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No matter which way you look new beginnings are happening all around You! Each season of your life represents a new beginning and it is up to you to make the best out of that season. I know everything in life is not always going to go as planned but it is at the end of those moments that leads you to Fresh new starts! Although New beginnings can be scary at times, it is in no comparison of dealing with the what if’s in your mind once that opportunity has passed you by.

Vision and Positioning Founder’s statement “Positive Light provides an opportunity for all of us to speak and relate to each other in a way that is different from any other magazine. Our goal is to build and uplift everyone who needs a little more encouragement in his or her life. Readers will see that regardless of the many situations that have changed their lives in unexpected ways, we do not have to settle for less than what we desire and dream about out of life. This magazine is design to show the world that through all the soul weary and despairing, we still have the ability to overcome obstacles and obtain a happy, successful life!”

Positioning Statement This Positive Light magazine is nothing like the typical publication as it strives to build and encourage readers to fight past their troubles and still reach for their dreams. Positive Light is about finding, sharing and celebrating the many different lights that shine brightly in us all! It opens up a different light in the world, as people will begin to find hope again in such dark and troubled times. After constantly hearing all the bad news and dealing with all the worries of the world, one gets the chance to sit down and experience the joy of reading Positive Light Magazine. Readers will get that extra encouragement to go out and fight another day in the world. Positive Light is that dose of hope that will carry you for the rest of your life -- the beginning of everlasting sunshine. It is true that the sun is always shining somewhere, and that somewhere is in You!

If you are interested in advertising in the magazine or newsletter contact me at: If you would like to be a sponsor or supporter of the Magazine please contact Danetta Silmon at: 706-380-5208 If you would like to be a volunteer writer also feel free to contact me at the email above. Please don’t miss out on the chance to become apart of this powerful movement!

Letter from the Editor Hello readers! I am so thrilled to be making my first steps to a new project in my life! This newsletter represents the beginning of Positive Light Magazine, of which I Danetta Silmon is the Editor-in-Chief. New beginnings are so exciting! Which is why I had no other choice but to let it be the theme for this month! This newsletter will be shining light on fresh starts, new projects, and new businesses in life's of others. New beginnings can come in so many forms such as starting a new family, new relationship, and even a new job or promotion! Whatever the new adventure is I encourage you to not allow fear of the unknown stop you from exploring the possibilities of a better future. It is such a beautiful thing to have something in your heart that you really want to make reality. You dream about it, you make plans for it and then finally you take your first steps! First steps are a chance to see what you are really made of! I would like to encourage you to always reach for the stars no matter how far you may think they are. What you will discover is that you really do have wings to fly! I am sure that you will enjoy reading this issue and that you will continue to support the Light in you!

Love Danetta Silmon (Editor-In-Chief)

Everyday people doing Extraordinary things!!!!!!

Promotions, still exist in a failing economy! LaDawn Craft Parrish is originally from Detroit, Michigan , she has been a resident of Athens for 17 years and attended the University of Georgia for a short period of time. After working a stream of unfulfilling jobs she decided to go back to school in a attempt to improve her financial situation. While balancing her marriage, full time job and being a proud mom of three beautiful cats, she managed to receive her associate degree in Business Administration at the American Intercontinental University online in 2005. After finishing school she was not sure of what direction to go in and as many of us has experience the bills never stop coming. So LaDawn found herself back working unfulfilling jobs and living pay check to pay check. She wonder why it seemed that no matter how hard she worked and placed her best foot forward, she could never get ahead. What she realized later was that something was missing out of her steps and that something she soon found out was God. Now that LaDawn has begin to learn more about God she feels that it was through him that she was promoted, because none of her work ethics have changed. She has always been the employee that was at work on time, humbled, never called in , as well as a reliable hard worker. She feels like all of these are keys to success, but it does not always guaranteed success. She believe that God is the one who can put you in position for success, in work and life in general. She is still working on her relationship with God currently and is learning how to put her faith in him. She feels like God made the moves that were necessary to put her in the position to be promoted. She has always felt capable of being a leader of the store but was never giving the opportunity. New beginnings to LaDawn means a new way of doing things, a new way of thinking, and all about positivity! She plans to lead the store with positivity and her cheerful spirit! She admits being a little nervous in this new chapter in her life, but she is willing to face it with God by her side. The position has given her a lot of confidence in knowing that great things can come your way if you really believe. She now feels like she can do anything and appreciate that Debbie; her district Manager really believes in her! She is looking forward to the future and has her heart open to more promotions. LaDawn did lose her mom to aids years ago and she believes that her mom is smiling down on her. She said her mom has always seen her as a shining star and when she passed it really cause her to lose some of her ambitious. Now that she has manage to obtain such a big accomplishment, she is now finding her desire to spread her wings and fly again, something her mother had always told her she could do!

LaDawn Craft Parrish words of encouragements There is a song that I listen to by a Christian group named Switch foot called "This is Home." There is a verse that goes "I've come too far and I won't go back," and it describes how I feel at this moment. I have been working hard and waiting patiently for the success I desired in my professional life. I have been so close to achieving that success so many times, but it always seemed to pass me by. I have been through so much in my personal as well as professional life, and I sometimes wondered when it would be my time to shine. Well that the moment is finally here and I am not willing to give that up for anyone or anything. I have waited too long and worked too hard for this. Those who tried to make it seem as if I was not quite good enough or competent enough to be placed in a position of authority were not able to hold me back from what I had worked so hard for after all. Now it is my time to shine. I would just like to encourage anyone who is doing their best and it seems that their best just is not good enough to keep on doing their best because God is watching and he knows your heart and he will reward you for your efforts when it is your time. To anyone who is made to feel unworthy of a certain position in life, just remember no matter what anyone else thinks or says, that God sees the worth in all of us. He knows all of the unique gifts and talents that we each possess; after all, he is the one who gave them to us. You should just hold fast, do your best, and have faith and he will place you in a position to use your gifts and shine!

Positive Light would like to Thank LaDawn for being a part of the newsletter this

(Smiles) Sharon Merritt Jones Sharon Jones is a woman who seeks after the heart of God. Sharon is known for her passion in the body of Christ to Provoke positive changes in our everyday actives through the word of God by the Holy Spirit. Sharon's desire is to promote biblical prosperity and healthy interactions among the people of God. Having 18 years of experience as an Cosmetologist and background studies in Tricology, Sharon has ministered many times after salon hours to her clients the word of God. Being active as a Missionary, laboring at the alter she have seen many delivered, healed and come into the body of Christ. As a native Athenian of Georgia, Sharon is the loving supportive wife of Minster Cedric Jones and mother to 2 sons, Jabari and Raheem.

Positive Light Magazine would like to thank Sharon for being such a lovely person and for having such a beautiful smile! Would you like to be featured in the (smiles) section of the next newsletter? You can send pictures of your beautiful smile and a small bio of you current accomplish to We look forward to hearing from you and we would like to thank– you for your interest!

Positive Light Magazine would like to acknowledge and congratulate Jiovani Fambro on bringing Carson Elijah Fambro into the world on October 15, 2012 At 11:40pm! May God Bless this new season of motherhood for you as well as your beautiful baby!

Natalya is the photographer for Positive Light Magazine and we are glad to have this talented lady as part of this company. Natalya takes great professional pictures and she travels as well, so she can take pictures just about anywhere! It does not matter if you want her to come to your home or simply to the park, you can expect professionalism at all times. So the next time you want to capture you or your families great moments, keep Natalya in mind and she will be there to deliver right on time!

YouTube video’s Spotlight LaDawn Craft Parrish is an expert when it comes to hair care and different products! She has her own YouTube channel of where she does reviews on varies products as well as give words of encouragement along the way! Please go check out her YouTube channel and subscribe, thank you in advance for all your support! YouTube: prettykittyga76

Jasper David is a very talented and gifted man when it comes to music! I have never in my life met someone that could break down every part of a song, keying in to all sounds. He defiantly has a ear for music and a true gift when it comes to singing! Jasper is also starting a new chapter in his life as he leaves for the military this month, make no doubt about it this young man is being all he can be and not just for the army! We here at Positive Light would like to wish him a safe and fulfilling journey as he strives for greatness in his life! Please go check out his YouTube channel and subscribe, you will truly be Blessed by what he has to say! YouTube: luckylibraslOv3 Face book : Jasper Martavis David Danetta Silmon is not only the Editor-In Chief of Positive Light Magazine, but she is also a writer, poet, and mother with a passion for music. She is Truly a very talented and gifted woman when it comes to her creativity. Danetta wrote her first song at the age of 12 and never stopped writing since then, as she found out that writing was the best way to express what she was feeling inside. Don’t miss the chance to be Blessed by a truly gifted woman of God! Go check out her YouTube channel and subscribe! YouTube: Silmon26

Facebook: Danetta Silmon Twitter:@Danetta_Silmon

If you have a YouTube channel and would like for it to be featured in the next newsletter please email your links to We look forward to hearing from you and having the chance to spotlight all of your wonderful talents!

New Beginings  

Positive Light magazine Newsletter Edition

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