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Chap Goh Mei Buffet Menu Appetiser Prosperity Yee Sang Raw Salad with Dressing Marinated Octopus Marinated Spicy Jelly Fish Fruit Salad Squid with vercimili Salad Seaweed Roll

Soup Sweet Corn & Minced Chicken Soup Szechuan Soup with Beancurd Main Course Crispy Roasted Chicken with Plum Sauce Deep-fry Fish Fillet with Spicy Black Bean Sauce Buttered Squid with Curry Leaf & Chili Steam fish with Salted Vegetables Wok Fried Prawn Cantonese Style Braised Broccoli with Mushroom & Oyster Sauce Steam Three Egg with Soya Sauce Loh Han Chai Braised Potato & Fu Chok Char Koew Teow Steam White Rice

Noodles Counter Hailam, Chicken Noodles Soup & Curry Gravy With Condiments Desserts Chilled Sea Cocoanut with Longan Black Sesame Dumpling in Red Bean Stew Assorted Cakes Chinese Cookies Fresh Fruit Ice Cream & Condiments

Chap goh mei menu  
Chap goh mei menu