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Self Evaluation     Anna  Ling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Project   no.2   Title:  Women  &  Flowers                                                                                                                                                              Media:  Embroidery   Date  completed:  12,  December  2010                                                                                                              Dimensions:  40X60     What  were  the  artistic  and/or  cultural  influences  for  this  project?   Who/what  influenced  either  the  composition  and/or  the  style.     My   original   influence   of   ‘Women   &   Flowers’   was   from   my   trip   to   San   Diego.   There,   I   took   pictures   of   flowers,   which   I   used   for   my   first   painting   project.   I   had   interest   in   embroidery  for  a  while,  so  I  wanted  to  incorporate  it  in  my  next  project.  Louise  Gardiner,   who   is   an   embroidery   artist,   was   a   big   influence   on   me   because   she   used   many   techniques   with   a   lot   of   different   materials.   Her   theme   often   revolved   around   nature   and   animals,   which   also   had   a   connection   to   my   theme   of   flowers.   I   also   researched   about  Alphonse  Mucha,  because  he  did  a  lot  of  lithographs  with  flowers  and  women  in   particular.   There,   I   found   out   that   women   and   flowers   have   many   things   in   common,   and  the  idea  is  commonly  used  in  different  medias.  Mucha’s  posters  with  the  graphical   background   influenced   me   to   do   the   final   composition,   with   having   the   woman’s   hair   coming  out  from  the  circle.  I  also  sewed  the  hair  in  Mucha’s  style.       What  materials/media/process  did  you  use  or  experiment  with,  and  how?     I  experimented  with  beads,  ribbons,  cloths,  threads  I  had  in  my  house  in  the  beginning,   without  knowing  any  style  or  artists  at  first  to  see  what  could  come  out.  From  there,  I   started  researching  about  certain  embroidery  artists,  and  went  to  the  public  library  to   learn  more  techniques  in  detail  to  produce  what  I  wanted.  I  also  dyed  some  pieces  of   white   lightweight   cloth,   with   cloth   dye   and   acrylics   paint,   to   see   if   I   can   use   it   for   the   flowers.  I  ended  up  using  it  because  it  added  some  color,  with  layering  many  pieces  of   opaque  cloth  with  it.         How  do  you  think  you  have  responded  to  advice  and  criticism  during  the  semester,  both   from  fellow  students  and  teachers?  Did  you  seek  any?  If  so  was  it  useful?     I   think   I   took   advice   from   students   and   incorporated   in   my   own   way   to   adjust   it   into   my   own  project.  My  biggest  advice  from  the  teacher  was  to  research  about  Japanese  Ukiyo-­‐ e,   because   it   linked   to   Art   nouveau   lithographs,   and   they   influenced   each   other.   I   found   a   lot   of   connection   between,   them,   and   specifically,   the   two   cultures   had   the   same   idea   of  including  women  in  their  pieces.  He  also  suggested  comparing  and  contrasting  what   the  two  are  like,  and  that  helped  me  narrow  down  the  things  I  like  and  want  to  use  for   my  final  piece.  

What could   you   take   through   to   the   next   project   and   develop   further?   This   could   be   anything,  ranging  from  a  technique  to  an  idea,  not  just  the  theme  itself.       I  think  I  want  to  continue  working  on  with  threads  and  use  materials  for  embroidery  to   create  string  art.  I  had  a  brief  idea  of  what  I  want  to  do  for  string  art,  and  I  think  I  can   branch  out  of  the  theme  flowers  to  shadow,  my  theme  for  my  first  project.  I  might  use   shadows  or  women  to  create  those  shadows  with  string  art.        

Project 2 'Women and Flowers'  


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