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Why Do You Need a 12 Volt TV for the RV Camping






undoubtedly a memorable experience. But having to miss out on your favorite TV shows or the news when you are on a trip can be a big disappointment. That’s why you need a 12 volt TV for the RV. This compact portable television set can be easily plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or 12 v receptacle. 12 volt TVs help you to stay in touch with the world even as you enjoy your wilderness camping trip.

Keeps You in Touch with the Latest News A 12 volt LCD TV offers very good picture quality. With their compact and elegant

design, these portable TVs can be easily accommodated in

recreational vehicles (RVs) trucks, vans, caravan and boats. 12 volt TVs are uniquely designed to resist all tough travel conditions such as vibrations, and changes in temperature and humidity that are associated with long distance travel. Some of the important advantages of having a 12 volt TV in your RV are: •

Stay in touch with the latest news and other entertainment programs

Entertain your kids with attractive video games, video devices and game

stations, or let them watch educational and other informative programs even in the middle of a pleasure trip



Break the monotony of long drives

Premium Models with High-end Functionalities Leading manufacturers such as Pyle, Jensen, Naxa, Skyworth, Haier, Lasonic and Supersonic offer premium models of 12 volt TVs. You can select from screen sizes ranging from 8.5 to 22 inches. The main features of a 12 volt LCD TV for use in recreational vehicles include: •

Component video input

Multi-Language OSD

Earphone jack

A/V input

Advanced Chroma Processing

Auto scan feature

Full function remote control

UHF and VHF channels available

Fine digital image control

Built-in stereo speakers

V-chip parental control

ATSC, NTSC TV receive system

Closed caption

Excellent Picture and Sound Quality The important advantage of 12 volt TV models is that as most of them come with built-in ATSC tuner, they can be easily used without a conversion box. They also excel in picture and sound quality, so that you can view your



favorite programs with the same clarity that your home TV offers. Moreover, leading models come with exceptional signal capturing capability, so that you can enjoy your favorite channels without any kind of distortion. The other advantages of 12 volt TVs are •

Easy to set up

Wide viewing angle • Compact design to fit tight against a wall or in a cabinet • Lightweight • Low power consumption rate

Buy from a Reliable Supplier If you need a 12 volt TV for your RV, your best option is to buy it from a reliable online dealer. This would ensure that you get it at a competitive price. Most distributors offer discounts and free product shipment options for 12 volt TVs.


Why Do You Need a 12 Volt TV for the RV  
Why Do You Need a 12 Volt TV for the RV  

12 Volt TV - A compact and easy to install 12 volt TV in your RV allows you to watch your favorite shows even when you are on the go.