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2011~2014 The AďŹƒliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University (HSNU) 2014~ National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Dept. Architecture 2016~2017 Tsinghua University (Beijing), Dept. Architecture (Exchange Student) 2012 USC Summer Programs, School of Architecture (4-Week Credit) 2017~2018 Ashton Porter Architect, The Studio, London, UK

Content Architecture School

Hybrid Residential Area in Tainan War Museum

Architecture School

Year : 2017 Location : South west corner of Li-Hsing Campus, NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan Advisor : Le-Ching, Chiang Program : Studios, Classrooms, OďŹƒces, Auditorium, Critique Space, Parking, Factory, Library

School of Architecture, NCKU, is one of the most impactive architecture school in Taiwan. It plays an important role to the entire society. Hundreds of the alumni are architects, others might go into the government dealing with urban planning or building control. Thus, to create a new learning environment for the future students is crucial.

Universiity is the place to share knowledge, not only for the students, but also for the whole community. Thus, I would like to envolve everyone to this school, create some interaction between architecture students and the others. In order to achieve the goal, there is a sunken plaza at the streets corner in front of the lobby, where all people could gather and exchange thoughts. In the othe hand, the studios are on the top of the building, instead of separate students from years and classes, the studios formed as a big open space. In this way, younger students can see how the senior works and learn from them.

Hybrid Residential Area in Tainan

Year : 2017 Location : Blocks between Xialin Rd., Guohua St. sec.1, Shulin St. sec. 2, Dade st., ln. 177 and Nanning St., Tainan, Taiwan Advisor : Wan-Jen, Lin Program : Residential Area, OďŹƒces, Public Greens, Shops, Parking

To create a new living area for the young ages, where working, social, living combine together. To enlage the greens, there is a pedway that go through the entire site, it is also the transfer oor. Every elevator ends and starts here, to in crease the chance to meet new person.

Blocking Diagram

4F plan

Residential Diagram

War Museum

Year : 2018 Location : Fort of Capo D’orso, Palau, Sardinia, Italy Advisor : En-Yu, Huang Program : Museum, Memorial Space, Library, Restaurant, Shops, Hotel, Plaza

The fortress, which has been entwined with the landscape since it has been constructed. Standing on those magniďŹ cent rocks, it should not be only regarded as a historical landmark alone, the fortress and the landscape beneath should be known as an integrity. Therefore, we try to not only introduce this fortress and the story to the visitors, but also to encourage all the visitors to feel the entire site among atmosphere, landscape, ocean, and architecture.

Traditional museums tell their stories mostly through documents, photos, pictures, models, or even spacial experiences. People walk through them like reading books or having a lesson. However, this fortress stands in a dierent position then others. The standing rocks, the surrounding ocean, the continuous hills, the game changing battles. Those signiďŹ cant scenes can not be shown to the visitors only through exhibitions and displays. Thus, a new perspective to this fortress will be highly important in order to highlight itself.

To give all visitors a new way to experience this site, we layout a new exhibition hall across the valley on the other hill. By giving this new perspective, visitors can get how gigantic are the rocks, how wide is the ocean, and the most importantly, how strong is the fortress. Moreover, we set the facade facing to the fortress of this exhibition hall as a big mirror, it reects the surrounding environment and conceal itself in this great site.

The mirror reflect everything, and so dose history. The mirror reflect the fortress when you on the way hiking on the path, it represents future, it tells its past and reminds people that how did wars change human life. The view will slowly changing while people changing their elevation, it provides the visitors to feel the fortress in different viewport, just like people explain history differently and subjective.

Finally, visitors reached the exhibition hall, where the documents, photos, pictures and models are displayed. The perspective in the exhibition hall is that standing at present and imagine the past. Visitor can read those displays and view the fortress through the one way mirror at the same time. Moreover, the fortress will be shown as the greatest display in the exhibition hall through the giant glass.

After going through the exhibition hall, visitors will now standing in front of the mirror, the can now see themselves and the fortress at the same time. It represent that we are also a part of history, many many years later, our descendants may come and explore our foot steps.

Museum Plan

Then, visitors will heading to the fortress, where all the story took place. Here, visitor can experience the fortress not only through secondary sources, people will get informations not like reading books or having a lesson as traditional museums. The fortress remains old and green, it is how time and history present itself. Visitor can ďŹ gure out what had happened here before by hints in space, such as old table, old beds, abandoned water fountains, etc. then join the story piece together. In the fortress, there are many additional landmark to reinforce the spacial traits and introduce itself to all visitors.

Finally, walking up the stairs, the terrace opens widely, it is the most spiritual space among the whole museum. People wonder in front of the big weathering steel, reading the memorial words and feel the fortress under the legs. Last but not least, turn around and walk pass the steel wall, the ocean ďŹ nally come to your embrace. This is the place where visitor imagine how the battles fought and remember those innocent soldiers contribute themselves. The most importantly, all human should remember how horrible the war is and cherish peace.

Portfolio 2017-2018 Yung-Hsiang Yang  

About this Documents: Architecture Portfolio with three of my projects from 2017 to 2018. About me: Architecture student from Taiwan. email...

Portfolio 2017-2018 Yung-Hsiang Yang  

About this Documents: Architecture Portfolio with three of my projects from 2017 to 2018. About me: Architecture student from Taiwan. email...