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Charity drive on two wheels RICHARD Barrett is pedal-

and children's illnesses.


compared to what you see

man resources manager first got into cycling a couple of

through," Mr Barrett said. "A little bit of saddle soreness never killed anyone."

ling to Sydney in a good The Lions Richlands hu-

years ago to improve his

health and now plans to help

improve the health pros-

pects of sick children by rais-

"Riding 1200km is nothing

the kids in hospital go


To donate, visit www.workingwonders

ing money for the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation.

He will ride to Sydney in

October as part of the 1200km for Kids Charity Bike Ride with friends

Darryl Dixon and Daniel Mendes, both of Forest Lake.

The cause is one close to his heart. "When my oldest. Tristan,

was born he was in the infectious disease ward," he said.

"I got a chance to see the scope, professionalism and scope of the doctors."

The ride will help raise money for research and equipment at the hospital

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Barrett will ride from Brisbane to Sydney.

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Charity drive on two wheels  

Richard Barrett is pedalling to Sydney in October as part of the 1200km for Kids Charity Bike Ride. The ride wil help raise money for resear...