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“My sound is different because I am singing real Jamaican music which is inspired by Jamaican artistes. It draws a little from old-school music making it new-school and ultimately my own.�

Mikail Samuels, Youthlink Writer

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Name: Syon Garrick Dreams of collaborating with: international - Lil Wayne; local - Sean Paul or Shaggy. First job: Data entry clerk Record label: Keepleft Records All it took for producer/artiste Leftside to realise that his road manager Syon was not only a master at the computer, but a talented singer as well was hearing him hum a simple tune. Despite his bachelor's degree in management information systems, that one moment set Syon on a path towards cleverly crafted tracks.Youthlink is willing to Betcha You Haven't Heard of Syon. Youthlink (YL): What's the first time you can remember singing? Syon: The first time I remember singing dates back to when I was in high school and I was part of this group called Ice School Boys. We used to imitate all songs sung by groups. YL: What is the coolest thing about living in Jamaica? Syon: Despite the crime, the coolest thing about living in Jamaica is that there's no place like here and when you are overseas you realise that Jamaica is a brand. Everyone loves Jamaica; our culture, our music. Jamaica is just a paradise. YL: What four songs are on your playlist and why? Syon: 1. Fresh To Death - Leftside featuring Kardinal: I love this song because of the meaning behind it. I am always staying fresh to death. 2. You've Got Style - Syon: This song always reminds me of who I am as an artiste. 3. Find Your Love - Drake: It's a nice, creative song and I admire the rhyme. I see myself in Drake's position one day. 4. Gallis From Birth - Leftside and Syon: A song inspired by the ladies you know, you just have to love it. YL: Is there a dream event/concert where you would love to perform? Syon: It would have to be Reggae Sumfest. The man behind the music YL: What makes your sound different? Syon: My sound is different because I am singing real Jamaican music which is inspired by Jamaican artistes. It draws a little from old-school music making it newschool and ultimately my own. I am singing reggae and dancehall with a sense of

clarity and skill while remaining true to the genre. YL: What was the first song you did when you hooked up with Leftside? Syon: Well, it was more like a combination and it was Mad At Your Boyfriend. YL: Explain that song, Mad At Your Boyfriend. Syon: It's simple; it's us telling the ladies how we can make their lives better by offering them simple things that their boyfriends fail to provide. Whether it is in terms of looks, personality or vibes, it's about seeing the flaws in their boyfriends and knowing that they want them to be just like us. Look out for YL: What other songs do you have in the making? Syon: I have many songs in the making, Lonely and I Can See You, with Leftside. YL: Complete. In one year Syon will, hopefully, be ... Syon: Having collaborations with a major international artiste. Our 3 picks   

Mad At Your Boyfriend featuring Leftside, aka Dr Evil. I Can See You Get Ready

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