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Avon & Somerset Business Crime Forum 18th September 2013


Introduction and Welcome from Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens and Chief Constable Nick Gargan covering: • Aims of the Forum • PCC and CC Approach to Business Crime and commitment to fighting crime in this area • Overview of Business Crime statistics (item nominated by attendees) •

CCTV Best Practice with Lorraine Wood

Cyber Crime – Get Safe Online with Tony Neate (CEO)

Open discussion on Business Crime Web Forum

Round Table discussion and open Q and A session with Sue and Nick

Chief Constable Nick Gargan Avon & Somerset Constabulary

Working with the Business Community to Reduce Crime


Visual Investigation Supervisor Lorraine Wood Avon & Somerset Constabulary

CCTV Best Practice


The Value of CCTV • Live deterrent to potential offenders • Can act as evidence of an offence • Can provide further lines of enquiry • Can identify forensic opportunities (insert image) • Maximises the use of police resources NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

Potential Negatives of CCTV • Careful analysis required – Misinterpretations and Misleading imagery • Confusion when selecting the right system • Cost of equipment, installation and maintenance • Cautions – Privacy and Code of Practice


Surveillance Camera Code of Practice Home Office June 2013 • 12 guiding principles for all CCTV systems in public places • Aims to achieve the effective use of CCTV, ensuring it is used for a specific purpose and is: • Legitimate • Necessary • Proportionate • Effective • Compliant with any relevant legal obligations • Covers operator accountability and safeguarding measures NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

What Can Assist CCTV Investigations • Employees accommodating and knowledgeable • Out of hours contact number • Cameras well placed and maintained • (Insert images of well placed camera for ID v spider web)


What Can Hinder CCTV Investigations • Unhelpful or untrained employees – time critical • Poorly maintained or inaccessible units • Cameras not fit for purpose • (insert Images of infra red v unlit image)


Advice on Hardware •

Consider business and premises requirements

Remote Access

Capable of quickly downloading large amounts of data using minimal discs or a memory stick

Good playback software attached

Cameras – well placed / infra-red / motion activated

High-quality imagery (requires more data)

Data retention period – 30 days

An 8 channel system with 8 infra-red cameras and cabling should cost between £1000 - £2000

Cabling costs vary due to size of premises

Installation fees may cost as much as the equipment – shop around and know your requirements NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

Tony Neate Chief Executive ‘Get Safe Online’

Cyber Crime


Online Forum Round Table discussion- establishing an online forum for Business crime: •What content? •What format? •Who can access? •Where hosted? •How often updated – alerts?

Round table – questions for the Chief and PCC and discussion

Business crime forum sept 2013 amended version  
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