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8. Silence Price: £23.99 from Steam ( Silence is the sequel to 2010’s point-and-click adventure, The Whispered World, but it seems positioned as a standalone experience. Not only does it drop the name of its predecessor, but it also has a brand new 3D aesthetic, whereas the original had a quainter hand-drawn look. In any case, this looks like an intriguing quest, whether or not you played the first game. Set in a fantasy world between life and death, Silence finds 16-year-old Noah trying to find his little sister Renie in a setting filled with monsters and magic – as they escape a real world filled with war and destruction. It’s an absolutely gorgeous-looking game and seems like a very emotional adventure; reviews have been pretty strong, as well.

JANUARY 2017 • MACWORLD 97 MWJAN17.indd 97

08/12/2016 13:52

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