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Through the mind of a prisoner in Shek Pik. Dylan Helyer. Being in jail is hard for any criminal, because it’s a temporary and/or permanent lockdown, in some cases being locked up will only embrace their anger, insecurity, frustration and enrage criminals even more. Shek Pik prison houses some of Hong Kong’s most dangerous criminals and is also known for having lots of inmates with mental instability and when having dangerous criminals with mental problems in a lockdown can never be good because they are already unhealthy as it is. How could they cope with all of the stress of not being able to go back? But all prisoners have a different security rating depending on the crime they committed, a maximum security has people under mass lockdown with limited freedom very very limited and Shek Pik is one of those prisons. High security prisons can have an affect on the mind, generating more possible feelings that the convicts could have already, making them angrier and all, the Shek Pik prison allows its convicts out of their cells for one hour, a maximum security prison, with only 426 other convicts things could getting pretty pressure filled and rowdy in the prison, on top of that Shek Pik houses the most dangerous of Hong Kong. For example some of the pressure that some of these prisoners go through, prisoner with multiple convictions stabbed two other inmates with a sharpened toothbrush in the canteen of the prison, and another convict known as one of the most dangerous in Hong Kong attacked the warden and had a number of months added to his sentence. The life in prison does weird things to people especially if they already have a record of mental instability. Therefore the Shek Pik prison life would just make the prisoners worse and worse as life in there goes on, because it is built to keep prisoners in for more than a long time a maximum security prison is not the place for mentally unstable people, mental hospitals are more for that but Shek Pik

Through the mind of a prisoner in Shek Pik. Dylan Helyer. has bad rules and long sentences, the prisoners would only just get worse and worse as time goes by.

Prisoner at Shek Pik Prison  

Through they eyes of a prisoner at Shek pik prison

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