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Delivering the ambitions of the Police and Crime Plan Quarter 1 – 2013/14 1

Priorities of the Avon and Somerset

Police and Crime Plan 2013-17


It is our vision – that the public will have even higher levels of trust

and confidence in their police‌.

Public confidence in policing fell during 2012, but in 2013 there have been early signs of improvement. Although now on track to becoming a top ten national performer by 2017, achieving this ambition remains a significant challenge. 3

Our recent satisfaction results amongst victims of anti-social behaviour are improving‌


Satisfaction rates amongst victims of ASB have risen from 80.9% to 83.9%. This is still some way short of the satisfaction rate amongst victims of crime (87.4%), but the gap continues to close. The proportion of ASB cases fully resolved has remained relatively static at 38.6%.


Although reported sexual

offences have increased,

domestic violence reporting has reduced‌

It is estimated that 60% of domestic violence is not reported to the Police

The Commissioner has set the aspiration to increase confidence amongst victims of domestic and sexual violence to report their victimisation. ďƒ˜ Although the reporting of serious sexual offences has increased by around 7% this quarter, domestic violence reporting has fallen by around 4%. ďƒ˜ Detection rates for serious sexual offences remain strong at 30.4%, which is the 12th highest rate nationally The Commissioner will continue to work with police, partners and the public to increase confidence to report these incidents throughout 2013/14and would like to see a rise in reported incidents. 5

Burglary rates continue to reduce, while burglary

detections have been increasing over recent months‌ Burglary Offences long term trend

Burglary detection rate long term trend

Burglary rates have fallen by 12% so far this year, equating to around 450 fewer crimes. The detection rate has also increased from 11.6% to 13.1%.

Overall Satisfaction rates remain strong in Avon and Somerset compared to other Police Force areas.

Currently 14th nationally Top 10 equivalent = 88.3% Avon and Somerset currently has the 14th highest rate of victim satisfaction in England and Wales and is on track to achieve a top 10 national position by 2017.

How are we doing so far this year? Performing well The number of burglaries continues to fall in line with the ambition for this year, with 450 fewer victims so far A larger proportion of burglary offences are resulting in suspects being detected for their crimes, with detections having risen from 11.6 % to 13.1% Confidence to report serious sexual offences is increasing, with more individuals reporting historic victimisation Areas for improvement Domestic violence reports continue to reduce against an ambition to increase. The serious sexual offence detection rate remains strong when compared to other police forces nationally, but has reduced slightly this quarter as a result of more cases being reported.  In summary, we are making good progress , but have some areas for improvement


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