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Geography In Germany

5 Five Economic Questions For Germany What Goods and services are produced? Only until the 2000 Germany experienced high growth and got a lot of profit from exporting goods they could develop. Some companies were Audi, Bayer , Bosch and BMW.

How are goods and services produced? Germany has many skilled workers who work in factories and work sites to construct their automobiles, appliances and mechanic equipment. How are goods transported? They have a dense transportation system. They use major water ways such as rive Rhine, large airports such as Frankfurt and their railway Deutsche Bahn’s rail network. In East Germany they are trying to expand their transportation routes to export their goods more sufficiently. For whom are the goods for and who produces them? The goods are for people in their society. When people are buying and selling they build up a strong economy. Most of the Germany’s services are machinery, automobiles, metals and chemical goods. Germany has Europe’s largest engineering labour force.

Our Business in Canada and Germany

Who produces goods and services? • Skilled workers that are part of a labour force. The workers need to have qualifications that are titled in Germany. • If they are missing certain degrees they need to make sure they achieve the standers that are set in order to receive their position. • To work at Cone’s Delight the requirements would not include such high credentials because there would be no use of complicated machinery.

What goods and services are produced? What goods and services are produced? At Cones’ Delight ice cream is what is produced. There is a variety of flavours to go around with many toppings to choose from. In Canada the demand would be higher because ice cream shops are well known. People also feel comfortable eating it because they are familiar with it and enjoy it. Ice cream is quite popular here in Canada therefore the supply would have to be great especially during the warm seasons. Germany also has summer and winter so the demand would be around the same. There is a cafe in Germany that sells ice cream and 85% of the people reviewed it as excellent. Amongst other stores ice cream is rated high but if Cones Delight were to sell in Germany we would have to adjust the flavours.

How are goods and services produced?

Since Cone’s Delight ice cream has a variety of ingredients everything is produced individually until time of sales. The cones are produced in factories along with the ice cream in soft served companies. The toppings and equipment would be shipped in from other business that are selling the necessary equipment. In Germany we would need to ship ingredients that would not be available there. The flavours that are popular in Germany would be purchased right there so we would be able to save on importing additional flavours.

For whom are the goods and services produced for?



Here in Canada our audience can stretch from any age because it is a food product. Most of the time children demand the treat and then string along elder members. There are adults and seniors who enjoy this product but most ice cream companies target the younger generations. Since ice cream is a standard food choice the same audience could be addressed in Germany.


How are the goods distributed?

Each ingredient is shipped in from a variety of locations by a trucking company. Since the products aren’t going to locations miles away there is no need for airline or railways system to transport the goods unless it’s worldwide. Once the product is assembled at the location of the stores than they are ready to be sold when costumers demand the product. . If we were to sell in Germany we would need to ship in our flavours if we were to continue selling as we did in North America. Our success in Germany would only come if Cone’s Delight will be able to adjust our supply.

4 Economic Resources Land Resources

Germany does not have many resources like oil, natural gas and other resources so they are imported from other countries. laces like France, the Netherlands and the U.S. .

Labour Resources

. They have a lot of industrial sites and skilled workers who have studied to receive degrees in mechanics. In the 1800 Germany’s social structure was low in entrepreneurship and economic development. Only until the 2000 Germany experienced high growth and got a lot of profit from exporting goods they could develop. This meant they could provide a work force for people receive an income.

4 Economic Resources Capital Germany’s economy was supported by the United States until they were able to rise. This is called a Foreign Investment. Now Germany is no longer struggling and they do have a stable economy. Germany’s GDP for 2011 was $3.1 trillion. The currency was very low in Germany and people had large quantities of it yet it was worth almost nothing. Since 2002 the constant currency in Germany was Euros which added value to money. Governments collect money very similar to North America in Germany through taxes although they are included in prices. Once business were started up their economy was building allowing their capital to raise each year.

Entrepreneurship Germany’s is recommended as a good place to start a business because in current day they are able to have investors in Germany itself. Before they may have had the U.S become a foreign investor to support them. For example an entrepreneur Alan Twigg started a translation business in Germany 15 years ago. He was able to get investors in Germany with a capital of 25,00 euro's. Him amongst many other people are confident Germany would be a great place to put up a business.

Market Market Economy Economy

Cones Delight would be considered a market economy because it was a business in which the owners make the decisions on that they will produce and purchase. Since we were under the supervision of teacher some groups were not able to include everything they wanted to make their business a success. So in come cases a command economy could have been implemented.

Economic climate Germany $3.1 trillion

France $2.77 trillion

Poland $5.14 billion

In 2011

Russia $1.8 trillion

Germany’s GDP for 2011 was $3.1 trillion dollars. France was 2.77 trillion, Russia was 1.8 trillion and Poland was 5.14 billion. By looking at these results it’s clear the Germany has been doing quite well. These countries are the ones that surround Germany. Analyzing this data proves that setting up a business in Germany would be successful based on their economy.


Germany's economy facys


Germany's economy facys