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PC MILER Navigator − All-In-One GPS for Truck Drivers It’s no secret that effective operation and management of truck fleets now rely heavily on GPS systems. The PC Miler Navigator is the first GPS navigation system specifically designed for company drivers, owner operators, and leased operators. Powered by CoPilot, this efficient mobile navigation system comes in various models such as PCM Navigator 430, 440, 540, 550 and 740. They are built to ensure you a stress-free driving experience, improve efficiency and lower your fuel costs. PC Miler Navigator – Superior Features The important features of the PCM Navigator are: •

Excellent routing: practical, shortest, 53’ trailer, HazMat, national network and toll avoidance

Fast automatic route recalculation

Large, clear touch screen display

Truck-specific, loud spoken Dock-to-Dock directions (in the U.S. and Canada)

Easily detours around unexpected congestion and avoids specific roads

Optimizes up to 50 stops

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Truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations plus 6 Million additional Points of Interest

Easy-to-see driver safety screen; flexible and clear 2D and 3D map views

Pre-installed ready-to-use software and map data

Languages: English (US, UK, AU), French and Spanish

Range of Benefits PCM GPS systems ensure the following benefits: •

Reduce out-of-route, empty and deadhead mileage

Cuts fuel costs

Enhances driver efficiency

Steers clear of costly fines

Avoids vehicle damage

Provides accurate pick-up and delivery times.

Improves operational consistency

Using your PCM Navigator – Useful Tips Some important pointers ensure that you get the best out of your Navigator: •

Spell city and street names correctly when searching for an address. Don’t use abbreviations.

Check your software version and update your maps.


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To hear your GPS over road noise, use the provided stereo-out jack to redirect the audio output as required. Use a 3.5mm stereo cable to connect your GPS to your stereo’s auxiliary input jack, or connect the GPS to a small FM transmitter, cassette adapter, or even small external speakers.

Losing a GPS signal could be due a weather condition like a thunderstorm.

While PC Miler Navigator 430, 440 and 540 are available as factory refurbished models with a three month warranty, the 740 and 550 models carry a one year standard manufacturer warranty. For more details visit

Hebron Consumer Products Corp 1-877-HEBRON-0


PC MILER Navigator − All-In-One GPS for Truck Drivers