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V 2.12. - 2010


News Bytes, Tips and Tricks Featured Throughout… Behavioral Targeting


Many Web publishers are starting to utilize various behavioral targeting techniques to help increase their conversions and better qualify their target audience. In fact, in May 2010 a survey conducted by AudienceScience and DM2PRO discovered that over70% of publishers that participated in the study were offering some form of audience targeting to their clients other than contextual

Holiday Spending


There’s good news on the horizon as industry leaders at have published their predictions for Q4 2010. According to the marketing giant, e-commerce spending is anticipated to grow

Penguin March


Stuart Young is a man I have known for many years in the adult business in New York; he is a talent agent, shooter, and film distributor. Stuart’s passion is 8x10 inch black and white prints of stars, but he has never let his own favorites get in the way of business. That’s a mistake a lot of people make in this industry, but not Stuart

VOD Money and Evil Chris


Pioneering Video-on-Demand program announced changes and enhancements to their VOD platform recently. The New Jersey based program has also added the accomplished online Internet veteran, Chris Roger (Evil Chris) to their staff

The Barcelona Summit!


Captured for eternity by MikeB, the highly anticipated fall conference overachieved across the board, successfully wrapping an event widely regarded as having set a new standard for adult industry business gatherings

Israeli eCommerce


With the North American economy in the middle of a recession, many marketers are beginning to think outside the box and are targeting their marketing campaigns to roads less traveled. Take Israel for example – were you aware that 67% of credit card holders in Israel use them to make purchases online? In fact, a survey conducted by credit card giant MasterCard Worldwide discovered that

European eCommerce Update


North America used to lead the way in e-commerce sales, but today Western Europe is the leader. According to a recent study conducted by Collins Stewart, the UK is leading the way and is currently the “most mature” market in all of Western Europe, however other countries are increasing their contribution to the overall market within the region. The study also showed that

Mobile Payments in Demand


A recent study has revealed that consumers are so comfortable with their mobile devices these days that they are actually demanding more mobile services from their banking institutions. In fact, some of the people surveyed noted that they had even switched banks just for the opportunity to use mobile banking services

News Update for 2010 Xbiz Award Winner Webbilling. com PAGE 40 Mobile Users Prefer Browsers Over Apps


It seems as if everywhere we look these days, people are talking about apps. Apps for games, apps for iPhones, apps for Blackberry phones – they seem to be absolutely everywhere. In fact, a recent study from comScore revealed that as much as a third of mobile phone subscribers in the US downloaded an application in August 2010, proving that apps have had an impressive growth period, despite the downturn in the economy



ASACP Publishes RTA Website Labeling Progress Report and ASACP Releases Parental Controls for Android APPs

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Publisher’s Welcome

voice in the Adult ecommerce marketing


on global e-commerce as usual! We look for all

remains increasingly important as we move into 2011 and it’s hard to believe that 2010 is

you don’t have time to seek out on your own. We include a special interview with The Barcelona

elcome to another issue of the unique space – AdultWebLife. B2B marketing

gone…sometimes hard to fathom where it went. I

think I was working so hard focused on each and every day the year just melted away. This year I

was on the hamster wheel, so involved with each little challenge the big picture was hard to keep

in the forefront. I don’t think I’m alone. While we recognize that big picture global thinking and

planning should always be the goal, there are times when that is easier than others…

Getting through 2010 will likely be considered

a banner accomplishment by many. Certainly we witnessed many not eligible for government bailouts fail to make the cut – Citibank got 1.8

Trillion in bailout funds and concessions to muddle through the year – yes, folks, that’s a ‘T’

– I don’t know about you, but I got a big Zero in Federal assistance ;-)

2011. What will it hold for us? I finished this year

with trips to Barcelona, Amsterdam and Munich

– and while it was surely work, I count myself very

lucky to have been able to interact with the most successful people in the world at these event venues – The Barcelona Summit, Webmaster Amsterdam,

the little news items that will interest you that

Summit team, looking back to September and forward to February – Coverage begins on page

18 – I can’t wait to get back to Spain, and if you

haven’t attended this premier global show in

Europe, it’s time you did! Join me with decision makers from around the world for a productive EU meeting.

Speaking of Europe, we’ve got a good synopsis

on the ecommerce leadership role the EU has taken on page 34. What are your feelings on

behavioral targeting and do you use it? Are you

sales affected by the holidays? In a good way or a bad way? We found some coverage on the Israeli

online payments scene, something I had not seen before, and we’ve got it for you. As always, we cover the latest mobile developments, and watch

for more social networking and gaming coverage

So here we are at the beginning of a new vista –


This issue is packed with interesting notations




Gathering. There is nothing like hanging out with

the most successful figures in an industry vertical to motivate you to innovate and achieve new and

in the next issue. Don’t forget to support ASACP with your membership and sponsorships – read

the amazing accomplishments of the ASACP and the progress of their RTA labeling initiative on page 46.

Pay attention and make your plan proactive – not

reactive… The Team remains committed to working for your success. Don’t

get lost in the crowd, stand out in AdultWebLife.

com. Enjoy the photos, the articles, the news, the

better goals. I was motivated to launch our digital

tips and the tricks – and watch for your friends to

and beyond. I learned more about the mobile

value in the adult marketplace, and you should

its burgeoning potential. I got more ideas for

and watch your business grow.

edition for easy distribution throughout Europe

appear every month. This publication is the best

industry than I thought possible, and recognize

be in it. Support us with your marketing dollars

articles and education than we can ever write. Most importantly I think, I networked and made friends that will carry me a long way forward.

Let’s work together.

Events are important, and we’ll be featuring

Thank you for your support,

Barcelona Summit.

highlights in coming issues beginning with The


The Pros and Cons of Behavior Targeting Many Web publishers are starting to utilize various behavioral targeting techniques to help increase their conversions and better qualify their target audience. In fact, in May 2010 a survey conducted by AudienceScience and DM2PRO discovered that over 70% of publishers that participated in the study were offering some form of audience targeting to their clients other than contextual. There are many advantages to publishers that employ this technique such as increased CPMs, the ability to increase sales, attracting new customers and better overall performance.

Benefits of Offering Audience Targeting According to US Online Publishers, May 2010 (% of respondents) Sell inventory at a higher CPM

targeting advertisements decreased drastically once they learned that the ads were selected based upon their on-site behaviors. It is not all gloom and doom, however, as there were two factors discovered during this study that can give hope to publishers that are interested in this technology. First, when consumers were told that the data that had been collected about them was not personally identifiable and completely anonymous they were relieved. Second, when consumers were told that there was a control solution in-place that would let them manage the information that was being used about their behaviors, they were also more receptive. This information is definitely a key to any marketer’s success with behavioral targeting technology. It is important that marketers get “the


word out” regarding the anonymous and safeguarding nature of the

Deliver better performance/ROI for clients

data that is collected in order to educate consumers about the safety


of the technique. However, it may be a hard sell due to the fact that

Sell more inventory

many consumers aren’t interested in helping retailers to develop “better


advertisements” so they just might not care.

Acquire new customers 9.8%

However, if information does not get out to consumers about having

Deliver better metrics

control of what information is tracked about them and how it is


tracked, they may resort to contacting government officials for privacy

All of the above 28.0% None of the above 12.2% Source: AudienceScience and DM2PRO, “Audience Targeting: State of the Industry Study,” June 10, 2010

intervention on their behalf.

The Federal Trade Commission in the

U.S. is already investigating the idea around a “do-not-track” list for advertising online, similar to the telemarketing law that provides a donot-call list for consumers. The bottom line is – behavior targeting must be done right, and the public must be educated about their options, or the Feds could just pull

However, the negative side of this issue is that the users who visit these

the plug on the technology as a whole.

sites do not see these efforts as positive. In fact 72%, which is nearly the same percentage of users as publishers that used these techniques, of US adult users surveyed stated that they were “concerned” about the sheer volume of information that websites were collecting about them. This is according to a survey conducted by Future of Privacy Forum

US Internet Users Who Are Concerned Websites Are Collecting Too Much Personal Information About Them, December 2009 (% of respondents)

in December 2009. Only 6.5% of those respondents stated that they

Strongly agree

weren’t concerned.



So while publishers are enjoying the information that they are collecting

Neither agree nor disagree

and are using it to increase their sales and conversions, they are in fact

5.5% Disagree

“scaring” away shoppers and visitors from their websites because of all the information they have collected. This is a definite sign that behavioral targeting does discourage a huge percentage of consumers and that it may not be worth the risk.



1.0% Strongly disagree Note: n=2,604 ages 18-65 Source: Future of Privacy Forum, “Online Behavioral Advertising ‘Icon’ Study,” January 25, 2010

Another study was conducted by PreferenceCentral, a company that works with advertisers to allow the ads to be managed by the consumers themselves. Consumers were positive about having an influence over what ads were shown to them; however their reception to this idea of


Are publishers scaring customers away?

Holiday Spending Set to Improve E-Commerce Sales in Q4


here’s good news on the horizon as industry leaders at eMarketer. com have published their predictions for Q4 2010. According to the marketing giant, e-commerce spending is anticipated to

grow 13.7% to as high as $51.4 billion in the fourth quarter, exceeding 2009 e-commerce sales that reached $45.2 billion. The experts believe that it will be a boost in online sales for the holiday season that will push the overall e-commerce totals for 2010 to $162.4 billion.

Another factor that is influencing the jump is concerns about crowded shopping malls due to last year’s H1N1 virus and this year’s predictions about an unusually bad flu season, as well as other crowd concerns. Coupon websites and special holiday-only bargains will be very popular, so businesses would do well to keep an eye on their competitors to ensure that they are offering comparable deals within the market. Experts also believe that shoppers that do a majority of their holiday shopping online tend to be more affluent than the average store shopper, as seen in holiday sales results from large department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Another influence is the maturity of social networking marketing and mobile e-commerce, which allows customers to use their smartphones to find the best deals, read over customer reviews and find out-of-stock items at other stores. This was all confirmed during the 2010 Black Friday Frenzy. Beyond online sales figures the Internet is also expected to be a prominent influence for in-store sales as well. Penetration of popular retailers in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will help keep shoppers informed about special holiday events, sales and promotions, getting them to go to the stores in-person for the best deals.

Despite a downturn economy, those figures are an increase of 12.7% from totals seen in 2009. Industry insiders are predicting that 2010 holiday sales will equate to as much as 23.7% of the year’s total online retail sales, making November and December even more important to the e-commerce marketer than ever before. So what is the inspiration behind the predicted jump in online sales? Economic analysts believe that shoppers are looking for deals more this year than ever before, driving them to the Internet to look for low-prices, guarantees and offers of free shipping. Consumer confidence in online retail sales is at an all-time high, with today’s smart shopper well-aware of all the bargains that can be found on the Internet from specialty shops and other retailers that may not be available to them locally.


The March of the Penguins By The Mad Professor


tuart Young is a man I have known for many years in the adult business in New York; he is a talent agent, shooter,

and film distributor. Stuart’s passion is 8x10 inch black and white prints of stars, but he has never let his own favorites get in the way of business. That’s a mistake a lot of people make in this industry, but not Stuart. Stuart introduced me to a friend, a man named Max, and we’ve met a couple of times now. Max is big into music, especially the fusion between music and porn, and he is onto something. That’s another story. What got me going is that the Max videos groove on interracial sex. Those of you who don’t live here might not know it, but the color of New York is brown. We’re brown and we’re proud. I don’t get hate mail very often but when I do it is almost always racist. It is not from Pat Robinson or his kind--they are usually polite and want to save me -- no, it is from someone who wants to let me know that crossing race lines is taboo. Interracial material rates the absolute highest on The Picticon; it is the most curious -- and the most inflammatory. Believe it or not, interracial sex is still illegal in some states. Anyway, this got me to thinking about The March of the Penguins. Now Emperor Penguins living in Antarctica may not be on your screening list right up there with Bella Loves Jenna but it is sex just the same. …Or, as the narrator claims, “a love story.” All sex, all love stories, are about power exchange -- that is an important thought and it ties into everything that SexFo is about -- from the antics of masters and slaves to the antics of people of different colors and races. Power exchange is a big topic even with penguins. It turns out that if you watch the movie, or go read the Encyclopedia for that matter, that penguins have a complicated romance. They hike off to a piece of ice that will thaw eight months later, hook up, fuck, and the girls lay eggs. In the case of the Emperors, the eggs are incubated in a little pouch on top of the feet -- and both the guys and gals have this equipment. If all goes well mama


passes the egg off to papa foot-to-foot, and

status. This is a turbulent -- and exhilarating

then hikes 70 miles back to the ocean to hunt

time. It is also true that what is happening

squid and other sushi delicacies in 70 degrees

today with people isn’t just happening today,

below weather. Papa hangs out with the egg.

it is part of a trend spanning the recent

Mama returns just after the chick hatches and

decades, even centuries.

vomits up dinner. Chick is foot-de-foot to mom and now papa hikes off for squid. In the event he returns, chicklet gets more throw-up and keeps growing. Come summer chicks are grown, mom and pop split, the ice melts, and the chicks dive into the water. Five years later they come back all horny and ready to mate.

Sociologically a lot of people attack SexFo because we focus on the mechanics of sex without focusing on the implications -- I hesitate to call them the “family values” but let’s just say, the outcomes. These critics are concerned with the effects of “social engineering” and see the Emperor Penguins as

It’s a tough life being an Emperor Penguin,

a noble tribe. And noble they are, but static.

but these guys and gals have been doing this

One million years old and still trying to keep

routine 100 times longer than humans have

eggs warm at 70 below.

lived on Earth. They were doing it when you were still a monkey. So be respectful of them. Power exchange they know better than most people, most tribes, and most nations.

Some of the outcomes that our critics want do have dubious merit: The Aryan blueeyed blonde-haired eugenics of the National Socialist Movement of Germany in the 1930s

What is striking to me is the dynamic between

and 1940s. The pure white racial purity of

the Emperors’ physique and their sociology.

the American wasp. The Japanese scorn of

By their physique I mean, for example, the

the Korean. The confidence of the born again

fact that both sexes have a pouch to incubate

Christian that he or she is superior to the rest

the egg or shelter the chick. By sociology I

of the world. Among the most controversial

mean that their way -- their path of existence

SexFo is that which is interracial, because it

-- incorporates a learned modus of travel,

challenges these sacred notions.

egg exchange, nourishment responsibilities, and parenting. What the Emperors do is force us to examine just how we do these same things. And in many respects the penguins do a better job of it!

So, is our role model...penguins? Dumb fat birds that can’t fly? Let alone crack crude oil, go to the moon, or sequence their DNA? No, we admire the penguins because they do sex with precision and deliberation. No - off

As SexFo providers, we often confront

fucking some other bird. No splitting and

an audience with the mechanics of sex. We

heading north for warm waters; no, it’s back



to the partner and the chick with some purge.

pussy, and sucking tits can be practiced. We

No way these guys and gals go on the Internet

understand that making love is an art form.

and get bird porn.




It is perhaps the highest of art, for it is real time, interactive, and involves giving and receiving pleasure, often to the point of pain. It is all about power exchange: conquest, submission, giving. In a situation where there are complicated outcomes: conception, birthing, and family. Like the Emperor, the chick requires nursing; like the Emperor, the chick arrives into a sociology that involves food maintenance, learning, and eventual weaning from the parents. Unlike the Emperor, our sociology is in flux. Roles are changing for women, roles are changing for people who have different skin color, and roles are

So creatures make choices. Our choices, like the Emperors,’ are encrusted in hundreds of millennia of both physical adoption and sociological adoption. Our physics are not easy to change quickly: we fuck, we impregnate, and nine months later a helpless baby is born that requires nursing, nourishment, and training. But our sociology -- it can change





toward contraception, economic and racial discrimination in schools -- these are flash points, and that is why freedom of choice is so very important.

changing for people of different economic


VODMoney Program Overhaul – Adds Industry Veteran to Management


ioneering Video-on-Demand program announced changes and enhancements to their VOD platform recently. The New Jersey based program has also added the accomplished online Internet veteran, Chris Roger (Evil Chris) to their staff. “It’s been a bit of a crazy couple of years in the business,” Chris told us, “and I’m happy to join the VODMoney team. They have an extremely solid product and their track record and longevity in the VOD market is a testament to their professionalism.” VODMoney CEO, Nikita, said, “We are excited to have Chris on our Team. Chris has made an immediate impact on VODMoney. In a short time, we’ve made significant enhancements to not only the cash program itself, but to our Turn-Key VOD sites (theatres) as well. The hard-earned time-tested experience in online adult Chris brings to bear for us is already bearing fruit.” VODMoney has recently made strides to substantially improve Stats Reporting, making it much easier for their affiliates to pull their links and analyze their data. Complementing this improvement, VODMoney affiliates will immediately notice an all-new layout and format of the Turn-Key VOD sites. “This up-to-date design and layout is already performing better and exceeding our own expectations,” Chris told AdultWebLife. “We went into these changes knowing full well that the VOD model is completely different from (for example) the paysite (membership) model. What’s more, consumer use of VOD is on the rise, and we want to offer the very best product and service possible. We are not stopping there,” Chris continued, “We are committed to carrying out more updates in the coming weeks and months that will serve not only our affiliate partners well, but provide more benefit and satisfaction to our consumers as well.” The VODMoney consumer sites (including offer a TRUE HD experience with their 1080P downloads. Customers can rent, stream or download from a choice of over 100,000 titles in every niche, making VODMoney a very important player in the VOD marketplace. Chris can be reached at or directly through the program,


SexGoesMobile Implements Webbilling Join Page in Europe


urope’s top mobile affiliate program

SexGoesMobile has added the Webilling. com





mobile to their payment options for EU users. Supporting more than 8,000 handset devices for

delivery of video, live video chat services, and with a German dating program, they provide payment options via SMS in 51 countries, credit

card billing for the rest of the world, and now

the additional option of direct debit for EU users. Every user in your traffic can pay!

“SexGoesMobile has long provided credit card

billing along with SMS billing for 51 countries, so it makes perfect sense to add the Webbilling

non-card-non-phone solutions just to ensure every possible join is realized from your traffic,” said



Operations Director.


One of the top reasons for adding Webbilling.

com is that many Smartphone users in Europe are browsing the mobile Web via a WiFi connection rather than via 3G. These users cannot be billed

on their mobile bill because WiFi is their priority

connection at the browsing moment when they make the purchase decision.

These WiFi users are offered credit card services,

but because of the traditionally low credit card penetration in Europe, SexGoesMobile is adding

new options to convert best for their affiliates as traffic comes in from around the world.

“With we found the perfect

alternative payment method to complement our existing mobile billing and credit card relationships,”




Christian Kreul, “We discovered that many phone users are using WiFi connections to browse the

mobile Internet, so we are not able to charge

them through a mobile billing mechanism. Up until now, we’ve offered these users only the credit card payment option, but not many users have them and many users in Europe are afraid to enter their credit card details on a mobile phone. As direct debit is the primary payment method especially in Germany, users feel more comfortable to use a payment method which they trust in their daily life. After a two week trial we saw a phenomenal acceptance of the Webbilling option. This results in much more profit for our webmaster affiliates and collaborative partners.” SexGoesMobile is Europe’s leading mobile adult affiliate program; currently supporting more than 8,000 devices and providing mobile phone billing in over 50 countries, with alternative payment methods such as Direct Debit and Credit Card billing for the rest of the world. Visit and contact for more information. B.V. is the leading provider of real EU Direct Debit services to e-commerce companies worldwide. With a negative database and systems developed over ten years, superior fraud detection and established collection services, has the experience to maximize your revenues, and the expertise to guide you to the best EU conversion rates possible. Their European Direct Debit can be added to any existing billing cascade and does not cannibalize credit card revenue. assists client-merchants by combining in-depth knowledge of the European market with proven technology, powerful time-tested relationships, client focused expertise, and personal service second to none. Visit and contact

One of the top reasons for adding Webbilling. com is that many Smartphone users in Europe are browsing the mobile Web via a WiFi connection… ADULT WEB LIFE 17

The 4th Barcelona Summit - February 18-22, 2011

Introducing The TBS Affiliate Day (FREE)


ith 2010 rapidly coming to a close,

feedback has been excellent and with

already directing our focus toward

to seal longer term agreements with

many of our sponsors now wishing

all of us at Adult Webmaster Life are

us we are afforded the opportunity

what the adult industry can look forward to in

to strategically expand the Summit


and program an event with an even

Kicking off Europe´s new business year for the

online entertainment industries will be the 4th edition of The Barcelona Summit.

broader appeal. MikeB:

to differ from your September 2010

proven to be the premier European B2B event,


enjoying the participation of 400+ executives

With three successful events already under

their belt, what can we expect for the coming

year? To answer that question I had the chance

to sit down with Andreas and Walter to discuss

the upcoming business year and see what they may have in store for us. MikeB:

Welcome gents, always a pleasure to

see you.

Andreas: Thank you. MikeB:

To start with a quick recap of 2010,

how was the year for you?

Andreas: Very good actually. This of course is

due to the fact that it was a great year for our sponsors and delegates. Our

for a relatively young show. How do you expect the February 2011 event

In its short history, The Barcelona Summit has

from around the globe.

That surely is a vote of confidence


First of all, we need to emphasize

that we are very proud of these

sponsor commitments, this longterm cooperation, and wish to use that vote of confidence to make

great strides in 2011 in building an

even better business event for all involved.

Andreas: As for the upcoming event we see participation growing strongly in two ways. First of all, as we are scheduled

next to the Mobile World Congress

(http://www.mobileworldcongress. com/), we will see a strong rise in participation in that segment of the market.

2010 has really been

a break-out year for mobile in our

industry and with research predicting


a stellar growth in that segment for the coming years we can only see the mobile presence strongly expanding in 2011.

on generating as much new business for them as we can - just maximizing efficiency, for basically the same budget.

For February 2011 we are excited. We will be expanding the format to include a third day which will be open to all affiliates.

Andreas: And with the integration of our FREE Affiliate Day we will offer our existing base an extra business opportunity as well as opening our doors to many potential participants that have not yet had the opportunity to visit and take part in The Barcelona Summit. Certainly, with a large influx of affiliates we are confident that many existing affiliate programs will quickly start finding their way to our wonderful Catalan Capital.

Andreas: And with this welcome addition (FREE for affiliates) we believe that the Barcelona Summit will be offering everyone the best of all worlds: a top class B2B conference with the leaders of our industry, followed up by a strong affiliate event on the third day to further enhance everybody´s new business initiatives. MikeB:

That sounds promising. What really prompted you to add a third day?


I think most of the decisions we make are really coming from the strong interaction we have with our sponsors and delegates. As many travel quite a ways to make it to Barcelona every show, we have a dedicated mindset


I do have to say that I am impressed with your business focus and your progress to date.


Thank, you, but we are also throwing down the gauntlet when it comes to entertainment. As we are back in Barcelona for our February show we will have an even better entertainment and party program in place than the last event. Of course we will repeat some hits like the 2000Charge/

YNOT Karting Challenge and a FC Barcelona soccer match. And with full access to Barcelona nightlife we can confidently predict that there will be no limits to the night time excursions!! MikeB:

It does seem to me that you will really make a big impact in 2011, and I am already looking forward to the New Year.

Andreas: I would just like to add a final note. With the drama of ePassport casting a shadow over the second half of 2010, we believe everyone involved in our industry will, once again, prove to be resilient and wish to make 2011 a year to remember. From our side I can truly say that we are committing ourselves to assisting our industry in achieving great results in 2011.


Well, lots of luck and I guess a lot of work in store for you. And I have to add that I value our association and the ability to participate in all the successful business enterprise coming out of your shows. Where can everybody follow what will be happening in February?


Of course you can see all upcoming developments on our website but you can already start meeting upcoming participants on our networking site, http://b2bforum. net. It´s also free and open to all online entertainment industries!!!


Thank you both for speaking with me, and see you in February!

Andreas: We are all looking forward to welcoming everybody back to Barcelona!

Understanding Israeli e-Commerce Demographics in 2010


ith the North American economy in the middle of a recession,

These figures have changed slightly from usage in July, when Globes

many marketers are beginning to think outside the box and

came in at 13% and TheMarketer came in at 14.4%.

are targeting their marketing campaigns to roads less traveled.

Take Israel for example – were you aware that 67% of credit card holders in Israel use them to make purchases online? In fact, a survey conducted by credit card giant MasterCard Worldwide discovered that 24% of Israelis have even increased the number of credit card purchases made online in the last year.

traffic at international sports sites fell off as well. One site dropped 14.8% in July down to 13.4% in August, dropping it down to 16th place in ranking, and once-popular Sport 5 dropped from 14.7% in July all the way down to 13.3%, putting it in 17th place.

A lot of people don’t think about Israel when they think about Internet marketing, but that’s all about to change.

With regard to sports and entertainment websites, traffic at most sport sites in Israel fell off quickly after the 2010 World Cup ended, and Israeli

Why the sudden move to

online purchasing? The MasterCard survey also found that Israelis have a lot of confidence in online shopping and that they believe it to be an easy and convenient way to purchase the things they need. Unlike Europeans, Israelis also believe that being able to pay via credit card is the biggest advantage to online shopping. The demographics uncovered during this survey also found that approximately 57% of Israeli women use their credit cards to make purchases online, but an overwhelming 78% of Israeli men shop online with credit cards as well! It appears that age doesn’t really affect interest or confidence in online shopping, with 59% of Israelis over the age of 50, 70% of respondents between 30-49 and 77% of respondents aged 18-29 all using credit cards to shop online.

Popular Websites & Behavior So what are the most popular websites in Israel and how often are Israelis logging on to surf the web? Google is the top dog with a hefty exposure rate of 90.1%, and Facebook is the second most visited site with a weekly exposure rate of 69.2%. Walla! is the most widely used portal in Israel, which jumped ahead of other top favorites in recent months to take over third place with a weekly exposure rate of 64.5% which is up

When surveyed, 37.6% of Israelis thought that they might increase their usage of the Internet in the coming year, while 51.5% said they figured it might just stay the same. Only 5.8% of Israelis surveyed thought that they might cut down on their usage in the coming year.

What Can You Do? Marketing to Israeli is just like marketing to any other demographic or niche. You need to find out what it is that the people there are interested in, what you can sell and how they would buy. Obviously we already know that they are comfortable and confident in using credit cards to make purchases online and that usage is growing – slightly, but growing in all age demographics. Take some time to study the culture and the market itself by reading articles, checking out surveys and studies and then by diving in to see if you can reach a niche audience in Israel through your marketing efforts. It’s just like any other marketing venture – trial and error plays a key role. Employ all of your strategies that you would use anywhere else and then see what works. With markets growing outside of North America and economic recovery not appearing to come any time soon, it’s worth every effort to explore marketing to new countries “outside the box” such as Israel.

from 63.1% in July 2010. Other popular sites such as YouTube, which is currently in fourth place with a 59.4% exposure rate and fifth place favorite, Hebrew news site Ynet, which had a weekly exposure rate of 57.2%. The top “website for the workplace” is Globes, with a weekly exposure rate of 13.2%, and in second place TheMarketer’s came in at 12.1%.


67% of credit card holders in Israel use them to make purchases online…



orth America used to lead the way in e-commerce sales, but today Western Europe is the leader. According to a recent study conducted by Collins Stewart, the UK is leading the way and is

currently the “most mature” market in all of Western Europe, however

Western Europe Takes

other countries are increasing their contribution to the overall market within the region. The study also showed that Europe will continue its dominance in the market at least through 2012, reaching a threshold of $200 billion.

Retail E-Commerce Sales in Western Europe, 2008-2012 (billions)


the Lead

$182.6 $145.9








Note: excludes travel, financial services and event ticket sales; 2009-2012 CAGR=10.5% Source: Collins Stewart LLC. “Internet & Software: 2010 Internet Outlook,” provided to eMarketer, January 11, 2010.

An analyst at also stated that the population of shoppers that make purchases online in the Western Europe has risen steadily in the last few years. However, she noted, there are definite key differences in the various markets throughout the region. These differences are marked by generations of differences between the behaviors and infrastructures between Northern and Southern Europe. For example, consumers in Germany and France have a much higher online sales and overall e-commerce activity than users in Spain and Italy, where e-commerce is still just a mere fraction of overall sales. In Germany, online purchases comprised 6.9% of the total retail sales volume in 2009, yet Italy had less than one percent, in at 0.8% of their total sales volume. Unfortunately, the global economic downturn has made differences between countries in Western Europe even more diverse. For example, in the UK, France and Germany, e-commerce sales were already an established part of the economy well before the recession became a factor. This helped to encourage shoppers that were looking for discounts or deals to turn to the Internet for budget pricing. However, because e-

Research the market differences…


commerce didn’t have a chance to really penetrate the retail markets in other countries such as Italy and Spain, consumers still don’t have a lot of confidence in e-commerce shopping. The data suggests that online retailers trying to tap into smaller European markets might want to focus on encouraging sales and increasing consumer confidence in smaller countries. Spain is a good choice, as the overall e-commerce sales figures are low, but over two-thirds of the country did purchase something online between July 2008 and July 2009.

Retail Ecommerce Sales in Select Countries in Europe, 2009 billions of £ and % of total retail sales UK £38.0 (9.5%) GERMANY £29.7 (6.9%) FRANCE £22.0 (4.9%) BENELUX £7.4 (3.5%) ITALY £7.3 (0.8%) SPAIN £5.6 (1.0%) DENMARK £3.5 (6.1%) SWEDEN £3.4 (4.8%) SWITZERLAND £3.4 (4.8%) NORWAY £2.9 (6.3%) FINLAND £2.3 (4.9%) POLAND £2.2 (2.0%) TOTAL £127.7 (4.7%) Note: excludes event ticket sales, travel sales, online banking and insurance sales. Source: Kelkoo study conducted by Centre of Retail Research, Feburary 1, 2010


Mobile Payments Now In-Demand


recent study has revealed that consumers are so comfortable with their mobile devices these days that they are actually demanding more mobile services from their banking institutions. In fact, some of the people surveyed noted that they had even switched

banks just for the opportunity to use mobile banking services. The independent research study was conducted in September 2010 and revealed that as much as 70% of respondents stated that they would stick with their current banks if they were able to send or receive funds via mobile phone. It also showed that as many as 71% of respondents stated that they would use mobile payments more frequently if the transactions were conducted within seconds. Another method that was discussed during the study was the idea of e-commerce businesses getting paid via mobile phone, with 64% of respondents stating that they would be interested in receiving payments via credit card, e-check or debit card from customers using mobile devices. Some other statistics from the study revealed some interesting facts about consumers, such as: ď Ž 61% stated they were more likely to make payments via mobile phone if their banks provided the service ď Ž 58% stated they were interested in sending or accepting payments via text message, similar to the donations that were made for the Haitian earthquake relief ď Ž 56% stated they were interested in signing up for services that would allow them to send or receive funds from friends and family, as long as they were instantly transferred The research shows that consumers want more options for making payments through their banks via mobile phone devices. The market is now seeing a lot of providers that are not traditional banks that are looking to get into this market and replace these services that would typically be offered by the banking industry. The study reveals that a large percentage of the population that regularly uses mobile phones would embrace these types of services, although it is unknown how often they would be used if they came from businesses other than their personal banking services. The way we send, receive and think about payments is changing rapidly. The old system of ACH debit payments is declining in use and popularity in a world that is becoming more and more mobile.


Webbilling Hits Three Hub Cities

on the use of direct debit for the

for our best markets. Keep all

one sale because we did not have is on the move!

conversion of European traffic with

your existing billing solutions in

a user’s preferred payment option

the same immediacy, ease, and


in place?”

Ines Petersen and JoeD are on the road making office visits a priority for the remainder of 2010. “With tradeshows down this year and likely even fewer next year, we’ve focused on the personal touch, visiting key cities where we can generate the most meetings with potential and existing Merchants. Meeting someone on their home turf really changes the relationship and it’s so important to have face to





billing arena.” For a long time merchants were billing, but this year most companies started



revenue possibilities afforded by adding other non-card billing and mobile methods. “We’ve been to Toronto, LA and San Francisco already,

and tools enjoyed with credit card billing, but no card of any kind is required of the user. Webbilling provides banking focused products, maximizing EU revenue from users to





the ability to provide immediate access, recurring billing, free and paid trials, cross sales, up sells, escalating security levels, pay-peranything packages, encrypted one-




dating, sponsor program, billing,





management systems. Petersen added, “Who else can provide real high-risk Direct Debit in all our serviced countries and an Advanced Direct Pay solution for all



to maximize your EUR and GBP revenue. Same Traffic = More Joins.




using online direct debit payment. “Many consider our platform an

online gaming and virtual world

‘alternative’ payment method, but

Merchants; next stop is Phoenix

from my European perspective we

and a return to San Francisco,” said

provide a proven platform for the

JoeD. has focused

preferred primary billing method



customers are on your sites.” 

Germany, Austria, The Netherlands

Please contact us to schedule a meeting in your city – and watch for us at the Internext, Xbiz LA, and Phoenix Forum tradeshows to start off 2011 with a bang. Schedule a





conference call so we can show you exactly how you can leverage current



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and the United Kingdom for the up to 75% of users who will not use a credit card online with no card of any kind required for a join, and will expand country coverage with Webbilling through 2010 and beyond. “Competition



conversions is intense these days, it is more important than ever to do everything to convert each and every surfer landing on your sites – you are working harder for every visitor




want to be assured you are doing

LotzaDollars Adds Webbilling EU Non-Card Payments Industry innovator LotzaDollars. com




development and marketing to facilitate use of the Webbilling. com




billing platform and capitalize on potential EU conversions in their traffic. All EU affiliates can now send credit and non-card traffic to the LotzaDollars site portfolio and convert with additional payment options now in place.

Webbilling payment capability, Ed, owner of LotzaDollars, observed that global trends continue to evolve and the strength of the Euro and British Pound against the Dollar will likely remain the case for some time, “I wanted to be certain we are taking every possible advantage of available billing technology and payment options to optimize our revenue potential across the board. While we







their traffic - it is very important to every affiliate that their program of choice converts any traffic from anywhere in the world,” Webbilling JoeD told us. LotzaDollars




and esteemed list of industry leaders utilizing the Webbilling payment options in their billing mix, and has begun expanding visibility and presence in the EU markets. are







LotzaDollars cash program and

In making the decision to add the



focused, why should we lose even




of Europe?”   Even in the UK, 73% of adults are positively disposed to


with the Webbilling Direct Debit

already done all the work and these

already on your sites but unable

click joins for additional marketing,

complacent with their credit card really

with the same marketing capability








optimized sites. For




Webbilling write JoeD at marketing@, and for additional information money





more global

traffic, visit, or write com.







W W W. P I C T I C O N . C O M

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Webbilling and the Impulse Buy One of the foundations of a successful ecommerce profit model centers on the impulse purchase. For many years this ability to join a site or purchase on a whim has been linked and identified with credit card use online. While this model has worked quite well in North America and elsewhere around the world, either alone or combined with a recurring membership or subscription, Europe remains a challenge as credit card penetration has lagged behind other regions because of differing cultural views on debt and credit use. While credit card billing in Europe can certainly produce significant joins, revenue and profits, in a market larger than the US market now quickly coming online, less than 25% own a credit card, and even fewer surfers will actually use one for personal expenditures online. Germans can rattle off their bank account and routing numbers in the same way US residents know their social security numbers - and – they are used to paying for

everything with their bank accounts; it’s just the way things are. Key benefits of credit card billing include the ability to capture the spontaneous join, both through trials and classic purchases. The ability to re-bill subscriptions, offer one-click following purchases and upgrades, pay-per-anything, cross sales and cancellation packages can really boosts earnings. Global Operations Director, Ines Petersen, stated that you can achieve all these same goals in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands with the Webbilling EU Direct Debit solution – and watch for the new country announcements. No cards of any kind required – just a bank account, and virtually everybody who earns money in Europe owns a bank account. So the impulse sale is alive and well in the EU. These joins are already in your current traffic. If you offer only credit card payment these surfers are unable to pay you – unable to convert – unable to join. offers you essential European payment methods like Direct Debit for Austria, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and United Kingdom and Advanced Direct pay for 43 European countries! If you add these payment methods to your already existing solutions you can significantly increase your EU revenue. Convert every possible user. Do not let any joins escape. Write: and learn how easy it is to get started. Don’t lose another day of EU non-card revenue.


Meet at Internext EU non-card payment leader will attend the annual Internext Expo in Las Vegas in January. Webbilling has supported the performance marketing arena since its inception, and despite the many recent market changes and fluctuations expects affiliate traffic to merchants to remain an important ongoing factor in ecommerce. offers very effective billing methods for Europe: Direct Debit (where funds are withdrawn directly from the end customers’ bank accounts) and Advanced Direct Pay (where the user can take advantage of the ability to wire money to local bank accounts), and more on the way. Education in the credit and debt culture in Europe is the first step in understanding how the Webbilling solutions can add significant revenue to the bottom line of every ecommerce enterprise with EU traffic, without cannibalizing merchants’ credit card sales – the joins are already in your existing traffic, the surfers just cannot pay. Global





advised, “Most Europeans are used to paying for everything with their bank accounts, and that includes online transactions as well. Germany in fact is a paperless society now, so the ease of use for direct debit and wires is quite advanced. Aside from the obvious factor of generating more revenue, it is equally important to consider the conversion rates of your loyal affiliates, and affiliates will experience more success when your cascade includes the Webbilling solutions.” The adult industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated




affiliates are analyzing and geo-targeting traffic and differentiating where to send which surfers based on targeted selection of offers, payment methods and conversion rates – the days of an affiliate sending all of their traffic to one favorite sponsor and hoping for the best are long over. As we approach the New Year and look into the future, the days of sponsors offering only the possibility of credit card purchases/joins should be long over as well. We look forward to a great Las Vegas show this year. Please write us for a meeting to discuss all the possibilities for additional EU revenue with JoeD at Maximize your earning potential – with Europeans Billing Europe.

Mobile Users Prefer Browsers Over Apps


t seems as if everywhere we look these days, people are talking about apps. Apps for games, apps for iPhones, apps for Blackberry phones – they seem to be absolutely everywhere. In fact, a recent study from comScore revealed that as much as a third of mobile phone subscribers in the US downloaded an application in August 2010, proving that apps have had an impressive growth period, despite the downturn in the economy. However, when asked, many mobile users have stated that they prefer browsers over apps, citing a better overall user experience.

Preference for Using a Mobile Browser vs. App for Accessing Select Types of Media/Entertainment Content, Aug 2010 (% of US mobile device users)

Product reviews 78%



75% Sports feeds and scores, stories, fantasy leagues


67% News (entertainment, national, world news)




Video 58% 42% Local (event times, weather, maps, establishment, reviews) 54% Social (Facebook, Twitter) Music Games





39% Browser


61% App (downloaded)

Source: Adobe Systems Incorporated, “Adobe Mobile Experience Survey: What Users Want from Media, Finance, Travel & Shopping” conducted by Keynote Systems, Oct 13, 2010

Adobe contracted independent research company, Keynote Systems, to survey mobile users to find out about their preferences. Music, social media and games were the only categories that users stated they preferred to use an app over a browser to view content, but for everything else, a browser was the top choice. This preference of using a browser over an app has also been seen in the retail industries, with many users stating that they preferred using a browser for shopping rather than a shopping or store-specific app. This preference held true for every stage of the shopping experience, including gathering price information, product research or sharing products with friends via social tools.


The new data uncovered in this research may be surprising to some experts within the social market, as many consider apps to be the best way to view content or shop via mobile phones. Marketers, on the other hand, tend to prefer that users shop via their app, as downloading the app keeps the brand of the store or product on the home screen of the user. However, consumers are so far unimpressed by the apps that are being provided by businesses and other services. Another part of the survey included preferences

about viewing websites that have been optimized for mobile use or regular websites. Most users preferred to use regular sites, when given the option, for viewing content such as media/ entertainment and shopping for consumer products and services. Some analysts believe that these preferences for using browsers and viewing regular websites instead of apps or site that are optimized specifically for mobile use reveals a “low awareness” of the programs and experiences that have been created specifically for the web rather than a real preference.

Preference for Using a Mobile Browser vs. App for Select Shopping Task, Aug 2010 (% of US mobile device users)

Researching specific product and price information 81%


Comparing product and price by different retailers 71%


Registering online for offers and promotions using your mobile device 69%


Reading customer rating and reviews 68%




Using keyword search for products Browsing for products using sorting/filtering options to narrow search 68%


Receiving onine promotions/specials/coupons 67%


Viewing visual information, full-screen product imagery, alternative view, dynamic dynamic zoom, 360 spin, video, product tours, etc. 65% 35% Checking in-store features (location, maps, inventory availability, scannable coupons, in-store navigation, in-store pickup) 64% 36% Purchasing a product using your mobile device 63%


Checking order status 62%


Sharing product information with friends (e.g., post of Facebook page) 61% Browser


App (downloaded)

Source: Adobe Systems Incorporated, “Adobe Mobile Experience Survey: What Users Want from Media, Finance, Travel & Shopping” conducted by Keynote Systems, Oct 13, 2010



ASACP Publishes RTA Website Labeling Progress Report





Android application and the RTA Mobile App

of children’s Internet and mobile use, is a highly

once inserted, can then be detected in any

technological solutions and parental supervision effective means of keeping children away from

The Association of Sites Advocating Child






Protection (ASACP) recently released a paper

Technology and Forensic Research, Tim Henning.

final.pdf) detailing the ongoing success of its

kind RTA Label/Filter for Android Mobile App


“In fact, we’ve just announced the first-of-its

Restricted to Adults (RTA) website labeling


system. ASACP launched RTA in November 2006 and currently more than 14 million adult content

The ASACP RTA program was honored by the

Filter. The RTA label (unique META data tag), Android mobile app with the filters META data

tag detection algorithms. When the RTA Label is detected by the RTA Mobile App Filter, the age restricted app can be stopped or the entire

package with the RTA Labeled app can be removed from the mobile device.

“The expansion of the Restricted to Adults

web pages use the RTA tag and there are over

American Society of Association Executives

label to mobile applications shows that the


being named the 2008 overall winner of the

regulate and provide parents with tools to

6.5 billion monthly visitors to pages labeled with

and the Center for Association Leadership by Associations Make a Better World award. ASACP


has received Certificates of Recognition from the

children from viewing online content that is age-

Senate, California State Assembly, and the cities out of a need for an easy to use and

Hollywood, and Redondo Beach acknowledging

content as being suitable for adults only.

children from viewing age-restricted content.





entertainment industry’s initiative to prevent

U.S. House of Representatives, California State

restricted. It was developed by ASACP (www.

of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, West

internationally recognized label that designates

ASACP’s efforts to help parents prevent their

The RTA label is a unique string of “meta data”






which can easily be inserted into the computer

supporting ASACP may visit for

offering. If parents have installed parental filtering

of the RTA Report is available for download at

code of any website’s HTML or mobile app

more information on how to get involved. A copy

software and/or setup the features in Microsoft or

adult entertainment industry continues to selfkeep age-restricted content out of the hands

of children,” said ASACP Chief Executive Officer Joan Irvine. “ASACP is very pleased with the adoption of the RTA label into adult websites and browser parental controls since 2006 - over 4.5

million sites are labeled with RTA,” Irvine said.

“Since the bulk of App developers have agreed to include the RTA Label for Android Mobile Apps

software into the Apps they develop, we are certain of success with Apps, too,” Irvine added. “In addition to Google’s Android,” Irvine said

“ASACP hopes Apple and Microsoft will include

the RTA parental controls in further editions of their mobile operating systems.”

Apple operating systems, children are prevented

“Before this technology there was no way for

from viewing age-restricted content.

a parent to prevent their child from viewing age restricted mobile applications,” said Tim Henning,

The RTA Report just happened to coincide with

WRAP week, the annual White Ribbon Against

ASACP Vice President for Technology. “The RTA

president Donna Rice Hughes stated, “Kids

solves this problem by giving parents the power


Parental Controls for Android Mobile Apps system

accidentally (and intentionally) access a wide

to effectively control the content their children





array of pornography (soft-core, illegal obscene adult pornography and child pornography) in the

privacy of their homes or through any Internet enabled device.”

adult entertainment,” and its efforts, but rather seeks to falsely tie-in child pornography with

the legitimate adult industry — something that most valid research including ASACP’s recent whitepaper ‘ASACP Hotline Report: Online Child Pornography Data and Analysis’ disprove - http://






exciting expansion of its successful Restricted to Adults label to mobile phones based on Google’s

Android operating system. The first-of-its-kind software, which is being targeted at carriers and

handset manufacturers for distribution with new phones, will prevent applications marked as adult from running on RTA-enabled Android phones.

The RTA Parental Controls for Android Mobile

“The success of the RTA labeling initiative that

Henning noted that the RTA Parental Controls

The Association of Sites Advocating Child

Rice Hughes makes no mention of “legal


consume via mobile apps,” he said.

ASACP Releases Parental Controls For Android APPs







Apps system consists of a unique META data tag that can be inserted into any age restricted

represent a “significant stride in keeping pace

with ever-evolving technologies” that can be used to deliver age-restricted content. “With

the explosion of mobile platform applications,

including adult entertainment apps, it is important for parents to have a tool that will allow them to more effectively control the content their children consume on their mobile devices,” Henning said.

Currently this system has only been developed

for use by the creators of age restricted apps and

the manufacturers of Android mobile operating system devices but it is being adapted for use on other mobile operating systems.

Adult Weblife