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A Lie Doesn’t Pay!!!

Alex Hunt

A big grey shark , swimming in the dark.

FR Looking for some food, as he was in a HUNGRY mood!!!

Swimming, sneaking in a glimpse of light and suddenly in the dark a fish gets a FRIGHT!

The poor little fish screams “ Please don’t eat me!”

“ I shall not harm you, I’ll let you be “ he answers with a grin.

“ Come with me there is danger around, but be sure to be quiet and not make a sound.�

So the shark thinks he’s on a winner, when he’s about to have fish for dinner .

While the shark was about to much on his prey, along came a really big ray.

The ray was hungry, just like the beast and luckily for him he got the feast!

The lesson the shark learnt on this day, was that lying does just does not pay !!!

English Assessment  
English Assessment  

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