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The Mysterious Case of the Giant Lizards By Stephen Maric

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• It was a warm misty morning with the birds chirping gracefully. Tom woke up, got dressed frantically and drove to work in his brand new exotic sports car

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• Tom is a successful private investigator who owns his own business. He investigates complicated cases that involve crimes or current affairs.

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• As Tom arrived at work he received a message about going to the nearby lake and investigating a mysterious sighting of giant lizards. Tom was at the scene in a blink of an eye.

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• Tom was ready and energized. When he got there he noticed that the lake was sparkling like a diamond. All of a sudden he saw large footprints in the mud. He quickly ran to where they where leading him, but found nothing.

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• In the distance Tom saw a factory that looked rather strange with all the windows covered, like something suspicious was going on. Suddenly Tom noticed there were black bottles of

radio active poisonous liquid nearby.

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• As Tom was leaving the building he immediately noticed that he was being surrounded by the large lizards. Their vicious stares made Tom feel extremely uncomfortable.

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• Tom walked slowly and carefully. Suddenly Tom collapsed. One of the lizards had leaped on to his foot. Tom gasped with fear, he was shaking like a leaf on a tree on a windy day.

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• Tom did not react for he had no chance of battling the giant lizards. Luckily a screeching car came near by and scared the lizards off into the bushes.

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• After a long stressful day Tom went home and switched on the television to the news and saw the case about the lizards attacking people in the area.

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All of a sudden Tom put two and two together and realised that the factory was polluting the waterways with harmful radio active liquid which would of altered the lizards genes and cause uncontrollable growth.

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Tom spoke to the head scientist at the factory and together they both realised that chemicals got into the lake and polluted the water which altered the lizards genes. Tom had an idea to reverse this problem.

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• Tom had a magnificent idea he thought that if he attracted the mighty lizards with some tasty food. He could blast them with his heat ray spray gun and that would de-activate the hyperactive genes in the lizards.

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• Tom did the job with skill and blasted the lizards away, they rapidly shrunk and were looking weak and harmless like little creatures. The job was complete and Tom was satisfied.

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• Tom was extremely happy with his efforts and how he had saved the day by putting an end to pollution of waterways and saving the lizards. He ended the day by celebrating with a delightful pizza.

The Mysterious Case of the Giant Lizards  

A fun and interesting book for kids.

The Mysterious Case of the Giant Lizards  

A fun and interesting book for kids.