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elcome to the latest edition of Macworld. Last month, we were lucky enough to get an early look at the MacBook Pro. Since then we’ve being putting Apple’s latest laptop through its paces. Yes it’s thin, light and looks fantastic, but how does it perform? And what about the Touch Bar? Is it a gimmick or a genuinely useful feature? You can read our full review on page 18. If you are tempted by the new Touch Bar, but aren’t keen on shelling out over £1,700 for the privilege, we reveal how you can add one to your Mac’s display without paying a penny on page 106. Sometimes to get your computer working the way you want, you’ll need to use System Preferences. Those new to Apple hardware may not know what it is, while others may be unaware of what it makes possible and how easy it is to make tweaks and changes to the way your Mac is set up. On page 31 we’ve the first of a three-part series that covers the app in depth. With Christmas just around the corner our security tips will help keep your money, gadgets and personal details safe (page 59). And if you fancy some downtime over the holiday season, we round up the best new Mac games on page 89. Plus, we’ve our usual features and tutorials, so you can get the most out of your Apple hardware.

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