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If you are reading this SWTOR class guide then chances are that you are tempted to give into your dark side and choose the side of the Sith Empire. There are 3 different classes which are in this faction and each has their advantages and disadvantages but are still great classes to become a part of. The Sith Empire The Sith Empire was once destroyed by the Republic and now they are striking back without mercy ad with the objective to destroy the Republic and take control of the galaxy. To do this the Empire has access to 3 different characters that will help them on their goal of galactic domination.

Sith Warrior

Predicted to be the most popular character that is going to be used by any anyone who chooses the dark side in the game. The Sith warrior is the Jedi of the Empire, equipped with two lightsabers instead of one however makes them twice as deadly and fuelled with rage makes them the most dangerous class to go against when it comes to close range combat. Even though they have heavy armour which does improve their defensive attributes the warrior can cut through multiple enemies at a time with ease! When it comes to long range the Sith warrior has the ability to throw the lightsabers and also has access to force power such as shocking or chocking their opponents which makes them even more deadly to multiple or solo play!

Bounty Hunter

Just like the character in the film the bounty hunter in the game has a jetpack and a flamethrower which is great for when you are surrounded by enemies. With the ability to take the fight to the sky opponents will find it hard to kill such a character like the bounty hunter. Equipped with more weapons the bounty hunter can be a deadly assailant when levelled up properly.

Imperial Agent

The imperial agent is more of an assassin type character that goes around in stealth mode to take out their enemies. Using the element of surprise and long range weaponry imperial agents are a very deadly opponent that is hard to spot until it is too late. As you can tell from this SWTOR class guide these 3 classes are very tempting to choose from. You may however still be confused which class to choose so maybe doing a bit of research into the classes will be a benefit for you.

If you are still unsure about what class to choose then check out more SWTOR class guides and see which one is worth joining. You can even get more information on the game over at the SWTOR game blog which offers information on the game, classes and also a game guide which is bound to help you on your journey to dark or light.

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==== ==== Dominate SWTOR With The Most COMPLETE Guide On The Web! ==== ====

Guide to preparing for the ultimate gaming experience  
Guide to preparing for the ultimate gaming experience  

Dominate SWTOR With The Most COMPLETE Guide On The Web!