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Banjo’s 5th birthday was his best birthday he had ever had, Banjo had the best time in the world. But the one thing he didn’t know was that in a few days he would be starting Kindergarten at St Michaels.

Banjo was partying on all night until 2o’clock am the next morning! Banjo soon fell asleep on the couch in the living room, his dad had to carry him up to his bedroom upstairs.

The next morning when Banjo woke up he could barely stand up straight. He went downstairs to have some cereal for breakfast. When he finished his mum ordered him to clean his bedroom. Banjo was shocked about how messy his bedroom was but he got stuck into it straight away.

When Banjo finished cleaning his bedroom he went outside to play with his dog Lucky. Lucky was a Labrador with golden fur and about half the size of Banjo. First, they played fetch ,then Banjo took Lucky for a walk around the block. When he got back he had some dinner.

Banjo had pizza for dinner and it was delicious, when Banjo finished his mum told him to have a shower and go to bed because you had a rough day and he needs to get some sleep.

When Banjo went to bed he couldn’t sleep propley, he thought that there was something he didn’t know but he needed to know what it was. Banjo started to worry, he thought maybe that he wasn’t going to go to pre-school any more mabey he was starting big school.

When Banjo woke up the next morning his mum was standing next t him with a new school uniform. He was a little worried about it. His mum said to go downstairs and eat some breakfast. He did as his mother said and ate his breakfast.

When Banjo was at the bus stop waiting he was a bit nervous and a bit excited at the same time. When the bus came it was packed people were everywhere and there wasn’t even enough room to sit down. Banjo started to be a bit scared because of all f the older children there.

When Banjo finally got to school it was 8:20am and he was already tired. He was scared of the new school, the people, the teachers and the older year 5 kids. They were tall and scary looking and they thought that they were the coolest and the biggest kids in the school. They even tried to scare Banjo.

H was so happy when lunch time came so he could make some new friends so he wouldn’t be alone. He meet a little boy called Thomas and he was the same height as Banjo and they both like the same things. He really thought Thomas was his best friend and Thomas also thought Banjo was his best friend.

When Banjo got back to class he saw Thomas again, they were in the same class. They were in Kindy Green, the same day they learnt how to count to 10 and Banjo was really proud of himself, Thomas was also proud of Banjo too. The day almost can to an end and then Banjo had to go to the bus st0p to go home.

When Banjo got on the bus he was very upset and tired. His first day was the best and he loved school now and Banjo couldn’t wait to tell his mum and dad about his first day. When he was thinking about it he was a little more happier but still sad. He wished he could still talk to Thomas, he was the only sad person on the bus so he felt lonley.

When Banjo got home he got unchanged and went to the kitchen and had some chips and a snack when he was finished he went outside to play with Lucky in the backyard for a while until dinner was ready. When he came inside he was excited because he could finally tell his mum and dad about what happened at school.

At the dinner table Banjo started to tell everyone about school and his family was waiting to hear what happened. When Banjo finished talking everyone started to clean up the table and that night Banjo slept very well and was very excited to go to school the next day so he could talk to Thomas.

Banjo's First day at School  

A boy named Banjo starts school a few days after his birthday

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