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==== ==== FAP Turbo software removes a lot of the guesswork of what usually takes professional Forex Traders years to master. ==== ====

I would like to take a moment and talk to you about FAPTurbo! I am going to try to do an honest review of the system but I may be a little biased due to me already owning the system and seeing it in Action. I decided to purchase FAPTurbo due to my increased interest in Forex Trading. If you are wondering Forex Trading is basically Trading Commodities and Currency Exchanges! Being in Canada it is interesting if you had purchased American Dollars a while ago and sold it now you would make a profit due to the increased value of the Greenback in comparison to our Canadian Dollar! This is what the Forex is all about but on a much much larger scale! What does FAPTurbo do? Basically FAPTurbo is an automatic Robot that trades on the Forex for you. It makes Trades on an algorithm or for me what it looks like a Sine Wave! The Market goes up and down and based upon that constant movement the program will systematically make a trade. I have to say at first I was very sceptical of what FAPTurbo could do! After a month into Trading my Account has not doubled but has made a consistent 3-4% per week. All in all I am pleased with the system as I am not a very good Forex Trader at this point as I am still learning the Ropes however if you are looking for something that gives you good return for your money then look no Further! This is really the first product I have bought that actually makes money for me without me trying to sell it again like an affiliate marketer. In the end I just want to tell people about this product with this review so they can make an informed decision! EVEN if you don't buy the product ever or even from me I want to make sure you are satisfied that you can make an informed Decision. When you first buy FAPTurbo it will guide you through a bunch of Steps on how to setup the Demo account. You need to first download and install MetaTrader Client from the Broker of your Choice (FapTurbo site takes you to FXDD). Once you download MetaTrader you then will install/Add the FAPTurbo EA (expert Advisor) to the MetaTrader. This is all fairly fast and easy. The Steps (Videos) are already given to you by FAPTurbo so you do not have to worry about being lost. You then will open up the MetaTrader and get the Right Charts and TimeFrame for FAPTurbo to work. EG. EURGBP, M15. You will then have to start setting up your Broker. You should look into a Broker based on their Spreads. Spreads is the amount of Money that the Broker takes from you for the Trade. It is automatic as soon as you start the Trade meaning each time a Trade is initiated you are automatically in the hole! The lower the Spreads the Better for you! Ok so FAPTurbo has built in features for Stop Loss (how much is the Robot willing to Lose before it closes the Trade), Highest Spread it is allowed to start a Trade at, etc... I did a Month worth of Demo on FAPTurbo before getting my Account setup. This allowed me to see what kind of settings within the EA that was beneficial. Since getting my account setup I have been conservative per se in my Risk and have had great success with my FAPTurbo product

making 3-4% a week on a $500 account. I am hoping this review was useful for you!

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==== ==== FAP Turbo software removes a lot of the guesswork of what usually takes professional Forex Traders years to master. ==== ====

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