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Joseph Twelmeyer The Ohio State University, Knowlton School of Architecture, MArch - 2012 Brigham Young University, BFA in Industrial Design - 2005

Works are presented in a range from the pragmatic to the theoretical, from the hand-held to the expansive.

Calphalon 2 Ghost Chair 10 CNTRL Bench 14 Urban Gardens 20 Habitat for Humanity


Charleston Station 30 Less Than Zero


Form/Interaction 44 Sketchbook 50 Shotgun Shack 56 A House for X


Captain Dust 70 Piranesi Variations 76



Calphalon The frenetic pace for one of Newel Rubbermaid’s premier brands led me to produce dozens of products I am proud to be associated with. The Target-exclusive Styleware was reintroduced in a vibrant red and with a new handle that cut costs and improved ergonomics.



Calphalon - Styleware Handles

Calphalon utilizes a multidisciplinary team to bring its products to market, and design is a major part of that process.

There were also instances where lagging sales spurred a refresh, a redesign. Some of my favorite projects were perhaps the simplest.



Calphalon - Gadgets

Calphalon - Knife Block Design

Other projects like the Gadgets were from scratch. Here we worked closely with our overseas manufacturer to be sure the result matched expectations.



Calphalon - Entertaining

Success of one product often led to further iterations, expanding the design language into other areas of the kitchen or to perform all new specific tasks.




Ghost Chair Ghost Chair is afraid of the dark, providing its own light through hidden sensors. These sensors respond again as the chair is sat on, the chair replying to the user’s input in an attempt to communicate. The prototype was auctioned off in support of the Toledo Arts Commission during their annual event.



Ghost Chair




CNTRL Bench CNTRL bench is all about the transition from the digital to the real. After creating a digital model, the three controlling sections were produced on a CNC mill. The result contained consequences all its own, unexpected characteristics such a subtle rocking made possible by the asymmetrical form and torsion applied to the slats, gently warping the bench in the process.



CNC router, bent and twisted painted and onto the Wood Wood slats slats are are approximated appr approximated appr onto ontothe thedigital digital hree Threecontrol control sections sections register register the the pitch, pitch, angle angle onto Wood slats are approximated appr digitally-produc onto the the digital ol sections painted registerand the pitch, angle assembled. surface. surface. Although Althoughfixed fixedatatpoints, points,the the reference referencesurface surface Al Al nd andspacing spacingassembled. ofofeach eachwooden woodenslat. slat.Supports Supports are are digitally-produc surface. Al Although fixed at points, the reference surface of each wooden slat. Supports are ed sections. wood woodwill willbebeleft lefttotoreact reactininits itsown ownway. way. modeled odeled CNTRL as aswell wellso that that each each sectionremains remains sections. - so Digital models andsection assembly wood will be left to react in itsed own way. well so thatBench each section remains roperly properlyorientated. orientated. ientated.

All the digital All Allthe thedigital digital pieces are then pieces piecesare arethen then milled frommilled birch milledfrom frombirch birch plywood by plywood the plywoodbybythe the CNC router, CNC CNCrouter, router, painted andpainted paintedand and assembled.assembled. assembled.

Red Oak boards Red RedOak Oakboards boards are ripped into are areripped rippedinto into 1/4 x 1” slats 1/4 1/4x x1” 1”slats slats to be steamed, totobebesteamed, steamed, bent and twisted bent bentand andtwisted twisted onto the onto ontothe the digitally-produc digitally-produc digitally-produc ed sections. ed edsections. sections.

The wood slats are assembled to the sections The sections held in place by supports until Accurately positioned, theby sections were then covereduntil in a pattern of oak slats, The wood slats are assembled to the sections s are held inare place supports right out of the steamer for maximum the wood slats have place. steamed to better adapt tocooled “intended”and surface.cure The designin allowed for and right out of the steamer for maximum lats have cooled andthecure in place. took advantage of the natural fluctuations of the wood, directing the material conformation to the form. conformation to the form. instead of trying to control it. 16



Whether seated upright, laying down or even rocking back and forth, the CNTRL bench is exceptionally comfortable.




Urban Gardens The “drosscape� of modern Columbus is transformed into a productive one by providing a source of income and food.

rotational grazing + industrial park

Taking a pragmatic approach, I used readily available materials to enable the transportation and placement of a small garden. The urban garden would shrink and grow alongside other simultaneous uses within a given space.



Urban Gardens of Columbus - Industrial Pastures

An Industrial Park on the north side of Columbus is transformed into a pasture for the grazing of sheep, producing wool and meat amongst the tractor trailers.



Urban Gardens of Columbus - Vacant Gardens

Urban Gardens of Columbus - Bucket Wall & Green-Office

polyculture crops + vacant urban spaces

Parking lots become partial cropland and vacant offices, greenhouses, supplementing dietary options of all involved. 24



Habitat for Humanity Working closely with the organization from Springfield, Ohio, our studio created several inspired results, including this model with a courtyard entrance. The BIM software Revit allowed us to perform energy studies (for Energy Star rating), create an estimated cost of ownership, an initial cost and build-able documents to the organization.



Habitat for Humanity

A nine-square grid was modified to create three main spaces or “bars�; services (including the kitchen), social (the courtyard and living room), and the sleeping bar. Each area is optimized to address a different request including security, efficiency, accessibility and privacy.




Charleston Station A transportation hub at the center of an historic southern city brings visitors and locals together through multipurpose use. Complex programmatic requirements were measured against the simple function of “getting there�.



Charleston Station - Perspective Sections



Charleston Station - Southwest Corner

The pedestrian entrance faces the busy tourist district while retail spaces provide a continuous face to the street as they connect to the train depot to the north.


Charleston Station - East Bus Depot

The open-air concourse and glass-walled retail areas below allow travelers virtually unobstructed views of all the terminals throughout the building.


Charleston Station - Main Concourse

Charleston Station - Northwest Train Platform

Three main concourses along the perimeter enabled foot traffic, a bus depot and train stop. Retail remains at ground level, while private offices are perched above.




Less Than Zero As part of the Comprehensive Studio to design housing units for Franklinton, Ohio, our group focused on reducing the environmental footprint. Popular features such as solar panels, geothermal heating, natural and local materials as well as permeable pavers highlighted the enviro-conscious efforts.



Less Than Zero - Developmental Models

It became clear that the best way to find energy efficiency was often the simplest solution as well. The blocks of townhouses were strategically staggered north-to-south for optimum sun exposure and east-to-west to ease the canyoneffect of prevailing winds.



Less Than Zero - Interior Loft

Less Than Zero - Parking Level

An emphasis on large open spaces and individual amenities made for units that would fit well into the targeted housing market.




Form/Interaction Studies Sculpture allows me to investigate concepts without the boundaries of program or function. Sphere’s form is produced through simple boolean operations, materially created by turning stock on a lathe. A fun object to handle and trace with the eye.




RED explores the reciprocal relationship between object and user. The object does not lend itself to an easy description of its shape or surface, inviting a tactile investigation and constant re-orientation, responding by effecting a series of lights hidden just beneath the surface.




Module was an early formal exercise into the nature of opposites - the geometric wooden modules intertwined with the organic organization of the steel plate, creating the resultant interstitial space. 48


C o n t i nu o us


Sketchbook My sketchbook allows me to work out the details I am so easily obsessed with, to communicate with myself in a feedback loop of visual input. While brainstorming the form and function of a product, I attempt to produce as many ideas as quickly as possible. The hearty concepts often require a fusion of these early ones. Tight and controlled, these type of pages are a collection to be considered for further development. The sketch communicates a sense of being; the details of a space, the passage of time, the sensibility of space and volume.



Sketchbook - Domestic Compilation



Sketchbook - Travel Compilation




Shotgun Shack Section is animated frame by frame, morphing a single surface into multiple functions. The “shotgun shack�, as it came to be known by in the studio, is part furniture, part dwelling. It utilizes the section in quick transitions to produce aperture, while slower modifications make possible the subtle changes in surface quality and function, seating and the like.



Shotgun Shack

The shack was produced through animation techniques in 3ds Max and pushed the laminated laser-cut plywood to its limits of accuracy and thinness, This technique gives the wood a translucent quality while maintaining its strength.



Shotgun Shack




A House for X The abstract plot of the 1961 film Last Year in Marienbad inspired the studio to create a home for the main characters, X, A, and M respectively, that are caught in a love triangle. The House for X allows him to play host to his guest M as they await the arrival of their love interest, A.



A House for X



A House for X

The model goes on to describe how the house too is involved in the triangle, with the earth and sky comprising the other players. The structure is a separation, a loner caught between the two.



A House for X - Upper Outlook & Theatre

A House for X - Guest House Entrance & Lower Patio

X is a character caught in the middle of a love triangle, and his house attempts to negotiate the drama to his advantage. His nemesis is confined to the guest house underneath a row of hedges, which his bedroom overlooks.




Captian Dust

& The League of Happy Gentlepersons Renowned architecture critic Jeffery Kipnis leads a studio to develop his newest theories. Characters are powerful devices we each use throughout our lives, and buildings are no different. Depending on use or point of view, a Duplex in this case, can take on the role of a seahorse, a crab or a muscle-man. Orientation of the Seahorse Duplex becomes a secondary concern in deference to the story or “projected ontologies� as Jeff says. It is imagined that the shell of the structure is placed according to topography, environmental concerns and user preference, allowing for unlimited orientation.



Captain Dust & The League of Happy Gentlepersons - Film Stills



Captain Dust & The League of Happy Gentlepersons - Masterplan

This seeming transformation is possible through the use of “weak form� and leads to a changing narrative between and amongst still other structures. The masterplan facilitates this through pairings of similar forms and winding paths. 74



Piranesi Variations The Field of Dreams

Brilliant contributions from many made this entry to the Venice Biennale a cohesive success, in theory and in practice. Spearheaded by Kipnis, the vision for the project was to advance the progression of what Piranesi started with his 1760’s interpretation of the Campo Marzio outside of Rome. In it he produces the plan of a vibrant mix of both real and fabricated buildings. We follow his lead while introducing a 3rd dimension.



Piranesi Variations - Field of Dreams - Captain Dust Participating Forms

I was able to add other qualities to the Campo, aside from my own Seahorse Duplex and Dove Triplex. Fabricating a museumquality model within the time frame was no small task, and my expertise in CNC milling, rapid prototyping and modeling was invaluable to the process.



Piranesi Variations - Field of Dreams

A meeting with Greg Lynn convinced the studio that a simple extrusion or “2-anda-half-d� projection for the elements was inadequate, simply reinforcing old ideas about the ground, etc. I suggested thickening the surface beyond its current shell-like format. Extending the patterns in oblique angles to the point that they protrude from the edges as tubes, the ground now is a matrix for viewing. It is now possible to have an embodied view while remaining on the perimeter.



Piranesi Variations - Field of Dreams - Division of Good & Evil


Piranesi Variations - Field of Dreams - Venice Installation

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Twelmeyer Portfolio  

The work of Designer Joseph Twelmeyer, including architecture, industrial design and fabrication.