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The Poor Wolf And The Three Pigs By Murray George

Once Upon A Time There was a poor, homeless, starving wolf.

I’m so hungry

He would often ask for help but it was quickly assumed he was trying to eat them.

Don’t eat me I'm just a penguin!

Please help me

One day he had an idea.

It’s simple, really. All he had to do was become friends with the most popular people, which in this case were the three little pigs, and then everyone would like him. He got to work.

The next day he ran as fast as he could to the first pigs’ house because he was so excited. When he got to the first pigs’ house he noticed it was made from hay. He was so tired from running that he was huffing and puffing like crazy. Then out of no-where the wind came and blew over the poor pigs house. Then as quick as that, the pig ran to the next pigs house.

When the wolf got to the next pigs house he was still huffing and puffing like crazy. This pigs house was made from sticks. Once again, the wind came and blew this pigs house over.

So, the two pigs ran to the third pigs’ house. This pig house was built of bricks. When they got there the first thing they did was call in the only person they knew who could beat a wolf, Little Red Riding Hood.

When Little Red Riding Hood showed up, the wolf was as scared as anything. All wolves feared Red Riding Hood. Then something magical happened! The wolf and Red Riding Hoods’ eyes meet and they fell in love at first sight. It was like they were meant to be. The wolf still had no friends but he was happy that he had finally found someone to share his life with forever.

The poor wolf and the three pigs  
The poor wolf and the three pigs  

This book is based on the saying 'never judge a book by its cover'.