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Compact and Portable 12 Volt TVs The 12 volt TV is compact and can be well accommodated in limited spaces A compact and portable 12 volt TV is a must for people who own trucks, caravans and RVs. It serves as a perfect travel companion for short and long distance trips. With a 12 V TV in your vehicle, you never have worry about missing out on the latest news or your favorite shows.

TVs by Leading Brands Leading manufacturers such as Haier, Lasonic, Memorex, Naxa, Skyworth, Supersonic, Pyle and Jensen offer versatile models of 12 volt TVs. You don’t need a conversion box for these sets as they come with a built-in ATSC tuner. The TVs also have powerful signal capturing capability which lets you see your favorite program without any distortion. Most 12 volt TVs come with screen sizes ranging from 8.5 to 22 inches and offer the following advantages: •

Clear and crisp picture clarity

Digital quality sound

Very low power consumption

Wide viewing angle

Parental control options

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Easy to set up

Sturdy and space saving design

Base and wall mountable

Resistant to shock and vibration


All sets come with standard manufacturer warranty and optional extended warranty.

Noteworthy Features of 12 Volt TVs The 12 volt TV is compact and can be well accommodated in limited spaces. It allows you enjoy the same picture and sound quality that you would get with a standard home TV. A

few noteworthy features of a12 volt TV are as follows: •

Auto scan feature

Closed caption

Sleep timer

Full function remote control

Bass, treble and balance controls

Multi-Language screen on screen display

Built in stereo speakers

AV Input/Output jack

Telescopic antenna included


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Some of the advanced sets with TFT LCD screen also include a built-in DVD player which is fully compatible with almost all popular audio and video formats.

Where to Buy Your Television Set It is convenient to buy your compact and portable 12 volt TV from online stores. This allows you time to browse their inventory and select from a wide range of quality models. Apart from a competitive price with discounts, many leading online stores



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Compact and Portable 12 Volt TVs