a competition to win a place. Participants will learn to use an artwork template from Jimmi’s workbook to create a piece of chalk art outside at the Centre and they will receive a copy of the workbook of templates to take home with them to create their own chalk arts later. See more about Jimmi and his art works on his Facebook page: and website: .

Celebrating Children’s Week – 22-30th October, 2022 Children’s Week celebrates the talents, skills and achievements of children, and their right to connect with others and respectfully share their views. This year’s theme is ‘Children have the right to a standard of living that supports their wellbeing and healthy development’. To celebrate Children’s Week, the Haddon Community Learning Centre will be hosting a free event for children and their families that will engage the senses, capture the imagination, and encourage creative expression. Our event is one of over 140 free Children’s Week events supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Event details: ‘Trick of the Eye 3D Chalk Art Workshop’ with Jimmi Buscombe, Saturday, 22nd October from 10 till 2 pm. As the Centres event involves spending time together in-person, it will be delivered in line with the Victorian Government’s COVIDSafe Settings (including having a COVIDSafe Plan in place). The Haddon Community Learning Centre wants families to come along to meet Jimmi, see him working and join in our other FREE activities on offer for children aged 3-12 years, with the ‘Haddon Early Education Services.’ Rikki and Katrina will be conducting some bubble painting colouring, printing sessions and we will also have badge making on offer for all ages. The Centre hopes you can join them at their ‘Children’s Week 2022’ celebration. You can also check out other events taking place across Victoria at

3D Trick of the Eye Chalk Art Competition

Open to ages 10 -12 years old to win a spot to work with Jimmi Buscombe. All children aged between 10 and 12 are welcome to enter an art piece (no bigger than a shoe box, or A4 page) on the theme, “me and my home town” think about what you love about where you live, look around your community and let nature inspire you, show through your art work how you love where you live. Twelve lucky winners will be chosen to partake in the “Trick of the Eye” Chalk Workshop, with Jimmi Buscombe and receive a copy of Jimmi’s ‘3d Chalk Art Workbooks’. Art pieces can be delivered to the Haddon Community Learning Centre, at 396 Sago Hill Road, between 10 and 3 pm Monday to Friday, or can be photographed and sent via email to The competition closes Friday 14th October, 2022 at 1pm. Remember to write your Name, Age, and contact details – address and phone on the back of your piece of art or send them with your entry. Contact the Haddon Community Learning Centre on 5342 7050 for assistance. Good luck!

“This Children’s Week activity is presented by Haddon Community Learning Centre Inc. in partnership with the Victorian Government”. Term 4 Course Guide - see inside


Did you know Haddon is celebrating 150 years as a township on November 27th? To mark this exciting milestone, the Haddon Community Learning Centre and a ‘formed’ working group of individuals and organisations want to acknowledge some of the great things that are happening in Haddon and to “celebrate” with a year of fun activities and events. So we are inviting you, if you have something you want to promote in the year ahead, from the 27th November 2022, to 26th November, 2023 then give us a call on, 5342 7050 as we would love to hear from you! This is a great opportunity to showcase your business, organisation, or individual talent, and we want to include and assist you, so please link in and celebrate the ‘Haddon Township,’ the place you live, sleep, get active in and enjoy. This invitation is extended to all who breathe, or have breathed Haddon’s air! We have already started to compile a schedule of activities and events for the year of “celebration’ ahead and would love to include many more, including those based on the theme, “150 things” so contact us now so we can include you in this milestone year for our township and surrounding area. We would also love to have any photos you may have for us to take a copy. The Haddon 150th celebrations are to be officially launched on the 26th November, at 10.30 am at the Haddon Memorial Park, Sago Hill and Windermere Roads, Haddon. The launch of the book by Laurie Moore, for the Woady Yaloak Historical Society, is on the early history of Haddon and titled, “Haddon and Nintingbool - The Valleys Next Door to Ballarat.” Laurie will speak about his book and the history of the Haddon area. We also hope to have copies ready of the ‘150 Quilts’ book from the Begonia Quilters. Mayor Gamble will speak acknowledging the township’s value. So please come join them and have a chat to them too.

Haddon Church of Christ Celebrating 30 Years On November 8th 1992 a small group of Christians from Dawson street church (now known as One2One Church of Christ) planted a church in the township of Haddon. Over the years much has changed in and to the Haddon community: Nolene and Brian no longer run the Haddon General store, “Smithy’s” notorious junk yard on Haddon School Road has been cleaned up, we now have a community centre, karate studio, and thriving nursery and cafe. Amongst all this change the presence of the church has remained a constant in the community. I realise that in recent years there has been an influx of families moving and building in and around Haddon so I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the church that has been in this community for the past 30 years. My name is Elyse McKee and I am the pastor at the Haddon Church of Christ. I first moved to Haddon with my family when I was 7 years old in 1998 and I am proud to say that I am still a resident of this wonderful little town; living in my own house with my husband and two children. Local community is very important to me and I think for a community to thrive and survive it needs to be embraced by its residents. For me personally, I have done this in many different ways. I attended the Haddon Primary school, I spent every Friday afternoon on the oval with the Woady Yaloak Athletic club, and I have been an active member of the local church. I can still remember the first time I attended a service at the church, I remember the warmth, safety and love I experienced there. Little did I know that 24 years later I’d still be there and serving as the church’s pastor. Haddon Church of Christ is a conservative, evangelical church. What does that mean? It means that we believe what the Bible says about the innate sinful nature of mankind and our desperate need to be saved from the dire consequences of sin. We believe God sent His son Jesus to be that Saviour and that only through a personal relationship with Jesus can we be reconciled to God and free from the penalty of sin. We are committed to being relevant to our community and effective in the fulfilment of the great commission left to us by the Lord Jesus Christ. To celebrate our 30th birthday we would like to invite you to attend our 10am Sunday service on the 13th of November in the common room of the Haddon Recreation Centre (396 Sago Hill Road, Haddon). This service will be followed by lunch (supplied by the church) and of course birthday cake. For more information about this event or our church please contact us on or visit our webpage, or find us on Facebook. Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

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WHY A TRIVIA EVENT? Whilst the connection between trivia and a health awareness campaign might The Haddon Community Learning Centre is proud to be partnering with not be obvious at first, there is one big barrier in eliminating hepatitis C: Hepatitis Australia to bring Australia’s knowledge It's often said that knowledge is power, but most of us know more about Biggest Quiz to Ballarat on Wednessport, geography, music and film than we know about hepatitis C. Australia’s day October 26 2022. Hepatitis Australia is on a mission to end Biggest Quiz is on a mission to change that. The event is designed to be a hepatitis C in Australia, and we’re here to fun, easy way to bring communities together, disseminate positive information and get people talking about hepatitis C. help them do it. Australia could be the first country in the NATIONAL HEPATITIS INFOLINE world to eliminate hepatitis C. We have a Worried about yourself or a friend, or wanting more information? Call the National Hepatitis Infoline on 1800 437 222 or visit the website: CURE. Now, Australians need to know about it. So you can be a part of history. The historic public health goal is being brought to the fore in a nation-wide, world-record breaking trivia event, Australia’s Biggest Quiz. We’re honoured to be an official Community Partner of Australia’s Biggest Quiz, helping to promote the event, and cause, to our local community.


The information in this piece comes directly from an article that was printed in “The Courier” on 3/09/2022, and was written by Gabrielle Hodson. An application from Loddon Gold has been lodged for a slab of land about 6 km long, south west of Ballarat. Event: Ballarat’s Australia's Biggest Quiz The Stawell based company is a subsidiary of Navarre Minerals Limited and is Where: Sebastopol Bowling Club seeking a five-year exploration license immediately south of the Haddon When: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Township that would include Nintingbool, but would stop about 1 km north Cost: FREE of charge, all are welcome. of the Glenelg Highway. So gather up your mates for a fun night out (or in!) and register to play Former Golden Plains Mayor Bill Mc Arthur said he was concerned that the with us at rights of locals would be trampled on. “When it comes to these mining-related applications, it appears that the Australia’s Biggest Quiz forms part of the Ending Hepatitis C campaign, which miners have far superior rights than the landowners” the Haddon man said. is being delivered by Hepatitis Australia and is being funded by the AustraliA tenement manager working for both Currawong Resources and Loddon an Department of Health and Aged Care as part of a wider programme of Gold said no one could enter a private property without landowners’ consent initiatives designed to form part of Australia’s strategy to end viral hepatitis. – and even Crown Land needed to get past Native Title laws first. “Exploration does not permit mining, not does it guarantee that mining will WHAT IS HEPATITIS C? ever be approved,” Belinda Ingram, from Australian Mining and Exploration Hepatitis C (sometimes called hep C or HCV) is a blood borne virus that afTitle Services, said. fects your liver. Without treatment, hepatitis C can cause liver disease and Explorers in Victoria could not access or carry out any work on the land liver cancer, the fastest growing cause of cancer deaths in Australia. More than 15,000 people were living with hepatitis C in Australia at the end of 2020. Currently, thousands of people don’t know they have hepatitis C. Fifty per cent of people living with hepatitis C have been cured in the last 5 years. THERE IS A CURE. It’s not every day that the world has the chance to eliminate a disease and we are on the precipice of another - Australia has the opportunity to be the first country in the world to achieve hepatitis C elimination. There is a CURE. It is cheap, non-invasive and takes just 12 weeks to complete. A GP can usually provide a script for a simple and effective cure Some people may need to see a specialist doctor if their liver is badly damaged or they have other health issues. Anyone with a Medicare card can receive the cure for $41 for each script (2-3 scripts for a full course), or less than $7 per script if you have a concession card. Most people take 1-3 tablets a day for 8-12 weeks, with mild side effects, if any at all. If you have been treated before, you can be treated again. NATIONAL HEPATITIS INFOLINE Worried about yourself or a friend, or wanting more information? Call the National Hepatitis Infoline on 1800 437 222 or visit the website: AUSTRALIA’S BIGGEST QUIZ - EVENT DETAILS: The historic public health goal is being brought to the fore in a nation-wide, world-record breaking trivia event. Australia's Biggest Quiz will take place on 26 October 2022, in 16 locations across Australia and virtually, with more than a hundred community groups and organisations set to help to support the events on the ground. The landmark event forms part of the Ending Hepatitis C campaign, which is being delivered by Hepatitis Australia and is being funded by the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care as part of a wider programme of initiatives designed to form part of Australia’s strategy to end viral hepatitis. Participation in Australia’s Biggest Quiz is free. Register to participate at a live event, or online, at: Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

covered by an exploration licence unless a written agreement or informed verbal consent has been obtained from the landowner or occupier. The public only had until the 20th of September to lodge comments. Local resident Gwen Pyke said, “with Haddon being an historically deep lead mining area, any exploration or mining of a large tract of ground could stir up the mercury and arsenic that was traditionally used to separate the gold, leading to concerns about the impact it could have on the ground water. The increased volume of trucks using our roads could adversely affect them, and we are having enough trouble with that at the moment. On top of that, informed verbal consent can be open to interpretation. This does not even consider that it could impact the quality of life that we enjoy, and live in Haddon to achieve. “

GREAT NEWS, SMYTHESDALE PHARMACY IS STAYING The Herald was pleased to hear form Julian the owner of the Smythesdale Pharmacy that they are not closing. and will be happy serving the community for a long time to come.

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Mooramong Homestead Bought Back to Life

The Victorian State Government have awarded the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) a Regional Tourism Investment Fund to bring the 1860’s Mooramong Homestead back to life. Simon Ambrose, CEO of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), is thrilled to have received the funding to explore the story of Mooramong Homestead and share its history with the wider community. “The State Government’s support will help the Trust provide enhanced tourism and accommodation opportunities for Mooramong, bringing dynamic energy to the local community. “Our vision for the property is to develop visitor experiences that create lifelong connections to the place through community engagement with cultural heritage and help to grow the local visitor economy,” concluded Mr Ambrose. Mooramong Homestead has a rich history that began when Australian millionaire DonBroadening the expansive history of ald ‘Scobie’ Mackinnon was gifted the propMooramong Homestead, the new project erty on his 21st birthday. will also offer First Peoples’ led experiencRenowned Melbourne architect Marcus W es, along with year-round visitation Martin remodelled the homesteads with rethrough increased tourism opportunities. fined and elegant Art Deco influence in 1938 Andrew Logie-Smith, Chairman of NTV for Scobie and the love of his life, Hollywood said he wanted to acknowledge and thank movie star Claire Adams. the Victorian State Government for workEnhancing the gorgeous heritage encoming with the Trust to enable the developpassed at Mooramong Homestead, the State ment of contemporary, heritage-based Government's funding will allow the National tourism projects like Mooramong in reTrust to deliver accommodation through gional Victoria. glamping, historical cottages, tiny houses Works at Mooramong are set to comand premium apartments, driving tourism mence in July 2022, with a range of acinto the local Goldfield region. commodation opportunities available for Mooramong, meaning place of water, is rich occupancy by mid-late 2023. with cultural and Indigenous heritage and is For more information, please visit https:// a cherished place to be visited and enjoyed Brodie and Heath Morrison with young Jasmine by all. mooramong/ Mooramong Homestead plans to deliver a successful tourism prodAbout National Trust of Australia (Victoria) uct which relies on multiple elements creating a holistic experience The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) (NTV) is the state’s premier for both day trip visitation, accommodation and education. community-based heritage advocacy organisation. It actively works "The adaptive reuse of this remarkable property will offer a range of to protect and conserve places of heritage significance for future accommodation options including tiny houses, eco glamping and generations to enjoy. historic cottages to enable visitors to connect the past with the preThe NTV opens some of Australia’s most culturally significant places sent and into a sustainable future. to the public. With regular tours, events and exhibitions at iconic “The National Trust is proud of this collaborative and contemporary sites including the Old Melbourne Gaol, Rippon Lea Estate, Como project that we believe will be significant in the regional tourism House, Polly Woodside, Barwon Park, and Gulf Station. The NTV landscape. We look forward to it becoming the benchmark for future brings history to life through vivid storytelling and immersive visitor heritage projects of this nature," Mr Ambrose said. experiences. Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022 Page 4

'Town & Country King & Country' Artist: Geoff Hocking. On view September 17 to 6 November 2022 Geoff Hocking is a storyteller. His works are deeply rooted in Australiana: old shops, pubs, the bush and the characters who inhabit that ‘sense of place’. While most of the paintings are of the artist’s imagination, that sense of character and place are acutely observed and remain truly representative of an Australia that once was, and in many instances still is today, with a new exhibition of his works opening at the St Arnaud Raillery Hub Gallery on 17 September at 2pm. Geoff Hocking was born in Bendigo in 1947. He studied art and design at the former Bendigo Technical College. He was first employed as a graphic designer at the World Record Club before undertaking teacher training and his subsequent appointment to both Shepparton and Wangaratta Technical Schools. Once his debt to the government was acquitted, he was off. Newly married, he arrived in London in 1971, enrolled in the Central School of Art (Painting School). On arrival he discovered he could not afford the fees applying to international students, so he went in search of a position back in design. He worked in advertising, then as art director at a record company named ‘Music for Pleasure’. He next worked as a freelance illustrator, gaining briefs from the major British publishing houses. Returning to Australia in 1975 he again worked freelance for the Australian offices of the same British publishing houses before gaining an appointment to the Swinburne Design School. He continued this freelance work as the same time. Geoff Hocking has been in and out of teaching for most of his working life. After Swinburne he joined The Five Mile Press as art director, then moved back to the goldfields when he, and his wife, took over the Castlemaine Bookshop. While Christine ran the shop, Geoff returned to academia as Department Head, Senior Lecturer, Graphic Design Department at La Trobe University, Bendigo. A position he held until his retirement. Over all this time Geoff Hocking made art, designed books, wrote several and contributed his professional skills to many community causes. As an author Geoff Hocking has published more than thirty books, mostly on Australian social history: the goldfields, bushrangers, explorers, the first fleet, Burke & Wills, Eureka and World War One. Having worked with colleagues at La Trobe University, Bendigo, on ‘Remembrance’ a ‘coffee-table’ book honouring the men and women who served in WW1, it is this title that has inspired a number of the works in this exhibition. Entry is free. The Raillery Hub Gallery, located in the Historic St Arnaud Railway Station, Queen’s Avenue, St. Arnaud, and is open Friday to Sunday each week 11.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Andrea sewing in Japan

From 2019 to 2020 the medical review board made 88,400 “Fitness to Drive” decisions, with 92% of these people being able to continue Andrea stitching in Japan to drive. Find out how older people can maintain their “driving health”. If driving is no longer an option, this course will introduce some of the support services available to assist older drivers with future travel plans. The course is available through the Central Highlands Association of Neighbourhood Houses, and have been created in partnership with VicRoads Community Road Safety Grants. To book a computer or device at the Haddon Community Learning Centre contact us on 5342 7050.


Cat owners in Golden Plains Shire with a dedicated cat enclosure can now apply to have their animal registration fee halved. A new initiative outlined in the Golden Plains Shire Council Budget 2022/23, the reduced fee of $24.50, or $12.25 for applicable concession card holders, is available to residents with a cat enclosure separate to, or attached to the home, where cats do not roam outside of the enclosure. The reduced fee is applicable immediately for new registrations and will apply to current registrations when renewals are due in April 2023. This does not apply to owners of fertile cats. Council, in partnership with the National Desexing Network, are also continuing to offer a subsidised desexing program to help prevent unwanted cats. Residents on pensions or low income or with too many cats to afford to desex will receive free desexing, microchipping and first year registration. Golden Plains Mayor Cr Gavin Gamble says Council is pleased to be able to offer reduced fees for cat owners within the Shire. “Council is committed to supporting responsible pet ownership in Stay Safe on our Roads Golden Plains and incentives such as the subsidised cat desexing program and halved registration fee initiative for cat owners with cat New, easy access, VicRoads approved webinars now available enclosures make it more affordable to own a cat in the Shire. online and at a Neighbourhood /Community House near you. Research shows that road accidents increase from the age of 75. “These programs not only assist those who may not have otherwise Community members, families and carers can now access a free 45- been able to afford these services but also assist the wider commuminute online Safe Driver course to understand “driving health” for nity by reducing feral cat nuisance issues and their impact on the older drivers – accessible online, by visiting, Shire’s wildlife, while also lowering the costs for Council to collect, or by booking a public access computer at the Haddon Community home and rehome unwanted litters.” Learning Centre. Application forms for the reduced cat registration fee program can By watching the four short modules you will learn ways to reduce be found online via Council’s website: accidents and the severity of potential injuries. For further information phone the National Desexing Network on The VicRoads Safe Driver course addresses the implications of age- 1300 368 99. If eligible, they will be issued a desexing voucher and and health-related complications when driving. It also discusses can then contact the vet to make an appointment. ways to manage these complications to support older people to The Smythesdale Animal Hospital are participating in this program continue driving safely. for Golden Plains. Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022 Page 5

YOUR GARDEN IN SPRING - Gwen Pyke This year I am going to take a different tack on the gardening. Because of the extra pressures on all of our budgets, I am going to concentrate on a productive garden, which could help all of our bottom lines. Not only that, everything is fresher and tastier when you grow it yourself. There is also a lot less waste, as you can harvest as needed, and the produce lasts longer without food miles on it. As with everything in the garden, preparation is the key. We need to prepare the soil for planting if we want a vegie garden to be successful. Firstly watch the path of the sun over the area you would like to plant out. Most veggies do best when they have about 6 hours of sun a day, but it is fine to allow for afternoon shade to cope with our hot summer sun. Make sure that you are close to a water source, as you don’t want to carry water any distance, or too often. That just makes it hard work. Make sure that your site does not become water logged, as this would adversely affect the success of your plot. If you have a heavy clay soil, you will need to dig in some compost or well-rotted manure to improve the soil. A combination of both works well. Not only will this help your drainage, it helps to feed the plants as well. All this need to be dug in and the soil loosened to allow for better root development. Raise the planting areas a few inches, and don’t forget the mulch! Organic mulch will help suppress weeds, keep the root zones cooler during summer and help feed your soil as it breaks down. Raised beds require a lot less work after the initial filling, as the soil that you add should already be loose and free draining. It probably has less weed seeds and other debris in it too. You can either buy raised beds or make your own. They are easier on your back as well. If space is limited, then you can always grow vegies in containers. Just make sure there are adequate drainage holes in the bottom, and put a layer of about 5cm of gravel in the bottom. A 20 litre bucket or similar is good for this purpose. After watering in well at planting, watering is needed when the soil is dry just below the surface. Don’t forget that during hot weather, the containers will heat up a lot quicker than if planted in the ground, so they will need more water. The benefit of containers is that they can be moved around to either chase the sun or hide from it. Plan your planting, as some vegies take more room than others. Allow plenty of room for plants like cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkin to spread out. Carrots, beans, lettuce and radishes can be planted directly into the ground and a lot closer together giving you more bang for your buck. Some others are the vegetables that just keep on giving, such as silverbeet, and can be continually harvested over several months. It is up to you whether you go for seedlings or seed. Seed is cheaper, but you already have a head start with seedlings. Also some veggie seeds (carrots for instance) are extremely small, and difficult to get the correct spacing. You can plant them closer together but they will need thinning out after germination. Just follow the directions on the packets. The best vegetables to plant are the ones that you will eat, and are suited to your growing zone. Here around Ballarat we are classed as a zone 3, but I would not hesitate to put us in a zone 2, which is a cool to temperate climate, with a relatively short growing season, because we can get both early and late frosts. This means that plants such as tomatoes benefit from the head start they get as seedlings. Some plants will need some support as they grow. These will include tomatoes and climbing beans. And remember that extra fertilising during the growing season is beneficial as well. You can stagger the planting times by sowing your seeds or seedlings every couple of weeks to extend your harvesting time. This can also avoid the glut you can get when everything comes on at once, though this can be good if freezing produce for use later on. That part is up to you. Take note of what you planted where, as this will help with rotation of crops if you continue on with the garden. Some veggies such as tomatoes, capsicum and potatoes should be rotated to keep the soil disease and pest free. If you are planning to grow again next year, add a couple of inches of compost to Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

the soil at the end of the season, and dig in. This will give you a head start for your next crop. Companion planting such as marigolds and pansies help attract pollinators to the garden, as well as having the added benefit of being edible. They make an attractive addition to your summer salads. Consider fencing your garden and providing extra protection from possums, birds etc if needed. These can be purchased, or you can make your own, it is up to you. You will also need to keep an eye out for pesky bugs (think cabbage moth). It is easier to treat a few pests than to try to eradicate a large infestation. If it was up to me, I would always plant herbs in containers, as a lot of them can take over the garden if allowed: think mint. It also makes it easier to pick your herbs when they are in a container as well. All can be planted out now, though I would hold off a month or so with basil, as it can tend to be a little frost tender. Coriander may have a massive growth spurt when the weather warms up, and this can affect the flavour. Rosemary is a perennial shrub that can be planted anywhere in your garden and gives you a continual harvest. Fruit trees can be added to your garden as well, requiring plenty of sun and good drainage. They can be planted up till about mid spring, and they can be purchased bare rooted to save you some of the outlay. If room is a problem, most fruit trees can be espaliered up against fences, saving you a lot of room. They will need some strong support, and need to be trained as the soft growth appears, avoiding crossing stems. There are also dwarf varieties that take less room. You may have to provide protection from pests to get the full benefit from your trees. Birds, possums and bats like fruit too! It sounds a lot, but once planted it is just a matter of weeding (use mulch to help suppress them), feeding occasionally, and watering. Within no time you will be reaping a harvest, which makes the work you put in all worth it. And it tastes better too. ENJOY!!!


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Washing your car at a commercial car wash, or on your lawn to keep the detergent out of drains. Checking online for the proper way to dispose of oils, paints and other potential pollutants. Taking care not to allow household cleaning chemicals into drains. Store chemicals properly and only buy what you need Rinse paint brushes used for water-based paints on the grass and throw away paint brushes used for oil based paint Sweep your footpath instead of hosing or blowing things into the drain.

The Environment Protection Act 2017 includes a General Environmental Duty (GED) that makes it the responsibility of every Victorian to take reasonable actions to prevent pollution. It’s a law backed by penalties, including civil and/or criminal penalties of up to $1.6 million for the most serious offences.

FREE MASKS AND SOME RATS TESTS AVAILABLE NOW AT THE HADDON COMMUNITY LEARNING If you need a box, just call in to the Centre during office hours that are normally from Monday to Friday 10 -3 pm.

If you are from out of

town then please call 5342 7050 to check on availability of stock and staff.

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Considering the vastness of Australia and the number of people who live in regional and rural areas, it’s a concerning fact that remoteness is a major risk factor contributing to mental health issues and suicide, with the suicide rates being 60% higher than rates in major cities. In addition, people in outer regional, remote or very remote areas of Australia face more barriers to accessing health care than people living in major cities, making it harder for them to maintain good mental health. In a continued effort to raise awareness of mental health in rural and regional Australia, leading animal health business, Zoetis, has partnered with Beyond Blue to support mental health initiatives and reduce the stigma around mental health. Over the past six years, Zoetis has raised $600,000 for the Beyond Blue Support Service by donating $5 from each sale of the company’s livestock, pig and poultry vaccines and drenches. In 2022, Zoetis aims to once again reach its $100,000 fundraising target by the end of the year. “Zoetis works closely with rural Australia through interactions with the country’s farming community, agricultural stores, veterinarians and their families. We are proud to once again be supporting Beyond Blue and the important work they do,” says Lance Williams, Zoetis Senior Vice President and Cluster Lead, Australia and New Zealand. “The money raised goes directly to the Beyond Blue Support Service to continue helping people living in remote areas. To date, thanks to Zoetis’s donation, over 12,000 people have been able to get the support they need through the service. Together we have made strong progress in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of those who live in rural Australia, and we are passionate about helping again this year.” Derek Schoen, a farmer for more than 36 years, is a beef, grain and hay producer in Corowa, New South Wales. Mr Schoen is a member and former president of the NSW Farmers Association, a former deputy mayor of Corowa Shire Council, NSW Rural Assistance Authority Board Director, Chair of Murray Local Land Services, and is on Beyond Blue’s Board of Directors, providing a wealth of experience on rural life. “The farming community has endured many challenges over the years. Through droughts, floods, bushfires and the on-going Covid-19 related issues, rural Australia and country people are stoic and display considerable courage, however the impact on mental health has been significant for many,” says Mr Schoen. With many farmers, small business owners, workers and parents feeling the pressure it is vital that people receive mental health support as early as possible to prevent their issues leading to more serious mental health conditions. Financial hardship, isolation and stigma can take a toll on those in distress, placing their mental health at risk. It's important to remember that depression and anxiety are common conditions, not weaknesses, and with the right treatment, most people can recover. “The good news is that most of us will be able to cope very well with challenges as they arise - we will use our normal resources, our strengths, networks and the support that we have around us from family, friends and loved ones,” says Mr Schoen. “People in rural Australia are known for their resilience in times of crisis, but even the most resilient among us need extra sup-

port at times. We want everyone to know that support is available and encourage people to seek advice. Asking for support is a sign of strength – not weakness.” Beyond Blue Chief Community Officer Patrice O’Brien said the journey to better mental health can start with small actions. “It’s important to make looking after ourselves a priority and set goals for sleep, exercise and ’me‘ time. Maintaining social connections, keeping in touch with friends and family, and being part of a community provides a supportive network. Also, understanding which tools and strategies work well for you in tough times and reaching out for that extra support when you need it are really important.” Feeling connected with others can reduce stress and build resilience. The main thing for everyone to know is that, “You are not alone and you don’t have to work things out by yourself,” Ms O’Brien said. “Whatever the reason, Beyond Blue wants people to know that no problem is too big or small to reach out. Sometimes, just talking to someone can make a difference.” The Beyond Blue Support Service offers free and immediate counselling, advice and referrals via phone, webchat or email. In addition to the support service, Beyond Blue has resources and information online at, including Online Forums which offer peer support in a safe, moderated setting. People can support the Zoetis initiative from July 18 to October 31, 2022. For every animal health product sold by Zoetis, they will donate $5, up to $100,000, to Beyond Blue. For more information on how you can help Zoetis to raise vital funds to support mental health in rural communities through its partnership with Beyond Blue please visit For more information about depression and anxiety, visit To talk to a mental health professional for free, contact the 24/7 Beyond Blue Support Service on 1300 22 46 36. Free web chat is also available from 3pm until midnight at support and you can join the forums for free and download the Beyond Now app from the website. “Beyond Now” - What is safety planning? Having thoughts of suicide can feel overwhelming. You may find it really hard to know what to do, or be in so much emotional pain you don't think you can cope. At times like these, hurting yourself or ending your life might feel like the only answer. “Beyond Now” provides a safety plan that can be helpful during these times. It puts all your coping tools in a series of steps:  Recognising your warning signs

     

Making your surroundings safe Reminders of reasons to live Things that can make you feel strong People and places to connect with Family and friends you can talk or yarn with

Professional support

Research has shown having a safety plan can be useful for reducing the intensity of suicidal thoughts and increasing people’s ability to cope with them. While everyone's plan is personal and different, it can help in the same way. What is Beyond Now? Beyond Blue developed the Beyond Now app to help you make your own safety plan to support you through times of sadness or grief. You can make it on your phone and carry it with you to access anywhere and anytime. The app guides you through, step-by-step, with suggestions at each stage if you get stuck. You can work through this process by yourself, but it’s better if a family member, an Elder, health professional or support person works with you to make your plan. You can update it anytime and easily share it with others if you want. Beyond Now is free to download from the Apple Store or Google Play and if you don’t have a smartphone, it’s also online. Beyond Now is designed to be used as part of an overall mental wellbeing and safety strategy. It is not intended to be the only form of support.

For more information visit:

HADDON TURNS 150 COME TOGETHER AND CELEBRATE We are putting together our schedule of events for the year ahead to celebrate Haddon and the surrounding areas historic milestone. So get your diaries out and start planning to join in! 26th November

Sunday November 27th

10th December

15th December

At Haddon Memorial Park. The launch of Woady Yaloak Historical Society book by Laurie Moore on the “History of Haddon and Nintingbool.” Laurie Moore will speak about his book. Mayor Gamble to speak acknowledging the township’s value. (And we are hoping we will launch ‘150 Quilts’ book from the Begonia Quilters if ready by this date). TIME: 10.30 am. “Haddon Identities Historical Tour” of the Smythesdale Cemetery and find more about our past in this special guided tour. Time: Cemetery Open Day - 10:30am till 3:00pm Guided Tours featuring Haddon residents at 11:00am and 2:00pm. (Self-guided tours also available). “Ballarat Field and Game Club,” the Haddon Christmas shoot. All welcome to come and visit. For details phone 0400 476 267, or email Time 12.30pm. “Haddon Community Learning Centre.” Special ‘Chat ‘n’ Chew’ Christmas luncheon. Only $15 for 2 course Christmas themed meal. EARLY BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL: call 5342 7050. Time: 12.30 pm. WITH 150th ‘celebration cake’ and 150 candles to blow out’ by anyone 75 years plus, at approx.1pm. Church of Christ providing free candy canes with 150 blessings on the day.

2023 18th January

FREE Haddon Shinkyokushin Damashii Dojo Karate interactive class 5pm to 6pm.

More activities and details will be announced in the coming months and listed in the December edition of the Woady Herald. If you, and/or your business would like to contribute in any way please contact us on 5342 7050. And remember we want photos if you have any for us to contribute to the history, then drop them in for us to copy and preserve.

Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

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Recipe Nook BUDGET FRIENDLY RECIPES WELSH BARN BREAD 250g raisins 250g sultanas 180g brown sugar 300ml cold tea 250g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder Soak the fruit and sugar in the cold tea overnight. Beat in the flour and baking soda until well mixed. Bake at 180 deg for approximately 1 ½ hours or until done. Test with a skewer. If cooked, leave to cool. THIS WILL KEEP FOR UP TO 2 WEEKS. MACARONI MINCE 500G Mince Steak 450g can baked beans 450g can tomato soup ½ cup macaroni (or other pasta) Salt, pepper to taste 1 onion Cook Macaroni, brown mince and onions. Put all ingredients into ovenproof dish and bake at 180 for ½ hour. Can be expanded by adding extra pasta, and you can incorporate other vegies if you wish. CHICKEN CASEROLE 500g Chicken (cut into small pieces) 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 pkt dried spring vegetable soup Place chicken in a casserole dish. Combine the soups with about ¼ can of water and pour over the chicken. Cook covered at 180 deg for approximately 1 hour, and serve with mashed potato, rice, or pasta and vegetables of your choice. TUNA AND SWEETCORN FISHCAKES

mash. Stir in the mayo, tuna, sweetcorn and parsley. Shape into cakes and chill until cold and firm. Dip each cake into the beaten egg, then coat in the breadcrumbs. Chill for a further 15 mins. Heat a little of the oil in a frypan and cook the cakes for 2-3 minutes or until golden. If doing in batches, keep warm in a low oven. Serve with salad or vegies of your choice.

LOADED BAKED POTATOES 1 large potato per person Toppings of choice. Wrap the potatoes in foil, pricking with a fork in several places to let steam escape, and cook in the oven (180 deg) till tender (1to 1.5 hours depending on size). When done, open the foil, cut (not quite through) into quarters, and top with whatever you please. Some suggestions are bacon pieces, coleslaw, sour cream, cheese, left over bolognaise sauce, other savoury meat dishes, shredded cabbage. The possibilities and combinations are endless, just use your imagination! BLUEBERRY SLICE. (Makes 12) 3 cups quick oats 2 cups milk 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla essence ¼ cup maple syrup 2 tsp baking powder 1cup frozen blueberries (or one punnet fresh)

Preheat oven to 200C/180 fan forced. Grease and line a 5cm deep slice pan with baking paper, extending it over the edges. Place all the ingredients apart from the berries in a large bowl, and stir until combined. Transfer mix to baking pan and spread over the bottom evenly. Scatter over the blueberries, and bake for 40 mins or until golden and cooked through. Cool in the pan, then cut into pcs. Serve. Any berries can be used, including mixed. Try a mix of apple and cinnamon as well. ORANGE FOAM

450g potatoes 2 tbsp mayonnaise 2 X 185g cans of tuna, drained 198g can sweetcorn, drained 1 tsp dried parsley 2 eggs beaten 100g packet breadcrumbs Oil for frying Cook the potatoes in boiling, salted water until really tender. Drain and allow to steam dry in a colander. Tip in a bowl, season and Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

Dissolve 1 packet orange jelly in 150ml boiling water. Add rind of 1 orange (zested) and 1/3 cup orange juice. Allow to cool. Chill until just beginning to set. Whip 1 tin of evaporated milk until thick and creamy. Gradually beat in the ½ set jelly. Chill until set, and garnish with orange slices. Page 9

CFA Spring 2022

Leaving early is the safest option for you and your family.

Now is the time to start preparing for our

If there’s a fire close by, it’s important to protect you and your family

Summer fire season. Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world. Understanding your level of risk is the first level of understanding what to do before, and during a fire. Living close to, or among grass and paddocks. Grassfires can be extremely dangerous and people can die in them. What can you expect? • Dry and brown grass that catches fire easily.

Grass more than 10cm tall will have a greater flame height and intensity.

• • • •

Are faster burning than through forests as grass is a finer fuel.

Radiant heat (heat created by fire). Fires that can start early in the day. Faster moving fires that can travel up to 25kph.

What to do? Prepare your property before summer starts. Create fuel breaks around your property and the assets you want to protect – and these need maintaining through Summer. Don’t get caught out in the open during a grassfire. Radiant heat can and does kill! The safest place to be is away from the threat. If you are caught in a grassfire, move to somewhere with minimal vegetation, such as a ploughed, or well grazed paddock.

against radiant heat. Cover up any exposed skin because radiant heat can cause severe injury and even death. Distance is the best protection against radiant heat, so it’s important to move at least 2 or 3 streets away from the fire. _________________________________________

Handy Hints HOUSE - Sprinkle bi carb soda on carpet before vacuuming to deodorise. - Instead of using bleach soak clothes overnight in a bucket of water with a cup of lemon juice added. - Eucalyptus juice makes a great stain remover. Sprinkle a few drops on the stain and let it evaporate. - Use eucalyptus oil on a wad of newspaper to prevent mirrors fogging up in the bathroom. - Warm water mixed with white vinegar makes a good all purpose cleaner for your home. - To clean a microwave, use 1 cup each of white vinegar and water with three tablespoons of lemon juice.. Heat on high for 2-3 mins. Wait till surfaces are cool and wipe down with a microfibre cloth. GARAGE/SHED

If you are caught in a car, don’t get out and run. Turn your hazard lights on and park off the roadway away from

- For a great car polish, give the car a normal wash, allow to dry. Then sprinkle duco with cornflour, and polish to achieve that extra dense bush and long grass facing towards the oncoming fire. gleam. Before the fire approaches, tightly close windows and doors, shut all - Use eucalyptus oil to remove tar. Sprinkle a few drops on a clean vents and turn off the engine and make sure you get down below cloth, then rub off. window level and cover up with woollen blankets. - To clean battery terminals, use 2 teaspoons of bi carb soda in 1 Sheltering in a car is extremely dangerous and can result in serious litre of water and apply generously. When clean, smear with petroleinjury or death. Always plan to leave early to avoid this situation. um jelly to stop this recurring. Stay informed on hot, dry windy days by monitoring conditions out- - To make it easier to hang a picture with a wire, put a fork, tines side and tuning into a local emergency broadcaster, checking emer- facing out, on the hook, and thread the wire over it. Remove the fork when done regularly and by downloading the Vic Emergency - Dab a dot of glow in the dark paint on your light switches to save app. groping for them in the dark. Or use strips of reflective tape. Close to, or among dense, or open bush. - The non-slip mesh used for rugs works well on chair cushions as Risk is most extreme if you live surrounded by, or near forest that is well. difficult to see through. However all forest and woodland pose a - To find a torch easily in a blackout, put some glow in the dark tape on it. risk. - When painting, use a hair dryer to remove the tape. It will come off What can you expect? without any effort or tearing. • Very hot fire and many embers.

• • • • • • •

Embers such as twigs, bark and debris arriving from far away. Dangerous levels of radiant heat and fire intensity. Trees falling in high winds. Embers landing for a long time after fire has passed. Fine fuels that burn very quickly. Heavy fuels that will burn very hot for long periods of time. A reduction in visibility due to heavy smoke.

What to do? Prepare your property for fire well ahead of time. Decide when you will leave and where you will go on hot, dry windy days when the risk of a fire starting is increased. Talk to family and friends about what you will be doing. Stay informed! Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

GARDEN - Coffee grounds, used sparingly, make a great garden fertiliser (and control slugs and snails at the same time). - Egg shells make a great pot for starting seeds and they decompose when planted into the garden – make sure you break the bottom first for drainage. - If space is limited, try growing a veggie patch in containers. They can be moved to follow the sun (or escape it), just make sure they have enough depth for the crop you would be growing. - If transplanting seedlings, use a spoon to take out the plant and surrounding soil to avoid damaging new roots. -When sowing small seeds (carrots for example, space them out on wet toilet paper before sowing. Page 10

Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

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How to enrol

Winner of Grampians Learn Local Legend Award

We take enrolments Monday to Friday between 10 am and 3 pm.

Welcome to Our Term 4, 2022 Course Guide Well another season has passed, and it is Spring already; are the years going by even faster? I believe so! It is hard to believe that we are talking about the Christmas ‘Chat and Chew luncheon’ again, but we are planning the menu now! But there are so many activities happening over the next three months we are going to have to be super organised. So lets run through just a few here. The Woady Herald and the course guide enclosed has many of the details of some exciting competitions we are conducting this term, but more will be added to our Facebook page as the time gets closer to the activity/event, so keep a watch on that for updates and for posters we will distribute about the district to keep you informed. Classes this spring will include a series of lovely ‘Art’ workshops with the multi talented, Ros Bosnar. Ros will be here to show you how to do fabulous, but easy ‘Fluid Art,’ ‘Alcohol Inks,’ ‘Silk Painting’ and a ‘Water Colours for Beginners’ workshops. All of these sessions are suitable for beginners, you do not need any art ability at all! Anita Shaw will also be back to teach some introduction to macramé classes, with a ‘Spiral Pot Plant Holder” and some lovely macramé bracelets that teenagers could enjoy making also. Both items would make great gifts for Christmas. Anita also provides a lovely slice tray and a light lunch included in the cost, so how nice is that? We have a very popular local ‘Foragers Walk’ and another ‘Herbal Tea Infusion’ workshop delivered by qualified community naturopath Cathy Thomas. Cathy is great fun and so full of knowledge, everyone enjoys her sessions and you will learn a lot! And for the first time in many years we are able to bring you a ‘DIY’ workshop where you will get ‘hands on’ making a small wood planter stand. And best of all this workshop, including kit is FREE! So don’t miss out on this opportunity! Book early to secure you place. Or maybe you want to learn how to grow vegetables and what to grow economically, then local resident, Gwen is back to walk you through that with another hands on session. And we have another exciting offer of FREE 4 sessions on preparing healthy lunches to take to work (or to have at home anytime for all the family), to save you money and more importantly to benefit your health. These healthy options are much better for your than take away options and once again we are able to offer you these sessions for no cost this term. Book early for these as well. All regulars activities are returning, including computer and mobile phone (plans, etc) courses and assistance, yoga, ‘Seniors Move It Gently’ program, sewing and patchwork drop in group sessions. And there are our online pre-accredited and accredited courses if you need them for work. The online option for the ‘Responsible Serving of Alcohol’ certificate course was popular this year. And don’t forget to enter our ‘Seniors Photo Competition’ for Get Online Week - you could win great vouchers and come along for a light luncheon on Friday, October 21st at 12.30 pm for the announcement of winners. It should be fun! And it will be great to see your photos and maybe one of yours will be included in the next edition to the Woady Herald! Enjoy the season!

Cheers, Joan,

Please note that your booking is not secured until full payment is made or a suitable payment arrangement is made with the Centre Manager. Payment for all classes due at least one week prior to commencement. HOW TO ENROL  In person at the Haddon Community Learning Centre office 396 Sago Hill Road, Haddon.

 By telephone on 5342 7050  By email: CONDITIONS OF ENROLMENT

 Fees become due at the time of booking. Places will not be held

   

unless fees are paid or a deposit received and payment plan arranged. Payments due at least one week prior to course commencement. Refunds cannot be given once a class has commenced or at least 5 business days’ notice is provided as we are committed to pay course costs. Refunds will be given if the class is cancelled for any reason. Prospective students should be aware that some courses/ activities may not proceed if there are insufficient numbers to cover operational costs. Concession rates apply where indicated and only on presentation of a current concession card.

 Notification will be given only when classes are cancelled or rescheduled. Please assume that the course will proceed unless otherwise notified. If you are concerned or have any queries, please contact the House. Please talk to us about fees and payments if they cause any problems. We are committed to equitable access for all and may be able to assist. you.

People of all abilities are welcome at all suitable programs. The Northern Community and Haddon Learning Centre is fully accessible. HCLC respects your right to information privacy and any information we collect and hold is kept in accordance with information privacy laws. The Haddon Community Learning Centre aims to provide a range of educational, social and recreational activities to suit a range of tastes and interests. While all effort is made to proceed with advertised activities it is not always possible if enrolments do not generate the funds required to cover the costs of tutors and room hire. Please note that business and corporate rates may differ from the prices included in this program. Please check with the Manager for these rates. We can tailor a course to your business needs and we are always happy to discuss this with you.

The Haddon Community Learning Centre acknowledges the ongoing funding and support made available by State Government of Victoria (Adult & Community Further Education (ACFE), the Department of Health & Human Services, DEECD and the Department of Planning & Community Development).

Exploring Computers *DIGITAL ESSENTIALS LEVEL 1 This course is designed to help you understand the basics of various areas of technology, including different digital devices, their functionality and the ways you use these devices to connect with others and access services over the Internet. This program covers broad areas of different aspects of technology at a beginners level. Many topics we have been asked for are included: Using your smartphone Using SMS Connecting and working safely Navigating the Internet Using email Using social media Using apps and software Everyday technology Staying safe online - plus more

DO YOU NEED HELP WITH A PARTICULAR COMPUTER ISSUE OR TOPIC, BUT DON’T HAVE TIME FOR A FULL COURSE? We offer tailored computer training on a casual basis with a professional technician. Come for one, or two sessions, or however many you need. You may need to skill up quickly for a job interview or when being asked to perform digital skills you may not have done before then give us a call. We can offer help with individual Microsoft Office programs from simple functions such as setting up a Word template to sorting data and creating graphs in Excel, editing, inserting and formatting photos, research via the internet, and getting the most out of your email - you tell us what you need and we will work out a plan to help. DAYS: TIME: FEES:

Wednesday evenings, or Friday mornings To be arranged starting mid October. $50.00 per one-hour session with professional. technician

Always phone and check as other dates/times for computer classes may be available, especially if sufficient interest. We can also provide group training for local businesses and organisations. Call us to discuss pricing and availability. NEED HELP WITH YOUR READING, WRITING? Do you struggle with your reading, writing, or basic mathematic skills? Then come have a private chat with us. We can help with session to build your literacy and numeracy skills. This help is particularly suitable for those who have always struggled or experience interrupted schooling/education and who now wish to make a change to improve their skills to assist in gaining confidence that can help with further employment and study opportunities. So come and have a chat to our friendly staff to see how we can help you. Call 5342 7050 to make an appointment. FEES & CHARGES Adult Education classes that are subsidized by Adult Community & Further

Education are marked with the *. We are required to charge a student contribution consistent with Ministerial directions on Fees & Charges. Other fees are to assist us to pay for tutors, amenities and all other costs involved in running courses. For further information please speak to the Manager.

If you are interested in a course enrol now to avoid disappointment. If dates/or times do not suit you please ask as often we are able to arrange an alternative.


Wednesday evenings, or Friday mornings Commencing mid October. 5 -7.30pm (Wednesday), or 10 - 12.30pm (Friday) $115.00($55.00 + $65.00 amenities & resources fee) for eligible ACFE funded students.

*DIGITAL ESSENTIALS LEVEL 2 This program follow on from our Digital Essentials Level 1 program. It will extend your understanding of technology, including the use of different devices, The program covers broad areas of different aspects of technology in a basic level including:

        

Building email skills Creating in Word Finding information online Being social Managing information Connecting to devices Day to day technology Being safe and secure New online experiences


Wednesday evenings, or Friday mornings Commencing mid October. 5-7.30pm (Wednesday), or 10 - 12.30 pm (Friday) $115.00($55.00 + $65.00 amenities & resources fee) for eligible ACFE funded students.

Free Seniors Programs

COMPUTING SUPPORT FOR 50 & OVER SENIORS We'll help you get signed up to the Be Connected website, and offer in-person support for your queries relating to the internet and technology. The ‘Be Connected’ program is a FREE Australian Federal government initiative that is designed to help people 50 and over to achieve this through being able to comfortably go online. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a mouse, keyboard or tablet before, let us help you be able to do so safely: You can ask for assistance for your technology issues. Some of the topics covered include:  Learn the basics and realise the full potential of going online  Talk more often with family and friends who live far away  Learn how to shop safely and securely on line,  Find old friends or make new ones who share your interests and hobbies  Learn to use Skype.  Explore YouTube, your favourite music, films and T.V.  Keep up to date with what’s happening in around you  Set up a myGov account so you can access Medicare, the Australian Tax Office, Centrelink and more. Call us to book your 2 FREE sessions to get started now. DAYS: DATE: TIMES: COST:

Mondays, Tuesday or Fridays Commencing October 3 From 10 am -12 noon and 1- 3 pm FREE - conducted by volunteer


PURCHASES OR JUST HOW TO WORK YOUR PHONE? Do you need help with purchasing a new mobile phone, what is the best plan for you? Are you confused? Don’t know what mobile phone to buy. Do you need to buy such expensive models? What will save you money? Do you know how to set one up to suit you? If you are struggling then we can help you work through the maze. What about NBN plans? Let us know what you need assistance with and book into this next session. DAYS: DATE: TIMES: COST: TUTOR:

Friday November 11 From 10 am -12 noon $20.00 Leah Phillips NB: We need 3 people minimum or you can pay extra for one on one session.


NEW POWER SAVING BONUS Operating from July 1st - December 31st Now open to all Victorian households. you do not have to have a concession card.


Leah will be available for one on one sessions on Friday November11, from 12.30 to 2 pm to assist you. You can book a 1/2 hour session at $28.00, or a one hour session for $56.00. Skills for work: Build a CV. Write a cover letter Create an online professional profile Interview skills Introduction to email Presentation skills Spreadsheets for beginners Or do you need: Skills to boost your career or business Social media strategy: Writing for social media Measuring success with Google Analytics Skills for starting your own business Getting started Bringing your business ideas to life Making a plan for success.

Accredited Certificate Short Courses FOOD SAFETY SUPERVISOR: REFRESHER Course codes: HLTFSE001, HLTFSE005, HLTFSE007


Fridays or Saturdays


TBC - can also be organized for groups


10.00 - 4.00 pm - light lunch included


$130.00 full fee - this includes your practical assessment.

REFRESHER COURSE - ONLINE Follow basic Food Safety principles. Apply and monitor Food Safety requirements. Oversee the day -to-day implementation of Food Safety in the workplace Choose this course if you already have a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate and need to update your training. As this is a condensed 'Refresher Course,' students must provide a copy of their previously completed FSS Certificate. Course Cost: $220 (inclusive). RESPONSIBLE SERVING OF ALCOHOL - ONLINE COURSE SITHFAB021

This one day course is structured to meet the needs of people who have not previously completed food safety training or would like to update their knowledge in light of the many changes over the past few years. The course is suitable for anyone handling or preparing food in any capacity (employed or voluntary). There are no prerequisites. As part of the assessment, you are required to handle

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) unit aims to provide liquor service staff with the knowledge and awareness necessary to responsibly serve alcohol in a licensed premises. RSA certification is mandatory for licensees and staff selling, offering or serving liquor for general, on-premises, late night and packaged liquor licences.

food ingredients and ready to eat food items. This part of the assessment will occur during the preparation of lunch. PLEASE NOTE: If you have any special dietary requirements, you will need to supply your own food.

NATIONALLY ACCREDITED FOOD SAFE. STUDY ONLINE - START ANY TIME We provide several nationally accredited food safety courses in association with a registered training organisation. Hospitality & Retail: Cafes, Restaurants, Schools, Take-aways, etc.  Food Safety Level 1 – SITXFSA001  Food Safety Level 2 – SITXFSA002  Food Safety Supervisor Combined – SITXFSA001 & SITXFSA002 Community & Health Services: Aged Care, Childcare, Hospitals.  Food Safety Level 1 - HLTFSE001 

Food Safety Level 2 - HLTFSE007 and HLTFSE005

Food Safety Supervisor (all 3 units) HLTFSE001, HLTFSE007 HLTFSE005

Food Safety Training now has two components: a series of questions to assess the student’s knowledge and an assessed workplace practical skills assignment. You can do your certificate online and start any time and also have the convenience of finishing it in your own time. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can complete this part of the course in the Centre’s computer lab. The workplace assignment is completed on the job, in a real or simulated workplace environment, and observed by a suitably qualified 3rd party observer. Simply come into the centre and fill in the enrolment form and pay the fee. We will then email you a link to commence the course online. The cost will depend on the level of certificate and whether you need to use the Centre's kitchen as a simulated workplace with an assessor. Level 1 cost is $95.00 Call us for more details.

FEES: $49.00 Sign up at the Centre, or via our website at: WARNING - If you are planning to work in Victoria you MUST complete a VCGLR accredited course from a approved RTO, We use CFT for our online Food Safety (and RSA) courses. They are approved to issue a VCGLR certificate that is required to work in the industry. USI -UNIQUE STUDENT IDENTIFICATION

All students must have a Unique Student Identification number, and you are required to provide it for a certificate to be issued. If you don't have one you will follow an embedded link to apply for one after your online assessment. If you need assistance we can help you apply for your USI. Call us on 5342 7050

Special Interest Training Courses


*INTRODUCTION TO LAND MANAGEMENT AND FUNGI MYCOLOGY with Sapphire McMullan-Fisher from Fungi4Land This online course will cover the fundamentals of mycology, identifying and cultivating fungi, human uses for fungi and land management with fungi. Lessons will be pre-recorded and learners will have an opportunity for ‘Q and A’ session. We are running the course together with our partner organisation

MYCOmmunity Applied Mycology. There will be limited discount ACFE funded places for adult learners. In order to qualify for a place you must be:

    

Over 16 Not attending school Living in Victoria You must provide a Medicare number (as proof of ID) Complete and submit one assignment..

Dates: most Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30 pm online expected start from 28 Sept to 30 Nov 2022.

This Australian focused Fungal ecology course will lead you through the roles fungi play in terrestrial ecosystem. This includes:  As recyclers of nutrients  Partnering with other organisms like mycorrhizal associations with plants.  Fungi in soils and as part of Biocrusts  Biosecurity and understanding problem fungi  Animal interactions  Fungal responses to fire  Integrating fungi into indigenous ecosystem restoration  Fungi conservation including global IUCN RED list fungi Recordings will be available for a limited time incase people miss a session or want to revise. Although this course is stand alone, if you want to get a more rounded understanding of fungi including fungal basics like biology, and applied subjects like culturing & growing mushroom we encourage you to take MYCOmmunity's online mycology and other courses. For more information and bookings:

This mixed-delivery course will teach you all you need to get started using DNA technology for environmental research in home or community laboratories.  OH&S and environmental ethics  Biology basics  Laboratory techniques  DNA sequencing  Identification and species relationships  Environmental DNA  New technologies  Optional 2 day laboratory practical session (weekend of October 29th and 30th). The course is suitable for everyone from beginners to those with some university background in biology and genetics. And it is focussed on fungal DNA, however the techniques used are widely applicable and modifications for use with other organisms will be discussed. Course modules include:

      

Introduction and biology basics. Sample collection Practical Work with DNA Sequencing different regions Interpreting results Phylogenetics Intro to eDNA and Next-gen sequencing (environmental).

The course will be pre-recorded, with live Q and A sessions from 6:30 pm Tuesdays AEST from October 18 to November 22 (November 29 is a spare class in case needed). Classes will be released weekly starting October 11. The practical session is optional for non funded places and will take place at Mycelium Lab in Melbourne, Victoria. Numbers at the practical session are limited. There are ten ACFE fully funded places are available for people who are:

   

Over 16 and not attending school Living in Victoria Provide a Medicare number (as proof of ID) Complete enrolment form and provide a signed piece of evidence of attending.

For more information and/or to apply for a place please contact Please contact us at for further information. Or Ema on 0406 508 045,

Please note: Payment for all classes are due one week (unless otherwise stated) prior to commencement. Places cannot be held if

payment has not been received. This ensures people on our waiting lists do not miss out.

Let’s Create Arts SPECIAL GUEST TUTOR ARTIST ROS BOSNAR WATER COLOUR WORKSHOP FOR BEGINNERS You will learn to produce a completed study to take home using some basic skills. Water colour is a complicated medium to use and there are many ways to approach it and develop your own style. In this workshop you will learn:  How to produce a lovely soft view of ‘Apollo Bay ‘sea side.  Create a lovely floral study using fresh flowers from the garden DAY: DATE: TIMES: COST:

Saturday November 5th 12 - 4 pm (BYO lunch) $80.00 plus materials cost of $30.00 p/p paid to the tutor- the tutor will supply a small palette of water colour paints and 4 x A 4 size Saunders rough paper (extra sheets will cost @$5.00 each). NB: Students need to bring brushes soft bristle brushes size 8 and smaller and a rigger is also handy.

INTRODUCTION TO FLUID ART - ACRYLIC POURING Learn to make a beautiful abstract painting. In this workshop, you will learn step-by-step techniques to the art of acrylic pouring fundamentals. It is painting without a brush! You will discover the essential tools and supplies you need. Bring your apron and wear old clothes because you will be doing hands on work. Workshop includes: preparing canvas, mixing paints, use of additives, titling canvas, paint layering. DAY: DATE: TIME: COST:

Friday November 11 11 am - 3 pm (BYO lunch) $75.00 - GST inclusive – Plus materials fees payable to tutor. $30.00 - includes a glass object, 8 x 8 (1) tile, set of 4 coasters, 2 canvases, a card board gift box. and a number of sample papers. Acrylic Pouring - The art of acrylic ‘paint pouring’ is a painting technique achieved by pouring acrylic paint onto a canvas or other items. There are many methods use to apply the paint to a surface, some are quite simple and great for beginners, whereas others are more technical. All are great fun!

Watercolour painting by Ros

INTRODUCTION TO ALCOHOL INKS WORKSHOP Alcohol inks are fast-drying, highly pigmented, alcohol-based inks that are great to use on any hard, non-porous surface including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather and polymer clay. Once the ink is applied, the alcohol evaporates, leaving the dye behind. Once alcohol ink dries, it can be re-wet with rubbing alcohol (91% Isopropyl Alcohol), allowing for unique and versatile effects that cannot be achieved with water-based products like acrylic paint. Alcohol ink is waterproof, adding to its durable properties. DAYS:: DATE: TIMES: COST:

Friday November 18 11 am - 3 pm $75.00 (plus materials cost - GST inclusive). This includes a glass Vase, yupo paper, tiles, paint. Students will usually finish two tiles,1 glass vase and a number of yupo paper samples.

SILK PAINTING WORKSHOP Silk painting is a great way to make your own hand made “one of kind” gifts. It is great fun and something anyone can do. You do not need any painting experience. You will use a number of techniques on 2 lovely soft silk scarves measuring approx. 28 cm x 180 cm. There is a materials cost to be paid to the tutor covering your 2 scarves and all other paints, etc. DAYS: DATE: TIMES: COST:

Friday November 25 1- 5 pm $75.00 plus materials of $33.00

Alcohol ink on Yupo paper by Ros

Silk painting by Ros

Special Interest -

Woodworking & Gardening

Cooking - Free Sessions HEALTHY EATING AT WORK Eating take away at work costs a lot of money and most often there are not healthy choices available.


We are so very excited to be able to bring you this free DIY workshop with the lovely Lea. Have fun developing your DIY skills with all components to construct a useful wooden pot hanger/stand, decorate it and plus get a pot and plant to put in it also. Lea will expertly guide you to use a screwdriver and any other tools to construct. your stand. Don’t wait. Book your place now as these will be limited. We are hoping this will be the first in a series of DIY workshops particularly for ladies (but anyone! interested) to come try. NB: Photo is only an example. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL - call 5342 7050. DAY: DATE: TIMES: COST:

Tuesday October 18 11 am - 1 pm FREE GROWING VEGGIES - LEARN HOW

Don't know how to start? If not ,come and join us in a fun afternoon learning how to grow your own vegetables easily and more successfully. Nothing is fresher than food you grow yourself, not to mention the better taste and the satisfaction it gives you. And you control what is added to them to make them grow, thus making them healthier than what you purchase in the shops, that is also due to them being kept in storage and ‘the long food miles.’ And you can grow completely organic if you want to do so. Wear your old clothes, bring your gardening gloves, and learn ‘hands on’ how to make your garden into a productive oasis for you and your family. Saves you money too!!!! DAY: DATE: TIMES: COST:

Saturday November 12 11 am - 12.30 pm $15.00 for materials or bring your own).

We want you to learn how easy it is to prepare healthy lunch boxes. These sessions have been developed to those who may want to trim costs, improve health and learn new easy meals that can be taken to work, or school, or eat at home! Demonstration and tastings are included in the sessions and will include two follow up calls to help keep you on track with your healthy eating regime. We know that making new habits can be very tough going and we know that eating “sweet, salty, and fast food can be an easily developed ’habit.’ But we can encourage you to start your ‘healthier’ journey and if you can get the family to join you so then the benefits multiply. What you get:   

Step by step demonstration of healthy food preparation Recipes provided for easy, healthy, tasty food options Tastings of food prepared

Register your interest and link your whole family to this great opportunity to learn the tips and tricks to preparing healthy take away for work and school. Open to ages over 15 years. Book for the following dates and times by phoning us on 5342 7050: Thursday, 8th December at 1pm and 5 pm 9th February 11 am and 7 pm 23nd February, 11 am and 5 pm 15th March 1 pm and 5 pm Choose one to all four sessions, they are FREE! We want to acknowledge and express gratitude that these sessions are being provided with funds received by the Centre from a successful grant application for a Golden Plains Shire Community Strengthening Grants.

Requirements list: A small fee of $5.00 paid to the tutor to help cover supply of materials. Plus bring a pair of gardening gloves.

Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

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Let’s Do Craft

Special Events Be Connected - Get Online Week ‘Try One Thing’ DIGITAL PHOTO HELP FOR SENIORS

AND SENIORS PHOTO COMPETITION This year our Be Connected, “Get Online Week” is being held from the 7th to 21st October. During this week we are offering FREE help to seniors over 50 to learn how to take photos, or to access their photos and learn how to attach them to an email. INTRODUCTION TO MACRAME - SPIRAL POT PLANT HANGER

We are holding a ‘Seniors Photo Competition’ and inviting sen-


iors to take at least one photo (up to 4 can be entered) on their

In this fantastic workshop you will learn basic knots to make a spiral

mobile/tablet and attach and send to the Centre via an email.

pot plant hangar. You can choose which style you would like to

So we want to help you do to take photos and send them to us

make, either a spiral knot, or square knot. And you have a choice of

to be able to enter our competition. There are great gift vouch-

colours, they are: black, white, bright yellow, red, pink, blue, natu-

ers to win!

ral (off white). When you book in please indicate your colour choice

So let us help you enter the competition. Make an appointment

so as the tutor can have a "goodie bag" made up for you with pre-

any time during office hours during this week from 10.00 am -

cut cord etc. The cost for this workshop includes all your materials, a terracotta

pot to go in your hangar, and also a light lunch and a slice tray! DAY: DATE: TIMES: COST:

Friday November 4 11 am - 2 pm $50.00

3.00 pm. The week will culminate with a “main event” on Friday October 21st, at 12 pm with a light luncheon being served at 12.30 pm and the announcement of the photo competition winners will be made at approximately 1.15 pm. There will free giveaways and some spot prizes on offer on the Friday also. So come join us! You will need to book on, 5342 7050 as spaces are limited for the luncheon. You can enter anytime up until October 19, at 5 pm, by sending


up to 4 photos by email to with

Learn to make 2, or 3 bracelets in this workshop with

all your details including your full name, address, phone con-

Anita. All ages can make these bracelets, young and old,

tact, age, your photo details. The photo subjects you can

all welcome (under 16 cost only $20.00). There will be a 'variety of

colours' from you to choose. The cost for this workshop does include all your materials, a light lunch and a slice tray! These would make great Christmas gifts! DAY: DATE: TIMES:

Saturday November 19 10.30 - 1.30pm


$30.00 (under 16 cost - $20.00)

choose are:

   

a person/family shot/child/baby a landscape, my garden, a pet/animal photo

Well Being, Mindfulness Health & Exercise FORAGERS WEED WALK Discover how we can value add to our every day life using herbs and weeds. There are health benefits to eating some weeds says Cath Thomas an accredited Western Herbal Medicine practitioner. They have nutritional value and bioactive compounds that can support therapeutic actions in the body. The weeds that provide the top health benefits are those that are actually classified as herbs. Join Cath on a foragers weed walk and learn about the introduced weeds that can support your health. Throughout the walk Cath will help you learn how to identify common edible weeds and also instruct you on preparing a vegan meal which you can enjoy at the end of the walk. The location of the walk will be determined by what is in season locally. DAY: DATE: TIME:

Saturday October 8 10 - 1pm


$60.00 - concession $48.00

For more information on the weed walk you can text or call Cath on


HERBAL TEA WORKSHOP Nettle tea anyone? Much maligned for its sting is now being recognised as a “super food”. Herbs have been part of our diets for ever. Their benefits are many, and since ancient times people have been drinking herbal teas. Herbalist and Community Naturopath Cath Thomas says some herbs work better with the body when drunk as a tea. Drinking herbal tea is a good habit and its cost effective, she says. Herbs have medicinal and nutritional value which can benefit the body and mind. In this workshop you will learn of the herbal benefits and concerns, and then blend your own signature tisane. What to expect # Learn the benefits of over 20 herbs, # How they can be blended together for a healthy tea specific to your taste and wants. # How to source your herbs # How to dry your herbs # Make your own signature blend to keep. DAY: DATE: TIME:

Saturday November 5 10 - 12.30pm


$60.00 - concession


SENIORS MOVE IT GENTLY PROGRAM This program aims to encourage older people, especially those who may be socially isolated and disadvantaged through age appropriate physical activity and a peer support network. It is done in a non judgmental way through an engaging and holistic manner. The activities have included Yoga, Pilates, walking the rail trail, exercise stations, breathing exercises and meditation. The sessions are adjusted to individual fitness levels, so you do only what you are able safely. The classes are undertaken with good humour and laughter often the participants have a good time whilst they are exercising! NOTE We need a minimum of 7 students per session at this cost. DAY: Wednesdays DATE: October 5 TIME: 11.15 - 12.15pm FEES: Seniors and Concession $9.00. Can pay cash or bank details can be provided for direct deposit each week. TUTOR: Alana Rushton. Please note: bookings are required the day before by text to Alana Rushton on 0422 288 545, or

RELAXING YOGA AT HADDON - HATHA STYLE Yoga is designed for males and females of any age and fitness level. It's a great low-impact way to keep your mind and body moving, while having the added benefits of reducing stress, increasing bone density, building muscle strength and increasing your flexibility. Accredited Byron Yoga Centre teacher, Alana Rushton, will invigorate your health. Sessions always includes a relaxing meditation. Both new and regular clients catered for to make sure that stretching, strengthening and feeling good is accessible to absolutely anyone. Hatha yoga is movement to music, and all you need is to wear comfy clothing, bring a water bottle and a yoga mat (or there is spares if you need). DAY: Wednesdays DATE: October 5 TIMES: 10 - 11 am and evenings at 7 pm - 8 pm COST: Seniors and Concession $13, Adults $16, children to age 10 - $10. Pay cash or bank details can be provided for direct deposit each week. TUTOR: Alana Rushton BOOKINGS: Please note: Bookings are required the day before by text to Alana Rushton 0422 288 545, or

Special Interest Groups DROP IN SEWING - CRAFT CORNER - FRIDAY MORNINGS For all who love to sew, knit, craft, or do any form of needlecraft, come work on your own projects, on anything you like with others who share your interests. Enjoy some social time, chat and work on your projects over a cuppa., and share your skills with others. Come join this friendly group. DAY: DATE: TIMES: FEES Please Note:

Fridays October 14 9.30 am ~ 12.30 pm $5.00 inclusive GST. - includes tea and coffee. You need to bring your own equipment. (NB: We do have two sewing machines and one overlocker available. Plus an ironing board and iron).

HADDON QUILTERS GROUP ~ MONDAY NIGHTS This lovely group has been enjoying getting together and working on their projects. They also make quilts for the cancer unit in Ballarat. So join in, enjoy the company and if you don’t know how to quilt then learn from the group. Enjoy some time to chat, sew and share your enjoyment of quilting. Join any time during the term; you will be made very welcome. Tea, coffee provided. DAY: DATES: TIME: FEES:

Mondays Commencing October 10 6.15 pm ~ 8.30 pm $3.00 per session (includes tea & coffee) - inclusive GST

Special Training Courses Is a Mobility Device Right for You New, easy access, VicRoads approved webinars now available online and at the Haddon Community Learning Centre. An estimated 1000 people/year are hospitalised due to motorised mobility device injuries. If you have, or are considering, a motorised mobility device for yourself or a loved one, you can now access a free 45-minute online Motorised Mobility Devices (MMD) course to help find the best fit for you, by visiting or by booking a public access computer at the Haddon Community Learning Centre. This three-module course dives into the ins and outs of Motorised Mobility Devices. It includes information on safety, suitability and how to identify your needs - with device choices and features. Not everyone is able to use motorised mobility devices. Whilst no licences are required for motorised mobility devices, training is essential to ensure your safety and that of others around you. If you think that a motorised mobility device might be the right choice for you, there are support services available. The course is available through the Central Highlands Association of Neighbourhood Houses, and has been created in partnership with VicRoads Community Road Safety Grants. To book a computer or device please contact the Centre on 5342 7050.

GST – Please note where courses have assistance in employment or are study related, GST may not be applicable.

Special Events

Do You Have a Skill to Share?



If you have any course requests, or ideas, or a skill you would consider teaching then call us for a chat. Phone 5342 7050.

Gift Vouchers ~ Make a great gift Gift vouchers are available for any amount and they will cover the tuition cost of any course we run at the House – a great gift idea for someone who has everything! Please enquire at the office. NB: Voucher doesn’t cover cost of materials fees.

Library The Community Learning Centre has a library of pre loved books, videos and DVD’s available to borrow or swap. Take some, leave some, or relax and have a read, while enjoying a coffee in the lounge area. We also have a collection of LARGE PRINT, and TALKING books, for those who are vision impaired or just prefer this type of book. Donations of good quality books and magazines are always gratefully accepted. Please note we are unable to accept educational texts or instruction manuals.



Cost $15.00 per person 2 courses Christmas themed meal BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL You must book early - places are limited We would love you to join us for some fun and fellowship


PUBLIC INTERNET & COMPUTER ACCESS Is available between 10 am till 3 pm - only when computer classes are not being conducted. You are strongly advised to ring to check on availability prior to attendance.


Full colour per A4 page $4 Monochrome per A4 page $1


Single side Single side


$1.50 per page

30 cents Double side 50 cents 60 cents Double side $1.00


$2.50 per page


$2.00 for the first page and $1.00 each for subsequent pages (local/ interstate). International P.O.A.

The computer lab has ten PC’s & 1 Mac and audio visual facilities and is served by a spacious rest area with tea and coffee making facilities. Call us to book on 5342 7050

Above services available 10 am - daily.


The computer lab has PC’s & 1 Mac and audio visual facilities and is served by a spacious rest area with tea and coffee making facilities. Call us to discuss your requirements or book on 5342 7050.

Mayor’s Message ~ FROM THE MAYOR’S DESK Round 2 of Council’s Community Strengthening Grants Program is open from 9.00am Thursday 1st September until 2.00pm, Friday 30th September, and I encourage all Golden Plains community groups to apply. Grants of up to $10,000 are available in four streams: Healthy Active Living - to support recreation, sport, health and wellbeing projects; Creative Communities – to support arts and culture projects; Environment and Sustainability – to support projects that improve the community and Community Safety – to support projects that equip communities to be safe and resilient. Groups must match the amount of funding sought, either in cash or through in-kind contributions, such as volunteer work on the project. The Community Strengthening Grants are a valuable source of financial support for local events, projects and programs in our shire and we look forward to receiving many great grant applications in the second round of the 2022 program. Council is here to support community groups through the application process with five drop-in sessions to be held in September across the Shire in which community groups are invited to stop by and discuss their project. The details of the drop-in sessions are:

    

Meredith Community Centre, 4 Russell Street: 3 to 5pm, Monday 5thSeptember. Rokewood Mobile Library, Ferrars Street: 11am to 1pm, Thursday 8th September. Bannockburn Library, 25-27 High Street: 3 to 5pm, Tuesday n13th September. The Well, 19 Heales Street, Smythesdale: 10am to 12pm, Friday 16th September. Online: 6.30 to 7.30pm, Thursday 22nd September.

The inaugural Berrybank Windfarm Community Grants Program will also be launching in September, with applications open from 9.00am Thursday 1st September until 2pm Friday 30th September. Applicants will be eligible to apply for grant funding in two categories: Economic Development and Tourism Projects and events; and community projects and events over $10,000, with one off and recurring funding available. Groups must match the amount of funding sought to a maximum of $10,000, either in cash or through in-kind contributions such as in-kind volunteer support. I encourage community groups who wish to apply for the Berrybank Windfarm Community Grants Program to attend any of the drop-in sessions if they wish to discuss their project or application. For more information about the Community Strengthening Grants program, the Berrybank Wind Farm Community Grants Program or drop in sessions, visit or contact Council’s Council Planning and Grants Officer at 5220 7111 or ~ Mayor Cr Gavin Gamble.


The Woady Yaloak HERALD is published each term as a project of the Haddon Community Learning Centre (HCLC). Registration No. 12494. —————————— Write for The Woady! Anyone is welcome to submit articles, photos and reports for publication. We would really love to put together a regular team of 3-4 people so do get in touch if you are interested. We’d love to hear from you. Send items to The Editorial Team, Woady Yaloak HERALD by email, post or deliver to the Haddon Community Learning Centre by the deadline. Haddon Community Learning Centre 396 Sago Hill Road, Haddon 3351 Tel 5342 7050 Fax to 5342 7013 Email: BOOKING DEADLINE DECEMBER ISSUE FRIDAY DECEMBER 2nd, 2022.

Preferred format is MS Publisher, typed or clearly printed, sent as an email attachment, on a computer disk, fax or post. NO PDF files please without prior discussion and consent of the Editor. Send photographs as an email attachment or by post If posted photo is to be returned, send with a stamped SAE and put name/address on back please. If you would like to advertise your business, please contact the manager to discuss your needs. ———————————————– Disclaimer. Any group or person may submit items for publication, preference may be typed or in a recognised computer format. Items must include name, address and telephone number of the sender. The Editor reserves the right to edit for length, clarity or legality any item or not to publish any item considered inappropriate. Views and comments expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of any member of the Woady Yaloak Herald, or the Haddon Community Learning Centre unless acknowledged as such. Products and services listed or advertised in the newspaper should not be considered as endorsements. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of editorial content, HCLC takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Send any items or questions to:

ON 5342 7050 OR VIA EMAIL ON Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

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JUST FOR FUN CROSSWORD - AUSTRALIAN BIRDS solutions to all puzzles on page 30

TV SHOW TRIVIA What TV show is set on Ramsay Street? Who was the science officer on Starship Enterprise? How many friends were there? Where did they hang out? Who was Bart Simpson’s teacher?

Where did Mork come from in Mork and Mindy? Where does Penny work in Big Bang Theory? What were the children called in Addam’s Family? Who played Fonzie? Where was Skippy set? What does the lead character in The Good Doctor suffer from? Where is South Park?


Which Aussie stars in The Mentalist? Which TV series is based on a character of Agatha Christie? Which family lived at the Ponderosa? How many children did the Sullivan’s have?

Where can you go where everyone knows your name? Who were Cash and Co? Which show did film producer Ron Howard star in? Who or what is Sean?



Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

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Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

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    

Fire Extinguishers—Supply, Install & Servicing Fire Blankets—Supply, Install & Servicing Fire Hose Reels—Supply, Install & Servicing First Aid Kits—Supply, Install & Restocking Smoke Alarm Testing

 

131 546  

Safety Switch (RCD) Testing Emergency Lighting & Emergency Exit—Service and Discharge Testing Inspection and Testing & Tagging of Electrical Appliances Including 3 Phase Equipment

Locally Owned and Operated

CALL: 1300ADDPRO With over 20 year’s industry experience installing CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection, Addpro Security use the latest technologies available on the market. Locally owned and servicing regional Victoria, Addpro Security provides individually tailored security solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

Wala Animal Sanctuary Can You Help? Specialises in wildlife rescue and caring and has a permit for a maximum of 50 animals. Wala is self funded so monetary donations and supplies such as burn cream, etc., even if out of date, building materials, woollen blankets, animal food, including bird seed, hay or straw, hutches and aviaries, fruit, etc gratefully received.

Contact: Karen on 0409 137323 Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

Page 28

SCARSDALE CWA The Scarsdale CWA welcome new members to their branch who may wish to join them. For more information, contact: Anne Wilson on 5342 8311.

For information about funeral services, genealogical research, or pre-paid plots, please contact: The Secretary

Haddon Quilters Group

Smythesdale Cemetery Trust


Phone: 0408 428 855 Email: Serving the local community for more than 160 years





















Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022


The Woady Herald is a FREE publication ADVERTISE & SUPPORT US

*Non-Profit Community Groups are eligible for free

advertising in all publications. NOTE: ADVERTISEMENTS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED UNTIL INVOICES ARE PAID IN FULL For more information email or call Joan 5342 7050. All prices are GST inclusive.

Page 29

What, Where & When OCTOBER 15th 22Nd Week

Smythesdale Farmer’s Market, 9.00- 1.00pm.


3D Trick of the Eye Chalk Art and Children's activities - Haddon Community Learning Centre - 10 am & ECKA - 3 year old Kinder. ‘Chat and Chew’ Lunch Haddon - 12.30 pm.


Proposed Linton Town Garage Sale - TBC


Chat and Chew lunch, Haddon, 12.30 pm..


Smythesdale Farmers Market, 9.00- 1.00pm.


Get Online Week light luncheon and photo competition winner s announced - Haddon Community Learning Centre 12 pm - Bookings

essential - call 5342 7050.. 26th



3:00 pm - Guided Tours featuring Haddon residents at 11:00am and 2:00pm. DECEMBER 15th

17th 20th 25th

Chat and Chew ’Christmas’ lunch 12.30 pm. $15.00 - 2 course Christmas lunch. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL - PLACES LIMITED Smythesdale Farmers Market, 9.00- 1.00pm Term 4 ends. Christmas Day. Wordsearch - solution to ‘Capital Cities.’ PUZZLE SOLUTIONS - from page 24 - Crossword Australian Birds


Answers to TV Trivia: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Neighbours Mr Spock 6 Central Perk Mrs Krabapple Planet Ork Cheesecake Factory Puggsley and Wednesday Henry Winkler Waratah National Park Autism Colorado Simon Baker Miss Marple Cartwright 4 (John, Tom, Terry and Kitty) Cheers Bushrangers Happy Days A sheep.

Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

SUDOKU - solution from page 24

Page 30

Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

Page 31


Member for Ripon Louise Staley MP Visits HCLC and Serves Lunch Local State Member of Parliament, Louise Staley recently visited the ‘Centre’ for a ‘tour’ of the facilities and as it was the monthly “Chat ‘n Chew” luncheon day, kindly offered to ‘don’ an apron and help our volunteers serve lunch. She was invited to stay and partake of some lunch which she did and she enjoyed some ‘tall stories’ from our volunteers! Hope you were not too late for your next appointment Louise!

ADULT LEARNERS WEEK FREE GARDENING SESSION TAKING CUTTINGS The free taking cuttings gardening session held on Saturday September 3rd as part of Adult Learners Week. Experienced local ‘home’ gardener, Gwen Pyke showed attendees the methods used to make ‘new plants’ and save money. Using cuttings make establishing a garden much more affordable, and you can always scavenge cuttings from others plants you admire in your friends’ and families gardens at little or no cost. Nick Eayres, Danielle Steer, Vicki Knights and Andy Kautz, are shown here learning the basics of growing their own cuttings, and were given the plants and containers with their first their attempts to take home. They were provided with different coloured Osteopermums, pigfaces, Correas, Carnations and Convolvulus to choose from, and they used different forms of hormones to get them started. The cuttings were all softwood cuttings, because new seasons growth has not hardened off yet, but they were instructed in the different methods to do these if they wanted to give them a go Other methods were discussed for taking cuttings from the parent plant, both by cutting on an angle and the hip method, and they had a go at both of these. They were taught the importance of using seed and cutting mix to get their plants started (finer particles that stick to the stems), the use of dibblers in planting so they don’t wipe the hormones from the stems, the importance of stripping extra leaves from the cuttings, and how to care for their cuttings at home. Most of the cuttings they took away with them can be planted straight into the garden once the roots are established, and the plants should add an extra dimension to their floral displays for the future. We wish them good luck in their efforts, and hope they enjoy their new plants for many years to come. Woady Yaloak Herald - Spring 2022

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