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12 new artistes of the summer Mikail Samuels,Youthlink Writer Name: Bryan Grant Full-time occupation: Musician Sounds like: Bryan Art. My sound is unique and I am confident that I sound like no one else. First song I remember playing: Ghetto Girl - Dennis Brown Betcha Haven't Heard of Bryan Grant, or rather, Bryan Art. Growing up with a passion for music, he has made his dream of entertaining people a reality. So far, he is known for his household and street - dancehall vibe music through songs such as Get It and Rock and Come In, and has recently released his debut album 20Ten. He has also played at major events such as Rebel Salute, St Mary Mi Come From, Unity Splash and others. Betcha Haven't Heard is privileged to introduce this ART-iste. Fine Art Youthlink (YL): Your real name is Bryan Grant but you go by Bryan Art. What does the Art symbolise? Bryan Art (BA): Well, for me it symbolises my personality and what I live my life for. I spend most of my time being an artist. I used to do visual art but now I do music, and my work in music is really an art which reflects devotion and profoundness. YL: How significant is your mother to your musical life? BA: She is very significant, as she was the one who actually taught me the first three chords on the guitar, somewhere between age five or eight, and for that I appreciate her so much. YL: Tell us about your experience with Firehouse band where you got your first opportunity as a guitarist? BA: I really had to do my very best, think hard and try to look comfortable, as if I had been doing it for a long time. Of course, I had to play well with the band. I can say that my experience was great. Musical Art YL: What's the hardest thing about playing the guitar? Do you find that there is no niche for guitarists in the Jamaican music industry?

BA: It varies from one individual to another. What comes easy to me might not come as easy to another person. The challenge I would say is moving from one chord to another, depending on the type of chord. There is a niche in Jamaica; the only problem is that you don't get paid. YL: Why the guitar, what special features drew you to playing it? BA: It's very personal for me. For one, it's portable and just the sound of the instrument which ties in well with vocals. It provides very good accompaniment for persons who like to sing. YL: What advice would you give to teens who are interested in learning how to play the guitar? BA: First, you need to own one. You are going to have to spend time with your instrument because it takes a lot of time to master. With that, you will also have to be patient, and practice is the key word in maintaining connection with the guitar. YL: What's the one difference between Grass Root band and Firehouse band? BA: Firehouse band had been established and recognised for a long time. They just wanted a guitarist and they asked me to join. Grass Root is a band that a friend and I came together and formed after I left Firehouse to tour with Bushman and another artiste. The team was called Kings of Kings; they needed a band so we played for them. The Showcase YL: In one year, Bryan Art will be ... ? BA: Taking my music to a wider audience. I can see myself moving faster, coming face to face with my audience and my fans. Our Bryan Art picks   

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