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msafara is a fashion brand aspiring to cultivate progress, a step at a time. our mission is to use sales as a medium to build a foundation, support and a kick-start to those with great potential and talent around the world, while promoting their culture through their works. we collaborate every season with distinctive artists and craftsman from all corners of the world to bring you luxury travel wear. each fashion piece is designed and crafted with the help of unrecognized talents and 25% of the proceeds of our sales are sent towards the passions of theses artists and promoting their rich cultures. we want to give everyone a chance to start off; to make a difference in the world. we strongly believe that artistically connecting fashion to different cultures of the world, will help bring the world closer.

meet, alala ibori, a self-employed painter from durban, south africa. her true passion lies in creating patterned oil paintings with tools that she crafts out of wooden blocks. alala loves safaris and expeditions to egypt and tanzania. she gathers inspiration and influences from the diverse richness of the regal lands, it’s people, culture, the abundant nature and wild life and expanse of the continent. she sold her first painting when she was 15, and at her current age of 29, she has been featured all over africa in various local museums and art galleries. while collaborating with msafara, she hopes that people of the world recognize africa as a land of value, history and incredible passion.

alala’s beauty idol is queen cleopatra. she says, she can visit egypt a million times over.

the wall _ pure cotton shirt xs.s.m.l.xl _ $119.99

the c l eopat r a

Metallic Burnt Shirt

the cleopatra _ metallic burnt shirt xs.s.m.l.xl _ $ 69. 99

alala’s fondest travel memories are the ones from her journeys in a train. the visual expanse of the land, the sweet smell of mother earth, the rhythm and fast motion of the train, she says, “gets all my senses excited.”

the safari _ tunic tank xs.s.m.l.xl _ $99.99

the balance _ tunic tank xs.s.m.l.xl _ $99.99

the bloom _ casual tee xs.s.m.l.xl _ $ 49. 99

“music and dance is harmony to my life. on my travels, i make sure to visit the masai villages. listen to their music, and dance with them. it is rejuvenating. you should try it.�

the loved _ metallic burnt shirt xs.s.m.l.xl _ $109.99

“people inspire other people! “, says alala. “when i travel, i am overjoyed to communicate with the locals. their dances, fashion, values and approach to life. there is just so much to learn.”

the garland _ casual tee xs.s.m.l.xl _ $ 59.99

the weave _ metallic burnt shirt xs.s.m.l.xl _ $99.99

the dance of birds and animals, their rhythm, their prowl is enticing according to alala. she claims she can watch the grace of pink flamingos all day long.

the road _ metallic burnt shirt xs.s.m.l.xl _ $ 59. 99

the flamingo _ pure cotton shirt xs.s.m.l.xl _ $129. 99

photography: christian moreno model: mavilya chubarova make up: erin dooney

“one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” henry miller

Msafara Look book  

Look Book for msafara, fall 2012

Msafara Look book  

Look Book for msafara, fall 2012