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Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC): Police Public Forum Bristol

Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford 25th June 2013

Bristol – Background Facts • Core city – largest in the South West • Population of approximately 430,000 • Thriving diverse communities • Vibrant night life • Major centre for retail, business and education • Area of contrasts; very wealthy wards next to areas of significant deprivation • Bristol Police boundaries mirror those of Bristol City Council • Circa 1150 Police officers and staff work serving the Bristol area • Operating from 8 police stations • 41% of all crime in Avon and Somerset (47% of all burglary, robbery and car crime)

Reported Crime since 1998:

Average number of offences per day in Bristol: 6 Domestic Burglaries, 2 Robberies, 3 Thefts of Motor Vehicles and 8Thefts from MV

PCC Priorities – How are we doing?

Data as at 14th June 2013

PCC Priorities – What are we doing in Bristol?

Tackling domestic and sexual violence. Particularly violence towards women and children • • •

Reported Sexual Offences increased by 1.8% last year Reported Domestic Violence fell by 7% last year We brought offenders to justice for 52.9% of Reported Sexual Offences and 37.7% of Reported Domestic Violence Offences

We continue to work with specialist partnership teams to support victims and prosecute offenders. We seek to: • Ensure the highest standards of victim care • Drive up reporting of Sexual and Domestic Violence • Deliver robust and effective investigation • Proactively highlight and investigate Female Genital Mutilation • Ensure effective intervention of exploitation and trafficking.

Preventing and reducing burglary and fear of burglary in your area •

Domestic Burglary has reduced by 12.0% over the past year (336 fewer victims)

We relentlessly target active burglars

We aim to attend all reported burglaries within an hour

Every victim of household burglary is later visited by their local Neighbourhood Team

A team of officers is in place to deal with all burglary crimes and: • Ensure quality investigations • Robustly manage offenders • Tackle the stolen property market • Use technology to reduce offending opportunities

Reducing the impact of anti-social behaviour in our communities: • • • •

• •

We received 28,000 calls about anti-social behaviour (ASB) last year (3% less than the previous year) We identify and prioritise helping vulnerable people Victim satisfaction for ASB victims now running over 80% Close working with Bristol City Council staff in particular targeting offenders and addressing problems through joint working utilising amongst others the110 PCSO’s working in the city Use of a range of ASB sanctions from letters to Anti-social Behaviour Orders New this year: “Troubled Families” programme

Ensuring victims are at the heart of the criminal justice system •

Feedback from victims of crime and ASB - satisfaction rates have risen to over 80%+

Improvements made to: • Answering calls • Attendance and actions taken at the scene • Follow up

Specialist team who contact victims of anti-social behaviour and vulnerable victims of crime

Working with partners as Bristol moves to becoming a “Restorative City”

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Bristol Presentation  

A presentation by District Commander Jon Stratford for June's Bristol Public Forum

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