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stiefnu a selection of works

Artist’s statement In everyday life, we live in a world full of natural elements; elements which we cannot touch all the time, but which are there living with us and observing us. The main inspiration in my work comes from the organic world. When working on a composition, my main goal is to create textures and tactile elements which the viewer can touch and feel while his imagination takes him into a natural world. In my work, one can observe the reactions and interactions between different media, floating on different grounds. The prawn inspiration started during my one-month scholarship in Sciacca, where I had the time to study sea creatures in detail. The prawn is one of the subjects I enjoy exploring and exploiting, by developing it into paintings and 3D constructed forms. My current work is a development cycle of my previous ones. It is more experimental and more expressive.

Medpot Project

Developing a functional ceramic vase, inspired from a head of a fish left: Sketches and developing process :

Right: Final product


Earthenware clay


The Rape of Lucrece

Raped figure inspired from a narrative poem by William Shakespeare left: Sketches :

Right: Sculpture exhibited in an art & music festival


Mixed Media Sculpture 2009


Developing the prawn into a series of sketches and drawings left: Sketches :

Right: Mixed media painting on panel

: 2009

"Iqum fuq saqajh, ghandu bzonn il-Malti”

Developing the prawn into a mixed media sculpture left: Sketches :

Right: The sculpture exhibited at Earth Garden Festival. Ta’ Qali, Malta.

: 2009


Literally meaning “ten footed”, and referring to the crayfish, crabs, lobsters, prawns and shrimp. left: Sketches :

Right: The sculpture exhibited at Earth Garden Festival. Ta’ Qali, Malta.

: 2010

The Glory of Achilles

Inspired from the greek trojan horse left: Sketches :

Right: Mixed media sculpture

: 2008

Who is Stiefnu? was born in Lija in 1985. He studied at the De La Salle School of Art in Valletta under the tuition of Michael Mifsud and later on, he continued his studies at the Salvatore Dimech, School for Art and Crafts (Targa Gap) Mosta, Malta. He subsequently attended lessons under the tuition of renowned artist, Twanny Darmanin. He successfully completed the First Diploma course in Art and Design and subsequently passed the National Diploma in Design Crafts with a Distinction. He successfully obtained the BTEC Higher National Diploma in 3D Design / Ceramics at the MCAST Institute of Art and Design, Malta. Recently, he completed a one-year course in Fine Arts at the Malta School of Art under the tuition of Mr Alfred Caruana Ruggier. In 2007, Stefan was declared winner of a ceramics competition launched as part of the Medpot Project promoted by the Comune Di Sciacca in Sicily, and received a one-month scholarship in Sciacca. After his experience in Sicily during his Medpot scholarship, Stiefnu is presently working on commissions and is developing his work through an experimental and contemporary approach.

[contact details] Stiefnu De Battista 12, Marana tha Mons P.P. Saydon str, IKLIN, IKL 1331 Malta.

t: m:

[+356] 2742 0028 [+356} 7927 6360


Stiefnu - A selection of works  

A selection of works by Maltese artist Stiefnu De Battista