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6. Transport Fever Price: £26.99 from Steam ( Do you like trains? Would you say you have a mean case of Transport Fever? If so, now there’s a game to help you act on those impulses. Transport Fever is a follow-up to Train Fever, and both are essentially modern takes on the classic Transport Tycoon formula, with the latest entry challenging you to build up a transport company from scratch starting in 1850. Over the years, you’ll build train stations and lay track, as well as construct airports and harbours, connecting cities and their inhabitants while also handsomely profiting from the work. It has endless and campaign modes included, along with 120+ vehicles and both American and European-inspired environments to do your business within.

JANUARY 2017 • MACWORLD 95 MWJAN17.indd 95

08/12/2016 13:52