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A third-party System Preferences pane can be removed either by the pane’s own uninstaller or by Ctrl/right-clicking it and selecting ‘Remove…’ You can reorder the panes by using the View menu, which provides options for organising panes by category or listing everything alphabetically. View > Customize enables further changes to be made. When you select this option, checkboxes appear next to each pane. Deselect any pane’s checkbox and click Done and the pane will be hidden, but it will remain accessible from the View menu and when performing searches. Revert a pane’s visibility by using View > Customize, selecting its checkbox and clicking Done.

The General pane This is a grab bag of options related to appearance, scroll bars, document behaviour and the number of recent items shown in the Apple menu.

JANUARY 2017 • MACWORLD 33 MWJAN17.indd 33

08/12/2016 13:52

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