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delete, as well as a button that guesses where you might want to file each message. In Safari, when a video starts playing, a pause button and scrub bar appear on the Touch Bar. Tapping that pause button is a much quicker way to shut the video up than having to find the cursor onscreen, then find the video and hover over it to get the player’s pause button to appear. Also in Safari, when you select the Location bar to type in a new URL or search, the Touch Bar fills with favicons for your favourite sites. When filling out forms in Safari, QuickType suggestions on the Touch Bar will pop up with your name, address, phone and email. In Messages and Mail, the emoji picker gets a button on the Touch Bar. Tap it and you can scroll through all the emoji or jump to a certain category. It’s faster than pressing Cmd-Ctrl-Space and then using the Character picker to find and click emoji with the trackpad. In Calendar, if you select an appointment that someone else invited you to, there’s a button on the Touch Bar to send that person a message. JANUARY 2017 • MACWORLD 21

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