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12 Volt Televisions - Portable and Convenient A 12-inch digital portable 12 V TV is a good option for a van, camping and other outdoor group activities. Compact and lightweight, and therefore portable and convenient, 12





the way you can stay entertained even when on a long road trip. In fact, you can take these televisions just about anywhere. Also called AC/DC TVs, you can set them up in boats, yachts, trucks, caravans and motor homes.



12 V TVs – Great Travel Companion Easy to carry around, 12 V TVs can be used without power cords, provided they are well charged. This makes them a great travel companion. With screen sizes ranging from 7 inches to 22 inches, most models are wall mount ready. Tube televisions can easily fit into shelves or cabinets in motor homes or semi-trucks. Installation procedures may differ between models. Some of the premium features of quality models of 12 V TVs include: •

Portable TFT LCD screen

Selectable screen mode

• Jacks for audio/video input, external antenna and earphones •

Detachable portable TV stand

Rechargeable battery that lasts several hours

• Facility to connect Internet cards • Channel auto scan • Multi-lingual onscreen display • Built-in top quality speakers • Remote control • Telescopic antenna



Buying a 12Volt Television Nanov, Lasonic, Supersonic, Naxa, Skyworth and Jenson are highly versatile and adaptable models of 12 V televisions. If you are planning to buy the gadget, make sure you know what you are looking for. A digital television needs a serial port connection. It would also be helpful to look for one with a USB port. A 12-inch digital portable 12 V TV is a good option for a van, camping and other outdoor group activities. Waterproof LCD TVs are suitable for use where there is risk of exposure to water. They even have a built-in waterproof speaker and specially treated glass to protect against water and scratches. Finally, when buying any 12 volt Television model, make sure that it comes with a proper warranty.


12 Volt Televisions portable and convenient