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I can show you this password as it’s been revoked. That’s one of the advantages of this kind of password.

you approved long ago and no longer use are no longer a potential threat, too. To create an app-specific password:

• Log in to your account at • In the Security section under App-Specific

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Passwords, click Generate Password Label the password so you can remember it later if you need to disable it, and click Create In the next screen, copy and paste or refer to the password and enter it in the app or service with which you need to use it. The password can never be viewed again, but it’s stored Click Done

You can manage the passwords you’ve created in order to revoke them, too. Click the Edit button next to the Security section, and then click View History under App-Specific Passwords. The list shows the creation date of each password, and you can click the ‘x’ box to the far right to revoke any of them. You can also click Revoke All and wipe out all your app-specific passwords if you’re concerned about any of your software or web-based services being hacked. This doesn’t affect your 2FA login at all. We’ll note that Apple only shows the creation date of these passwords, while Google more 86 MACWORLD • JANUARY 2017 MWJAN17.indd 86

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