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Bus service- An affordable and convenient travel option in Thailand

As Chiang Mai is situated some 700 kms from Bangkok, driving such a long distance by car is not an option and it is here where the requirement of a bus service is felt. You may get various alternatives to reach Chiang Mai from Bangkok but if you consider price and time then a bus journey looks more pragmatic and practicable. In Chiang Mai, you will get two bus stations from where you can get the bus schedules and the prices that they charge for running the buses from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and vice-versa. The bus station in Chiang Mai handles long distance trip that you can avail since it is a 700 km ride. You will get the option to book both VIP and non-VIP buses to travel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. From Chiang Mai to Bangkok both government and private buses operate, you can avail both of them as per your necessity. But seeing the long time that it can take, an approximated estimation is 11 hours on a single stretch, it is a better option to book a luxurious private bus that will ensure fast and comfortable ride. The prices are often fluctuating so it is

advisable to make a last minute discussion so that you get the grasp of best prices that you can avail while buying the ticket.

There is also provision that reputed travel agencies like us provide where tickets can be booked on the same day itself without much hustle whatsoever. The most important thing is that buses from Chiang Mai serve many local towns like Ban Watchan, Bo Sang, Chiang Dao, Chiang Rai, Chiang Saen, Chomtong, Doi Tao, Fang, Hod, Lamphun, Mae Hong Sai, Mae Jo, Mae Rim, Mae Taeng, Om Koy, Peangloung, Prao, San Kamphaeng, Samoeng, Tha Ton.

Chiang Mai being the hub of northern Thailand and the fifth largest city in Thailand has lot to explore once you visit this place. With its multi-faceted sights and picturesque atmosphere, Chain Mai has lot to offer to its visitors. So, if you are a resident or a visitor and if you want to take bus travel as your last resort then all you need to do is just visit a bus booking center and avail affordable tickets and travel from Chiang Mai to any other place in Thailand.

Thailand has an extensive bus network connecting all the corners and the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority operates monopoly in the bus service. There is a separate bus rapid transit system that is owned by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority and it is in operation since 2010. So, whether you are a traveler or a tourist, you will get the best options to travel in Thailand. These bus agencies provide bus schedules and fares that you can resort to for exploring Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pataya, Chiang Rai and other places. For a healthy bus ride and best prices you can certainly visit our website where you can get easy booking facilities and best prices that you are hunting for.

Bus service- An affordable and convenient travel option in Thailand  
Bus service- An affordable and convenient travel option in Thailand  

To travel from Bangkok-Chiang Mai was never as simple as it is now with the bus service that is slowly becoming ubiquitous in the transport...