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key), although the latter option isn’t usually a good idea, because it makes the chosen modifier unavailable elsewhere. You can, however, combine a modifier and a function key: for example, to set Shift+F1 to activate Mission Control, hold Shift, open the Mission Control menu and click F1. It’s worth noting that if your Mac keyboard includes a Mission Control icon on its F3 key, modifiers can be used in conjunction with that key in order to access Mission Control functionality: Cmd+F3 shows the Desktop, and Ctrl+F3 activates the ‘Application Windows’ feature. Finally, the Hot Corners button has been mentioned previously in our overview of System Preferences, and it works identically here – any one of the four screen corners can be used as a trigger for Mission Control, ‘Application Windows’, showing the Desktop or opening Dashboard (among other JANUARY 2017 • MACWORLD 45 MWJAN17.indd 45

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