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If you are thinking to fight for the Republic in SWTOR then you will want to read this SWTOR Jedi guide and see why this class is one that you will want to choose when it comes out to choosing which class you want to use in the game. If you want to fight for the Republic against the Sith Empire then the Jedi are a class you will want to use! Who Are The Republic The Republic are the force of light in the galaxy who promote freedom for all. The decisions made by the Republic are made through the senate on what they need to do. The Republic had pushed the Sith Empire back a few years ago and now the setting of the game is the return of the Sith Empire as they try to destroy the Republic. The classes you will be able to choose from in the game that are defending the Republic are the Troopers, Smugglers and the Jedi. These classes all have their advantages and disadvantages in the game however it is predicted that the Jedi knights are going to be the most popular choice for people to choose from when they select to join the Republic. The Jedi Knights The Jedi are known as the Guardians of the Republic. They answer the Jedi counsel who answer to the senate. The Jedi knights are going to be the most popular selection from the Republic because of the features they possess through the game:

Lightsabers - The lightsabers makes the Jedi lethal when it comes to close melee combat. With the ability to throw a lightsaber form a long range the Jedi knight are considered to be a deadly force regardless of the distance. Use of the force - Being able to use the force makes you more deadly. You will be able to push, pull, throw and speed with your force powers which can be useful when fighting in a group or against multiple enemies. Light robes - You will have leather and robes as your armour which makes you fast and lets you evade attacks more easier however this does mean that your defence is low so be warned.

Deflect blaster rounds - If you ever find yourself in a fire fight your can use the lightsaber to deflect blaster rounds which allows you to get closer to the enemy which in turn makes you more deadly as soon as you get up close and personal with your enemy.

This SWTOR Jedi guide shows exactly why picking a Jedi will be the best choice to choose from if you go with the Republic.

There is a lot more information on the jedi that isn't included in this SWTOR jedi guide so if you aren't convinced already then look for other SWTOR Jedi guides to prove to you why you should choose this class. With the release for the game coming up in just over a week (or the 13th December if you have already pre-ordered) you can get more information on the game over at the SWTOR game blog which offers information on the game, classes and also a game guide which is bound to help you on your journey to dark or light.

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==== ==== Dominate SWTOR With The Most COMPLETE Guide On The Web! ==== ====

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Dominate SWTOR With The Most COMPLETE Guide On The Web!