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powerful enough to provide satisfying sound while watching movies, TV, and sports. The 15in model’s speakers seem to have more power than the 13in MacBook’s, but both can ably fill a hotel room with music, if you should want to leave your portable Bluetooth speaker at home. Battery life is also solid, with both models lasting a full day of heavy use, with multiple apps open, dozens of Safari tabs, streaming music to Spotify, and occasionally indulging in some video viewing with Sierra’s picture-in-picture feature.

Macworld’s buying advice These new MacBook Pros have a lot going for them. Their biggest weakness, across the whole Touch Bar line, is price. The 13in model we tested is £1,749 without any upgrades, and the 15in is £2,349. Going to 512GB of storage is £180 extra, and 1TB is £540 extra, which also seems like a lot. These prices could come down a little bit next generation, but if you need a MacBook Pro right now, the late 2016 models are solid performers. If we were buying one for ourself, we’d go with the 13in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and max out the storage, although the 15in model is even better. Susie Ochs

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