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12 Volt Televisions - Enjoy Your Favorite TV Programs anywhere 12 volt televisions are portable and convenient, and can be used without power



they are well charged. The advent of 12 volt televisions


revolutionized the concept of small television. With this versatile product, you can watch television when and where you want. They can be operated using both electricity and accumulators and that is why they are called AC/DC TVs. They can be installed in boats, yachts, trucks, caravans and motor homes. 12 Volt Televisions - Attractive Features 12 volt tv are portable and convenient, and can be used without power cords, provided they are well charged. The larger models can easily support external devices like DVD players, cable boxes, computers and speakers. Many come with superb built-in stereo speakers. Some of the popular brands of these portable television sets available with leading distributors include Skyworth, Naxa, Supersonic, Jenson, Majestic and Lasonic, which offer various models of these mobile televisions with LCD monitors and built-in ATSC digital tuners. Some of the attractive features of these models are: • Lightweight and portable

Facility to connect Internet cards allows uninterrupted viewing of many channels

Built-in top notch quality speaker system

Channel auto scan

Multilingual onscreen display

High receiving sensitivity

Parental control (V-Chip)

• Remote control • Telescopic antenna • Rechargeable battery • Standard company warranty Several Sizes and Models The 12 volt TV is available in a range of sizes. While the 22” model is the largest 12 Volt TV, the 7” model is the smallest of its kind in the world. Power cords of 12V and 110V are usually supplied along with these televisions. With their impressive functions, these popular televisions ensure high quality performance with minimal power demand. There is even a waterproof model of these televisions which has a built-in waterproof speaker and specially treated glass to protect against water and scratches. Easy Installation The installation of the 12 volt television is uncomplicated. The tube television is compact enough to fit into the shelves or cabinets in motor homes or semi-trucks. Wall mounts are also available and can be substituted for the foundation. In fact, the wall-mountable models can be installed in any place with 12V power supply. Hebron Consumer Products Phone : 1-877-432-7660

12 Volt TV - Enjoy Your Favorite TV Programs anywhere